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No, not normally. But I do like giving my friends makeovers, and so I do use some of my stuff on them. However, would I let them go all willy-nilly with things such as my foundation, eyeliner or mascara? Hell to the NO!

I don’t let anyone else use my make up, but then again, I don’t think any of my friends are that interested, seeing how most of them are guys. :p But still, I wouldn’t let anyone use it, I’m very protective of my stash! ^^

I only let people closest to me play – so only my sisters get to try out my stuff. They use their own brushes of course!

I have one friend that I will let play but mostly b/c she’s just become addicted to MAC and is still trying everything and deciding what to purchase. I also let my mom & sister “play” in it but none of them are allowed to touch unless I’m there to assist. haha My husband says I’m a little psychotic about it but I seriously have a LOT invested into it….

NO WAY! I do let friends and family admire my stash because I think it’s pretty nice and really cool and when they see something they like I encourage them to buy for thier personal enjoyment.

I have sensitive skin and eyes…so I just can’t imagine having tons of fingers and/or brushes playing in my makeup. Just…yuck!!

Luckily none of my friends are into makeup like me….because I think I would be a “hands off” kinda person. Now I have done up my friend eyes before but that was one time.

Play with? No. But I do let my 3 close friends and my sister use some of my stuff if they wish… which is not very often. I’m the resident makeup person when we’re going out, which can be very annoying, so I’ve learned to only bring what I’m using for myself when I’m getting dressed somewhere other than home.

No, germs! Also, before I was a germaphobe they would ask if they could have things and I would lose parts of my stash to their looting.

Yeah… my friends aren’t into makeup. ๐Ÿ™ So no one really cares to play with my collection. If they asked though, it’d probably be a no. lol

I am a big germaphobe! Occasionally I’ll do makeup for my friends, but I am very careful about not contaminating my stuff.

No, mostly because noone ever asks, but also, I don’t think it’s appropriate. When my daughters (who are 8 and 5) are older I might let them use my small collection on drugstore make up, but not my high end stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

I keep the makeup I tried and didn’t like (will never use again) stashed in an old caboodle container and let my little girls play with that (they usually get excited about makeup when they see me putting it on). Other than that (and the occasional pedicure sessions with my daughter), no one touches my stash but me.

No… I’m kinda THE make up girl of the family
I mean one day I went to MAC with my sister (she’s 9 and half years older than me) and she was there pointing at jars of pigments and being “What do you use them for?” So it was so funny explaining her about everything while the MAC MUA was watching us lol

Yes, I don’t mind too much because it is all in good fun. I only have only really good friend who is as big of a beauty addict as me, so it is really only her I would like rummage through my stash and play and test out my stuff.

Definitely not. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and prefer not to have others use my goodies. I don’t mind using my stash on others when I’m using it on them. Then I can make sure that it hasn’t been mucked around with.

I let my sisters grab whatever they need as long as they simply put it back where they found it. no need to cry over bottomless pit of pigments, can’t use it all up myself so might as well share the wealth =)

Oh, gaaaaawwwwwd NO! I show people but that’s it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps it’s my Virgo-only-child coming out. hehe

nope, i’m pretty much a “no-go” person when it comes to my makeup collection. i even have to supervise my friends when they go through my makeup bag, lol.

No one is allowed to play with my makeup! Way too much cash invested haha but I do offer makeovers on ocassion and will offer advice or color suggestions based on what I have

Oh no!! I have two carts. One is mine and one is for when I do a job. The only person I’ve even let open one of the drawers on the cart was my mom!! My personal makeup never gets touched except by me!! The other cart.. I might let someone look at it but not touch it!!

Never ever. I have a make up bag when Iยดm working as a MUA but with my personal stuff? Not a chance! Occasionally, I give away things to my family and friends, but mostly samples and NIB products.

God no !!

I’m pretty OCD when it comes to other people touching my stuff. I keep all my make-up, skincare and fragrances nice and tidy (and in their original packaging) in boxes and carts in my bedroom and no one is allowed in there besides me.

Nobody plays with my makeup stash, but not because I won’t let anyone play with it, but because no one I know is interested in makeup. Most of my friends just use eyeliner and mascara.

I don’t mind sharing my makeup but I have to be the one applying it, haha ;D I don’t like to have other people play with my makeup!
Of course, it depends on who it is. Some of my friends are allowed to touch, but only because I’m sure they know how to use the products properly and in a sanitary way, haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

My niece is an up and coming makeup artist so I allow her to use me as a model using my makeup. Other than that, NO. I am more into makeup than my friends. If they want makeup, I take them out shopping and swatching.

Just my little sister cus she loves make up like me and cant afford to buy it but other than that ….HELL no it irritates me….

No one else in my fam or my friends likes makeup as much as I do, so I never have to worry about anyone touching my stuff.

All my friends love playing with my makeup stash, but I hate when people touch my stuff. If I let people play, its one at a time and I’m right over their shoulder the entire time. My stash is far too precious too me to let anything walk away in someone’s pocket.

I’m a bit obsessive.

My sister was home this weekend and asked if I had purple e/s so I let her borrow the two newest UD deluxe shadows. Later I find that she’s taken my Book of Shadows Vol. II as well and a NYX shadow and that she took them out with her. I was pretty upset and tried to politely tell her that if she wants to be able to use my makeup in the future she must return it and never leave the house with it. But before this weekend, no I do not let people touch my stuff.

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