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I write down lip combos, but never refer to my notebook, so I end up with the same combo over and over again, although I have so many lipsticks and glosses!

Not really, I hardly do the same look twice. Either I change the colors or the technic. I have way too many products to want to repeat anything 😉

I think I do this a lot, too, Sandy! I have done some looks more than once, but I usually don’t remember what I did enough to do it again!

I don’t, but I should! I’ve been “into” make up since forever but just recently started truly studying it, so I’m still figuring out what looks work best for me. If I do something that’s REALLY fitting then I try my best to remember what I did. I should start writing them down. I may venture to the MAC store and buy some face charts.

No, but some counters will give a you a couple. SOME of them, SOMETIMES. There’s a template for you to print your own floating out there, I’ll try to find the link and post it.

If I randomly do a combo that’s really nice I write it down, if I see something that someone else did (including Temptalia) that I want to try, I write it down. I have a STACK of index cards, each one with a different combo. I also have a blog that I put the really really nice ones on.

It’s funny that you would do a topic on this. I just wrote down a combo yesterday. When I really like a combo and it worked really well I write it down. I have a journal that I write down those combos as well as combos that I swatch on my hand.

Me too! my blog documents every look i tried, well at least most of it. I rarely copy similar look, though, cos I still learn and love to experiment with my lil collection.

I haven’t so far, but just the past couple days I’ve started keeping track/taking pictures…and I may even start sharing them on the forums here, and/or posting them to my blog that I just started up. It really depends on how brave I am! 🙂

Back when my camera was working(its possessed at the moment) I think I took a pic of my face everyday. Some just to say I did and some because I really liked the look of it.

Yes! Well…I’ve been slacking lately but I generally will note combos I try. I keep track because sometimes I forget if I’ve tried the combo or if I even liked it.

By the way, lovely lily pigment on the lid and passionate e/s is amazing together! My friend told me it should be my “signature” look. Haha.

Yes, I write down my favorites in a book. And I use a myspace album(LOL) to keep track, I just wish I would have wrote some of them down.

I make a mental note, usually. And if it’s really good, I put it on my site. I like to really change up my looks, so I do forget some that I haven’t used in a while.

Yes, I just started writing down color combinations that work for me and ones that i want to try. Every time I get an inspiration, I make a note!!!

My sister and I try to keep track of the looks we have done all week. We sometimes forget when things non-make-up related get busy. We never forget our most-used looks. One is Illegal Cargo with Shore Leave and Pandomonium for a liner. 😀 It’s always fun when one of us discovers two shadows that go well together, but we never thought of the combo before.

I try to take pics of everything that i do! Then i put them on my myspace/facebook so i can look at them and get other ppl’s feedback 😛

The only way I keep track is when I take photos of a look and post to my blog and/or a makeup community. But I generally don’t keep track of the everyday stuff. Some looks are just muscle memory by now, anyway!

I have been a bit lazy, but I usually write down what I’ve put on my face in my day planner thing then go back over it later to see what I liked and didn’t like.

i try to write down the looks that don’t work for me, i don’t want to make the same mistakes over and over again!

Yep, I certainly do 🙂 So helpful when you’re in a rush! I suck at ‘imagining’ and ‘picturing’ what colours would work with what so I have a list, right next to my mirror with combos which have worked in the past and also new combos to try out 🙂

LOL I usually remember what the combos were..if not then I guess (Lots of “O crap thats not what I thought it was” moments) hahaha I also take pics on my camera phone so I have a general idea if something looks particularly nice 😀

I write down looks that work, looks that I want to try, experimental combo’s… It’s gotten so bad that I just decorated a notebook to use just for my makeup. Now I’m working on writing everything in there… It sounds corny but I love it. I even write down colors that I’ve got to have and every paycheck I try to buy 2 shadows from my list.

Awesome! How very cute, though. I love when people get creative with their makeup and things related to it 🙂 I bet the notebook is just full of fun!

I take photos of every look every day.
So if it doesn’t work, I can remind myself what went wrong.

Why didn’t I think of this before??? Of course in the past I didn’t keep record of makeup because it’s never ocurred to me but since I’ve been experimenting with MAC cosmetics..not like my mind is made up on what to use and how it’s going to end up kinda experiment…I’ve been really blowing myself away with how good MAC turns out (I’m talking a tremendous difference) and I think I will start keeping record of some sort…if I remember to and if I’m not in a hurry… :p …Now that I look back, I’ve done …let’s see greens, teals, blues, pinks, and grays and sad to say I forgot what I did for each one…bummer.

Haha, these past few “Temptalia Asks You” reveal just how OCD I am about my makeup. I’ve been taking pictures of my FOTD for the past couple of months, but it has slowly stopped. I don’t have enough products to have THAT much variation, so my FOTDs have started to repeat. Or, I might get stuck on a look, and repeat that for a few days/weeks until I get tired of it (so no need to write it down, it is routine for that time frame). One of these days, I would like to organize my looks into a kind of look book:
a journal section:
– daily picture with description (I have just been taking pictures, but not adding description)
– what kind of clothing I wore with it (I know, it sounds so OCD)
and a look section for those days when I get stumped:
– sorted by color category, maybe by products.

or if by computer, then if I could somehow sort it like iTunes where you can click on different categories and it will list your looks in different manners. if only… 😛

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