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Yea — I have a deluxe model with wheels.. lol. I only use it for some shows and presentations. For personal use, it doesn’t pay to have one imo. My shoe boxes work better!

I dont have a train case and never really wanted one. I used to have a caboodle when I was in 13. Does that count?

I used to use one in my apartment, but i LONG outgrew it, so i have avanity now. I use it to hold items that wont fit on my vanity that i dont use right now. Like bronzers ad such. I use them in summer, so i store them in my traincase. I also use it to hold backups and what not.

I have a mac traincase and I store a lot of my makeup in it and I do take when i travel. I love it.

I have 2! A small blue one for my personal make up and a huge black one for my professional make up tools and all.

I have one that I bought from Target last summer when I was going out of town for a month. But I have a feeling I’ve out grown it now, especially with all the MAC collections coming out and my growing obession with NARS, so now I dont know what to do with it!! But it worked very well for collection at the time and it was only about $25.

I have a medium sized one that I used to transport and keep my make up in. Now that my collection has quadrupled in size, and now that I use my make up daily, I prefer to keep my make up in a way that’s more accessible. I still have my train case, but I use it to store things like items for Back2MAC, extra pans, shopping bags, and LE product boxes.

I have a MAC Carry all Case and I recently just emptied it out into little plastic containers because my make up was over flowing, but I was also forgetting loads of my products because they were all locked away and it was a pain trying to open it out on my tiny dressing table and find every thing in it! At least now though it is empty for my next haul until I get more containers ha ha.

I do have the MAC cloth vanity case too for all of my every day face things..

i have a mac traincase,the old one and i still love it. i don’t have a whole lot of makeup so it’s just the right size for me.

I have a small one on my dresser–I keep some of my everyday items in there, but I really just bought it because it looks pretty (it has black lace all over the outside). I also have a large one for some of my backup items, but again, just bought it because it looks pretty!

I have a really nice medium sized one from Sephora that I’m on the verge of outgrowing. Works for me becasue I keep the stuff I use daily in it, get it out in the mornings when I do my makeup in the bathroom, and then can store it out of the way. My big MAC palettes, pigments, back up lipsticks (I just ordered the lipstick box form Sharodan), and brushes are in my bathroom drawers.
But, I’m looking into getting a vanity so I can move out of the bathroom and have more storage and probably won’t use the traincase as much.

I don’t have one but I’m actually looking for a small soft train case for traveling. My friends and I are going houseboating in two weeks so I really need something! I have like 5 miscellaneous small makeup bags (like… ranging from a good sized pencil case to barely bigger than a coin purse), but they’re just really not cutting it. I’d have to bring all of them to hold my makeup and toiletries, lol. I’m hoping to go to Target sometime later this week since they seem to have a pretty good selection. I would really really really love to have one that has brush slots in it too, but from what I’ve seen it looks like I’ll probably have to settle on getting a separate brush roll (that will hopefully fit inside aforementioned case). Wish me luck! And let me know if you have any suggestions! My collection’s not that big… but I have a *lot* of extra steps, I feel like (mascara base, two e/s primers, etc).

I have a yazmo traincase but I bought it for travelling. I store all my pretties in a sterilite drawer and my yazmo just hold my backups!!!

I only own the Hello Kitty case and that is bascially for all the HK stuff that I got. It works out pretty well!

I do have a traincase! A simple one from Caboodles or whatever. I got it when I had a TINY collection, but its growing. I use it to store all my make up, because my area is A MESS, so I dont have room to keep all my make up out, just my palettes. I do travel alot, to NYC mostly, and it comes in handy, although I’m sure I can survive a few days without ALL MY MAKE UP lol. I think once I clean up, I wont have a use for it, but I guess thats part of the reason why I’m procrastinating >>;

I have a large traincase I bought at a second hand store which I store all of my makeup in. It’s pretty big, so I figure if I can’t fit all of my makeup in it then it’s time to STOP BUYING MORE! And I recently was given a MAC one which is really pretty and well made but it seems too “deep” to be of any real use because instead of folding out nicely its just deep and I’d just lose stuff by piling it. Instead I use it for scrapbooking stuff haha!

I have a nice gray suede case from Lancome. I only use it when traveling but I love it! It has small stretchy compartments on the inside for holding brushes, small bottles, etc in place as well as tons of other little niceties.

I have one, but it’s not convenient for everyday use. I use it to store makeup that I don’t use all the time.

i have a big silver caboodle one, and my stash mostly fits, but not to be organized. and im in college+live in the dorms and i travel back and forth and on vacation a lot, so having a vanity/counter set up doesnt really work. i need a bigger traincase (if possible) or something new.

My husband bought me a traincase several years ago to keep all my makeup in; however, I out grew it immediately! So I really don’t use it at all, unless I am traveling with my makeup. I now have one of those tall upright plastic containers with drawers (it has 6 drawers) that I have all my makeup organized in.

I don’t personally own a train case but I really should get one since I’m traveling more often and it would be more convenient!

i have a medium sized black one ,and i too, only use it for when im traveling.
but it does come in handy at times

I have two very nice traincases that I have my make-up organized in. One is red and the other black, its some off brand but they are identical. So I use the red for lip and cheek type products and the black holds eye products and foundation/powders. Then I also have this really cute counter box that is specific to make-up that I keep all my daily wear make-up in. I usually just use the daily box, and keep the traincases under the sink…only busting them out once weekly to switch up some of my daily wear products.

I have 3 regular train cases that I use for storage, and a couple smaller, soft ones (like Bare Escentuals, etc.), one of which I use for travel. I was thinking about getting another regular one (to use for travel), but I’m afraid it will end up being used for storage instead.

I had a couple Caboodles when I was younger, but I think I used them more for crafty things than for makeup lol.

I have one of the larger Sephora models (at the time, I swore I needed I and lugged it home on the train from a trip to NYC), but it’s mostly for storage of my collection, things that aren’t in current rotation. It’s not very convenient to work out of in my bathroom.

Yeah I have three. I would rather just keep my stuff in my draws or something but I travel ALOT so I pretty much just keep my makeup in them all the time unless I know i’m not gonna be traveling for a while.

I recently got a large black Caboodles train case.
It fits most of my stuff…for now!

I don’t have a lot of space in my room so it is a good compact way to organize everything.

I have 2, a pink and grey Caboodles and a silver Caboodles. I store my extra’s and products I don’t use. eg. back up mascara, foundation, powders. I prefer leaving it out on my night table instead.

I remember starting out with a caboodle at age 12 or 13. My collection has far outgrown traincases. I do have a huge tacklebox that doesn’t really look like a tacklbox for all those things I don’t use at the moment. Then I go through it and it feels like I went shopping. Otherwise, I have two big rubbermaid carriers on wheels with a vanity full of goodies. I do remember my caboodles as a young girl and loved it:)

I always thought that traincases seemed unnecessarily heavy and bulky, and I couldn’t imagine a situation where I’d really need one. I guess people might use it for travel, but most of my travel is flying rather than driving. The restrictions on liquids/gels make it seem more bothersome to keep everything in a traincase only to have to separate out some into a baggie anyways. I’d love to have something sturdy and light to protect my powder products, but traincases aren’t going to be it.

I have the MAC one, I can’t close it because it’s too full. I store, the pencils (lips and eyes) and the palettes outside the traincase. Not worth the investment I think.

My makeup collection started growing by leaps and bounds last October, and it got to the point where I couldn’t keep things organized in the perfume box I was keeping everything in. I got a large-ish caboodles case in December just to organize everything, and now I’m on the verge of outgrowing that, too. It might be time for me to start thinking about getting a vanity.

I actually have two. One for myself, which is small, and the other, is ridiculously huge (and leopard print!) for taking my kits with me to location. Nothing is worse than a professional who’s disorganized. My kits are clean and put together. i can’t imagine tryin to work out of anything else.

I don’t have one but I really want a big one. Like the one Lauren had during like the first season of The Hills 🙂

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