Temptalia Asks You – Do you feel naked without makeup?

Do you feel naked without makeup? Do you feel the need to put at least a product or two on before leaving for the day, whether it’s pressed powder, blush, a bit of pink gloss?

When I first started lovin’ makeup, I wouldn’t leave without some makeup, but eventually I got a boyfriend and laziness kicked in, so the whole “must have makeup on” mantra disappeared. I’ve also learned to take better care of my skin so I don’t feel the need to conceal and powder my face before I go. Sometimes if I have a nasty flaw, I will dab a bit of something on that spot real quick.

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Hmm..not at all actually. Most days I would prefer not to wear make-up. Almost the same reason as you, I got a boyfriend and laziness. But it’s more to like my classes are in the morning and I’m the type that wakes up 1/2 an hour before class.

But sometimes I do have days where I wanna wear at least a little bit of makeup just because.

Nope, I go out alot without makeup. And I have a huge line of breakouts along my jaw that im trying to clean up. So I went out with nothing on today and saw everyone I know!

i panic and feel very selfconcious if i dont have mascara on and if my brows look funny. But i will even if going a block down put at least mascara,blush, lipgloss on and do my brows.

totally! =D

i used to not care much.. but now its like, mascara makes a difference! so i make sure that i dont step out the house without some mascara on! haha am addicted to mascaras! i consume one tube every month!

im trying to minimize my foundation/concealer/powder usage. giving my skin a break!

I have no problem going out without my face done. When I was younger and my acne was really bad I wouldnt leave the house without foundation and powder. After things pretty much cleared up I got much more relaxed about make-up which I think was a boost for my self worth. Its nice to know that men/boy people will hit on ya without make-up on…when I had acne and a lot of self loating about my looks I didnt think that was possible. It was a really valuable lesson.

I will admit that if I run into an ex-bf or a high school classmate I will at times kick myself for not having at least put on some mascara.

NOTE – I did not mean to imply that as a woman that I/we should gain our self worth from a man or how men feel about us or view us based upon our looks. After I read what I posted I realized it might have come across that way. That was totally not my intention and as a feminist woman I would never want to pass that on to other women. I was simply using the whole “hittn on by guys” thing as an example of how key a role make-up and our self worth can play and be linked.

On my more acne-prone days, I definitely put on face makeup compared to my better skin days.

Of course, when I know I’m going to meet someone who hasn’t seen me in awhile, MAKEUP is where it’s at!

I’ve been taking care of my skin lately, too, so I hardly wear any face makeup even for special occasions. But I do always wear lipstick, otherwise I feel incomplete, lol. It’s weird, it can’t be gloss, it’s gotta be a lipstick, and as long as I have that, I’m good to go. But I do usually wear eye makeup anyway, just ’cause it’s fun

Nope, not at all. I’m just having fun with the makeup, and the reason I spend so much time on it lately is more out of guilt (and to have fun) that I should be using all of the stuff I’m buying!

Nope. I had problem skin so i really want to keep my face fresh and clean. Also, i think whenever i have makeup on i tend to worry over things like if my eyeliner is smudging (stupid oily lids haha)… So yeah, makeup isn’t a must for me but curling my damn straight asian lashes are! lol

I usually have a bare face during the week the only times i ever get the time, or have the energy to put on a full face are the weekends…otherwise it’s always tinted lip balm, mascara..or sometimes not even that

I don’t feel naked without make-up, but I do feel very wrong if my lips don’t have any carmex/blistex them and if I didn’t moisturize. I like foundation and mascara and all that, but I’m ok if I don’t have them. But I can’t be out of the house with my face dry.


Drink lots of water (helps clear things up and keeps you healthy overall), invest in a really good routine – cleanser, moisturizer, SPF. Make sure to try not to touch your face if your hands are dirty – terrible habit. It’s not always WHAT you eat, but what you eat gets on your fingers and transfers to your face (like pizza has so much grease/oil and often is a finger food… if you don’t wash your hands, that’s how it messes with your skin). I totally recommend Cetaphil cleanser as a great drugstore product.

Be sure to remove all your makeup before bed, or even if you’re feeling greasy/oily and you’ve come home for the day.

I’m au natural around the house alllllll the time. Poor boyfriend. We once joked about it, and me au natural is Christine unplugged!

I feel perfectly comfortable going out without make-up if let’s say I’m just going to the groceries, etc…but there are times when I look so pale that even my lips are the same color as my skin lol..that I’d much rather leave the house with at least lipstick, powder and blush on my face. But if laziness sets in..I sometimes don’t even care how I look when I got out…I just choose not to look in the mirror lol.

i need to fill in my brows…speaking of…wat do u use to fill them in? mine always come out lighter than the other one…i use an eyebrow/eyeliner pencil

I use Espresso or Carbon eyeshadow to fill mine in. I find powder eyeshadows work best when used with a 266 or stiff angle brush.

I wouldnt say i feel naked without makeup but when I’m wearing it then its a huge confidence booster. It just makes me feel good! My job is very professional so i would feel wrong coming to work with a totally bare face. But i hardly ever go anywhere without makeup, i think its just second nature to me to do my makeup every single morning. But i’m not against it, heck i might go bare faced tomorrow!

I ABSOLUTELY feel naked without makeup!!!!
on the laziest days its foundation,mascara,blush.
on average days,when i’m at home with my boyfriend,its full smokey eye,or other full eyes,foundation,blush.
No lipgloss or lipstick!!!!!
if i’m going to meet friends,then i put on lipgloss,along with the at-home-makeup.
i am the makeup trendsetter in our crew 😀
boys and makeup: lippies are a no-no.
but what about foundation on his T-shirt? mine gets angry if i mess his T up :-DDD
on his black and white T’s,the brown spot from my MAC studio fix is very obvious.
How do U Christine solve this issue?

Hey Zsofi! Firsts, I wear prolongwears or prolustrewears so I can kiss my boyfriend without it getting everywhere. You could set your makeup with powder so it won’t get all over his shirt, too!

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