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In moving from the US to Oxford, I was only able to take a small box of makeup amongst all my other, “more” necessary things… it was not nice at all. But I ended up living 2 minutes from a MAC store, so… um… the box began to overflow. Slightly. So no worries – it will be alright in the end!

I can’t decide! 🙁 I think I’ll probably take the expensive stuff I love. Makes more sense to stock up on Chanel in Malaysia than in the UK, right?

Oh, Oxford is lovely! What course will you be doing?

I have a lot that I don’t use anymore. I should get rid of it, but I worry that I’ll run out of something and need a backup plan until I can replace an item. Most people (who just aren’t into makeup) think my routine consists of too many products. However, they aren’t using anything but foundation, liner and mascara, which seems lacking to me 😛 I like a dramatic look, they do not. That’s okay.

Then do like me, categorize your makeup into summer and winter, like clothes, and pack it away for a while, then you will find new joy when you change collection – except for the basics of cause.
And for the record, my friends are just like yours, and I too are the only one who like dramatic and multicolor looks.

i agree with the first comment. there is not such thing as too much makeup, but one can wear too much make up.

i think i have too much compared to pple ard me.. but i am always lemming new stuff anyway all the time.

No way, you cannot have too much make up. 🙂 Seriously though, yes, but I still keep buying more and more. Just cannot resist all the lovely stuff out there. 🙂

yes, do i do feel many times, i have too much make up…especially when i see myself reaching for some colors often over some colors or products that are just untouched..it seems waste n then the realisation, i have too much….

Yes! But I go through my stash to clean out often (of course, I’m just making room for new stuff – LOL). Hey, you have to have at least one over-indulgence. And this one is safe! 🙂

I know for a fact that I have too much makeup – too much perfume too – but in the grand scheme of things, is it such a big deal that I do? Storage is becoming an issue, but it’s still manageable for now. There are far worse vices to have.

I agree! Makeup at least doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus I never have a problem finding friends willing to take stuff off my hands if I feel lik I’m not using them enough (especially eyeshadow haha!)

That’s also my justification: There are worse hobbies/past times/addictions such as drugs, drinking, smoking, and the likes!
Besides…I always say that it’s not that I have too much makeup & other lovelies that’s the problem; it’s that I don’t have a bathroom big enough!!! :p

Sometimes when i end up trying to make space for my new stuff and end up giving away and throwing away stuff i do feel as tho i waste way too much money on makeup.

I’m puzzled how I’m going to organize all the makeup in my bathroom so yes, I think I have too much! The solution is not to cull the makeup, but to get a bigger bathroom. *lol*

I have, in full size: 3 foundations (2 powder + 1 compact); 1 concealer; 1 bronzer; 1 blush; 9 mono e/s; 2 trio e/s; 2 quads; 2 mascaras; several eyeliner pencils I can’t manage to wear; around 10 lipglosses + some lipsticks I really do not wear. So, not too much, really.

+ around 60 sample baggies of mineral makeup I haven’t tried yet.

I wouldn’t say I have too much makeup. More than I need, probably. But everything I have is useful to me.

The only thing I think I should cut back on right now is lipglasses. I have a lot of those, and they do go bad.

I knew I have too much makeup when I started finding things I’d forgotten I owned, like MAC Mattene lipstick in Bing, that limited-edition black purple. BUT. It’s Cyber’s even more gorgeous sister, so I’m happy to have found it.

Yes, especially when I organize my stash and realize I’ve bought things I’ve totally forgotten about. But cosmetic companies are so notorious for continuously introducing new products, new colors,new collections that my sensibilities are easily overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. What can I say – I’m a hopeless sucker for wanting something beautiful I don’t already have (or even do have – in the case of tons of coral lippies – LOL!)

My husband thinks I have too much makeup. But he also sees how much I enjoy it and thus does not question my habit too much. Plus I’m pretty responsible about my spending. But no, I don’t think I have too much because I use it all.

Im still going to Highscool. And well, i think i kinda belong to that group of girls who check their hair after every class, have tons of makeup in their bags ..

I always wear grey/black eyeshadow, blended with a little purple. Although my skin is really pale, and my hair is a sort of darkish brown, ‘dark’ makeup looks great on me. Lighter shades just dont work for me!

Yes, and it makes me feel guilty… though everyone else’s posts on this subject are making me feel so much better!

I mean, does one girl need 14 MAC blushes? (The answer is of course YES.)

I’m with you on that! I totally get down on myself when I think of how much money I’ve spent on makeup but then it’s a relatively inexpensive investment when you think about womens handbag obsessions or people who collect antiques.

I have three traincases (two big and one small) of makeup that I use…the rest went to MUA or Goodwill a while back. So that does mean I have a lot, but I’m not sure if its “toooo” much. There are colors and items that I don’t use often…but I still enjoy them, even if its not more than once every couple months. I guess if I decide to become a make-up artist I will be a step ahead of the other beginners.

I feel that way all the time! I used to work for a makeup counter so I got so much makeup for free, so for me that was not wasteful, you can’t deny freebies! Now that I don’t work there I’ve been buying only MAC makeup and I’m addicted! I buy a few pieces here and there and I always get excited for the LE collections. My two fav collections have been Heatherette and BBR. I spent quite a bit of money on my hauls there but other then that I think I have remarkable restraint! Its a vice that makes us feel beautiful! Nothing wrong with that…

Au contrare. Or however you spell it LOL

I know I have a lot, but I feel like it’s never enough. I have been doing better with downsizing. I threw away a lot of things. Did some B2M, and I also *gulp* gave away some make up, even some M.A.C. There’s a first time for everything. I just have a lot of stuff that I don’t use or want, but I don’t want to sell it to a stranger or throw it away. I only really have one friend, so she lucks out because she gets all of my unwanted stuff.

I’m pretty good at getting rid of what I don’t use. I sell it on Specktra, swap it on MUA or give it away to friends. But the temptation never stops so it seems like I’m in a constant state of “streamlining” my collection. And I have big issues with clutter. Thankfully all of my collection takes up only 5 shallow drawers in a plastic art supplies cart, so it’s not *too* bad.

Want to know my craziest, most neurotic, wacked-out fear? That I’ll croak and someone will come to clean out my stuff and discover what a junkie I really was. Yes, it’s unreasonable, but to all but a few, it’s a very well-kept secret. :-0

Hahaha, that’s my fear too! And that my husband won’t realise how valueable they are (I have a lot of collector’s items like Guerlain, YSL, Dior, Chantecaille, etc.) and throw them out! :O I’m thinking about leaving a note for my daughters about all the make up I own so they know what to keep. 🙂 I’m not even dying and they’re only 4 and 7, but hey, you can’t be too careful. 🙂

I really do have too much. More than I could possibly use up before it goes bad. I have really tried to be more picky and not just buy stuff because it’s pretty… I want to be able to use it all. The lipglasses are especially bad–I have never used one up and the first ones I bought have turned & started to go sour. 🙁

I’m at the point where I will only let myself buy MAC, almost exclusively. It’s really helped me cut back!

I have so much makeup that I sometimes find it embarrasing when people see it and react to it.
And it is all MAC, I have already cleaned all other stuff out… except a few things.
I use the lid of a large Boot shoe box for all my shadows and pigments, and it has gotten to the point where I need to layer them, and that is a major problem LOL.
Sometimes I cannot clearly image a combination in the morning and I will get frustrated, becaues there are so much. They are sorted after color, maybe that is the problem?
Other days I will pick a color I have not used in a very very long time, and create a look.
But yes, I have so much I have enough for a lifetime and I still want more… my list is as long as every MAC shadow I don’t have… obsessed? I think so.
Anybody know about a cure? LOL

I definitely have too much – eyeshadows I don’t worry about too much, but I have so much lip product that will certainly go back before I can get to it all. Part of my problem is I never wear it! I haven’t even bought any in the last year, I’ll never get through what I have.

Sometimes I do feel like I have a lot but then I always rotate through my stash and I do pretty much use everything that I have. I have cleaned a lot of stuff out as of late so it’s helped free space up. Also I have been buying palettes so I can depot and consolidate my eyeshadow collection to give me more space and an idea of what I do have. But I have certainly cut back on buying. I am trying to stick to my resolution and not buy as much this year so I can get to a point where I don’t have like 5 glosses of the same color type and I can save more money before I go off to college and experience ‘real life’ lol. I do have some collections that I will haul out on like Hello Kitty but even then I am not getting much. And it doesn’t hurt either that I work for Clinique so I can get freebies from them too!

Yes, I feel like I have too much makeup. Especially since I usually just gravitate to using my favorites most of the time anyways, so most of them lie lonely and sad. =(

But of course that doesn’t stop me from buying.

Occasionally. Mainly when I have to rearrange/re-organize the whole mess, or when I’m choosing what to take with me on my travels (university in a different country, and also my year abroad, as well as weekend jaunts and everything in-between). But most of the time, I’m okay with being the undisputed Makeup Queen among my friends and family. 🙂

I start feeling like I have too much make when I start adding up the costs of the make I’ve bought like each MAC eyeshadow was 14 bucks times 28 eye shadows is …i don’t want to know. But I will still keep buying new stuff and stuff I don’t really need but want.

Sometimes I do but then I realize that there are plenty of woman that put my collection to shame. But I love makeup and I’m gonna keep buying it too!!

i love how we compare makeup to drugs. such a similarity, huh? 🙂
sometimes i feel like i have too much, but my collection is fairly small. I try to keep it pretty reasonable. maybe i can finally use up something so that i feel justified in buying more products. lol.

Oh yes! Sometimes I hate it and don’t even want to look at it! I get so saturated with products because I work at a makeup counter. But then my desire and love for cosmetics return! 😉

i ALWAYS feel like I have too much from when I think about how little I use compared to how much the collection cost in the first place, coupled with my insatiable desire for more. I think I have LE fever. I feel like if i don’t get something I will regret it. I only wear makeup a few times a month b/c I am always so rushed in the morning and have a long distance relationship, so the boy I wear makeup for is usually gone lol but I still get more more more….and then we get to the dreaded thoughts of … organizing it all!

At times I do, but when I since I use a lot of it for freelancing, building a kit suitable for many different skin types is quite necessary. I do indeed have my favorites that I should probably rotate out more than others.

Also, I think about how I paid for every piece and no one bought anything for me, I’m proud of it. Like a little makeup baby…haha.

but makeup has expiry dates! Do we really need to throw those away when the dates are due? Some of my eyeshadows only has been used once or twice and most of the lipsticks still have 3/4 of tubes left!

Found so many half used compacts while reorganising during the holidays. How long can we keep them? How do one collect makeup if it has expiry dates?

Just in xmas 2008, I bought 3 estee palettes, 1 elizabeth arden blockbuster and 1 loreal mineral collection. If I stop right now, I dont think I need to restock at least 5 years!

I use all my stuff. I always joke at work that I spend wayyy more $$$ on m/u than on clothes (and I do buy a lot of clothes, but on sale)so I don’t know if that means something. My spouse always complains that I have too much bc I use 98% of the counter space, and the drawers, cupboards in the bathroom. He bought extra storage space for his stuff but 95% of it is now use by me also!!! I know I tend to forget sometimes all the stuff I have but I found a solution for proper rotation: every weekend, when I wash my brushes/sponges, I go in my stashes and “dig out” everything so that I can get inspired by stuff I haven’t played with in a while (or that I altogether forgot I had!)for the upcoming week. I know it’s not really spontaneous but in the mornings I’m kind of pressed for time so that way, I always end up with a great look (and different every day of the week) without having to stress out on what combos I’m gonna create on the spur of the moment. Plus, it makes me use my products more evenly and regularly.

Yes! I have way, way too much! It has become a storage problem so definitely yes. I’ve given away hundreds of dollars of things and could stand to give away more but it’s hard parting with it. It’s a gradual process but yes…too, too much!

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