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Oh yes, I do.
Retail therapy works great for me as a mood lifter (too bad it does nothing for the health of my bank account)!

MAC should be recognized as an antidepressant.
(WARNING: this medication has a high risk of user dependency, full-blown addictions are not uncommon, side effects include financial deterioration and vanity table overflow)

Oh yes I do. I wish I didn’t but I have a shopping problem… especially with MAC and designer bags.

yes, all the time. In fact last Tuesday I spent $500 in the mall on shoes and makeup after a horrible day at work…

Yes indeed and unfortunately my wallet has felt it. I’ve been under major stress lately at work and as a result, my MAC hauling is out of control. How do I stop?!

Yes!! it makes me forget all my problems, I love the smell of new clothes when i am feeling down, also trying on clothes makes me feel good

Yes, retail therapy is a must. It’s nice when I’m @ MAC where I live, because they recognize me and they know exactly what I’m looking for. But when I don’t shop over $150 they act concerned, lol.

i definitely do. Sometimes I am rewarding myself for hard work in school SATs etc. when i have boy problems i shop haha.

Absolutely!! I find that shopping relaxes me.. it calms my inner self. I like to shop a few days before I start studying for an exam to help lower my anxiety. Shopping is my coping mechanism.

I think it works for small things; like having a bad day or something. But if you’re suiper depressed then shopping is bad because you will expect it to make you feel better, but it likely won’t D:

Kind of. I mean, for the most part I’ll just make more use of the makeup I already have- but I admit to buying things I don’t really need and it lifting my mood a tad. 🙂

LOL, that’s a brilliant idea… use what you already have! Why don’t I ever think about that when I engage in retail therapy?!

Yes, absolutely, all the time. Just yesterday some guy backed into my Jeep and I had to fight myself so hard not to head to the mall, especially since I was only two blocks away from it!! It’s so ridiculous how difficult it was to just drive home =)

sure as hell do! lost my gramma this past weekend, so i’m heading to MAC on saturday for some MAJOR retail therapy — and gramma would approve, she loved when i would bring over my kit and give her MAC makeovers 🙂 Utterly Frivolous was her favorite color (hey, she was a spry 90 year old, i tell you!!)

Yes and no…I thinks it a pathalogical thing but whenever I stay over my boyfriends’ house I purposely don’t bring clothes so we have to stop at Target and I get to buy something there. It’s usually for only a few minutes(he sulks far away from the clothes) but I always do it and it always makes me feel better.

i’ve been super stressed out the last couple of months and have taken ALOT of retail therapy…and now i’m broke and stressing about that! i need to figure out a new way to cope lol

I’ve practiced retail therapy since I was a pre-teen, but back then I didn’t know it! Ha! When I had a bad day at school, when the boy I liked didn’t like me back, when my mom yelled at me for a no-so-good grade…straight to my local Rite Aid where I’d cash out on some lip glosses and shadows. I just felt better, because make up was something that I loved and getting new product was always like Christmas. It still is! I buy make up when I’m sad [didn’t get a job I wanted] and I buy it when I’m happy [got an even better job opportunity]!

Retail therapy…IT WORKS WONDERS! haha.

Of course! Retail therapy is my answer to everything but of course does not bode well for the bank account. It’s so much fun!

speaking of retail therapy, today was again insane at work…so at lunch i poppped by MAC and ended up with Blacktrack and Dipdown fluidline, Dollymix and Blushbaby and Beige-ing! What am I doing? Only yesterday I bought Shore Leave, Meet the Fleet and Beurre liner. Plus a 266 brush…I have to stop no?
Retail therapy does feel great though 🙂
BTW, love your blog!

I used to shop a lot but not anymore. I still like buying books and CDs when I need a pick-me-up but I don’t overspend. I prefer playing the piano or baking when I’m having a bad day.

Those are two GREAT ways to combat a bad day that are productive and not hard on the pocketbook 🙂 How long have you been playing piano? I took lessons for about 10-12 years.

Yes, I like the fact that piano playing is free and baking results in something (most of the time it’s brownies or pizza) I can munch on 🙂 I’ve taken piano lessons since I was six and stopped when I left school, so I guess that makes it 12 years for me too!

Definitely classical – I do play some jazz every once in awhile but nothing like Bach and Mozart for me! I didn’t play the piano for a long time either – I became more interested in playing the guitar instead – but since last year, I have started to play again.

Nice 😀 I play classical and Enya, lol. I adore Enya because I can just sit down and play by sight reading.

I almost played bass – I really had the urge, but ultimately didn’t. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it!

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