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Yes, comparing myself to everyone else I know lol! But then again i’m only 15, so I have a way to go before I am outrageously or ridiculously preoccupied with makeup/beauty!

by the way ELECTROFLASH SONIC CHIC & NEW VIEW are up on the mac US website with ‘coming soon’ in the add to cart boxes!!

I am an addict but I know my budget limits and I don’t spend what i don’t have – SO difficult when I’m in a city with a pro MAC :o/

Totally! I can’t stop looking at cosmetics wherever I go. I’m always late to class because I’m putting on my makeup…

yep, 100% addict :/ i just finished uni for good, and dont have a grad job yet, so i spend my days between the livejournal mac comm, temptalia, specktra and craftster… i am an absolute make up addict. i mostly use mac, not cos i’m a snob but because im familiar with it and work well with it and have so much of it!

god i think about make up about 99% of the time 😑 i’m sure when i get a job i’ll calm down, but while im free and have time, im entitled to be addicted πŸ˜‰

well, if i dont get a new collection from mac, or at least start saving for it before it comes out, i get the shakes.. kinda like before you get on a really big roller coaster, my palms get sweaty and i start losing it. ha totally addicted, and being on this site has made my addiction far more worse! buttt definitely in a good way

Total makeup addict…I spend WAY more on makeup than I should, but it makes me happy so it’s okay πŸ™‚

Not necessarily an addict, but I do tend to spend more on beauty and skin care products than on clothes and other stuff… Although I don’t use much makeup every day, I still love it, for some reason πŸ˜›

Yea,totally!! Of late, I have been becoming more and more of an addict, esp MAC. But they keep coming more and more new fun stuff! And also, reading beauty blogs and youtube makes me wanna get more stuff.

But I have been getting better with my make up application. I am happy with that.
Though I have been buying lots of stuff, I don’t buy blindly, I buy stuff that I know is suitable for my skin tone and stuff that I would actually really wear.

Oh boy, you have no idea. Compared to majority of people I know, I so need to join Makeupholic Anonymous.

Since I started working and have more $$$ to spend, I’ve definitely been buying more makeup stuff. Ekeke.. Esp MAC and you know they’re not cheap.

absolutely. sometimes I don’t want to be and decide to switch my shopping to shoes/clothes/mani-pedis. that never lasts.

Oh my god!!! That’s exactly what happens to me when I stray. I buy more makeup at the end.

ٌYes, and I admit it. There’s something about make up that makes me want more and more and more….. πŸ™

I am a total addict for makeup! Not just MAC, but other brands also… but I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to…

No, no, I’m not an addict. I can stop anytime I want… *whistles*

Or maybe just when there’s no makeup anywhere around me…

I’m a total addict…I think you can safely say you’re an addict when you own more makeup then you can possibly use in a lifetime!

(I’m glad there’s sites like this, so I know I’m not the only one, ha, ha…)

before i was make-up?? never in my life!!
but now i Love it!!!
i cant leave my house with out it on my face or i feel blank!!

well, maybe i am an addict.
the first step is admitting! πŸ˜€

…glad i’m not alone. (:

yes! If funds permitted, I would spend all of my money on MU products. While I know that there are MU stashes that are far larger than mine, I think I have the most MU out of everyone I know! My sister says I’m obsessed. I like it. =)

I’m a total addict. Since January of this year I have become a total junkie!! MAC has become my crack!! I can’t stop thinking about it, I can’t stop looking at makeup sites, I’m planning what I’m going to buy from upcoming collections. I really feel anxious about new arrivals, I even called the MAC Pro store yesterday and asked when they are going to be out.
I love makeup so much, I even catch myself staring at my train case. It’s stupid I know, but I love my makeup!!

I can relate with Bianca, on the weekends, when I am at home, I will be looking at the stuff in my make up case.
I have been calling the MAC store asking about release dates, and I watch other people’s haul videos on Youtube, and read beauty blogs for product information and colors, so I know what I can buy from that collection even before it comes out here in Singapore.

But as I mentioned before, I won’t get anything for the sake of it, I tend to buy stuff which I know I will actually use. Of cos I am also a sucker for packaging. :p which means I went nuts over the Neo Sci Fi and Heatherette stuff.

I’m definitely an addict. I’m not neccessarily proud of how much money I spend on it, but I am proud and happy to have something that I enjoy so much and that I can continually find something new to love about. From drugstore to high end, I love it all. I don’t even put make up on every day. But I love to organize my collection, think about what I’d like to add to it, think of looks to try, watch tutorials, and make my own make up, skincare and packaging.

Hmmm, among my circle and family on the whole? Yes, I am, but compared to the ladies I encounter on your and other beauty blogs and boards, I’m VERY low key. Thanks to you, though, MAC has gotten a lot of my money over the last and current quarter, LMAO

well, i like makeup a lot more than other girls my age (im nearly 14), but I still have a while to go beofre i become an addict.

I like to think I’m not a makeup addict, just a keen fan, with conplete control of my makeups lustings… However, my bank statements and my husband disagree with me on this quite often and that’s 2 against 1 so perhaps I am really πŸ˜‰

I’m starting a Fashion and Photographic Makeup course in September so it’s only going to get worse – Can’t wait!

OH, yes! IΒ΄m a massive addict. IΒ΄ve always loved makeup, but MAC really turned me into a junkie.

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