Temptalia Asks You - Do you consider fragrance/perfume a must in your routine?

Do you consider fragrance/perfume a must in your routine? Do you wear the same one? Different ones all the time?


I wear them occasionally, and they’re usually different. I’m trying to be more consistent with them, though!


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I wear perfume every single day. I find it hard to commit to one one signature scent. That is why I prefer to buy the smallest size available, fortunately here in Europe most fragrances also come 30ml/1oz sprays; plus it’s also portable.
My favortites are displayed on a tray near my wardrobe, the others are securely packed away from daylight. Some are more than 15 years old and still smell “fresh” (Guerlains even get better with age).

I feel naked without wearing some sort of scent. I have several that I choose from depending on the season and my mood. I even bought an extra bottle of the one I was wearing when I met my SO and leave it at his place — when he has a tough day he’ll spray the bed pillow and pretend I’m there (we live a long way apart).

I wear perfume daily, the same scent. I found one that I love and decided I had to wear it all the time. This week I decided to try a new little fruity scent I bought. But I will definitely be back to my fave next wk. 🙂

I wear it daily too, all different one everyday, depends on my mood. So I have 40 of them!! Now I am lemming for Miss Dior Cheri Green 🙁

I do love to wear it, but I don’t feel naked without it. I love to change it up. I’ll wear what I call “seasonal” perfumes with the changing seasons – heavier scents in the winter, lighter in the summer, like a lot of people. I love to mix perfumes and essential oils to create my own scent, too.

I am not a fan of perfume – I don’t like being able to smell myself (bad OR good). I wish I liked perfume, though, I love it when people have kind of a ‘signature scent’ – perfume that smells good on them that they always wear. I do use body spray sometimes.

I have several fragrances and I like my perfumes in general, but it’s not a must for my daily routine. In fact I try -not- to wear it to work as I am in a small office and want to be respectful of those with allergies or scent sensitivities. I do like to use it when I am going out for a night out, though.

Fragrance is an absolute must! It’s an instant mood enhancer for me and I wear it all the time! I use different scents to invoke different moods.

Yuck, no. Most scents give me a migraine plus my job doesn’t allow the use of fragrances. In fact, it’s really become socially unacceptable here to wear perfume or fragrance in public places.

It’s viewed as offensive and inconsiderate of others’ sensitivity to scents. Most workplaces don’t allow it. The only time it’s really considered acceptable is when you’re going out to the bar or whatnot. Funny how regional views on perfumes are, lol.

Yes, your reply tickled me, that’s why I asked. In my country I don’t think it’s forbidden (I’m French). I love finding someone wearing perfume in a very discreet way (like you have to be very close to the person to smell it) and I HATE when I come across someone who has sprayed the whole bottle on her.

I used to take the train everyday to do to work and I remember an evening on the come back there was this woman who started to pamper herself in the train (hair, make up) even if she was already more made up that I will ever be. I found that very gross (pampering in public). At the end of it, she picked her bottle of perfume out of her bag and sprayed 4 or 5 pschitts on her (she was already wearing her perfume before adding more: I had felt it when she passed beside of me). And THAT was particularly grosser than everything she did before. In the type of train I was taking (TGV), you can’t open window, they’re sealed (it’s a bit like in a plane). So everyone beneficited from her perfume during that time. It was smelling very good, no problem but after a hard day work, heavy smells how delightful they are are disgusting.

I love perfume but I think that perfume should be worn in a discreet subtle way. 🙂

I understand the “why” but I need to ask where you live. In Paris perfume is a must, of course in a discrete, non aggressive to the others way…

Yes :)) I feel naked without a little scent. I LOVE LOVE from Moschino and Clinique HAPPY TO BE are my all time favorite! 🙂 They are my must haves for perfumes and boys love it. lol.

I do – everyday…even if it’s not a perfume per se, I always do wear a scented lotion and right now my favorite is Bath & Body Works – True Spa Moroccan Honey/Date Body Yoghurt…

as far as perfumes I’m a big fan of scents by Fresh, Marc Jacobs ‘Pear’ and juicy couture signature scent. But really, it all depends on my mood. Since Fall is right around the corner my scents become a little heavier and I’ll wear something like SJP’s Lovely or anything else that has a hint of musk…

I am totally addicted to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Bathed & Infused scents so I wear a different perfume every day. I own some commercially made perfumes as well, but since I use so many different kinds it’s hard to commit to buying a big bottle of anything. I am careful to wear a small amount so I hopefully don’t give anyone migranes but I wouldn’t be able to work somewhere that perfumes were banned!

Oh yay! It’s so good to see other fans of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab on the web. I’ve been into perfumes as long as I’ve seriously been into cosmetics, but it’s become a real addiction since I discovered BPAL a year ago, and I now own about 40 different bottles of perfume by them.

I’ve also really come to dislike most commercial perfumes as well, as my nose has become much more discerning, and I find that the alcohol that is used to dilute the essential oils to be very off-putting. Pure Essential oil perfumes are far superior in my humble opinion.

I don’t wear perfume daily, though I’ve been wearing it more than I used to. I like the idea of having a signature fragrance, but my perfume preference changes with my mood, so I have several that I like about equally. I tend to favor vanilla-based fragrances, but occasionally I’ll use something fruity or very mildly floral.

I don’t really wear any. If there’s a special occasion, I do wear some (if I think about it). But I use samples : they’re free and I can change more often LOL

One of the reasons I don’t wear any everyday is because I don’t have a nice light one for everyday use, that’s not over-powering. But I find the new DKNY really good in that optic, maybe I’ll get that one :p

I have super bad allergies and get headaches easilly but luckily I am (mostly) unaffected by purfume! I like to wear it whenver I can, but only two sprays. I really wish that people stick to this rule! You shouldn’t be able to smell you from a block away! It’s very insensitive to peoples reaactions to purfume, which have become really common!

As for different types of purfume, I like to mix it up but I don’t own very many. My favourite is oscar de la renta’s red orchid, but it’s LE so I keep my eye out for a re-release (sometimes they just change the name haha!) I also use Versace red jeans (night only), Escada’s annual scent for this year (birthday gift, every day use), and Coach’s scent (another favourite of mine, but once again it’s a bit heavier and best kept for night or winters) 🙂

My normal problem with perfume is that I feel it all has the same basic base scent, and
I really like scents but I like them to be fresh, natural, and sweet (without smelling like
Pink Sugar, which definitely causes some gagging for me)
I have found that the perfumes I love are
– Miss Dior Cheri
-Marc Jacobs Daisy (<3)

I am also a sucker for packaging and those two are simple but just adorable!
Daisy is my definite Fav

I normally wear perfume daily unless the only thing I’m doing that day is going to the dance studio. I’ve sort of stopped wearing my signature scent (dkny be delicious) since so many people are wearing it (including two of my best friends). So I just tend to mix it up these days.

Nope. I wear it for special occasions/nights out. But not day to day. I know how annoying it can be to be constantly smelling someone’s perfume/cologne, so I try not to be like that.

yes…indispensable in my regimen…i tend to wear the same one every day for a long time (years!)…it ends up becoming a signature scent.

Yes. I wear fragrance everyday…but I only wear it for me. I don’t think anybody else should be able to smell your fragrance unless they are hugging you or whispering in your ear & then it should only be just a hint of scent that they catch. You know, the “you smell fantastic” NOT “your perfume smells fantastic”. It should never be perceived as perfume, it should be thought of as “you”.

I only wear perfume when I am going out at night- not every day. My favorites are The Beat from Burberry and Infusion D’Iris from Prada!

I have a million different scents. It’s a must have for me. Even if I’m not wearing anything but lip gloss I have to smell nice. I also find I try to use as much as possible so I can buy more lol.

I have one dresser on my bedroom with nothing but perfume, so yes I wear perfume every single day. Even if I’m at home alone I still like body spray or something to smell nice, it’s comforting in a way.

I dont usually wear fragrances, but I wish I could remember. But, I usually spray some Pure Suduction by Victoria’s Secret after a workout cause the scent is very fresh and strong.

I find I only wear perfumes when I’m smelling a little off. All my conditioners and leave-ins and what-have-you have such a strong scent that combines with a perfume, I smell like a room fulla old ladies 😉
Right now I’m using Aussie Moist Conditioner and Bio-something Olive Oil Leave-in and I smell like pineapples. 😀

i am a perfume whore. i have lots of different perfumes so i wear whatever depending on where im going, who im seeing, and what i feel like. but i always wear it.
the ones on my wishlist are John Galliano’s, Angel and Alien by Thierry Mugler, and the new one by Diesel.

I’ve always been sensitive to scents and even when I like a scent I can’t stand it for too long. I don’t like perfume very much and I prefer unscented lotions. If anything sometimes I like body oils, but rarely.

Yes, perfume is a must have for my routine. My one and only perfume is Estee Lauder Beautiful- it smells so good- been wearing the same perfume since middle school.

I don’t consider it a “must” to wear a fragrance, but I feel like I’m not well groomed or finished getting ready if I don’t. Kind of like wearing pantyhose to work or more dramatic makeup in the evening, I guess it’s kind of an unwritten rule I’ve come to follow. Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love fragrances and wouldn’t wear them if I didn’t like it. I get mostly body sprays because they aren’t too overwhelming. I wear different ones all the time depending on what mood I’m in and the weather. Right now I’m loving anything fresh and fruity like citrus.

I have a very acute smelling sense, and I find it very sexy when people smell good, both men and women. Unlike my mother that loves to wear her signature fragance at all times (she has the best perfume chemistry in the world, therefore this works for her), I’d go for lighter fragances during the day (ie. floral based like Stella by Stella Mc Cartney) , and bolder frangances in the evening (ie. J’Adore, Chanel Mademoiselle, etc.). Having said that, I must confess that besides being a make up addict, I am a perfume freak. I even wear perfume before going to bed!!!! In reality, when I buy perfume, I like to buy the body cream/lotion, bath gel and a small version for my purse. There is nothing better for a long lasting scent than wearing your favorite scent in layers…that is: shower gel + body lotion + fragance itself. I even use a cotton ball impregnated with the fragance in the middle part of my bra! Make sure you use your perfume before putting on your accesories (i.e. earrings, bracelets, necklaces)regardless if they are real or not. They will last longer and lustrous if they don’t come into contact with the alcohol in your perfume.

Perfume is not apart of my routine because it seems to not last very long. Though this doesn’t mean I don’t have any, my fave is AB+F Ready, which I don’t know if they even still make anymore.

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