Temptalia Asks You - Do you confine your purchases to a set budget?

Do you confine your purchases to a set budget? Or do you just buy you want? If you stick with a budget, do you find yourself staying in it?

I have an “eyeball” budget, which more or less is a number I want to stay under, but it isn’t firm.

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Mine is very similar to yours Christine. I limit myself to buying just a few products but sometimes find myself wanting more. I think that’s price becomes an issue and I have to ask myself if I really need it, otherwise that item becomes top of my next beauty wishlist…as you can imagine, its a never ending cycle!!

I budget pretty tightly, especially when it comes to MAC. It’s easy to walk out of there $100 lighter. I have a general idea as to how much everything costs so I can more or less stick to a plan. For other brands, well, I’ll only spend so much on something and it usually ranges from “dirt cheap” to “cheap” so it’s pretty easy to keep tabs.

I know, it all adds up so quickly! I tend to be very, very selective about non-MAC purchases so I’m pretty stingy there!

yeah i would agree i try to budget 100-200 a month but if i feel i have spent a lot i try to limit it for maybe 2 weeks after. It is hard to budget with new collections tho cuz u might be worried that something will be gone soon. Or sales tend to make me spend more.

not really. but i do go thru crazes .. at d moment im going thru an opi craze where im buying loadsa nail polish .. den i might go thru a mac craze..

No real budget – most of my makeup purchases are determined by what is coming out that month. So the months when most of the major collections hit(fall, holiday, spring and summer), I spend the most. I guess I average around $300/month. I am finding that I am getting more selective, simply because you end up having too many dupes once your collection gets to a certain size.

That definitely makes sense, Katherine! I have to do a lot more budgeting for summer and holidays, just because they seem to hit me hardest!

Ooooh, I wish I could stick to a budget… I don’t usually spend a lot at any one time, but sometimes I’m buying new products (one or two at a time) every other day, which is worse than if I spent more at a time and then stopped to think about it.

There are two things that are the cause of most of my beauty budget problems: if I’m getting a special price that is significantly lower, I easily forget that I do not need a product or that I’ve hated the last two products I bought in a similar situation. Secondly, if I’m getting a makeup bag full of samples, it’s virtually impossible to walk away.

I do try to set limits, though, for example, promise myself to come back and get it the other day. If it’s not an impulse buy I’m likely to check the reviews, which has helped me think twice about buying some products.

That’s true! Going to the drugstore often is bad for me because I always find I buy more than I should have overall.

I usually give myself a ballpark figure for a budget — for example, for Heatherette i said no more than $100 (hey, my tax return was good so i thought i could treat myself LOL). Ended up spending about $90, one more item would have put it over $100, and there was nothing else i really needed, so it was good to have a budget cause if not, i would have bought one of everything just so i could look at the pretty packaging LMAO!

but, for the most part, i just buy what i need as long as i can afford it. which, usually i can’t but i do it anyways 🙂

I definitely do that, too, Courtney! These days, I say, “No more than $100 on a single launch.”

And congrats on staying under budget!

I also spent about $90 on Heatherette! That’s a rarity for me. I will only allow myself 20-30 bucks at a time. That’s usually once a month. For Heatherette I saved from other purchases.

I do set a budget limit…then crash through it shamelessly. >_< Dang you MAC and your new releases! I’m getting better now though since my stash has gotten to a size where I have similar colours.

LOL, Tekoa. Sometimes it happens to the best of us 🙂 I do think that as your collection GROWS that you become pickier about adding to it.

I’ve finally come to the realization that I have a pretty nice “collection” and don’t have a real need for anything. So, right now I only purchase things to replace something that I’ve used up.

Right now, I’m spending more money on skincare and would rather preserve what’s underneath the makeup!

I’m with you on that, Tuprnut! Although I still pick up a few things from new launches 😉

I also spend more on skin care these days.

I’m always spend more money on MAC than my budget 😉 Here in Sweden (europe) it’s even more expensive to by MAC then in US. I pay for one eyeshadow about 25 dollar, that is quite expensive!! But I love the shadows and the colour and can’t resist spending my money on new colour and new collections!
My husband was in Florida last week, I gave him a shoppinglist to the MAC PRO in Orlando. I wish that I had been there by my self! But he came home with everything on my list and some more eyeshadows that he liked!! I was so happy!
Thank you for a very good site, always very informative and you make lovely makeups, love the pictures!!
(sorry if my schoolenglish isn’t so good!)

Hey Cristine,

Mine is same like urs,I always think hard whether i buy or dont and if my budget is tight then ofcourse i wud prefer lighter brands,But is it really possible??accept Mac,this is the thing i always dream about,…coz of this,nowadays im too dreamy..actually DAY DREAMER!!


budgets are silly! lol. I try to limit myself, seriously I do. But sometimes I just can’t be contained. I have to go on a MAC fast till May… so when this is over, i know i’ll be at the MAC pro spending my life way lol.

Aw, for me, they can really help me think about WHAT I’m buying and why I’m buying something I have in different versions, y’know?

Being from the Caribbean, things are a bit more expensive, including MAC. However, I do not mind spending a little more on a good foundation and powder. I usually work within a budget though. Can’t afford not too. My next BIG purchase will be brushes. By the way Christine, for the short time that I have been here, I have really learned a lot. Great job!

What brushes do you think you’ll be looking to get first?

I remember when I first started buying brushes, it was a huge deal for me and my wallet to go through, lol.

Thank you!

I do have a budget of around $60 per visit. I have a posh mall close by so I have Sephora and every other cool brand w/in a 5min drive. I tend to go around 3 times a month, more if I need a pick me up 😉 But I just bought a new camera and accessories, so I put myself on a self-imposed-Sephora-exile. We’ll see how that goes!!! (I have to share that when I first got married and moved to said location, I got a little carried away and my husband banned me from Sephora for almost a year, kinda sad I didn’t run out of ANYTHING in that time!!!!)

Oh budgeting… I’m so bad at it. I see something pretty and I WANT IT. I do have some self control, but I’m also working on fleshing out parts of my collection that have been utterly neglected thus far. For the longest time I couldn’t be bothered; I had mono and chest infections and all sorts of stuff that meant I barely could be bothered to get out of bed, let alone play with makeup. Now that I’m doing better, though… I want to play!

Poor wallet. *pets it*

BLUSHES are the biggest one… also, different bases for things, concealer for under my eyes (bloody genetics…), I have no blot powder (but I do have some Physician’s Formula veiling powder)…

Basically, up until just before Fafi, I had several eyeshadows, a couple of lipsticks and glosses, blacktrack fluidline, aqualine liquidlast liner and a set of SE brushes (129 [HATE IT], 266, 239, 219, 316). Drugstore mascara, foundation, powder and a stick of concealer rounded out the collection.

My collection has grown since then by leaps and bounds! Hurray! For example? I now have five MAC blushes instead of none, a few full size brushes and a whole bunch of fluidline! 😀

*Sanayhs’ visa cries in the background*

No budget for me. I save up to spend on what I want. Being a frequent traveler, I usually do my make up shopping in the airport duty free, because it makes a huge difference (around 20% less).

I have a very strict budget and i make sure i stick to it by the penny. Saying that, i spend a lot on cosmetics… usually things that i really want.

HA! i’ve set it before a trip to sephora (the closest one is an hour away) and i’ve never stuck to it. my spending there gets worse every time i go. the last time i went, i spent 100 bucks easy, and it doesn’t help that they give you a spiffy medium-sized basket that makes you just wanna fill it up.

Last time I went, I had a few things in my hands and a guy offered me a basket, I replied that it would just get filled to the brim, and he replied “You only live once!” He almost got me with that one…

I have the odd spree if I’m in town on payday! Apart from that I tend to be quite good at not going overboard on new collections, plus I live in the UK so everything is waaay more expensive. e.g paint pots in the US are $16.50 , in the uk they are $24 – so you get hardly anything for your £50 in MAC.

The fact that Canadian prices are so much more than US prices drives me crazy. MAC is originally Canadian and they’re still distributed via Canada! A paintpot here is $20 before tax, by the way, which in my local MAC store is 13%. A pigment is $23.50. Ouch!

in order to save for MAC spending i don’t spend $$ on other stuff… like food hahaha
i like don’t eat out anymore, its so lame. but now i count all my money in terms of what i’d rather buy from mac…or alcohol :] like 1.5 meals eating out can be an e/s pan!!!
clearly i am a college student :]]]]]

HAHAHA! That’s what I do too, Renee! I’m like “I just spent $xx on something I’m never going to see again” That’s also why I quit drinking Starbucks, 3 coffees=1 cute eyeshadow =)

LOL! I am/was a huge Starbucks’ addict. Going to law school with Starbucks across the street… well, it’s hard to resist. I used to get one everyday, though, back during undergrad, and now I am averaging 2-3 a week. My mom says I’m “latteing my millions away.”

That’s not lame at all! Eating out KILLS the budget, it really does. I just did our bills for March, and it’s amazing what we spend on food!

lol yeah, its prety lame though when i go out w/ other pple and not eat HAHAHA
whatevs i’m still down :]]]]]

omg i just went to cco and i spent HELLA hahaha. thank god its spring break right now and i’m eating real meals HAHA instead of the prepackaged noodles and alcohol :]]]

i think its just time to make more bank $$$$$$ 😀

christine you are so great!! i LOVE your blog!!!! :]]]]]]

I don’t pressure myself with a budget. Makeup is supposed to be fun.

Since I live in Europe I always have about a week or two extra time to check reviews for the new MAC collections. I study swatches and pics but there’s nothing better than going to the counter/store of your choice and see all of it for youself.

I might get what I saw online, I might get less, I might get more! 😀

There is no such thing as a budget when I buy makeup. I just came back from MAC this afternoon and I spent almost $400.00

…sigh…my husband is going to flip, lol.

$400! wow! The biggest splurge I had with make up was $150 I spent on Shu Uemura products back when I had a big fight with hubby (retail therapy works, believe me!).

It’s so easy to splurge, but I haven’t bought a lot of stuff in a while so it was worth it. I’m not done yet. I am going back tomorrow for some more stuff, plus I will be going to Europe in a few months so I may be able to get some exclusive stuff out there.

Not enough. I bought a lot of the Fafi stuff. When it came out, I didn’t have the cash. I also bought some stuff from the Heatherette Collection (but I am going back for more in a few days…lol). I am trying to branch out and try some new colours and stuff. I only really splurge every few years so this isn’t really that bad.

I had to get some new foundation too which added $35.00 into the total. The last time I bought foundation, the studio fix liquid was still in the squeeze container and the concealer was in the same eyeshadow containers. So it’s pretty much worth it as the stuff lasts so long.

I picked up Studio Fix NC50. I think that is what my colour was when I first bought it years ago. In fact, I think that is my concealer colour as well. I still have a blot powder from the when it was first launched and I use it everyday.

I am really happy with the stuff that I bought, at least with the stuff that I have tested so far. I am always unsure how things are going to look coloured skin, but the Fafi stuff looks great and you can play with it and do different things.

I am especially liking the paint pots. I have never used them before and they such a great base. It kind of even things out and makes the colours really pop without looking clownish. I think that I am going to have to stock up on them, that and blush (I only own two).

I am also really liking the Sock Hop l/g. It looks really natural on darker skin when worn alone, and doesn’t look out of place when layered over a lipstick. Since it’s limited edition, I may pick up a few more to stock up, lol.

I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying your beauty loot! 🙂

Paint pots are great – a lot of people LOVE them! So you aren’t alone, and hello, they’re permanent, so we can feel free to adore and love them, lol.

I usually find there is always something cosmetic wise I could do with, so after paying all the bills and food shopping first, whatever I have left I use to pick up 2 or 3 things off my wish list! With Heatherette coming soon though, I have been saving in advance because it all looks fab LOL

I kind of have no sense of budgeting at all. Sometimes I just splurge and buy everything I want and then tell myself THIS IS IT, NO MORE! It never turns out that way though…

I try to put myself under budget. I tend to spend more for the holiday sets. I used to be a casual MAC collector. (Only purchased the holiday sets.) But now I’m a MAC regular. I can see that my budget will decrease over time since I notice that they tend to re-release items. Plus, I should pay off my student loan when I’m done in April. 😉

I’m from Canada as well and I also think that it’s stupid how we have to pay more for MAC but MAC is from Canada. The Heatherette eyeshadow trios are $39 and it doesn’t help that tax is at 13%. I guess it’s good that we have free health care. Since the exchange rate is pretty much at par and I’m not that far away from Seattle (2 hour drive), usually at the end of the semester my friends and I will make a shopping run.

If I’m hesitant to buy an item such the Jordin Aires pigment, which is $23.50+13% tax I will wait and will go to the nearest Cosmetic Company store. I got a couple of pigments there and found the holiday brushes there for $33!!

Nope…the tax is still at 13% in Ontario. 8% PST and 5% GST.

And it does suck that Canada has higher prices when MAC was originally a Canadian company, but since they are now owned by the same company as Estee Lauder, I’m not surprised.

I would still LOVE to know the reasoning behind the ridiculous price differences from US to other locations, you know? I mean, do they have to do additional research, marketing, or what? It would be interesting to see if distribution in other countries is more costly than it is in the US, and even though you pay more as a consumer, their profit is still the same regardless.

It used to be a higher price in Canada simply because our dollar was a lower value on the international market. So the higher prices were in effect to make sure that they companies were actually getting the same amount when it was translated into US dollars.

Now with our dollar on par and sometimes even better than the greenback, they should adjust the prices to reflect that, but they won’t do that as it will cut into their profits.

Distribution is not higher considering that the majority of their cosmetics are actually still made and shipped from Canada. It’s actually cheaper to manufacture stuff in Canada and ship it elsewhere. Add into that there are lower import/export costs as the products are covered under NAFTA and they should be cheaper.

I suppose a company can’t widely vary their prices depending on how the international money market reacts either – it would be confusing, and yes, they’d lose out in terms of revenue. I meant more in other countries, since I know that MAC started in Canada – like is testing more extensive with the EU regulations vs. FDA? That kind of stuff.

Well, it is not only MAC, everything is more expensive in Europe. I think it is because of the strong euro for one, but also because we have about 20 percent taxes in most eu states. Living here is expensive, and getting more so all the time.

I don’t confine my purchases to a set budget. If theres something I really really want and its expensive I just set some money aside for it. Or if I get good gradesI reward myself with somthing new 🙂

Nicole, I feel your pain. I guess in BC we save 1%. 😛

There are other products that are ridiculously expensive. The Lancome Pure Focus moisturizer (1.7 fl or 50 mL ONLY!) is $56 here whereas it’s $32 in the states. My friend works at a drug store (Shoppers Drug Mart) that contains high end cosmetics such as Lancome, Chanel, Smashbox and etc…..with her employee discount is still more expensive to buy in Canada and it’s still cheaper to down south. I guess it’s better to have an employee discount of 30% from Shoppers than nothing. We have expensive products and taxes. 😛

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