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Yes, I colour my hair; I have had different shades of red and red/brown for over a year now.
I am naturally a really boring ash blonde and I much prefer being a redhead. :o)

You want to grow your hair out? I like your current cut a lot on you, but you also looked great with long hair. I think colour-wise I wouldn

it has been awhile since i last colored my hair but i’m into the more naturl looking color nowadays because i’ve had my hair colored so many times it’s good to go natural every once in awhile.

I colour my hair a bit. I like to try out different shades and highlights, I currently have a reddish brown through my hair with some brighter red foils. I want to start lightening my hair next time I get it done and maybe eventually just get it to blonde.

I have never colored my hair. It is naturally a really pretty blonde, but I am getting bored with it after 35 years LOL. But no hairdresser wants to color it for me, they all say it would ruin it and it’s a shame.
So to change my look, I wear wigs. I have 19 in different styles and colors, all in good quality so it does not look cheap/fake. But it is still obvious, but I do it for me and not for everybody else. Mostly for going out, not at work. People who know me think it is a good solution. My hair is almost platinum blonde and very very fine in structure, and long. So to ruin it with color would be a sin.
I love your hair Christine, it is very shiny, rich and looks very healthy. I am drawn to the dark color, but me being so fair, it looks wrong on me. I like your hair long, so to let it grow sounds like a great idea.

Dyed my hair for over 10 years now, I’ve been everything from brown/blonde highlights to neon pink.

My natural hair colour is boring and I can’t stand it. It’s a terrible shade of brown that does nothing for me. My hair is very thin and fine, and not so thick. The damage from dyeing/heat/hair products helps my hair look not so flat and a bit fuller.

I’ve only spent money ONCE at a hair salon to get it dyed.. never again. They completely fried my hair with bleach. I thought because it was “upscale” that they would know what they were doing when it came to bleaching. The person I normally get my hair done by (cousin’s ex) wasn’t available, I had to go elsewhere.

I do better at home with stuff I purchase from Sally’s or whenever cousin’s ex has time to do it.

I just got my hair highlighted yesterday:) I’ve been doing it for years now, I’m super pale, and my hair is dark brown, so without some sort of highlights I look like a ghost!

Try Prevana, they make a very pretty, and vibrant purple. It’s only available at beauty supply stores like Barnums, or Cosmo Prof. There may be a different one depending on your area. Only liscensed cosmotologists can shop there, but if you have a friend that has a hair or nail license, it’s definately worth it. The color is beautiful.

I’m naturally a dirty blonde but I dye my hair dark brown. I just do it with some cheap at home kit and it works fine. I tend to change the color often but I’m lovin the brown right now.

Hell yes I dye my hair! I used to dye it a lovely rich cherry red, but lately I’ve been going for black, since it goes with everything 🙂

I naturally have light brown hair with lighter highlights – red and blonde tones, tending more towards red as I try to avoid the sun more. I love my natural hair color and I’m afraid if I ever dye it my hair will hate me and never look the same again. 😆 I’m lucky enough that my hair actually looks like it’s been professionally highlighted, and the color suits me, so I plan on sticking with my natural color! 🙂

I love the idea of wigs, though! I might have to pick up a pink one – for years I’ve been curious what bright pink hair would look like on me. 🙂

I have been dying my hair since I was 14. Tried, browns, reds, orange and I have streaked my hair purple and pink before! Now, I am just keeping to red =p

my hair is coloured! it’s been more than 3 years now. i buy the DIY kit and dye my hair myself. usually dye my hair within the brown/burgundy/red colour spectrum. tried bleaching it once and it turned orange O.O i don’t really fancy highlights and colours with red undertones though.

i really like how shiny your hair is! but if you want to try colouring it, browns will definitely look good on you! 🙂

I colour my hair sinze i was 13 so i’m kinda a guru on this… LOL Now my hair is dark blonde and baby pink. A week ago i was black with blue… I’m trying to get a perfect platinum blonde… A perfect white blonde!!! LOOOOVE IT!!!

what color is your natural hair?? B/c blond and baby pink is my dream hair color and I would love to know how you got there w/o destroying your hair!! Any tips?

I’ve been getting my hair dyed for the past 5 years now. I get a colorist/stylist to do it. For 4 years I used to have blond highlights, which I loved because it was lots of fun. I’m used to being a natural brunette, that it felt good to be different. Then just 3 months ago I did something different and dyed my hair a darker shade. The color is still lighter than my natural color, it’s a warmer, more sophisticated look, IMO. Check out the blog about it on my page, plus pictures. I

Hahaha, I have NO clue what my natural hair color looks like at this point! My go to hair color is black b/c I love the contrast between fair skin and dark hair. But my dream is to have pink hair… if only I wasn’t in law school!

My hair is naturally dark brown. I usually keep it natural or color it black in the fall/winter, but in the spring/summer time I like to lighten it up w/ some caramel streaks. The past 3 years, my sister and I have been coloring each others hair to save $$$! It’s actually better because we color it exactly how we want it. When I use to get it done @ the salon, it would never turn out how I wanted. We get all our materials @ Sally’s Beauty Supply and we just bleach the streaks to the lightness we want then we use a toner to get it to that exact caramel (or any) color… and it’s fun! 🙂 Twitter: Leana2o6

I have hot pink hair right now, so yes! I usually dye it black. My natural color is a dark, incredibly ashy blonde.

I have naturally very dark hair (I really like my hair color – it’s not just dark brown, it has lots of dark red in it too) and I’ve never had it professionally colored because I like my hair color. I think I’m going to be getting it colored soon, though, because I recently found gray hairs. I’m only 23! This is not okay.

I was born naturally with medium red hair, and unlike most redheads I know, it’s gotten darker intead of lighter over the years – now, its a rich, coppery, firey bright red. It’s a mixture of a bunch of different hues: strawberry blonde, reddish brown, burgundy, auburn, blonde, and then the majority of what’s not natural highlights is just a medium red. With those natural highlights added, it makes my copper fire color. I think I’ll only ever dye it if I want ome extra highlights, or if I have to color grays. (But that will be hard because I’m pretty sure ya cant duplicate my color easily!) 😉

Yes, its a problem of mine seeing my moms a hairdresser, so free colors whenever! .. my natural color is dark brown so i stick with that for winter, but highlights start around the end of april!

I darken my hair. I think everyone looks good if they go a shade or two deeper. Darker hair brightens your eyes and makes your complexion look really clear. I have dark brown hair that lightens a bit with sun and I will get red highlights naturally. I think that red makes my complexion look horrible so I color my hair with a semi-permanent black. My hair person says if you are going to do a box job at home to do a semi-permanent dye since it will be less damaging.

I stopped dyeing my hair about 5 years ago — I have natural dirty blonde/strawberry blonde hair, but used to dye it every color you can think of………..but once I got to black, I decided i wanted to go back to blonde. The guy at the salon said he could do it, no problem…………needless to say, it didn’t work and I wound up having to cut off all my hair because it was so damaged. I wore a hoodie for 2 months and then cut it all off and let me healthy hair grow in — and ive been too scared to dye it again!

I’ve colored my hair since I was 17; so, that’s about 15 years of color now. I’ve used full-on color, highlights, and rinses from time to time. I love shades of red with blended golds.

I’m a raven-haired beauty naturally, though.

I’ve dabbled with color for years now. I have naturally Dark Brown almost black hair so i first started with highlights. Then few years later tried golden brown hair with blonde highlights. Then warmed that up a bit…. Now I’m tired of all the maintenance highlights take so I got rid of the them and have a natural medium brown, which I do myself at home.

I have had my hair colored since I was 16, that was about 3 years ago.
My natural hair color is a black-brown shade and I’ve been alternative between chestnut with blonde streaks and a dark warm brown. Right now I’m rocking auburn hair and I really love it so I’ll stick to this shade for awhile.

I used to bleach my hair, but then I dyed it back to my natural color. It did not completely cover the blonde so now I have to periodically dye my hair about 2 shades darker than my natural brown color to get rid of my roots!
Twitter makeupgirl513

i used to, but it’s too much $ and work to keep it up! however, i am considering getting a few subtle highlights while i wait for my hair to grow out. LOL

I color my hair all the time! Right now it’s medium red brown. My hair was red when I was born but it faded to like strawberry blonde so I color it red. Although lately I’ve been itching to dye my hair blonde.

I color my hair every 6 to 8 weeks. My cousin is a stylist in an amazing salon. I’m a medium cool brown with cool blonde highlights. My natural color is black, which is a bit blah with my skintone.

I’ve been coloring my hair for 25 years! Can’t recall my natural hair color…
I usually have 2-3 different colors. I love funky colors and I haven’t had my purple hair in about a year now and missing it. On my next hair appt (in a month), I’m going for it again! I did it @ home for a while but much prefer professionally.

I’ve been coloring my hair for most of my life! I’ve been blonde since my teen years. I love the color but hate the upkeep!

I color my hair a middle to dark red for 5 years now (I color it every 2 – 3 months).
Before that, I colored it black, dark purple, chocolate brown, blonde highlights… but I will stick to red as I think it looks pretty and I felt comfortable for 5 years up until now with it.

I’ve been coloring my hair for quite a few years now. I’m naturally dirty blond and I wanted to lighten up my hair when I was around 17 so I tried using that Sun-In stuff. That stuff doesn’t work. Then I started dying my hair with box dye, usually just dying it a lighter blond. I then tried using the box highlights in blond but they don’t really work either. About 3 or 4 years ago I started getting my hair professionally highlighted by a wonderful colorist and hairstylist that I still go to today. I then dyed my hair a real dark brown with box dye, it was really nice. After that started to fade I continued to get the blond hightlights and my hair eventually faded back to blond with the blond highlights. About two months ago I asked my hair stylist to dye my hair red and put the blond highlights on top. That’s what I still have now, even though the red has faded a bit. Now that summer is coming I’ll probably continue to get the blond highlights but let the red fade away to my natural color again. I am now 26 (27 in June). HA, so that is my hair color story!

Yup, my natural color is dark blonde, I use Herbal essences Extra Light Blonde. Its such a gorgeous color and looks great each time I use it…..I only got my hair colored once at a salon and I hated it, so I’m glad I found this color.

Yes. Just highlights though. Unfortunately, I have to stretch the time between touch-ups now (and haircuts). Ahh well.

Of course, and I fly all the way to Mexico City to have the only Latina Redken Certified Colorist do it! She is amazing!

I used to during years because I found my natural color very blah but have decided some years ago to enjoy my brown hair which is not bad at all. My hair has pretty multi-reflects, a shine and a depth that I could finally never find in an artificial color. That said, I will maybe color them again as I love having highlights and as it tickle me to be a red head!

I just got my hair higlighted today. I actually got lowlights and hightlights. I like dyeing my hair sine I hve long loose curls the colors give me lots dimension!!!

Yes, actually I have really dark hair and highlights (blonde) underneath. I’m going to go even lighter for the summer once the weather starts warming up. =0D

Not that anybody realizes it, but yes. My eyebrows are that greenish-dirty-ash blonde, but my natural head-hair is dark, dark brown. So I bleach to platinum, and everything’s nice ‘n harmonious. I still had someone look at me with surprise when I said I bleach my hair, even though I’ve got an inch-and-a-half of dark brown roots, a la Madonna in the eighties.

i do every once and awhile when i get bored. i actually died it about two weeks ago with feria in black leather. i like the results. i’ve only had my hair dyed twice by a stylist and i didn’t like it.

I love coloring my hair! I’ve done it all. I’m currently a dark, rich red like Addison Montgomery/Kate Walsh from Private Practice. I think what I love the most about coloring my hair is the freedom of change it offers.

I’ve had highlights for a few years. My hair is naturally black but it looks very boring so I’ve had various shades of brown, blonde, red highlights. I get it done at a salon so it’s pricey so I only get it done twice a year.

I like your natural hair color but change is good:)

It’s funny I go to cosmetology school in ohio. I change my hair color very often. Luckily it’s a Paul Mitchell school and it’s worth the money. Not many people relieze that you can go to a cos. school and get your hair done. Where I go to school you can request a phase 2 student and it’s WAY cheaper to go to a school to get your hair done then a salon. Especially if you only want it cut or styled. it’s only 10 dollars. I suggest a school if you don’y mind having a student doing your hair under the supervision of a liscened cosmetologist. It’s how we learn too 🙂

When you get old like me, you have no choice but to color your hair. 😉 I started seeing gray in my mid-20’s. In a few months I’ll be 35 and that gray is now changing to silver. Yuck-O. I use L’Oreal’s Feria to color my hair, it seems to last longer than the typical 6-8 weeks.

My mother used to take me to get highlights just to socialize with her friend and I hated it and swore off doing my hair… until college (I was in 6th grade).

I went about two weeks ago and got blonde peek-a-boo highlights (not unlike Ames in one of Pursebuzz’s videos) and I LOVE it. When I tie my hair back it looks like I have racing stripes! I think I’ll be keeping this all through college. Maybe I’ll get whacky and die the strips blue or something (to make green). 🙂

Every month for 6 years. every shade of red and been brown for six months, also had blue =]. Purple is coming up very soon =] Best friend does it..6$ a box, but i need 2 for my amount of hair.

i used to be light brown then had nat. highlights, then 7th grade dyed to blonde, then junior year i put dark dark brown underneath and bangs, then put red, then went all brunette, now im brunetted with blonde half way through… bout to get it done again. my hair is healthier now, but i do get it done a lot!

Just like with makeup, hair coloring for me is an artistic way of expressing who i am. i’ve been coloring my hair for 15 years & probably will forever. So much fun to do chunky highlights, “barely there” highlights & all over color changes. It’s a fun way to reinvent yourself. some people fear it being permanent, but they make so many great temporary dyes out there so that you can try before diving in. I have my hair a bright plum red right now and i love it!!

Would you believe me if I said I was a natural purple head? LOL. My hair is naturally like deep brown, with natural highlights and I hate it. Its also very thick, and curly, and rough. I’ve been dying it since I was 14, and I do it all on my own. I’ve been every color, except green. >> now its a black, which i tried dying over brown, and about 2 inches all around my hairline is purple :]

I seriously think you should grow your hair out, it was gorgeous, although I’m not saying you aren’t now. :] maybe bangs too? 😀

Yes. My best friend’s mom is a hairdresser and while I don’t have to pay her money, she is a totall coffee addict and my best friend and I both work for Sbux so I save all my free 1 lb coffee markouts and bring her a crapload of French Roast in exchange for having her cut/color my hair. I’ve had her do some fun colored highlights of bright red and then again with this other color that in the light was like a bright red-fuschia color almost like having a really bright tint at times and she did it well and I never looked like Ronald McDonald or anything. I like to keep it a simple process these days since hightlights were more complicated and seemed to take a long time to do. I have her do it a bright yet deep shade of red and recently started having her do it darker. I love being a redhead because I like having my hair look that much mroe vibrant rather than being natural dark brown.

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