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I just got out of the shower from rinsing out some bleach to cover my dark roots! When I am at home and working, I usually touch up every 4 weeks but at school it’s usually every 6-8.

Ok maybe I am not used to the new layout yet, but I prefer the old one.

I color my hair… BLACK… just to make my natural color more vibrant. I sometimes DIY or sometimes at the salon.

LOL, it’s been like 4 years since I last dye my hair. The color I have right now is my natural one (if you seen pics of me on the forum), but I have been thinking of coloring it since there are a few gray hairs (yikes!). Funny thing is I’m kinda afraid of doing it. Silly me. =)

absolutely an since i was at least 16 years old. i’ve had every color of the rainbow, plus black, all shades of red, and white/blond. Right now it’s a dark espresso brown with big Special Effects Nuclear Red chunks.

I’m 48 and promise to never grow up 🙂

I dye mine all the time! Different variations and combinations of brown and blonde, I do it all myself. I’m really good at it now lol. One of my girlfriends is a hair stylist, so if I want highlights I get her to do them, though. I’m actually coloring my hair tonight 🙂 It’s a little too dark for my liking right now, so I’m going light brown!

I began doing some highlight like a yeare ago and i’ve never stopped. I do it myself (you silly americans, giving out money on things you can dou yourself. You’re doing everything so different then in my country. Silly, silly america ;)) ’cause my hair is somewhere between blonde and (light)brown and i do honey-coloured highlights to bring out the blonde.

Somehow your comments offend me.

Anyone I’ve ever seen do their own hair winds up looking like they did their own hair, not to mention how horrible do it yourself products are for your hair!

There’s professional hair colorists and stylists for a reason. If you don’t care what you look like – that’s fine. But bashing Americans because we’re WILLING and ABLE to spend money to pamper ourselves? Sounds like jealousy to me…

I too am a little offended. I don’t think it’s silly at all that we realize that we’re just NOT going to get the same result at home than at a salon. YOU try highlighting dark brown with red undertones and let me know how it works out. Of course blonde hair is easier to highlight, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I go to Tony & Guy and I love them, I recommend them to everyone, they have so much training and they are tested continually, but most of all, I’m completely satisfied with their work and that’s all that matters.
So with that in mind, should we stop going to restaurants because we can cook at home? Why go to the doctor, they sell first aid kits. Close down the schools, we can read at home too!!!
Sorry about the rant.

In the past, I have tested a lot of hair color ( pink,blue,purple,red etc…)
But now i prefer my natural black hair.
Since a few months i begin to have white hair 🙁 ( I’m 25), so i color them every 2 months ~.

As bottle barbie blond I have to touch up frequently, fortunately I exchange web development services for hair services at a top notch local salon so it keeps the cost down. With all the bleach and extensions, my hair breaks easily so I have to be very careful with it. (no one can see grays on platinum blond – age 32, natural hair color medium brown)

haven’t dyed my hair in over 5 years, and probably never will again. Had a disastrous bleach experience, had to cut it all off (which was NOT a good look for me!!). luckily i have a nice dirty blonde shade for my natural color 🙂

I naturally have dark blonde hair. I have been getting light blonde highlights done for the past 5 years. I get my hair highlighted about every two months, and then I get lowlights done every third highlight (so it won’t be soooo blonde).

I get rinses about twice a year. They wash out when you shampoo your hair(hence rinse). My most recent one was reddish. The oen before that was called Cherry Cola, so my hair was actually kinda purple in the sunlight.

I don’t do anything on my own. That’s what my hairdresser is for.

I typically do a single colour dye, every 3 months or so. I’m a fan of dark brown, slightly darker than my natural colour, but I love how shiny and vibrant it looks when dyed.

I’ve done it once, and I’m not sure I’ll do it again.
My hair is dark brown, and I love it the way it is.
But once, out of boredom, I tried with DIY red dye. It looked fabulous, until started to fade, and turned yellowish…
Maybe I’ll try highlights or something for my b.day..

Actually, my hair is bright pink!!! 🙂 It’s been this color since this past July but I’ve been dying my hair for about 3 years. (I’m 23.) Sometimes black (a shade darker than my natural color) but usually pink, red, or purple. I’ve always done it myself, except the very first time. It’s so expensive, especially as a college student without a daddy’s credit card!

I get my naturally black hair dyed the most gorgeous shade of deep cherry red. I’ve always loved redheads, and this is my way of nodding to gorgeous auburn without going too light for my brows 🙂

I do it myself lol. I’m too cheap to go to a salon. I almost always dye it the darkest brown like 1 shade from black. Every once in a while I’ll go burgandy but it doesn’t show up really bright like it should.

I haven’t got highlights in years, the last time I got them they tured ORANGE!! Now I’m scared to get them done lol.

I get mine dyed dark auburn, I had them match my natural dark brown color and add red on top. I get it done every few months, I can put up with roots because my hair is normally pulled back for work. Mostly when I get some extra bucks, I tend to go to students so it’s cheaper. Headbands help to hide roots too!

I always wanted to have some brown highlights and now I had them done quite a while ago I decided I love my natural hair..
I might do it again in a few years time though =] Not ruling anything out! x

I color my hair every 6-7 weeks at the salon. That’s the one thing I haven’t compromised on in saving money is my hair since I’ve been getting more silver since my teens (hurray for genes!)

i go in for highlights and get them touched up every 3 months but i’m considering 2 1/2. currently there’s caramel brown on my natural black since it’s winter.

I only colour my hair about twice a year, since it is all I can afford! I get it coloured bright red with a purple undertone with VERY bright red streaks on top in order to “pop” the red. Lol it sounds over-the-top but it looks tasteful I swear!

I am naturally dark brown, however I get my hair bleached platnium blond. I hvae to go in every 5-6 weeks as dark roots is not a good look! I have to spend a lot of time (and money) on conditioning treatments, etc, as the bleach can be very damaging, but it is worth it!

I’ve been coloring my hair since I was in high school. I wasn’t allowed to then so I used peroxide and lemon juice in the summer and sometimes black cherry koolaid. Then I moved on to henna, highlights and semi permanent color. I didn’t use permanent color until I was in college. I’ve had every color but green and have loved them all. Usually when I want a new color I want it immediately and don’t want to wait for an appointment with a hairdresser. I sometimes use box color but mostly stuff from the beauty supply. I’ve had my hair colored professionally and have never been as happy with it as when I do it myself. My natural color is very light golden brown and I actually kept it that way for about 6 months last year. Most recently it was blue black but I felt like it was making me look older so I stripped the color out of the top layer and redyed it all brown black which has faded to the perfect chocolate color while the under layer is an almost black brown. It’s good for now.
I look at pictures of myself and miss being blonde but it means I can’t get away with non makeup days. Platinum hair with pale skin makes me look too all one color unless I put makeup on.

yes, I go to my friend who is a hair dresser every 6-8 weeks. I have highlights. I just got my hair done today! I currently have blonde and red highlights and my natural color is black. I change it up every time I go, so it’s never quite the same.

I hightlight my hair and prob. should keep up with it more then i do, because i have pretty dark routes. I usually tend to always have the same color in.

I get blonde highlights in my hair every 8 weeks. I’ve had blonde highlights for the last 8 years now. I used to dye my own hair, but it became a major disaster. Can you say “color correction”?

I have an all over wash of chocolate brown with a few platinum blonde highlights each side of my head. I like to change it up every year or so, its time to change it up soon as the weather is heating up here.

I’m sorry i offended you all! I didn’t mean to. 🙂 Georgina, I do care what I look like, ofcourse! Where i live, almost everyone do it themselves, so we got used to it I guess. And here there are just a few professional hair colorists and stylists, most are just barbers where you can get your hare dyed too. I just isn’t normal here. I don’t know what ‘bashing’ means but if it is something like offending, I do apologize. And I didn’t typed that comment out of jealousy. And Claudia m, I never tried what you said, and I didn’t knew blonde hair is easier to highlight.
Again, sorry!

I am brunette with some weird golden natural highlights (i say weird, because i never colored my hair ^^). I use a camomile based shampoo, actually designed for blonde hair, this is the closest attempt at coloring my hair 🙂 (I am a bit chicken about coloring my hair for good nn)

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