Temptalia Asks You – Do you buy backups of limited edition products?

Do you buy backups of limited edition products? What have you bought backups of? Have you ever used your backups?


On very, very rare occasions have I bought backups of anything. I have several backups of Mari-sheeno lipstick, which isn’t limited edition, but it’s only available in Asia (apparently), so I stocked up!

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Yes sadly I cant control myself.I have four Fashion mews and almost bought 1 more last night Cause I couldn’t believe they still had the color but I stoped myself and sadly I’m still thinking I should go back lol.

I buy lots of LE products. I used to buy backups– especially LE MAC pigments. I recently gave away a lot of the backups to my daughter.

I sometimes do, but only a very few things (mainly foundation) as my collection is so big now, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of anything, lol. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Also, there’s always so much exciting new stuff to discover, even if it’s not the same product or shade of the things I own/love. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello Kitty lipp ein cute-ster! I have a backup but I need to buy more, I definitlet know that I will be running out soon! I’m so worried lol, I need to start searching again!

I used to. Then I realized I never use anything up. You can find most stuff up for swap so I just get it that way. I am however considering a backup or 2 of that Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss in Tangerine Dream.

I’d marry it if I could.

It’s really was to get carried away with LE but I try to remember that there will always be new stuff coming out that will be just as exciting if not more so. That said, I did buy a couple of back ups of Blowdry lipstick from BBR because I seem to be going through it reaaly quickly. I think if you really like something and genuinely believe that you will get a lot of wear from it, it’s worth backing up. At least if you change your mind you can always swap it.

I’m with Anitacska: there’s always gonna be new, cool products coming out so not much point to back-ups. And it seems like a jinx, but the few times I’ve gotten a back-up, I get tired of the color and it just sits unused. The only back-ups I have right now are the brow shaders in Auburn which were discontinued,

i don’t think i ever bought a backup of a LE product. Maybe I have but I just couldn’t think of any right now. I think there is always a better LE in the future so there is no point to stock up LE products. I only buy backup of HGs.

Yes, I purchase backups of my favorite products. Some are LE, some are not. My current backup is Strawberry Blonde lipgloss from the BBR collection. I also have back ups in beaux l/g, cork, chestnut l/l. When products are on sale or I love them I like to get backups of it. Especially with the f&f sales that occur.

Sometimes, if I really love the LE product. In the past 2 years I’ve bought backups of kohl power pencils (black karat and jealous, my faves, haven’t been re-released), a 3D l/g, and Icescape l/g. Right now I’m considering a backup of Perfect Topping MSF.

i dont buy backups. i think their will always be a new shade that mac will come out with and will most definetly look like it. anyways i already have alot of stuff that i switch around with everyday, and their are always a new mac collection that comes out that i need to get.

Not too often, and mostly just lipsticks (not sure why that is). Exception: when I find good deals online or at the CCO.

I generally end up giving backups to my mom anyway, but I do have backups of a couple Fafi lipsticks, Cool Heat slimshines, tendertones, and few other random things.

i only have backups of stuff that i use everyday.
right now the only backups i have are: nice kitty l/g from HK, pink fish tlc from HK, and Lollipop lovin from SS.

Occasionally, but I try not to get carried away. Otherwise I will get really scared of running out of the product and won’t want to use it. I do wish I had a backup of my fave lipstick Mellow Mood and Parrot eyeshadow.

I have only gotten backups of things from the Hello Kitty collection. I have 2 of:
Lucky Tom eyeshadow quad
Fun ‘N Games blush
Most Popular lipstick
Cute-ster lipstick
Mimmy lipglass
Popster TLC

I know there are dupes for these things, but I love the packaging so much that I use this stuff all the time! I still want backups of Nice to be Nice and She Loves Candy Lipglass, Strayin’ lipstick, Pink Fish TLC, and maybe a 3rd Popster TLC cause I use it every day ๐Ÿ™‚ I am more inclined to use LE products if I know I have a backup!!

I don’t have any backups as I think I agree you have a favourite colour like im loving plum n purple shades at the moment then ill get bored n like another colour so I rather not but I wish I had gotten some of the hello kitty lip glasses the ones I got I think they r ok but liked the other set I got the mimmy one,nice to be nice n the strawberry 1 but really wanted the purple shade x

I only buy backups for colors that i really really really like. Fashion Mews, Lavender whip, Show Orchid, Impassioned, and Loose Blot Powders. I know most of them are Pro, but we don’t have a PRO store in Hawaii ๐Ÿ™ so thats one of the reasons why I buy backup.

i bought a backup of HK pink fish tlc

which is a good thing because i lost the one i had

it must have fell from my purse :((((((((( now i have to make this new one last

I just bought 3 Sweet Strawberry lipglasses from the Hello Kitty collection. I wish i had bought more of Push Up Plum from Mac.I just LOVVVEEE that lipstick!I had Mac do a search and there’s no more:(

I went waaaay overboard on the Cult of Cherry collection in terms of backups, but I learned my lesson…I don’t really buy backups unless I absolutely love it and think that it’s totally un-substitute-able. I also will be more tempted to buy a backup of something if I find it at a CCO.

Oh god, I stock up like a madwoman on practically every LE product I like. It’s a problem and I admit it! So far I haven’t used any of my back-ups but I have sold and given away some. There’s just a comfort knowing that it’s there when I might need it…

I never buy backups…it takes me so long to finish all of one product that by the time I’d get to use the backup, I’ve probably moved on to some other color/product!

I dont usually, but i’m thinking of buying a backup(s) of the Dior Coral Riviera blush, its my HG and LE, which justifies a backup LOL?

I bought backups of:
Mac pinkfish
Mac Icescape lipgloss
3 Chanel Babygold lipstick (so many of it because it was discontinued).
Mac lavender whip (more because of the hype than because I like it, I rarely wear it)

And if I could get my hands on the lollipop loving, I would buy at least 3, I just canยดt find the damn lipstick here in Germany.

At the moment I have back-ups of
-Sweet & Single l/s (barbie)
-Lollipop loving l/s
-Perfect topping MSF (x2)
-retrodaze l/s

I love backups because once I find a product I love, I cant get enough of it! For example, sweet & single is the prettiest pink/purple lipstick I’ve ever owned, I really want to find another back-up before I open my current one ๐Ÿ˜› lol

Yes, though I tend not to do that anymore. I have backups of:
-Pink Fish and Popster TLC (HK)*3
-Fashion Mews lippie (HK)*4
-Cute-ster lippie (HK)*3
-Icescape l/g (chill)*2
-Lollipop Loving (both Heatherette and SS)
-Mink and sable e/s (starflash- snatched from a CCO!)
-Wolf, Rave and Black Russian e/l (suite array)*3
-Peppermint Patti n/p (SS)*3..though I think I’ll end up selling them

I think many of them will end up being listed on Ebay eventually! lol But now that I’m running low on my beloved Smoke and Diamonds I’m sort of regretting not having bought the backup of it!

I haven’t often bought back-ups of limited edition products, as it normally takes me a while to get through each product. I did buy a back-up of Cashflow paintpot from the Fafi range though, as really loved that paintpot and didn’t want to run out of it and have another one. I’ve been tempted to buy a back-up of Aquavert as it’s such a lovely colour but haven’t yet, as think it might take me a while to get through it.

I do sometimes buy back-ups of permanent products (e.g. an extra one) if I really like the product. I normally stock up on Loreal Lash Architect in Carbon Black (really love that mascara), I have a back-up each for paintpots in Painterly and Bare Study (I really like those paint pots) and I have a back-up of Goldmine normally (one of my favourite Mac eyeshadows).

Mac definitely has me trapped in this game. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have back-ups of…
Sugartrance 3 of them and still adding
Cult Fave 2
Snowscene 1
Fun Fun 2
Lollipop Loving 1
Bubbles 2
Fashion Mews 2
Saint Germain 1
Lemon Chiffon 1
Peppermint Patti 2
Aquavert 2

Not really, for I am always waiting for the next LE… Sometimes I am tempted to by an LE item in 2 : one for use, and one for storage… but I’m always think better about it, and refrain from doing so ^^

oh yes, that’s so like me.
lancome miracle summer last year, i brought 3 bottles. love miracle.

plus mac’s Brunette msf and ungaro flower mist dew beauty powder.

I don’t buy backups of major brands because I own so much and they end up repromoting it anyways. I bought backups of Jane tinted moisturizer and their mineral powder only because they were being discontinued and they are really good and cheap like 1.75 perfect for summer. When i’m done I find something else I like.

Only of things I love and am fairly sure I’ll use up. I have backups of MAC’s Glamour O.D., Pleasure Principle, Comet Blue, and Goldyrocks dazzleglass, and Style Minx, Nice Kitty, and Totally It lipglasses, becasue I know I love the colors enough to use them up. I also have a few backups of Tarte’s Inside Out lipglosses (Nirvana, Liquid Sunshine, and 40 Winks), and I know I’ll use those, because I’ve been through three tubes of Inside Out lipglosses already.

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