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Not really. I don’t usually buy LE products so I don’t need back ups, and I really never ran out of any product. I’m apparently slow when it comes to using products. πŸ™‚

Very rarely. The only back-ups I’ve ever bought so far were MAC Young Spark lipglass, MAC Porcelain Pink MSF and a few Manifesto items, when the brand got discontinued.

MAC re-promotes items all the time and they release so many collections, that there’s always something new that reaches HG status.

I have backups of my favorite lipsticks, as well as limited editions of items that I love. Like Pink Fish TLC from the MAC Hello Kitty collection I have 3 because I love the color that much.

Whenever there is a sale (like the MAC Sumo sale) I buy backups of staples like powder or foundation, even my favorite lipstick. If I can stock up on things I will definitely use I will.

Nope lol. The only thing I have in duplicate is Tempting, but that’s only because when I bought it at Style Warrior, I forgot I had the Tempting quad.

I don’t really believe in backups. There are so many different beauty products, I can’t see myself needing to buy extra of anything just in case. On the other hand, my friend is a Perscriptives fan, and I’m pretty sure she’s buying backups of her setting powder.

Hmmm the only product I have every bought a backup of is the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. Reason is I don’t think I’d actually ever finish anything πŸ™‚

unfortunately..yes…on at least 6 or 7 occasions (oddly enough not with mac) i had run out of or lost my current favorite lippie. after too many trips to the mall, only to discover that my shade had been discontinued πŸ™
now i’m slightly obsessive about buying back-ups which is really ridiculous considering with my current stash i could live to be 160 and never run out!! i won’t bore you but multiple dazzleglasses (i don’t trust that they’re really permanent!), multiple lipglasses that have been discontinued…etc…etc…

I have a back up of Fun and Games blush from the MAC Hello Kitty line. I have a back up of Goddess l/s from the Lure collection, and now I have several back ups of my favorite Prescriptives eyeliner (jet) and lipliner (aubergine) since they are closing down. πŸ™

When I really love a LE product, I buy a back up. Case for the YSL Kajal Kkol. I also have a YSL Matte Touch (awesome stuff) not because it was LE (it’s not) but because I could buy it for less. Backing up is only worth my big classic stuff (I’ll always buy black eyeliner and face products).

I never back up lipsticks, lipgloss, nail polish and eyeshadows though. I’m so versatile that I fastly get tired of everything and I’m pretty sure not even using the back up. So I don’t. I prefer novelty. When it’s finished, there’s always something great to replace. The only lipstick I’ve made a back up of was EstΓ©e Lauder in “Malt Truffle” because it was discontinued. And I’m not tired of it yet although I’ve started my back up.

I buy back up products for my hair since its curly and the product I use is on high demand. I also have bought an extra mac volcanic exfoliator since I like it so much! : )

my hair is curly too, but I haven’t found a product yet that I really like. May I ask, what do you use?

As for now, I never bought back ups. I try to use what I have and wait until i’m done with it to buy a new one of it πŸ™‚
And if it’s LE then i’ll wait for it to be repromoted

Only VAE also! Although I’m always scared of falling in love with items that are LE since I’m afraid I’ll never see them again.

Also, your frequent mention of Mari-sheeno really piques my curiosity because I’m forever searching for a beautiful coral lip product. My favorite right now is MAC Blow Dry but have you found anything that is similar to Mari-sheeno, or have other favorite coral lippies?


I have one back up of the Gold Rebel lip glass from the style warriors collection. I usually keep back ups of my Korres Pomegranate make up remover wipes, Sephora’s Eye Make up remover, and MAC’s powerpoint eyeliner in engrave.

I usually buy backups for items that I am totally loving and that I know I use often or are limited edition or discontinued. I have backups for:

MAC scult and shape duo
MAC emote
MAC Kiss Manish lipstick (love this colour!)
MAC pink fish
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Nars Promiscuous

I bought backups of hello kitty pink fish tlc and brave new bronze lipstick and I’m so glad I did. I love them!

I bought an extra backup off Strayin’ l/s , released with the Hello Kitty collection earlier this year. And im thinking of getting a Fuschia Fix TLC backup, since i’m loving it so much (and so does my boyfriend ;))

I have 2 backups of Sparkling Champagne SupreLustrous Lipgloss from Revlon because it’s my favorite and the only one they discontinued.

I buy backups of LE products but rarely use them. I don’t know why I just feel more secure having them. I am so glad others do the same because I often get to have LE items I missed. πŸ™‚

I haven’t bought any backups yet — however, I really love the Viva Glam VI SE lipstick and lipglass. If they are going to discontinue the SE versions of Viva Glam VI, then I definately want backups! πŸ™‚

Yes, lots of backups in my beauty organizer! It’s no wonder its as tall as me. LOL! They’re mostly things I know I’ll use or have reached HG status. I try not to backup unless its on sale or if there are in-store promotions. eg. They had Schick tri-blade razors with 8 refills for $5 at Shoppers Drug Mart a few months back, so I picked up 4 packages. I have enough razors for at least a year at a great price. =) Some of the backups I have are foundation, translucent powder, moisturizers, body lotions, Zoomlash mini samples, Feline eye liner, VAE and VATM.

not really i only had a back up of a vs mascara but since i couldnt find the one i was using i decided to open the backup. if there are still some left i might buy a backup of the va exfoliator.

I have back ups of Lavender Whip l/s, Creme Cerise l/s, Mellow Mood l/s, Fleshlight l/s, Buoy-o-buoy l/s, Lollipop loving l/s, Neutral Pink e/s, smoke & diamonds e/s and Warming trend e/s.

Almost never. It takes me so long to use up a product, that I rarely feel the need. If, say, my favorite foundation were discontinued, then I definitely would buy backups. But I don’t even have a fave foundation at the moment. I do kind of wish I’d bought a backup of Surreal eyeshadow, but I still have a decent amount left.

I have a backup of Lollipop Loving l/s, Voile s/s, Cute-ster l/s, brow finisher in Wheat (I can’t believe MAC discontinued the colored ones) and a backup of the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.

I have lots of back ups, mainly LE items, but to be honest, things don’t have to be LE to still get discontinued. I had a gorgeous golden pink L’Oreal lipstick that I used to wear all the time and when I was running low, I tried to buy another one, and found that it had been discontinued. I managed to buy a few more on eBay, but since then, if I really like something I will get a back up. I was lucky enough to buy 2 each of Pleasureflush and Stereo Rose MSFs, and I have back ups of some other powders and mascaras too, but no eyeshadows, as I really can’t see running out of them anytime soon.

I would like to get a backup of Shell Pearl BP, but haven’t managed it. I do have multiples of Hey, Sailor so I can have one in each purse, one in my school bag, and one with the rest of my makeup.

I have 2 Tempting eye shadows, but that’s only because the first one I bought, broke! I even repaired it with alcohol and it became nice and solid again. But since it’s my favorite color and I’m so overzealous about keeping that shadow with me at all times, it broke again πŸ™

But I’ve since bought a 2nd Tempting in a pan. And I’m looking into buying a Tempting quad (from Cult of Cherry) so I can have that color combo and a 3rd Tempting.

I buy my fave hairspray (Big Sexy Hair) whenever it’s on sale…I always have at least 2-3 cans on stock. =)

I have a backup of MSF medium & plush lash mascara that I purchased at a warehouse sale. And those little zoomlash mascaras that you get when you order online. I also have backups of Dove liquid soap since there was a sale at Shoppers Drug Mart πŸ™‚ lol

I’m seriously thinking of getting a backup of Naked Rose from Dsquared but then am not sure how fast I will use it up.

I don’t have any backups but I do plan on getting another soft and slow lipglass from the Neo Sci-fi collection. I got it at a CCO a couple of months ago and I love it!!

Sometimes I do for limited edition items because I know I love it. I don’t necessary buy immediately but I will buy it when I find it on ebay or it gets repromoted by MAC after it was sold out or discontinued for a while. As for permanent items I don’t buy it unless I used it all up or close to.

I only buy backups of skincare. It takes me so long to finish any makeup product that I figure by the time I’m done, something newer and preitter will have come along. =)

Not often — but it takes me so long to use stuff up that I wind up being like, why did I do that. I bought an extra Foxy Lady eyeliner when it got discontinued, an extra Molasses eyeliner, and I do have a few lipstick backups but who knows if I’ll ever use them! πŸ™‚

1) meteorite illuminating pressed powder from Guerlain (because my ‘connection’ was moving to another country, and I knew I could not have this price anywhere else πŸ™‚ it was 30$ instead of 65$ plus taxes CAN
2)Lancome Juicy Rouge in Caramel it was discountinued and then I went to this Sales and there were available I purchase 2 of them and one is still in the fridge!
3) Nuxe creme etincelante soin peeling eclat, again there were discountinued and my friend just raved about them so a purchese 2 of them.

I have bought these items as backups: Redhead MSF, buckwheat, and femme fi (don’t ask how many femme fi’s!!!)

have 4 back ups of zoomlash mascara, i could never run out of mascara. dupes of LE stuff, too much to list, underage l/g, c-thru l/g, ms. fizz d/g, loose powder, and pressed powder. all mac of course!!!

I brought the following back ups;

x Funtaboulus Dazzleglass
x Creme D’nude (this is still hard to find in stores!)
x Feline Kohl
x Yogurt e/s (due to HK pallet & having owned this previously).

2 Clinique moisture surge that I found at the CCO
1 each of Mystery and Feline kohl power. Kind of regret getting a back-up of Mystery cause I found it at the CCO later on and barely use it now.
Grand Entrance and Smoke & Diamonds starflash eyeshadows
Earth to Earth Mineralized blush. I use it almost everyday πŸ™‚
Trying to avoid buying back-ups unless I find them at the CCO.

I didn’t buy backups until I fell in love with all of this LE Mac stuff.

I have backups of Cutester l/s, Femme fi e/s, Peroxide l/g, VAE.

I wish these were permanent! Dang you Mac!

I havent yet, but I might buy back ups of Prescriptives Instant Gratification since the brand will be discontinued. I only tested it out once though, so well have to see.

I’ve actually begun to avoid the LE collections, with the rationale if I don’t know it exists I wont want to buy backups OR spend forever looking for substitutes.

I bought multiple backups for Ostentatious Fluidline and Rubia Lipstick. I’ve used up several so far and I think I’m onto the last one (of both). If they came out again I’d buy a backup but that is only because I haven’t found similar shades.

Thinking of buying some Px mascara backups, but not sure, I prefer to buy mascara as i need it.

I only buy backups of LE products that I come to love and I usually love it after the first use. I go back and get backups.

I get backups of my eyeliner from urban decay ’cause i don’t live near sephora.
other then that i don’t.

the only products i buy back ups for are pencil eye liners (UD 24/7 liner in zero) because i go through those so quick! and i would hate to leave the house without my eyeline drawn in haha

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