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I don’t actually because I don’t really feel that I have too much. (LOL!) But really I know I do have tons however I don’t go about telling people else they’ll try to stop me from getting more. Plus you can never have too much makeup! (metaphorically speaking)

Oh yes! I only ‘discovered’ makeup last year at 27 – and I’m the youngest, and my older sisters just assume its a phase, and that oh they went through it. Yet I know its more than that.. it makes me feel better, not to impress anyone. Its just for me. 🙂

Oh yeah, I spend at least 300Euro at MAC every month. I justify it by telling myself it’s okay because my friend works there and I get a discount, haha! When people tell me I have too much, I tell them that I do not drink or smoke, so this is my addiction. Which is far healthier than the 2 I mentioned…although my wallet might disagree!

Seeing how MAC products in Australia cost double to the US dollar ($40 for pigment pot) I do spend a lot of money on makeup compared to the next person. Though I calculate whether I will use this product on a regular basis and whether it’ll work on my skin so I pass up on a lot of hyped up items in favour or something that would be worthwhile in the long run. But as they say with the Lipstick Index, the tough times has made me steer towards lipsticks now! You need a good one to make you look and feel good and I find $35 isn’t a bad invesment for good quality as opposed to a chain store brand that may not work as well and be a waste.

Same here! It’s better to spend more on quality than less initially but, in the end, have to rebuy everything because of poor quality that goes in the garbage. My spouse is alwways “on my case” about having too much m/u, not having any room in the bathroom other than for my stuff, blah, blah, blah…
I always justify that he is a Star Wars nerd and that the stuff he buys just collects dust whereas I actually USE my stuff 😛
I also use the line of “I don’t smoke, do drugs (if m/u doesn’t qualify as one…), drink, go out too often, so that’s my only “fun thing” and he gets to benefit by having a good-looking spouse that doesn’t let herself “go” and become frumpy!!! After 10 years together, he can be proud of having me holding his arm!
I learned my lesson and go shopping for girlie stuff without him.
Overall, what others think of my m/u collection does not have any bearing on how much I buy.

A couple of my friends tell me I have too much and my boyfriend jokes about it sometimes though he thinks it’s an ok hobby. I just tell them that hey – all my stuff still fits in one tiny bathroom vanity drawer w/ plenty of room to spare. Like you said, it’s my hobby. =)

Im the only female in my family into makeup, so they think its a compensation issue, lol they dont understand its about artistic self expression, collectables, and fun!!!!
I dont expect them to understand it, i simply ask that they respect it.

My boyfriend tells me ALL THE TIME that I buy so much make up lol. I actually had to sit him down one time and explain (as much as I could) about why I collect it and how it makes me happy. I doubt it made any difference coz he still reminds me that I already have a good-sized stash everytime we go shopping lol.

My mother used to complain about it but now she realized that its actually my hobby and that I’m passionate about it so now she just accepts the fact that nothing will get me to stop buying more makeup lol.

My sister and mom tell me all the time!! But in defence I tend to use my makeup everyday so its not like I buy things and then not use them :)…xox

Just my husband, no one else knows how much I have, I don’t talk to many people about it because I don’t want them to tell me I have too much since its not their business anyway. I just talk to a couple friends who have as much as I do:)

No never. But I never buy loads. Just slowly building up my stash 1-2 products at a time, spreading over months and months. I have been buying more makeup since I discovered MAC though. Who can resist all those pretties?

All the time! But do I look like the type of person that cares what other people think? Absolutely not!

yes people around me keep telling me that I only have one face and I do not need that many products! Lol…but I just love it! Of course compared to ya, mine is a small small stash~ ;P

It’s only my husband who tells me that I buy too much, but even he doesn’t know the full extent of my collection, I don’t think. 😉 Certainly doesn’t know exactly how much I spend on make up. 😉 I’m sure my mum would tell me, but she lives abroad, so hardly ever visits, and I’ve never shown her how much I have. I don’t like people telling me what I should do, I’m a grown woman for god’s sake. 🙂

Nope — makeup is my business and as such I have full right and entitlement to purchase what I deem necessary. Other than this, I do buy for personal use and then some:D

Same here. I realized I actually needed more makeup when I did a fashion show last fall and found myself lacking in the eyeshadow dept. With 9 full pro palettes I’m getting closer but still have a lot to buy.

I don’t hear it often, probably because most people that know me haven’t seen my stash or heard me talk about my “obsession,” but I’ve heard it before — I remember one time my aunt came to visit me at my apartment and came in my room, allowing her to get a peek of my stash. Ever since then she always makes remarks about me buying more makeup, since I have so much already. What’s funny is she only saw a fraction of my stash lol.

My boyfriend has commented in the past that I spend a lot on it, and he’s even made estimates as to how much of my income goes towards makeup! But he still takes me to places like Sephora, Ulta, CCO, etc. without complaint (bless his heart lol).

But you know what? I make other beauty-related sacrifices. For example: I don’t get my hair done or even cut often, I do my own manicures & only get pedicures every few months (because I’ve tried to do my own & failed), and if I need my brows & lip waxed I take care of them myself too. The only other thing I spend money on (other than basic skin and hair care) is bikini waxes every 2 months (which my boyfriend enjoys as well!)

And like you said Christine, everyone has their hobbies! At least we get regular use out of our makeup — my boyfriend likes more expensive things: guns, motorcycles, electronics; he spends more on those hobbies and uses them quite a bit less!

What’s also funny is that the same people who tell me I have so much, also continually compliment me on my makeup skills! That aunt I mentioned above has even asked me to do her makeup more than once, and my boyfriend is always telling me how pretty I look — I swear he fell in love with me all over again when he saw me in false lashes! (Of course I don’t think he knew I was wearing falsies, or that false eyelashes even exist lol.)

I totally agree with everything you mentioned. I’m the same way and my folks treat my makeup obsession the same way as yours do lol! Good to know that I’m not alone.

I get ribbed all the time by my mother (“it’s like a store in your house”) and occasionally friends. Yet they all know who to come to when they want their makeup done — funny that! My husband could care less. He has no idea what a “normal” amount of makeup is and doesn’t care. Frankly, as long as I can afford it, why should anybody care? As others mentioned here, there are a lot more expensive hobbies out there.

Oh yes. A matter of fact I heard it last night when my husband saw me come home with another bag from Sephora. He claims I have “a problem.” I don’t see it that way. Just as you said Christine, it’s a hobby. I LOVE makeup and playing with it & seeing how I can change my look on a daily basis. He laughed when I said that, but I didn’t expect him to understand. I have been this way for 15 years so therefore, it is never gonna change. I will probably be the one in the nursing home when i’m older using our “recreational time” to get the ladies all dolled up!

My husband appreciates that I wear my makeup well and frequently comments that other girls don’t know anything about doing makeup. He knows how much I enjoy playing with my makeup, so he makes no comments about my stash. As for my friends, most of them love the fact that I’ll help them do their makeup. And I just feel bad for them when I see their puny little stashes of a crusty bottle of foundation and 4 drug store eyeshadows… = D

Not really. My friends and family all know it’s a passion and a hobby to me. They even fuel it by giving my makeup presents for birthdays and christmas, sweet people that they are <3

Some people collect stamps, others Star Wars memorabilia… Thought I’m a MA I buy way more makeup than I really need, I’m a collector.

My boyfriend thinks it’s cute, BUT my family always making a joke about it .. we see a fire.. ” ooo Noo kathy that’s your mac burning”. My response is.. blah, get over it.

My husband tell me all the time that I spend too much on my makeup. I just started my MAC obsession 3 months ago and since then I’m spending like 1000 riyals (US$300+) monthly and considering how much expensive MAC items are here, the price is almost double compared in US so I get only a few items with that amount.I don’t work so I ask him money for my vice hehehe. But although he complains a lot, he never stopped me from getting them. He takes me to MAC whenever I ask and when I told him I’ll just get some cheap paint brushes, He said are u crazy? Just get from MAC, get whatever you need! I just got my last stash a few days ago and he told me no makeup for 6 months:) But my birthday is next month so see you again MAC my love soon!

My mother tells me that all the time, but I inherited the trait from her.
One time she looked at my eyeshadow drawer and said “That’s sick!”, as in being mentally ill. LOL But, I just think it’s a matter of having variety.

Nobody has really seen my collection, which isn’t all that huge, but large compared to people who don’t wear much makeup.

My mom and husband know, and my husband laughs because he doesn’t get why I buy it since I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, but it’s all in jest.

I’ll tell you one thing, though – the one time I pulled out my stash for someone other than my husband or mom was for my great aunt, who is a nun.

The look on her face when she saw all of that makeup…well, let’s just say that look has been burned into my brain and that was about 7 years ago!!

I am told by my daughther that I need to join makeup anonymous. She says that I am addicted. My mom also has made comments. Every time I say that I am going somewhere, she’s like what are you getting, more makeup? I think of it as o hobby and a passion too. I like having new colors, formulas and brands. Anyway, as long as it makes you happy in this crazy world we live in. We could be addicted to much worse. I say embrace the beauty that is within you and let it shine.

Oh yes) all the time! I adore powders and blushes, I have 400 powders in my collection, my friens and parents call me “powdery soul” and of course for them it’s hard to undarstand. For most of them is enough to have 1 compact and 1 loose powder. We just don’t discuss that. It’s not interesting for them, but we all respect our hobbies!

People tell me this a lot. I actually have given away a lot of my makeup that I don’t use. I gave away all of my MAC shadesticks, and a lot of other random things that I just don’t use because I don’t want it taking up space. Right now I’m using a tackle box to store the majority of my makeup, but the spillover goes into a train case, and some other things 🙂 I figure it doesn’t matter what they say. Some girls collect shoes or purses, I do makeup.

My husband says it. I adore lip glosses and I have a lot of them. He doesn’t understand at all. He thinks they are all the same color. What????

Funny this came up. I just randomly posted on Facebook last night that I’d bought four lipsticks (St. Germaine, Bubbles, Lollipop Lovin’, Sweet Thing – all awesome) and three of my friends commented on how they hadn’t bought four lipsticks in four years. But they all know makeup and fashion is a hobby for me.

I wear make-up pretty much every single day and if you took a look, you’d see I have used almost everything I own. My rare LE items are out of their boxes and used, and I only have a small bag of back-ups. So anyone who tells me I have too much is annoying. If I kept buying things and never used them, I could see that being a fair judgment… but in my case, I get offended. Everything has their “thing” and mine is make-up. The money most people use to buy a $4 cup of coffee every day at Starbucks or on alcohol or cigarettes (neither of which I do) is spent on make-up for me. I’d rather spend money on something that is not a hazard to my health (well, in most cases make-up isn’t but sometimes I guess it could be). And I also do not get manicures/pedicures, get expensive hair cuts, go to spas, buy high end shoes or purses, etc. In other words, make-up is my single vice and I don’t feel guilty about it because I don’t spend much on myself otherwise.

The whole thing about this issue is… what is too much to someone is not too much to someone else. If you collect somethings, it’s because it makes you happy. So who cares? As long as you are paying the rest of your bills on time and your family/kids/job still come first, more power to you. And as long as it’s your own money (I can understand someone complaining if it’s their money because make-up is not a necessity in the survival sense). I think it’s pretty odd when someone just buys make-up for the sake of buying it too, but hey, whatever. To each his/her own, is my point. 😛

Yes, that’s why I put myself on a no product/makeup buying challenge for a month. I’ve rekindled with neglected products!

Hell Yeah! I enjoy collecting makeup and i also use them on my makeup so i don’t really care! heehee

I don’t think my mother really understands, but she doesn’t say much (and doesn’t really know the full extent of my collection). My boyfriend actually enables my “habit”, which is cool – and he likes seeing all the looks I do and post to my blog, etc.

Most people I know just think of it as my hobby, which is what it is. It’s pretty cool 🙂

SOOOOO we’re all honest here right?
haha ok, Im going to come right out and say it
seriously bought my apartment with an extra room, just so i wouldnt have to keep it all in storage.
i love it, i spend the majority of my time in there cause its so pretty and organized(color coordinated ofcourse haha)
so Austin’s(my love) little brother stays a couple of night at our little casa…he sees me getting ready in my room…
he walks, all he says is “what do you do with ALL THIS STUFF?”
“You have a Guhrooguley of makeup” Guhrooguley is not a word my friends!
No one has ever seen my makeup room aside from my mother and my boyfriend, because I am very aware of what people will think lol
I have a seeeerious problem and im aware, believe me.
I just HAD to fall in love with THEE most expensive hobby,i swear!


I would love to see pictures of your make up room! I wish I had one too! Instead I have 3 children, lol. 🙂

hahah well. believe me, i have them!
my internet connection at my house is down so i use my iphone. i’ll get on that though!!!!
yeah kids probably wouldnt mix well with a room full of EASILY DAMAGED POWDERS that can stain your carpet…actually they apparent arent good for a 19 year old eitherhahaha (me)

Of course. However, my husband is all for it when it comes to makeup. I basically purchase it to enhance my features. He sees it as a maintenance for his investment (after 20 years, he still tells people that marrying me was a great investment)

Oh yes they do! Especially my boyfriend! He doesn’t understand it’s my hobby!!! I love to collect all kinds of make up!! Sheesh! lol. He has his trucks and videogames, I’ve got my make up!!

Yes. & it makes me feel like crap… 🙁 I have a lot, that’s for sure, but it’s not totally obscene. I love my makeup and I use it all the time. You know when you get some new stuff and you want to show someone, when I show my mom she makes me feel stupid and irresponsible. So now I don’t show anyone. My boyfriend thinks I buy too much, but he would never tell me to stop, he’s good about it. Bc like everone has said, everybody has their things. He buys clothes – a crapload. 🙂

That’s not very nice of your mom to make you feel irresponsible! So what if you buy lots of makeup. It’s a hobby. Everyone has hobbies and should be entitled to them. I mean, sheesh, it’s not like you’re asking her for the money to buy your makeup… Don’t listen to her, do what you want to! And maybe you’ll be able to find other people to show your new hauls to… I hate the feeling of showing people who couldn’t care less or are just judging you ;(

oh my god, my stash is TINY compared to all of yours, because it’s hard to afford most of my lemmings 😛 but yet my mom and family still tell me i have my own mini sephora, lol 🙂

Yes and I don’t have that much compared to the girls who posted here! Everything i own fits very neatly into a train case (about 20 lipgloss (though half of them are mini half size/GWP), 10 lipstick, 2 blush, 1 MSF, 30 eyeshadow, 1 foundation, 1 concealer, a couple of other skincare products, eyelash curler, couple of mascara (1 full size and a couple of GWP kicking around), 1 lipliner, 1 lip prep, 3 eyeliners, 2 paint pots, a couple of other cream eyeshadows…..) and ALL of my friends who come over stare at it and are like “enough, already?” or “wow, I know an addict when I see one!” but I like this blog… it makes me feel better about my habbits haha!

My friends do tell me that I have too much makeup, but they love playing with my stash. My Mom tells me to stop buying makeup, but she “inherits” everthing that doesn’t work for me and she does like that. My Dad asks me about my “makeups” (pun intended). My boyfrind turns a blind eye, but refuses to come with me when I enter a shop with makeup, he waits outside and only up to 10-15 minutes. Thank God my brother doesn’t mind, at least that’s 1 out of all of them who laughs at me and indulges my obsession.
I really don’t think I have too much, but I go through phases with my makeup purchases, my last one was with the perfect neutral purple eyeliner which I found yesterday.

everyone always tells me i have too much makeup…but my excuse is that aside from the creams and lipsticks (which i admit i don’ throw away) a lot of the stuff will last me forever…eyeshadows and stuff…so i’t not really a waste of money…my husband always makes me feel silly about it because i wasn’t into makeup when i first met him…but i feel it’s never to late to discover a new hobby…and he goes through hobbies like nothing lol

YES!!! But after they scold me for my MAC and Sephora addiction they usually ask me what are some must-have products they should purchase…my ex-boyfriend was pretty supportive of my make-up addiction he would buy me MAC and Sephora gift cards (MAYBE I should have kept him around lol).

Yes, all the time, but it is my hobby!!! Just like how pple spend $$ on shoes, or collect stamps, or go fishing etc whatever.. u know?? 🙂

EVERYONE always tells me this…but honestly Its not even that much! I use practically everything I own…so I don’t think I own too much hehe >_<

my husband tells me that 🙂
He thinks it is a phase. I heard him tell his friend on the phone “She is into make up right now”
Where he’s thinking the make up is gonna go or why I will stop with my “obsession” is beyond me…lol

I just tell them I enjoy painting on my face 😀 and since most of my friends are artists or “creative” types, they usually understand xD .

They do! Probably because I’m the only one out of all my friends who are actually crazy about it!

Basically my mom and cousin tell me that but I just can’t help it! All i say is “Uh not really…” haha. But I’m trying to cut down because my mom buys me my makeup so once I start working I’ll have more people criticizing how I have too much makeup 🙂 haha

yeah. none of my friends or relatives have the same love for makeup as i do. my moms fits in a small organizer box about 6×8 inches and a few slots for lipsticks and eye liners and mascaras…and i have multiple large train cases full.

I don’t really ever get to buy any makeup. My collection is basically just the result of my friends’ not liking an eyeshadow so they give it to me so I really never even get anything I actually want. My dad just got in disability and my mom doesn’t work so we never have any money and neither of them support me wanting to be a makeup artist. Although I probably do have more makeup than anybody where I live but half of my collection was stolen so not a lot of people really notice how much I have since I hide what I have left of it at home.

No, because of I bought it with my money and I never tell to parents how much each item costs! XD
But my collection it’s really small; I bought only things I need and I try to finish all my make up bag contains.

My hubby supports my make-up addiction. He’s got his collections, i have my makeup, i figure at least im not addicted to drugs or alcohol…and i actually use the makeup i have so nothing goes to waste, lol

Like boys are with cars, girls are with makeup! it’s our art! we can change our look everyday and be someone different! my boyfriend and roommates think i’m nuts for all the makeup I have and keep i buying. i love it….it’s my passion and art!

eeeeveryone tells me that
i usually just say that its a hobby of mine
but if they dont accept that i just say
…oh well idc.

I keep buying more and more makeup, with every purchase I just become more obsessed. I’m sure my mum thinks I have too much but she won’t say anything because until MAC’s HK it never affected her. Luckily my bf has an obsession too so he understands and often buys me MAC 🙂

I’m lucky & have a DH that supports my habit but I know if my friends or family ever saw my stash they’d have some things to say about it.

Everyone does… My mom, My boyfriend, My aunt, My friends…But who can ever have too much makeup?!

Only my teenage son, who usually is home and has to sign for my packages lol. No one else sees my stash. I think I would be kind of embarrassed to have someone see that I have so much makeup.

Actually no. I don’t have much makeup, but that’s because I can’t afford it. And sometimes I spoil myself with a MAC blush or something.

People tell me this all the time. I’ve already overflowed 3 trained cases. Still, there are worse vices out there.

My mother always ask me how much make-up do you need? My response is always hey it’s not drugs or booze!

My lil sis saw my sterilite where I keep my makeups and said, “You have a lot of make up but don’t wear them.” I laughed and started wearing them more often after that.

I don’t have a lot but I have been told that I do. I just shrug and say well it’s better than a crack habit ;).

Yes! My dad does all the time, I’ve lost count of how many times he’s said ‘YOU HAVE ONE PAIR OF LIPS, SO WHY DO YOU NEED MORE THAN ONE LIPSTICK?’, bless him haha!

Yeah. Since I’m 15 … people told me that’s lol

But, I don’t care … and my friends are happy because I give us a lot of no-use or unlike makeups 😉 (free, of course) ^^

Now, the only thing important to me, is “no animal testing” and “no china made” (ok they are 2 important things) ^^

Yes, I tell them as long as I can pay for it I’m fine. There’s no need to worry. My mom is the opposite of me, for her it is just red lipstick and a little eyebrow liner, while I wear everything. She complains a little bit, but she knows I enjoy it.

Yes, I do have those few people tell me I have too much, but that is O.K. I am a collector and this is what I enjoy. Others collect expensive items that get put on a shelf and never used. I collect what I can actually use and love to look at everyday. To each their own.

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