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No. Anyone with the confidence to pull bold colours off will do. Same applies to clothes. If you don’t look confident the colours swamp you but if you feel good about yourself then you’ll pull them off 🙂

I agree, it’s not so much to do with complexion as it is attitude. I tend to wear very neutral shades, I stick to browns, golds, coppers, softer pinks. Even black, for me, is saved for nights out because I think it looks to harsh in the day.

Then again, I’m 31 and didn’t start wearing makeup seriously until about 3 years ago so I am still learning what works for me. I have some fabulous colors but I’m scared to wear them in the daytime because I think I’ll look overdone.

I love your looks however and I think you pull them off beautifully.
xo c

definitely more about attitude than anything else. I do think that when I came back from my vacation and became a lot darker because of the sun (went from NC30 to NC40), I felt more comfortable with the bold colours. Now I’m back to my normal shade but I still rock the bold looks 🙂

I think anyone can pull them of it all depends on getting the right color for your skin tone and wearing it with confidence.

Definitely about the confidence. As long as the bold color goes with your complexion and undertones, anyone should be able to wear it.

I think it’s all about the execution & attitude…. and your facial structure. Some people are more prone to looking like a clown depending on how much room they have to work with on their eyes.

i agree with the above comments that it’s about the attitude. but if you’re talking about bold colours on eyes, i think it really depends on the blending and the colour coordination etc. and i think some people with really small asian single eyelids might have a lot of difficulty pulling off bold make up

As a makeup artist I love to do really bold and out there looks, MAC bing lipstick and bright colors on the eyes. But when I do makeup on clients or friends some people are just not comfortable with dramatic or bold looks. If your not comfortable with makeup then your not goin to be as adventursome. A few of my friends are shy and don’t want the attention that bold makeup gives. Or they don’t think they know enough about makeup and would never dare try to put a cool eye look together. I try to slowly work them into more fun looks but it takes time and the attitude that you CAN pull it off and look awesome. You must be confident and comfortable with yourself to rock crazy looks and know your beautiful. That’s hard for some people.

To pull off bold/colourful makeup well, you need to have a near flawless complexion. I say this BECAUSE colour can easily look messy if there’s too much going on on your face colour-wise or texture-wise other than the makeup. & If your face is packed with foundation and concealer, it just looks like way too much. The reason we wear makeup (usually) is to make us look beautiful; not every face is the same, and therefore not every face will look beautiful in the same style/colour/amount/etc. of makeup.

I think that anyone can pull off a bold look. The issue is whether or not they would be comfortable in doing so. Some people say they can’t pull of brights or whatever but its just that they are not comfortable seeing themselves with a bright/bold look. It does take some getting used to! I walked around my house for weeks wearing bright purples, pinks, and teals before I felt comfortable enough to set a foot outside 😉 I don’t even think its so much about self-confidence, but just knowing that you executed the look well and that your makeup looks great no matter what the look is! I’m a fairly introverted person who does not like to draw any attention to myself whatsoever, but yet I rock bold makeup on most days….lol. Psychoanalyze that! Though I think I just like pretty colors. lol!

Not race or gender wise, but personality wise, YES! You have to have a bold and confident personality to wear bold colors, period. To really WORK the colors…yeah…that’s a must.

I do agree with everyone about having the personality and attitude to pull off a bold look. However, I do think technique is an important part of being able to pull off a bold look…maybe because neutral colors are easier to hide mistakes with?

Agreed. I mean, you could easily do a wash of a neutral colour and it probably wouldn’t look too bad. But if you sort of haphazardly did a blue on the eye, and didn’t blend or think about placement, it would look very…not good.

It’s all about technique, taste level, and personality. Nothing to do with a person’s physical appearance at all.

actually, I think very few people can. Seriously, when i see some SA at MAC wearing those colordful eye shadows and bright cheeks; I thought to myself “um, that’s cool”. Seriously, they don’t look that good. I think runway almost never fuse with reality. But subtle bold colorful makeup sure looks nicer.

Personally, I can’t wear bold colors. My complexion is very fair (so pale that most foundations do not have a shade that is light enough) and any bright or intense colors look awful on me. It’s not a confidence issue, it really does look bad, and it isn’t only my opinion. I have extremely fair skin and don’t have strong features and I’ve tried different colors, shades and combinations and it doesn’t work. The only exception is red lipstick, but I had to try about 10 shades before I found one that didn’t make me look like a clown. I’m much better off with neutrals and muted or sheer shades for all my makeup.

Yes. I think only certain people can pull off bold/colourful make up – and those “certain people” are people with confidence! Haha, I guess I mean that anyone with confidence will be able to pull it off, just like what other commenters have said here. However, logically it does fit into the category of “certain people” because we’re under the assumption that not everyone is confident. I know it’s a constant struggle for all women alike to always be in high self esteem or to always carry a confident attitude because we all have our ups and downs… but I guess if we don’t care too much about what other people think about us and just enjoy what we do with our make up, then we can just have fun with bright, bold, colourful make up! :]

Oh right- I know that from experience, since my hair has been basically all the vibrant colors of the rainbow- the hardest to pull off was fluorescent yellow with red tips, because I had to cover all the blue undertones on my face and warm it up so I didn’t look dead! Too much work.

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