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i always MEAN to dress nice and will plan outfits the night before, but waking up at 6 in the morning (thank you, highschool!) always makes me go “hmm, those sweatpants look reaaally nice”.

I’d love to dress to the nines,but most of the time i don’t have enough time to do it πŸ˜€ i usually plan outfits,but i’m afraid to really wear them outside the house.
it is not that bad,b/c at least my family sees me well dressed πŸ˜€ the main reason i don’t wear my high-end outfits outside is,that i can’t really walk for a long time in most of my pumps. everytime i do, i end up with wounds.
i need a really good suggestion on this problem…
sometimes i am afraid of what people will think of my,so on most days i like to hide myself in long black trousers and a sweater.
the days are gone,when i freezed in the winter just to look good :-DD noiw it’s all warm clothing for me πŸ˜€
for summer i like glamorous bikinis,nothing too simple for me :-DDD
i own lots of very different style jeans,and i also wear Nike very often,when i am in sporty mood. the high end labels are in my dreams.someday i will something from Versace,this label describes my style absolutely.
in the future i would love to improve my clothing style,so i collect ideas of magazines. love those glossy pages πŸ˜€
but some prices are insane.
this was a very good question πŸ˜€

I’m a bebe girl through and through. For work its turtlenecks and pants, when I go out I am always sure to put on a hot pencil skirt with a cute top.

I’m soooo much a jeans girl! I always find ways to “dress up” jeans, whether it be cute shoes, or a nice sweater/top. In high school(11 years ago I was a freshman!), I wore crazy colors, and my makeup usually matched. I also had no qualms about going to the market in sweats, although now I wouldn’t be caught dead in pajama pants in public!!

However, at 26, it’s a bit subdued. “Dressing up” means Express pants and a sweater (Express is probably my favorite store), and my makeup is a lot less colorful, but I think my blending has gotten better as of late.

So to sum it up, I spend way more time on makeup than I do on clothes, so I guess NO, my clothes are not as fabulous as my makeup! =)

Oh i love this question!.. Ive always been BIG into fashion, working at a bank i have to dress up every day which means nice express slacks, dressy tops, fitted jackets, and pumps. I really love to accessorize with cute earings, necklaces jeweled headbands whatever works πŸ™‚ But on my days off i love to wear trendy pieces but not to tready where people are like “doesnt she know thats going to be out of style next month?” lol.. i like to switch it up and be “with it”.. One things is you will never ever see me in jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt! noooo way i just cant do it. I have so much clothes it gets sorta overwhelming at times.. like last night i had to color coordinate my closet to keep me sane. lol.

My style is a mix of dressy and casual. I adore jeans, but it’s hard work getting the right size(short, plus sized with a small waist) I’ve realized very recently I can wear H&M, Express, Forever 21 tops so I’ll occasionally buy the cute trendy 15 dollar shirt. I love shoes, but I’m flat footed :(. I always veer toward Nine West and ALDO shoes. I’m getting into color, so what I’ll do now, since it’s winter is wear a short sleeved or sleeveless bright colored shirt(yellow today) and put my target wrap sweater over it.
But I definitely always make an effort to look cute. You never know who’s watching.

My passion for fashion is only 2nd to my passion for makeup! I love clothes, but I dress mostly “fashionably” casual. I rarely dress extremely fancy, but mostly designer jeans or slacks and wrap dresses. My favorite designers are a mixture of “high” end and low end. The ones most in heavy rotation in my closet are Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG, Theory, J Crew, and jeans by R & R, COH and Joes. I love to mix and match things like tanks from J Crew with a great jacket by Theory – and save money on the basics and just spend on the really unique or classic items.

I used to be a strictly heels girl. And then I broke my big toe. Lol that pretty much ended that. I’m definitely an Abercrombie/J.Crew type I own a ridiculous amount of tees..in the summer..its jeans flip flops & any kind of t shirt for me. In the winter layered tops jeans and uggs. I’m top heavy so I like to cover up. But given the opportunity I love to go a place like BEBE or Intermix..and get dresses. Like Claudia said..I spend more time on my makeup than I do my clothes.

I like wearing jeans with either shirts or t-shirts on most days. When I have to dress formally I wear a jacket and heels, but sometimes decide wear a trouser suit. I’m not really into fashion – I have a few “dressy” outfits and the rest is all casual wear.

I’m all over the place with style. You’ll find me in anything from denim jeans to dress slacks to miniskirts to cropped khakis to a-line or pencil skirts to satin shorts to sundresses; from tube tops to sweaters to halters to t-shirts to blouses to tank tops. It really depends on where I am going and/or what mood I’m in. I dress business casual for work (required) which means that 5 days a week I’m typically in dress slacks or a skirt with a sweater or blouse and heels or boots. But the evenings and weekends are a free-for-all πŸ™‚

This really is a great question! My style is also dressy/casual… Usually darkdarkdark jeans, some sort of neutral top (usually black…I can’t escape my love for it!), cute accessories like hoop earrings or bangles, and a pop of color with some mile-high red pumps.

Shoes are more my thing than anything else… I have to be getting close to 100 pairs of heels, alone. =/

For work, I keep it pretty simple. Slacks and flats are fine by me. After work, if I’m going out I’ll wear whatever I have the energy for. Usually jeans, but I like to switch it up a lot. Skirts and ankle boots, heels and jeans…

I admit that I’m a jeans girl! I do oh so love my Topshop and GAP jeans. I very rarely wear cropped pants or skirts, hence my legs are super white. Lol. But I do like to dress up when I go out at night..Not limited to that alone, like any other girl I have urges to wear something pretty to class. Haha. Like today, I totally surprised my classmates cos I was wearing a dress to college. πŸ˜›

But I do hate wearing heels. :/ Boots I don’t mind. I’m more of a flip-flops/thongs and flats sorta girl.

I do have a passion for fashion and tend to put a lot of thought into my clothes and accessories no matter where I’m going. I’ve always loved clothes and shoes and I obsess over my hair. I was addicted to hair products way before make-up. I use to just do lip-gloss and mascara and go but now I am starting to put just as much emphasis on my makeup for a more complete look.
I consider myself a triple threat now.

Chic clothes+ Sleek hair+ Stunning makeup= A well rounded Fab Chick!

I dont know my style changes from time to time ..I love expressing myself…I love the boho look, hippie look, preppy, jeans, t-shirt and yeah my fav. uggs!!!!!!!!!, people love my taste I know that much lol

Clothes before amke up for me i’m afraid! I got some brillant tops from berksha today! All pretty cheap too which works out as an added bonus being a student! I love chic, feminine clothing. Accessories are a most – it’s the detail which counts but keep hold of it though. I lost a beautiful pair of chocolate brown gloves with cream trim and a small cream bow on them in a study area the other day =(

I adore fashion but not the kind you can buy at a mall…I don’t want to look like the masses. I have a bit of a punk-rock fashion sense with a little pink cupcake mixed in and a love for the colors of the rainbow. I like small label brands and mix ultra feminine with black faux leather…and add a dash of Pippi Longstocking πŸ™‚ I like to express myself and though I wear jeans often, I don’t think I look like the average consumer. Since I stared sewing I am now able to make my own clothing which is great fun and a wonderful way to express my unique style. My idea of hell would be being forced to dress from the mall, in big name labels that have their logo plastered all over the garments!!! UGH I HATE THAT!!!!! I have started shopping more online from very small indi crafters who produce only a few of each item.

Though I stay away from big label names I do have a soft spot for Betsy Johnson, Patricia Fields and Free People. Though all three are a bit beyond my usual spending limit.

I think it’s great that you’ve started to make your own clothes! I really wish I could sew worth a darn. I can barely get a button back on (and really, it’s like a cave woman banging two loose threads together hoping they’ll stick).

I love skinny jeans and I am fortunate enough to fit into mine just a few months after giving birth. I love high heels too so I definitely have a collection of 3-inch pumps. For tops, I love modern cuts and punky styles and prints. But I basically only dress up when there’s an occasion. I’m just in jeans and shirt most of the time.

I enjoy the act of creation a great deal, so I make most of my own clothing. My style has a tendency to be what some would call “punk”, others “edgy” and still others “indie”. It’s an interesting mix of all things, and I personally just find it to be incredibly unique =) I wear a lot of jeans in winter, but in summer I have many skirts (a blue mid-thigh length circle skirt made from a cotton bathrobe and black glittery spiderweb lace being my favourite). The skirt vary a lot though, jean, cancan, mini, plaid, circle, etc. I also wear a pair of mismatched converse (red with beige stripes, and pink plaid) that say “don’t” and “trip” on them practically every day (good for walking around campus. =) I’m not afraid to wear anything and everything, it just depends on my mood.

Oh wow…I’m just as bad with spending on clothes and shoes as I am with makeup. I love fashion. For work I’m conservative because I’m a therapist in an elementary school. Pants from Express and any kind of conservative shirt that is also fashionable and has something to it (bebe is great for these) are good for me. But I also go simple sometimes with a button down shirt – but it has to be a color, not black or white.

Going out – trendy, fun, sexy clothes. I have a lot of different looks – it just depends how I feel.

Stores/brands I frequent: bebe, INC (from Macy’s), Bitten, Express (for pants), Nordstrom Savvy or Individualist departments, Anthropologie, and BCBG. I love my Joe’s Jeans and occasionally I will find something super cute at Old Navy or a boutique near my house.

My style is very girly. I love to look feminine, sophisticated, and sexy πŸ™‚

I think your style is great, Shefali πŸ™‚ I’m jealous of some of the stores you frequent! I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on individual pieces. When it comes to clothes, I’m oh so cheap.

Hey Christine – I try not to spend a lot in those expensive stores…so what I do is pop in every time I’m around one or at the mall and see if there are sales. I’ve slowly collected some nice pieces that way. Lately I’ve been more about the quality of the fit which has caused me spend a little more…but then I keep the pieces forever.

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