Temptalia Asks You – Are you looking forward to MAC’s Colour Craft Collection?

Are you looking forward to MAC’s Colour Craft Collection? Why/why not? What are you hoping to get?


I’ve never been big on mineralized products–they just never work for me like I want them to!


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I have two of the duo eyeshadows and i love the colours but the fall out is terrible – Christine do you have any tips on how i can minimize glitter fall out – a brush or something i dunno?
I’m excited for the brushes and I’m finally gonna try some skinfinishes!
Love this site! I check it wayyyy too often!

Oh, yes! The eyeshadows usually dont have a good pay-off, but the blushes and MSFs are spetacular!

I’m very, very excited about this collection!

Hhhmmmm…not really. But I may change my mind once I see it in person. That always seems to happen. I definately know I want the 226 thou.

I want some of the blushes, and maybe 1 es. There kinda cute but I know it might be messy. Thank goodness that I haven’t jumped on the msf train yet cuz I would be in serious trouble!

There’s not too much I want. Maybe one eyeshadow (if any), two or three skinfinishes, and the 226. That’s not too bad. I’ll have to test the lipglosses in person. I’m more excited for Style Black. 🙂

I can’t wait for this collection to be launched. Nordstrom now has testers at the counter and I pre-ordered:

Smooth Merge, Warm Blend and Triple Fusion MSF
Eccentricity and Fashion Patch eye shadow
Style Demon and Fadabulous blush

It’s like eating candy. I can’t get enough. 🙂

I am always excited about new collections and I love what I see on the Colour Craft facecharts but I can’t wait to see if the actual products are for me – if they are….I will be broke.

hmm the the brushes ans msf and some of the blushes ..definately not the eyeshadows maybe the lippies but they have to be way more pigmented that the sugarsweet collection

I want the lot, lol! I love mineralized stuff, so will be buying all the eyeshadows, possibly 5 MSFs (I already have Porcelain Pink), 4-5 blushes (already have Cheek & Cheerful from someone on eBay), all the glosses but one (already have Crazy Haute – again thanks to eBay) and will need to see the lipsticks, but am not too bothered about them. So yep, very excited! 🙂

unfortunately not really. the MES color combos really aren’t doing it for me and i don’t really use the MSF. i guess i’d have to see it in person though – usually that tends to change my mind.

what i’m really looking forward to though is Love that Look and the tinted moisturizers coming soon!

I’m looking forward of the new MSFs and both the 131 and the 226 brushes! I may have to buy two of the 131 and 226 brushes. I’m cutting down on my purchases on this collection and can get the other stuff later.

I think I’m one of the few people that don’t like MSF’s. I find them to be way too glittery and shiny and prefer a product that gives a more natural glow. I like Nars Sertao (a bronzer for most, but for me I use it as an luminizer because I am dark skinned) and I also really like Fresh’s twilight glow or something like that. MSF’s are just so…obvious when you wear them.

Not sure yet. Every time I see swatches I am like “blah, seen it before”. And when I read the descriptions I am interested again.
And I do not get the hype about the 226. I have one and it is a scratchy bitch. So maybe you should check yours before 😉

Mia, thank you so much for saying that! I thought that I was the only one with an extremely scratchy 226! Sometimes it actually hurts when I use it. I’m glad that I’m not alone!

I want to check out MSF’s and blushes. I have an mineralize e/s duo from last year’s electroflash collection and I just never reach for it

Can’t say I am anxiously looking forward to this collection at all. Yes, i want to go pick up the 226 when it does launch but that’s it. I do not like the mineralize shadows, just not for me. And the MSF’s…well, they don’t work for me either so i’ll be passing. I only like my MSF Natural & i am happy with just that. I will check out the lipsticks, but none are screaming out to me & i def do not like the looks of the glosses. Oh well, guess it will help me save money for all the fall collections!!

gosh, i am so thrilled for the lip glosses (though i appear to be the only one :P) ! but then again, it might be just like the tri-color ones…where it looked better than it actually is -.-

heyy eunice …
go to michelebelle21’s youtube account
she posted a video talking about this collection becuase she got a sneak peak and got to try the products
she was told by her MA that they reformulated them and swirled them so you can get all the colors!!
and michele used them and said that they were SUPER PIGMENTED!
hopefully shes right!!!!

I can’t wait!!! I’m getting Smooth Merge, Cheeky Bronze and maybe Porcelain Pink MSFs, Eccentricity MES, Style Demon blush and Funky Fusion l/g!

I’m not sure if I’m really excited about it anymore. When I first saw promo pictures I couldn’t wait for the colllection, but now that I see product pictures…I’m not sure if I like the collection.

I want to get Daft Pink (just the name is attractive to me) which is not out here yet…. only the MSFs and eyeshadows are out….
And I am really pi**ed with my MAC pple, the MA promised to call me when it arrived, and the collection did come out yesterday, she didn’t call me, and everything is all sold out TODAY, and argh, now I don’t know if she did hold anything that I wanted for me. I called, but she isn’t on duty at that time. Argh, the lengths a junkie like me can go to for make up.

Hey – you in Singapore? I’m left eating dust too! Its sort of a half-launch and it will launch properly in July although no one seems to have confirmed the date properly yet. Very limited quantities were brought in for the half-launch thats why it was gone in a flash

I know what you mean about the MAC ppl!! I had the most amazing MA! Then she decided to move out of the country! I’m happy for her but I miss her! All the other people never call me back or put stuff on hold like I ask them too. I’m in there all the time and always spend some serious money…maybe it’s just me!

I’m excited for the MSF & the blushes, but not so much for the shadows. I’m also excited for that new duo fibre face brush.

I tried perfect topping MSF and it literally accentuated my pores. It was awful! I really wanted to love it but i don’t think those are made for my skin.

this collection already launched here in singapore in some counters, but sans the blushes and 130 brush. i rarely reach for my engaging MES so i don’t bother looking at any MES anymore. smooth merge and triple fusion are really frosty in my opinion, the MA said so too. so i only got cheeky bronze. still on the fence about 226 brush…not really sure if i need it.

look forward to your thoughts about this collection, christine! 🙂

I own most of mineralized shadows from previous collections and I feel Color Craft is not offering anything exciting or different. Same with MSFs

I’m really loving this collection. I want 4 of the MSFs (Smooth Merge, Triple Fusion, Porcelain Pink and Cheeky Bronze) but I’m trying to cut it down to 2. I also want Girlish Romp, Eccentricity and Fashion Patch from the MEs, Eclectic Edge, Crazy Haute and Funky Fusion lipglasses, Colour Crafted, Made With Love and Trimming Talk lipsticks, and maybe some other stuff. I need to cut my list down, lol.

Yep and I got my list all ready to go!

e/s – fashion patch, asssemblege
l/s – colour crafted, madly creative
l/g – nice mixup, crazy haute, miss marble
blush – fa-dabulous
msf – smooth merge
brushes – 130

Not as excited as I used to be when I first heard about it. I don’t like MSFs or MES so that will save me some serious money! I will get the 226 brush and a couple of the lipsticks (Trimming Talk and Made with Love) and perhaps Crazy Haute l/g – I’ve heard it’s pigmented.

Absolutely! I love MSF’s and the blushes,also will be picking up the #226! MAC needs to make this permeanent! Not to excited about the mineralized eyeshadows i’ll have to check them out in person…the ones i have i almost regret buying way too much glitter for me and not great color payoff. I’ll be pinching pennys for awhile but it will be worth it!

i’m so excited! i collect MSFs, some where swaplifted which i why i’ll never swap again but yeah. i love mineralized items even though sometimes they don’t work with my skin.

I’m KINDA excited. I’ve had really bad experiences with MSFs (because of the SHIMMMMMMMERRRRRR factor and how it stands out on my oily skin like I’m made of metal) so I hope these are not as shimmery. The eyeshadows are a pass even though they’re cute in the packaging and the blushes look a bit like mini MSFs. If the glosses aren’t too sheer (they look like the Sugarsweet glosses which were horrible), then I might get one. Now that I think of it, I’m only excited to try out the brushes!!

I just got a word from my local MAC Counter (well, local and local, we have one counter in my country and it is not in my home town) that Colour Craft is already out here in Europe! Today is July, 1st. This really is the first! Wonder how this is possible…

I was initially excited for the skinfinishes until I saw pictures etc… they don’t look particularly unique, and I have so many that still look brand new that I can’t justify buying anymore. I think I’m mostly excited for the new brush now!

Yes, I am! Have a wishlist ready and then no more spends on summer collections (she says), I’ll save for the Autumn NARS & YSL collections. 😀

Am I excited? Abso-freakin-lutelly!!
I am looking forward to getting; CHEEKY BRONZE msf/ FAD-ABULOUS mbl/ and MADE WITH LOVE l/s. No e/s from this collection for me because I find them hard to work with…thankyou very much. So yeah that’s it for me because I’m looking foward to the Makeup Art Cosmetic collection this Aug where I will be spending big for sure!!!!

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