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No. Here in Europe we used to not celebrate Halloween, then 5 or 6 years ago, retail started forcing it into us and now kids think it always existed! But adults don’t dress up.
If I had to, I’d do something like a Moulin Rouge makeup look but I’d never go into monster or vampire stuff!

It’s my birthday on Halloween and I will be going out for dinner so no dressing up for me! I may try and create a makeup look for fun the day before though haha 🙂

No, I’m not dressing up. My husband will probably take the children around the neighbourhood for trick or treating, but even he won’t be dressed up, only the childre: two cute little withes and a little spider. 🙂

Yes! Really any excuse to practice doing my makeup dramatic. We’re not going anywhere, just handing out candy, so I get to wear my fancy hat and a lot of black clothes and pretend I’m a magician 😛 Got some great ideas for makeup, so I’m looking forward to it 😀

I actually don’t like doing costumes, but this year I’ve been invited to two Halloween costume parties, so it looks like Hubby and I are going to have to think of something to wear!! LOL

Halloween is my favorite holiday because it’s in my favorite season, autumn. I live with my parents so I can’t have a party or anything but when I finally move out (hopefully next year!) I’ll definitely hold one every year.

this year, my friends and I are probably just dressing up and going to someone’s house to watch scary movies.

yes, i’m being a white witch. my makeup will be –
ghostly white complexion with lots of white shimmer highlights
pale lavender eyeshadow, no liner or mascara, pastel pink lips…lots of glitter, ethereal looking.

i am dressing up as a ladybug! 🙂 i don’t go trick-or-treating or anything of those sorts.. i dress up for work & then normally hit up a party if i’m up for it!

If I’m going out by any chance (don’t know yet)
I’ll be dressing up as Abby Sciuto, the goth girl from the NCIS series

Halloween is not in my culture, but since I live in the U.S., my ode to Halloween will be to wear a flaming red lipstick.

I work with kids all day. Last year at the school I just did a Halloween themed outfit with a Target Halloween shirt a matching orange skirt and autumn colored knee high socks with these cool mustard shoes. Halloween I worked all day with my client at her daycare center so I full out dressed up and that was fun because the kids were dressed up as well. This year I think I’ll do fun makeup to work since the kids like to look at my bright eyeshadow and nails.

Yes! I work at a national park and we have a haunted walk, so I get to do 3 different costumes this week, and then 2 different ones next week!! They have to be work appropriate so I’m doing:
-China Doll
-Lady Gaga (haha)

I love having fun with costumes. It really gets my creative energy juices going =) I’m torn since I have a few old costumes I could reuse or I could just do face painting to make it easy.

I think I’m going to be bettie page. I am having a kind of frugal halloween this year due to budgeting issues (ahem too much makeup and shoes) but I do have a 40s pin up style shirt from frederick’s and stockings/shoes that go with and I could do a great red lip/black eyeliner with slightly flushed cheeks. just gotta find myself some high waisted shorts.

I love halloween, so I always dress up for it. I even show up to work wearing a costume. Don’t know what I will wear this year, I am undecide between a witch or greek goddess.

The boyfriend and I are going to be vampires this year, now that I finally have the good quality fangs that sit on my teeth properly!

Havent dressed up since I was child. But I do my make up from fantasy.
Last year blue fairy. This year, butterfly. A few years ago A cat.

I love dressing up and making my face up in outrageous looks for the sake of Halloween. Being a design student and taking sewing classes throughout high school, I have so many ideas. I have a 2 FOTD Halloween looks on my site right now. Weirdly though, I haven’t dressed up in about 3-4 years because none of my friends have dressed up and went out in the past few years. I guess it would really depend if my friends are dressing up this year as well.

Yeah, but this year I am taking the easy way out. I plan on wearing a sexy but not slutty club type outfit with dramatic dark makeup and authentic vampire fangs=). So basically I will be a vampire for Halloween.

Either I’m going to be a 40’s pin-up (red lips, liquid liner, matte foundation, light blush) or Pocahontas (natural makeup).

I’m going as a True Blood vamp. Fangtasia shirt and all! Just bought a red t-shirt that’s giant sized, going to cut it up and modify it and I bought Scarecrow Vampire Fangs. All in all cost about $30! And I think the fangs might make a re-appearance when I go see New Moon! (haha yeah, I’m a loser, whatever!)

Naa, Halloween is not really me. I am originally from Denmark and there we don’t celebrate halloween. i have just dressed up once since moving to Canada 9 years ago and I just didn’t feel it. I am going for a nice looong run instead so I am not home and have to provide candy for all the kids muhahahahaha

No, not really. I live in the Netherlands and we don’t celebrate Halloween. We do have all the merchandise in the shops since a couple of years, but kids don’t go trick or treating. It’s too cold and wet in October anyway, LOL.

Probably; apparently, at my new school, people dress up on Halloween or something (isn’t it on a Sunday this year, though?). If I do dress up, it’ll be as a male transvestite. Why? Because I’m lazy :p

Halloween is probably my favourite holiday (Christmas a second…oooh or first GAH)
Ive always been one for “whats the point in being sexy for halloween you got all year if you HAVE to do that Halloween is to be scary!”
So im going as a female version of two face from batman! the tim burton? version not the new version
Going to be awesome i cannot wait!

I think that it should be a holiday for children. Adults seem to use it as an opportunity to dress like prostitutes and other forms of degenerates, which I find odd. Just my opinion. Call me puritanical.

my senior year of high school my friend and i were the only two to still dress up and go trick or treating! all my other friends were dressed provocatively getting drunk.

uh dude, free candy! lol.

it was never a holiday for children, its a pagan holiday. the recent tradition of wearing a costume isnt just for children…you arent being puritanical, youre just a wee bit boring…live a little hun

Yes! Im going as a devil, with a fun smokey eye…red glitter highlights and false eyelashes that have red foil in them.

I have at least two parties to go to, one Friday night and one Saturday night. On Friday night, Im going to the Devils Night party as a black cat in a skin-tight dress, black pumps, and kitty ears. My make-up with be very dramatic. Thinking either black eyeliner drawn out a bit for cat eyes, or a deep smoky eye. Trying to decide on lips. Bright red would pop out.

For the actual Halloween party, Im going to be a sexy Stewardess, so Ill probably do basic black eyeliner with a purple/blue smoky eye, and a berry lipstick.

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. I think I am going to dress up as “living dead girl” like the rob zombie song!

I’m with you, Christine – I don’t think that I’ve dressed up since I’ve been about 13. To be honest, even as a kid I enjoyed giving out candy and seeing others’ costumes, rather than wearing my own.

This year, though, I have a friend who is celebrating her birthday on Hallowe’en, so we might be hitting the clubs, and I’m assuming I’ll dress up, probably as a flapper.

We have a halloween home party each year, and ill be Barbie, including a blonde wig and a foundation in 3 shades too dark. My boyfriend wont tell me what hes going to be like, but i have a feeling his going as Mel Gibson (Braveheart) :p

I’m usualy a geisha but this year i’m thinking more modern so I will be a karate person (?) I still have my “guy” and my karaty equipement from back in the day… I only need a black wig. But I love the Lady Gaga idea for a custome maybe ….

I don’t celebrate Halloween but we have a Harvest Party at our church every year. I’ll be Black Barbie. We can dress up I just choose not to wear anything demonic or evil (monsters, zombies, etc.)

Are you kidding…I LIVE for dressing up on Halloween. Having a little halloween party at work at which I will be Hello Kitty and then French Maid Pin Up for all the Saturday night Halloween parties with the Mister. Can’t wait.

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