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Hahaha, yeah. I’ve got blue-green-gray eyes that seem to be incapable of picking a color, so wearing blue eyeshadow (which is always in the palettes to bring out blue eyes and irritates me to no end) is out because it makes my eyes look kind of like sludge. I can never seem to bring the green out without, say, crying–which then turns them sea green! So blue eyeshadow is out. Same with “nude” lipsticks–they turn up an awkward orange-brown on me and that’s just ugly. I’ve never tried yellow, though, because I’m blonde and pale and nothing about yellow (unless it’s gold) gets along well with me. But I wonder…

3N l/s is my savior when it comes to nude lipsticks. It’s a little on the pale side, but I line my lips with a darker nude l/l (like Spice).. It’s amazing! I’m NW20, if that helps.

As far as eyeshadow goes, I have to second the yellow. Also, reds and reddish pinks — they just make me look like I’m feverish and ill.

Hey Cristine,

AHHHHHH yellow is fav colour sad to hear u stay far from it,frankly speaking u r always looking gud in yellow looks,than y???

Ok coming to topic,I always stay away from BROWNS,IT MAKES ME FEEL DULL AND BOREEEEEEE TO MUCH BOREDOM!!

And that Flesh lipstick,i know i will never go near to it!!YUCK.


I don’t stay away from any colors haha. I love them all!

It’s just my personal coloring talking, I guess. πŸ˜›

Red/yellow/orange. Red brings out the ruddiness in my cheeks and I’m just not a fan of yellow or orange.

For my lips i always stay clear of dark colours, it looks too severe on my fair skin. As far as eyes goes i never wear yellow, orange or red/pink. It makes me look tired.

i’ve never tried yellow eyeshadows before. but i tend to like more colour for the eye area… i have brown eyes so i guess that makes things easier. since i like colour for my eyes, i stay away from colour for my lips… i stay with light pinks and browns for lips… and i definitely stay away from bright pinks/reds.

I agree with Viv, I cant do bright lips. My Indian skin and brown eyes can take most colours on the eyes and lips but I prefer to keep the colour on my eyes. No bright red lips for me!

On eyes, no reds or brown reds – makes me look sick! Also no extremely frosty whites on my MMM Olive skin, makes the eyes look puffy.

On cheeks, anything too pale bluish pink, does my skintone no justice!

On lips, I just can’t do nudes – I’ve tried and have tons of nude lippies in the trash for my efforts. My face just needs more color.

It would be quicker to say what colors I donΒ΄t stay away from! I feel I only ever look good in light neutrals, most colors make me look over the top, on my pale skin and light blonde hair, everything stands out and screams “here I am!”
Recently (thanks to you, Christine, I ventured into pinks, purples and teal colors, but only very cautiously!)
What IΒ΄ll be certain to stay away from are bright primary colors, itΒ΄ll never work…

Haha! πŸ™‚

I’m so glad that you’ve started to venture into some colors, Nell! And you never know, I could see you rockin’ some primary colors!

Deep Truth (and similar colours)…… unless I have my under eye circles covered perfectly…… yuck! I look like a corpse.

my skin is blueish pink, and never tans (I just go bright red in the sun!), so anything brown or orange on the face makes me just want to go get washed – I just don’t feel that it looks natural on me.

Eyeshadow is ok, though, it works with som brown there, but I am really careful about foundation and blushes; they need to be really light and preferably cool toned. Bronzers are out πŸ™‚

Goodness! Yep, I made sure to slather sunblock on my boyfriend before we went to the beach. I’ve never sunburned in my life, LOL, but I imagine it’s terrible!

For my eyes, blues (except dark navy) are not good for my light blues eyes.

For my lips, I do take care with the nudes, the fairest colors make me like a ghost.

For my cheeks, I don’t like pinky colors (except the fairest pink), I have naturaly rosy cheeks (no need blush for me).

Eyes – hmmmm I don’t care for reds, oranges, red’ish browns, or red’ish purples…I think those type of colors are odd around the eye area. I know some people can rock it but I think it just looks freaky weird. I also dont wear grey but not because it doesn’t look good on me because actually I have never really tried it (except as a kid and who knows how i looked them) and dont know how it would look…I just dont really care for grey so I stay away. I am guessing that yellow also would not be a great color for me, though I do highlight with it when I wear greens…I would just never rock a major yellow eye.

Lips – purples and browns are icky.

Cheeks – again purple and browns would look horrid on me.

Anything with red undertones (which is why I have to be very careful when I buy a brown shadow- if it’s too warm and red it makes my eyes look really gross), and anything too warm in general. Oh- and pastels. I hate pastels.

I can’t wear nude or light lip colors at all. They just make my lips vanish into my pale skin. Bubble gum pinks seem to look so tacky on me. Melrose Mood would look so awful. I am still trying to figure out how to make Bunny Pink work for me.

Sumptuous Olive (and olive greens in general) do nothing for me. I don’t understand it. Golden Olive pigment rocks though!

Yeah me too with the lips – I can’t wear nudes or light pinks that are actually tinted light (not just sheer) – since I have pigmented lips, it makes them disappear πŸ™ Ditto about the bubble gum pinks and Melrose Mood!

I also can’t wear neon colors (hot pinks or oranges) too well on the lips.

Reddish browns and reddish purples can look weird on me…oh and coppery colors are very hit or miss. I have blue eyes and pretty pale skin, so I lean more towards cooler shades.

I Steer Clear of Orange Eyeshadow & Very frosty whites! Reds & Bright Pinks are toned down with black…. Yellows combined with gold or Black …. But Never alone… I Hate Frosty lipstick!! And too much lipgloss makes me look like slimey!! πŸ˜‰

I try to experiment here & there without all colors. And as much as I loooove Off the Radar pigment & Firespot e/s, unless I work the oranges in with another color, it just washes me out. So I guess you could say oranges. Also, I’m not a fan of bright pastel lips or super nude lips, neither look right on me.

I don’t wear reds or pinks on my eyes, and no purples for my lips. I also can’t wear any pinks that are too cool. They just don’t look quite right. But other than that I’m fairly lucky and can wear just about anything because I’m neutral πŸ™‚

Pink and White! I’ve got neutral coloring that is tipping to the warm side and white makes me look dead.

I always say I took that “Pink is for girls, Blue is for boys” badly. I stay far away from pink. Ick!

Yay! Someone else with neutral coloring! I always feel like the only one πŸ™ I can wear white eyeshadow, but only alone as a wash (well-blended) with black eyeliner on the top. It gives me wide anime eyes πŸ˜€ I can’t wear white any clothes that are all-white though. They make me look dead.


Yep, we really seem to be in the minority, but I’ve read that we are in the majority. I people watch, but still haven’t figured it out.

Don’t you hate shopping for clothes, especially shirts.

“Ma’am, what colors does that lovely button down come in?”
White, Pink, and Black

Doesn’t anyone else wear ivory? πŸ™‚

I’ve got almost every color imaginable, so I’m not one to stray away from anything, haha. That’s the one good thing about having an almost stark white complection (NC15, but I have a theory that there’s some albino in me :P) I do tend to stay away from pale lipcolors, just because they make me look peculiar. The palest I probably have is Bombshell, but that’s not even particularly pale in the least…

Pink based mauves and white eyeshadow…also pink based red lipstick…ewwwwww! Dosen’t work with my yellow based complexion.

I have blue eyes, fair skin, and cool red hair, and blue eyeshadows look awful on me. Very contrived and overdone. So needless to say, I literally own one blue eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow – I stay away from pastel colors – no exceptions! No lime green, yellow, orange, dark pink or red eye shadow either.

Lipstick – I just can’t wear pink, cool beige/brown shades and orange.

It’s more a personal thing than a cosmetic one, me thinks. Pink clashes with my eye make up on most days and I hate the 60’s-70’s look overall, so I stay away from pink lipstick. The closest shade I have is MAC Craving, which is more a plummy color anyway.

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