Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints & Lip Crayons for Spring 2016

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint
Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint

Two new formulas for spring from Tarte!

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Tarteist Lip Paint, $20.00 (New, Permanent)

Paint on pigment to create a tarteist™ lip masterpiece with this chic, ultra-matte liquid lipstick. Designed for styles ranging from modern minimalist to bold and dramatic, this high-definition, saturated formula starts as a traditional lipstick that’s been liquefied and concentrated, resulting in a luxurious, velvety texture with a sophisticated, matte finish. The full-coverage formula comes in an array of on-trend bold and everyday shades and features a paint brush wand with an ergonomically slanted, soft applicator so anyone can paint on precise pigment no matter your skill level.

  • Namaste Nude
  • Bae Red
  • Frenemy Burgundy
  • Lovespell Pink
  • Twerk Fuchsia
  • Yaassss Lavender
  • So Fetch Pinky coral
  • TBT Mauve
  • Hangry Berry
  • Adorbs Hot pink
  • Manbun Dark berry (Limited Edition)
  • Selfish Bright pink (Limited Edition)
  • Cray-Cray Orange (Limited Edition)
  • Fomo Nude (Sephora Exclusive, Limited Edition)
  • Naughty Black (Limited Edition)

Tarteist Lip Crayon, $18.00 (New, Permanent)

Line on unique lip looks with tarte’s twist-up, precise, tarteist™ Lip Crayon. This versatile lip crayon helps you to easily get vibrant lips with its creamy, easy-glide formula that imparts rich, hydrating pigment in just one swipe. Featuring an automatic twist-up tool, its crisp, tapered tip to help contour and accentuate your natural lip line, leaving you primed and coated with lip-loving™ ingredients while preventing feathering. Finish off with an expertly-coordinating shade of the tarteist lip paint (sold separately) to complete the look.

  • Boho Nude
  • Thirsty Red
  • Squad Burgundy
  • Magic Wand Pink
  • On Fleek Lavender
  • Turnt Up Fuchsia
  • Amaze Pinky coral
  • Latergram Mauve
  • Mood Ring Berry
  • Totes Hot pink

Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint
Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint

Tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon
Tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon

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Those names are so awful I want to vomit. Tarte is completely alienating its demographic in a really poor attempt to get younger people to use the brand.

It is amusing to see them go from names like Super Mom to Hangry. I was watching Dustin Hunter on YouTube last night, and he commented on how Estee Lauder hired Kendall Jenner to pull in the younger audience, but he thought a mother/daughter duo would have gone a long way to incorporate younger customers without alienating their existing base. I thought that was a really good point (and would have made for a great campaign). It reminds me of Tarte. I don’t know if I’ve seen a brand do such a major turnabout.

tarte was purchased by a Japanese company a couple of years ago, and it just hasn’t been the same… Not only has the packaging changed, but the addition of ingredients such as talc have been added to many products, and the quality has really slipped. One of the reasons I began using tarte years ago was because of the core principles of the brand, but they no loner care, and going mainstream seems to be the ultimate quest. So, while they may be picking up a new demographic, they’re losing another…

Interesting, thanks for the info! No wonder their skin clogs my pores now. I was certain I was able to use this stuff in the past and couldn’t figure out what it was.

thanks for the brand history!
what are your reservations about talc, if you dont mind me asking? i know it’s used as a cheap filler, but it is completely safe to use on the skin.

Some people skin can’t handle talc. Same way Bismuth Oxychloride in high quantity can be a skin irritant as well. (Looking at you Bare Minerals!). Tale is also just a filler.

There was also a scare about talc causing cancer…. It was not founded on any verified research though. I think the perfume they put in baby powder is more likely to be an irritant, but talc on it’s own is a physical particles. It needs more testing to verify it.

It like the scare with artificial sweeteners. They basically OD’d the labs rats on the stuff to prove that it was dangerous. Anything can be toxic at high levels including carrot juice. (To my aunts stupidity.. your kids are orange! lol)


Large amounts of carrot juice isn’t toxic though? The changing of the skin to an orange-ish tint isn’t harmful and will go away on it’s own if you avoid carrots. It’s nothing like cancer?

It’s definitely not completely safe on the skin. I could draw a line on my face, (and have, ie with contour products), where I didn’t check the packaging or ingredients. And I will break out RIGHT along that line on my face. It’s happened too many times where the only difference in the ingredients was talc to not be the case, at least for me. I know many people who have a reaction to it.

Just because you have an allergic reaction to something, does not mean it is unsafe for use by the general population. I am sure you indeed had a reaction, and if I was in your situation I would see an allergist and avoid talc as well. But again, allergies do not indicate widespread danger. People have peanut allergies, but peanuts are safe to eat. I, myself, now break out in hives when I have Ricola cough drops (even though I used them in the past for a sore throat and had no reaction).

You make a very interesting point! Talk about trying to corner the younger market. I would’ve expected a different approach from a high end makeup line with a focus on more natural ingredients. They might as well start selling these in Victoria’s Secret Pink with these silly names!

Names seldom bother me because they are too small to read and I never remember names anyway. I guess it save as me some problems. If I shop online, ill check color names before checkout. If I go in a store,rarely, I write down the colors I already have of the products I may want another color in.

I know…it’s so obvious they’re trying to be trendy and edgy. It doesn’t suit their image. It’s like hearing my mom using slang inappropriately and thinking she’s cool.

That said, I like the shades and that they put out some brights, and black is a real surprise. The color selection is a good way to update their image.

I’m assuming that these names are meant to reach out to a younger audience than Tarte’s usual group but I really don’t think this was the way to do it.

Feel like the texture and performance of the lip paint will be promising. I wonder if they are sort of like Giorgio Armani’s Lip Maestro, tho that would be a very high standard to match.

EXACTLY my first thought! What is up with these names??? If this was OCC or an indie company like ColourPop, I wouldn’t bat an eye, but TARTE???

Ok, not too crazy about the names, but I’m really excited to see Tarte get into bolder, more interesting colors! Look at those purples, berries, and dark browns. And I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the black lipstick!! Never ever thought I would see that from Tarte. Hope they are doing same with their shadows, which have been mostly safe neutrals for last 3-5 years.

Tarte: ultra neutral, conservative.
Black liquid matte lipstick: ultra non-conventional/ conservative.
Me: Confused AF.
Honestly, very confused. Is Tarte trying to modernize their image? Are more intriguing changes in store for us? Was there a corporate takeover? Did the aliens invade and pick Tarte as their landing spot?

Before these names, I’d always seen Tarte as a very classy, sophisticated brand with expensive but high-quality, chic products…. These don’t fall in line with that mojo which used to attract me to them so much 🙁

The names are totally tacky coming from Tarte. These are names I would expect from ColourPop. I’m not a Tarte fan. But, why are they trying to draw in the young hipsters. the entire rest of their line is low key and natural.i wonder if the names alone will annoy the more mature audience.

This is 41-year old me presenting a scenario of why I will not buy this product.

Co-worker: “Love your lipstick? What color is it?”
Me: “Man-bun”


These names, good god. I’m in my early 20s and I get secondhand embarrassment just READING these. Colour Pop can get away with this, but a HE brand like tarte?? Who do they think their demographic actually is…?
That aside, liquid lipstick is a smart move for tarte, but also…maybe, not-so-smart. Other brands have already jumped on this bandwagon so these had better be good for the price point. $20 ain’t bad, but I can buy KVD for that price, and her black liquid lip color is permanent.
The lip crayons seem more like lip LINERS. When I think “lip crayon” I think something wider, so you can easily fill in your whole lip, and use the point to line the lips.
This release is making me confused rather than excited…

Although the names are absolutely nauseating, I grabbed TBT and the matching Latergram lip liner… I mean, I like the color so I don’t care about the names lol.

yes the names are bad, but how many of you actually make purchasing decisions based on that?
anyway, these look very cool. I love the color selection!
don’t get the lip-liner launch though- inst one of the reasons people buy liquid lipsticks is because they don’t require one?

I’ve never heard of NOT needing a lipliner for matte lipsticks, but I can kind of understand where you’re coming from. I like using a liner because I’m given a border and then know where to fill in without making any mistakes. It’s sort of like a guide for me!

I must be in the minority, then!
I need lip-liner to keep normal lipstick from feathering. But since liquid lipstick doesn’t bleed, I don’t use it in that context. I guess I never realized people use it as a drawing guide!

I guess Regina was wrong when she said, “Gretchen, STOP trying to make ‘fetch’ happen…it’s NEVER going to happen!” LOL! That being said, tarte & these tacky product names are so diametrically opposed that I can’t wrap my head around the combination (man-bun??? ICK!). An “ultra-matte” liquid lipstick? My dry lips say “no thank you”, but some of the colors are intriguing. Perhaps the swatches & reviews will tempt my wallet.

I seriously think they were just trying to have a laugh with those names. That being said, I’m not particularly wild about someone asking what lip color I’m wearing and having to answer, “Manbun.” Man buns do not belong anywhere near my lips.

I don’t know if it’s just because at 22-years-old I suppose I would count as being a part of the “younger generation”, but I loved the names! I thought they were really fun and exciting and went along with the bold and “out-there” colour selection! Ofc it’s feeling very unTartelike, but I feel like that’s what everything was asking from them for ages (bold colours, change the image, etc.) And now that they’ve done it in a way that they thought people wanted, everyone’s hating on it. Honestly, if any name is to be cringed at, it should be “Namaste” :// That was the only one I looked at and immediately felt uncomfortable with.

Negativity regarding the names aside, I just ordered Fomo and I’m so excited!! I also wanted TBT but it’s sold out already 🙁

It’s sold out on the Canadian website, and I’m not paying for shipping on Tarte.com for a product I haven’t even swatched. I’ll grab it when it comes in stores. Thanks anyway!!

I just watched a video review of these. The person had 4 of them sent to her by Tarte. She loved the names (of course). She said they DO transfer and are more like the texture of NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams. “They aren’t permanent like either ABH OR KVD. Re-applying after a meal is easy and does not require you to remove whatever is remaining. The nude did settle into her fine lip lines, but that was the only one out of her 4. They are hydrating, but she also said they do require a liner.” That’s so frustrating. It increases the already too high cost point. She used a ColourPop lip liner with them. I tried to buy them online with my pro discount, but like almost all new Tarte products, these were ineligible for any promo/discount. Why even bother then? NYX sells practically the same formula for less than half price. I prefer matte liquid lipsticks that do not move or transfer. The names are 100% nauseating and just can’t imagine buying or wearing a lippie called “On Fleek” or “Turnt Up”. They’re trying to change their demographics, but they’re making themselves sound dumb in the process. I used to admire Tarte; this is a game changer. It’s really sad what companies will stoop to in order to get younger customers. (They won’t buy the product if they had regular names?) If I had to guess, they had help with the names from the big group on YouTube that they actually flew to Turks & Caico’s for a week and gave them their entire new product line (including all of these). It’s their lingo and it really shows. *smh*

I’m a 24 year old girl, and those names don’t scream ‘youth’ or ‘edgy’ to me – more like ‘douchey’. Those sorts of names aren’t attractive to anyone but immature idiots trying to be coo’.

i have loved & used tarte since reading about this ‘indie’ brand & their gorgeous cheekstains. the original blushing bride is what started my sephora habit. while the product is a probable win; the names….oh the names…agree with what everyone is saying. the base is being alienated. now i need to find a new core brand 🙁 i was hoping for the best when they were bought by the overseas company. guess not.

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