Tag, You’re It…? I am? Guess so!

Lianne tagged me, and I suppose it’s time for me to finally join in the bloggers’ games, right? LOL.

Thing’s I’m Passionate About:

  • Beauty (well…blogging about beauty!)
  • My puppy, Magellan
  • My boyfriend, Shaun
  • Family and friends
  • Jigsaw puzzles (oh yes, and I mean insanely large ones!)
  • Succeeding

Things I want to do before I die:

  • Travel to more places
  • Get married
  • Earn $100k a year (with all this freakin’ school, I’m banking on this so I can pay off all my student loans!)
  • Be published
  • Learn to cook well

Things I say often:

  • “Your face is ____” (as a comeback… but only with the boy)
  • Like (it’s the Californian in me!)
  • “I forgot” (because I very likely did or will)
  • “You’re smean” (again, to the boy)

Books I’ve recently read:

  • About ten or so romance novels–I like cheesy, historical romance stuff (I read about half a book to a full book a night, that’s why my list is so long!)
  • The Courtesan
  • Rain of Gold
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Lots of law school textbooks

Songs I could listen to over and over:

  • I can’t think of individual songs so much as artists with numerous songs I would listen to over and over again, so I choose… Alien Ant Farm, Dido, Garbage, Rascal Flatts, Sarah McLachlan, Tool as a few

Things that attract me to my best friends:

  • Genuineness
  • Not into partying 24/7
  • Passionate
  • Happy (or at least relatively happy/enjoying their lives!)
  • Commiserates well with me
  • Love and big, open hearts

I’m tagging Christina, Karen, and Katarina to play the game next! By the way, feel free to jump in and play too–comment with your answers!

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Lollllll Cristine!!u r smean lol.JUST TO THE POOR BOY,LOL

Oh yes im also a luver of JIGSAWS.






Okay, now I´m convinced – you obviously don´t sleep.
How can you pack so many things (school, blogging, Magellan-Maintenance AND reading so much) into 24 hours AND still spend some of it sleeping, that is just not possible. 😉

Seriously I really admire your energy! (I wish I could do half of it, maybe I´m just getting really old…)

lol, Nell!

I go to bed pretty early – around 9, and read for an hour or two, and then I get up at 7. So I swear, I manage to sleep about eight hours 😉

It helps when someone is barking at 6:45, then at 7:00… just to make sure you haven’t forgotten about him!

Ah so nice, another few things I can definitely relate to 😀
I love cheesy romantic novels too, addicted to historic ones especially Heyers (not cheesy at all) and those Judith McNaught ones. I love puzzles (trying to complete a 1000 piece one) aaaaand I love dogs (I had one until 3 years ago). Oh, and I’m not fond of partying too – at home with a good book or a movie and my hubby’s enticing lap to lie down on makes me very happy 😀


Ohh, I’ve read a few Judith mcNaught one! I am allllllll about historic ones. I don’t read modern day very much, lol.

What’s the puzzle of? And I’m with you – give me a good movie (or trash TV, bad me) and the comfy couch. Maybe some food! And I’m all good.

this is even better than surveys on Myspace!!

Thing’s I’m Passionate About:

* my MAC collection, and wearing it well 🙂
* horror movies & horror movie memoribilia
* tattoos
* my family and my friends (cause they rule)
* hoodies (i live in my favorite black one, but i wear one almost every day)
* enjoying life – not wasting time and passing up good opportunities to try amazing things

Things I want to do before I die:

* meet viggo mortensen (*drool*) and possibly kidnap him (kidding……..OR AM I ?!?!?!?)
* adopt a child (i was adopted, and i think it’s an amazing thing to do for a child)
* Play music in public again (i did from age 3 till 18, but gave it up to try to have a normal life and not spend 8 hours a day rehearsing)
* lose the rest of the weight 🙁
* visit Ireland, Italy, France and explore more of the US

Things I say often:

* anything in LOL speak, especially LOLcats-type stuff (“i can has new job? kthanksbye!”)
* “dude”.
* “mother of god” (when i’m exasperated)
* alot of inside jokes from my friends at work, but they wouldn’t even remotely make sense so i’ll skip them.

Books I’ve recently read:

* She’s Come Undone (for the 100th time)
* Wicked (for the 8th or 9th time…..)
* Cell (i <3 Stephen King!)
* The Shining (see above LOL)

Songs I could listen to over and over:

* anything by Clutch, Priestess, Faith No More, Peeping Tom, anything by Mike Patton……..

Things that attract me to my best friends:

* Honesty
* outgoing personality (i’m very outgoing, so i need someone who can keep up!)
* mentally stable (i don’t like babysitting grown adults)
* Optimistic (nothing worse than listening to people mope and complain and be negative all the time)
* can at least tolerate my obsessions
* loyalty. for sure.

LOL! Better than MySpace surveys, I didn’t think that was possible 😛

I almost put lose weight on my things to do before I die list, too. Italy is my top country to visit!

Thing’s I’m Passionate About:
* Beauty
* Learning Spanish
* Crossword Puzzles
* Family and friends
* Being successful in life

Things I want to do before I die:
* Learn at least two more languages (preferably Japanese and Polish)
* Move to a foreign country
* See the world

Things I say often:
* “Que le fuck?” (combining Spanish, English and French)
* Yes (I’m just too nice!)
* “Will you buy me an iMac?” (I desperately want one! :D)

Books I’ve recently read:
* Trading Up by Candace Bushnell
* Bergdorf Blondes
* my Accounting and Economics books *barf*

Songs I could listen to over and over:
* Kelly Clarkson – Addicted
* Kate Nash – Mariella
* Herbie Hancock feat. Christina Aguilera – A Song For You

Things that attract me to my best friends:
* Genuineness
* Not into partying 24/7
* Passionate
* Honesty
* Being with the people you care about no matter what
* Love and big, open hearts

Hey Linda! How are you doing today?

What made you want to learn Polish?

Accounting & Econ… joy 🙂 I’m sure those are exciting, LOL. Okay, I was a nerd, I liked accounting!

ooh how cool i wanna do this! here goes mine!

Thing’s I’m Passionate About:

-My family, cat, boyfriend
-THE DOORS, jim morrison!!!!!!!!
-HAIR & MAKEUP im going to cosmotology school!!
-HARRY POTTER FAN! i cant help it
-enjoying life the right way!

Things I want to do before I die:

-Visit Spain(family roots),rome,london,africa germany,switzerland paris, italy, venice, tokyo, china, newyork everywhere basically
– open my own hair salon in hollywood (big dream) im gonna do it
– go sky diving or something outrages like tackle a monkey sort of thing hahaha!
– Have an over the top wedding my mom says she wants me to get married in a drive through in vegas?! NO WAY!
– and have a family with a big house

Things I say often:

-I always say “i dont know” too everrything!
-Im hungry
-This 1 is to my mom “MAC has a new collection do you wanna see?”
-I was born at the wrong time

Books I’ve recently read:

-honestly only harry potter books hahah!

-Im seriously stuck in the 60’s!
THE DOORS THE DOORS THE DOORS i always say this “i was born
at the wrong time” the best band ever for me!
so in detail top songs are
the doors-waiting for the sun
the doors-love street
the doors-not to touch the earth
the doors-spanish caravan
the doors-when the music’s over

to me its like waking up to a new world seriously! i might sound like a hippie or something but its true!

thanks for reading lol!

Hey Tatiana! I think I can tell you’re a Doors fan ;D

I couldn’t get through the HP books, but I really loveddd Dobby from the movies, LOL.

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