T3 360 Refresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo For the Busy Lady

T3 Refresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($25.00) is a great way to get another day between washes. What I really love it is to rejuvenate my hair when I go to the beach or pool, because I don’t want to wash my hair too frequently. Instead, I’ll spritz this all over my hair–especially the roots–and my hair will feel lovely and soft.  I took this with me to Hawaii, and I really LOVED using it after we spent a day at the beach.  I kept it in my beach bag, sprayed it on before I got into the car, and it saved me from having to wash my hair everyday.

For those of you concerned with whether it will work on your light or dark hair… Never fear, it is available in both Light and Dark tone.  I used dark, and I definitely didn’t see any residue or telltale signs I had used a dry shampoo. I am really happy with the two dry shampoos I’ve tried so far (Ojon’s was the other) that have come as sprays, rather than powders. Aside from giving your hair a clean feeling, this dry shampoo is also voluminizing, so it’s great for a quick pump of style. Dry shampoos work to absorb the oil that’s built up in your hair, as well as reduce/cover up any odor. I’ve never had problems with odor build up (my hair just smells like my shampoo… unless I’m in Vegas, then it smells like cigarettes, LOL), but if I go more than a day between washings, I can notice a few oily strands here and there.

It has a nice fragrance, nothing too cloying. For those who don’t love the Ojon signature scent, this is a great alternative! The scent is quite different, so you won’t run into that problem. I know some LOVE the Ojon scent, and others hate it, so that’s why I thought to mention it. Overall, I found this product to be totally worth the price, because it is definitely a travel essential, but also a busy girl’s savior. When you wake up late or just don’t have the energy to wash, try this dry shampoo to give you a boost and get you through ’til tomorrow.