Survey Says... October 17th, 2018

Happy Wednesday! Here's this week's survey, which you can copy and paste and share as a comment.

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Last eye product you were interested in?
  • Last palette that caught your eye?
  • Last collection you really enjoyed?


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Celesta Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral undertones and freckles, green/blue/gray eyes and warm brown hair.

Last eye product you were interested in? The Viseart Grande Pro 2

Last palette that caught your eye? The new Pat McGrath Opulence collection. Holy moly, those look stunning.

Last collection you really enjoyed? I really enjoyed the look of the Disney Colourpop collection, but didn’t get to partake… that one sold out so quickly! And it’s also pretty easily dupe-able, as far as the eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks go.

Tammy Avatar

Medium Warm (MAC NC37)

Last eye product I was interested in: I would love to pick up NARS Provocateur eyeshadow palette and Dior’s Moonlight High Fidelity eyeshadow palette.

Last palette that caught my eye: In addition to the two I listed above, the NARS Hot Tryst Cheek palette and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked palette.

Last collection I really enjoyed: Dior’s Backstage.

Seraphine Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Light neutral skin, green eyes, salt & pepper hair

Last eye product you were interested in? Huda Emerald Palette (but I decided not to buy it)

Last palette that caught your eye? Natasha Denona Safari Palette, but I knew I wouldn’t get much use out of most of the shades and I can dupe the ones I would use, so I wasn’t tempted. Plus, it is way out of my price range.

Last collection you really enjoyed? I don’t buy collections, just a product here and there. The last product from a collection that I bought was the Colourpop It’s a Princess Thing Eyeshadow Palette, which I haven’t used yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it.

Sandy Avatar

Skin tone: Cool-toned, fair skin…usually have to wear a very fair shade of foundation but not the fairest.
Eye color: Green…dark hair.
Last eye product I was interested in: Something for my undereye circles/fine lines. I’m 43. I’ve always looked 10 years younger than I am but have lately really started to struggle with the eye area. I’m currently trying the Roc retinol cream for undereye (along with my other moisturizers and serum).
Last palette that caught my eye: Bhcosmetics Zodiac palette…I’m in love!
Last collection I really enjoyed: I’m in love with the Pat McGrath lipglosses and lip pencils…does that count as a collection?

kjh Avatar

Although I hold Bh to blame for the demise of unicorns and mermaids, and the rise of astrology themed EVERYTHING, I got Zodiac, wanting to try a Bh palette. The concept is decent. The mattes are very easy and blendable; the shimmers:some have fair fallout, one a lot. Lots of varied colors, easy looks, pretty vivid, but you can do fully understated as well. Some of the pairs are in the same color family, others complementary, some quite different. Packaging: a bit overblown, but doubt you can depot it successfully. Ulta will have it at 50% again; easily worth it for that price.

Sandy Avatar

Yep! Worth it for the price. And I use glitter glue with the shimmers and haven’t had a ton of fallout. Which gives you the most trouble? And totally agree about the packaging…haha. It’s big. I did buy one for a friend and one for my SIL for Christmas when Ulta had them on 40% off recently. $14 was perfect (though 50% off would have been nicer).

CeeCee Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair-light with neutral (leaning cool) undertones

Last eye product you were interested in? ND Mini Star Palette. I ended up buying it and, to be honest, was a little underwhelmed. It is cute and pretty to look at, but 2 of the shades perform poorly (Orion, which had lackluster pigmentation, and Cosmo which is fallout-city!!)

Last palette that caught your eye? UD Born to Run. Been debating this for a while. Still not sure.

Last collection you really enjoyed? Can’t think of one off hand but I am super excited about the Holiday releases!

Mariella Avatar

CeeCee, if it’s any help, I got Born to Run after also being on the fence about it and I absolutely love it. I even discovered that one of the red shade (the one with sheen) is a colour that actually looks okay on me. It’s worth a try for all the great and wearable shades and the large selection of shadows. (maybe not what you wanted/needed to hear!)

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi CeeCee,
I will put my plug in for Born To Run also. It was the only coloured eye shadow palette that my daughter and I took to Europe with us. She brought a 4 pan neutral palette just for quick transition shades. We used the day lights out of that palette. I may have to purchase a back up since it was my palette that we took. She left hers at home. I found it very versatile with lots of looks and while warm toned looks are not my favorites, I did enjoy the palette.

CeeCee Avatar

Arghh! Decisions, Decisions! I may use my 20% off Ulta coupon on it. I just really try to buy eyeshadow palettes that are unique to my collection. I am an eyeshadow snob and very picky about formula. Thanks Mariella and Deborah S. for your feedback!

Amy Avatar

Skin tone/ colouring: fair/ light, cool to neutral, dark brown hair, blue eyes.
Last eye product: Last eye product as in a specific item, UD’s 24/7 pencil (Love Drug); but I’m currently on the hunt for (similarly priced) dupes of Maybelline Full n Soft mascara and the Unstoppable liner that are available in the UK (because having my supply come when people visit from overseas is ridiculous), so I’m looking at mascaras and (sheer/ buildable) waterline safe liners at the moment.
Last palette that caught my eye: UD’s Born to Run
Last collection enjoyed: I’m not really a collection person? I suppose Born to Run, because I have a lipstick from it as well. (I’ve only just gotten into higher end makeup in the last few months, and the Naked palettes were my gateway drug, so while I’m not tied to UD, that’s where most of my products come from right now)

Jessica Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium Deep/Deep
Last eye product you were interested in? Marc Jacobs See-Quins in Topaz Flash
Last palette that caught your eye? Pat McGrath Labs Bronze Seduction
Last collection you really enjoyed? I can’t think of a collection, but the last product I really enjoyed was the Marc Jacobs See-Quins shadow

Blue Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: light, muted undertones, medium brown hair and hazel-green eyes

Last eye product you were interested in? I low key want Strobe Cosmetics Divinity palette just for the shade Oshun, the mustard yellow. I’m always on the hunt for a super opaque, jarring mustard yellow.

Last palette that caught your eye? Pat McGrath Subversive and Subliminal palettes, but I don’t know if I’ll actually bite. UD Petite Heat was also really cute to me. Ooh, and Strobe Cosmetics Creepy Cute, which I actually love every color from. It’s a lot like Kat Von D’s discontinued Pastel Goth concept, but I’ve never supported Kat because of her antisemitism (I know she denies the claims about her, but they’ve always seemed credible and unusually well supported to me.), plus I believe it’s permanent.

Last collection you really enjoyed? IDK I’m so picky lol. I thought Rihanna’s holiday launch was really cool, but when I actually parsed out the big lipstick set, I actually only wanted two colors. I would snap up that purple and teal as singles though. LOVE. I really liked Dior’s Ultra lipstick launch. The initial Fenty release with the foundation range, highlighter duos, Matchstix, and lipgloss was the best release in recent memory period. It was basically a base and cheek launch and it was LEGENDARY. Other personal faves from the last few years were NARS’s Velvet Matte pencil extension with all the permanent shades named after Prince songs and BITE’s summer launch last year(?) of Nearly Neon lipsticks. I wish the pink had gone perm, it’s very hard to find the perfect bright pink with that sliiiiight white base in such a stellar formula. Most shades like that–NARS Schiap and MAC Candy Yum Yum–are matte and sit a little funky on the lips, ruining the effect as the lipstick wears.

An Nuyen Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: NC25
Last eye product you were interested in? I’m eyeing the new Violette collection for Estee Lauder SO badly. That blue eyeshadow palette <3
Last palette that caught your eye? besides the Estee Lauder palette mentioned above, the Colourpop fall collection was really lovely! I picked up the eyeshadow palette and highlighter palette from that.
Last collection you really enjoyed? Probably the above again! The Colourpop packaging and shade selection was A++

Holly Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with neutral olive undertones.

Last eye product you were interested in? Not an “eye product,” per se, but interested in the Morphe setting spray to set my eyes.

Last palette that caught your eye? I desperately want to sample the Anastasia Sultry palette!

Last collection you really enjoyed? Holy crap the NYX Machinist collection is good! Loving the whole collection. The promo shots are super costume-makeup looking, but I’m loving it all just for regular wear.

Nancy T Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium w/ olive undertones, MAC NC37, Lancome Teint Idole 24H Foundation N360, deep brunette, blue-green eyes w/ gold flecks.

Last eye product you were interested in? PMG Bronze Seduction Mothership V! And it is currently on its way to me?

Last palette that caught your eye? Well, duh! PMG Bronze Seduction Mothership V…and that new one by Fenty for RiRi’s holiday collection, plus Nars Provocateur palette! I *was* initially eyeing UD Naked Cherry until the reviews and verdicts on it began to roll in. (someone, please help talk me out of these 2, there’s nowhere to store anymore palettes ?!)

Last collection you really enjoyed? Nars Holiday 2018! There are at least 3 must-have pieces to it that I hope to get.

Jane Avatar

If you’re eyeing RiRi’s Killawatt palette you can leave it. I have it and I am disappointed. Something tells me that the orange & hot pink one and the other duo with the lilac looking color are better that the ones in the palette. I mean they probably look great as highlighters , but I much prefer Huda’s Solstice highlighters (tops for a subtile not too colorful look) and Bitter Lace’s (indie brand) than the heavier blue influenced ones from Fenty. Even NYX’s Halo lien gives better color for the eyes to me.

Ana Maria Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium with warm yellow undertone (MAC NC20-25)
Last eye product you were interested in? Since Charlotte Tilbury is now available at Sephora, I was interesting in trying her Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eyeliner Pencil
Last palette that caught your eye? The Urban Decay Born to Run is interesting… but I’m not buying palettes, I just use single shadows/powders to build my custom palette.
Last collection you really enjoyed? I’m usually not into collection… but I liked the overall idea of the Urban Decay Born to Run

Mariella Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
Last eye product you were interested in? seriously???? PRODUCT??? as in ONE??? Okay, after 2 Smashbox Cover Shot palettes as well as UD Born to Run and ABH Sultry, I guess it’s a lone single of Buxom’s Mink Magnet which I just picked up today!
Last palette that caught your eye? ABH Sultry
Last collection you really enjoyed? I really don’t think in terms of or pay attention to collections; for me, it’s more about individual items so I don’t care what collection they’re in and don’t really even notice

kjh Avatar

Lt to med, cool. Combining eye product/palette/bundle: Provocateur, Strobe Creepy Cute, Sydney Grace Winter 17 and No Joke bundles. Forewent the Pastel Goth, and Phyrra says it is not holding up well. It is available at scalper prices, for those who can still abide KVD. Collection: always await Nars holiday; this year did not disappoint. Although I have some of the perms, 2-4 new offerings are must haves.

CeeBee Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium, yellow undertones, dark brown hair & eyes.

Last eye product you were interested in? Tubing mascara – I’ve tried a couple but so far I really like the effect they give.

Last palette that caught your eye? Revolution Newtrals 2 – I’m still waiting for it to arrive. I’m enjoying the Velvet Rose one, even if the shimmers require a wee bit of work…

Last collection you really enjoyed? I don’t really pay much attention to collections as a whole… I think Colourpop does cohesive, well edited collections very well.

Deborah S. Avatar

Skin tone: Very fair with neutral undertones. I usually say cool but after my confusing trip to Europe I am going with neutral for now!! I have grey hair and deep brown eyes.

Last eye product interested in: I am pretty locked into my skin care around my eyes and it seems like when I deviate I start to notice more wrinkles, crepe and sagging so as far as skin care, nothing has grabbed my attention. I purchased the Becca Under Eye Primer a short while ago and have been trying it out since I got back from my holiday. Not sure about it yet. It hasn’t made any huge dramatic effect but also hasn’t messed things up so verdict is still out.

Last eye shadow palette that has caught my eye: Frankly, pretty much every eye shadow palette catches my eye. I am sort of an eye shadow junkie. Of course, Pat McGrath’s Mothership V and the three palettes releasing tomorrow for the holidays. I am loving the look of the Fenty Holiday release and not just the eye shadows.

Last collection I enjoyed: I rarely buy more than a couple of products from a collection so I can’t say that I have really enjoyed any but the pieces that I picked up from the Two Faced Fruity Collection have been really nice. I am enjoying using them. I got a couple of the blush duos and a couple of lippies.

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Tammy,
I had a pretty product heavy and expensive eye routine up until about 3 months ago. I used a couple of products from Drunk Elephant (2), Dr. Dennis Gross (1) and Tatcha (2). About 3 months ago I started wondering if I needed all of them or could I cut back and streamline. I was wondering this as I was trying to minimize the amount of product I was taking with me to Europe. So, I cut back to the C-Tango Eye Cream from Drunk Elephant and only use that once per day instead of the twice I was using it. (I may drop it all together soon), I still use the Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Gel twice a day. I really think it is the workhorse of my routine. I stopped using the Tatcha Eye Cream all together and only use the Camellia Cleansing Oil as it really works for my waterproof mascara and I don’t have to rub my eyes to get the makeup off. I also like that for me it doesn’t burn my eyes and doesn’t leave a residue behind. My daughter does not like it because she wears contacts and feels like it makes her contacts wonky, I can’t speak to that. Then I added one product and that is the Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Anti Fatigue Eye Moisturizer. I have used Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm for years, the Nuxe makeup remover and had also started using the face moisturizer about 6 months ago and when I picked up those two products they sent me a sample of the eye creme. I have used it since then and have really liked it.

I honestly think I was over-treating my eye area and just kept adding products thinking more is better but sometimes it is not. I do use Sunday Riley Good Genes on other areas of my face and over time I have gradually moved that up into the under eye area, although staying well away from my eye.

On a side note re: Drunk Elephant. I was pretty much using all the Drunk Elephant products. I thought I was really happy with them and felt like they were doing an amazing job with my skin. My daughter is using the line also for her acne and frankly her skin was amazing the whole 5 weeks we were away and since we got home she has had nothing but breakouts. Don’t know if it is the water, the food or what but overall, we didn’t eat anything we don’t usually eat and all the water we drank while gone was bottled water except in Iceland. So, not sure about that. But back to my skin. I wanted to cut down on space for the trip so I took all of the Drunk Elephant products that I usually mix together in my hand and I mixed them and packaged them in one bottle and then did the same for the other products that are suppose to be mixed together. I took the C-Tango Eye Cream but didn’t use it and actually left it somewhere on the trip. That was a recurrent theme as we made our way across the continent. Not long after leaving I noticed that the texture of my Drunk Elephant mix wasn’t the same as it is when mixed freshly. Duh, why did I think that would work?! Anyway, I ended up throwing it all away in London and completed the remaining 4 weeks with just my oil cleanser, my Dr. Dennis Gross eye gel and my Nuxe products. I don’t see any changes in my skin after giving up the DE. It has now been 6 weeks since I have been home 2 weeks and no changes. I am asking myself why I have been spending that money every month. I am going to continue as I am going and see how it looks in another month to 6 weeks.

I normally have pretty dry skin and have always thought that it was just my genetic predisposition. While in the warmer countries, Southern France, all of Italy and Greece, I was sweating like crazy and I started developing an oily T-zone. It is like a miracle to get my skin to make any oil. I wasn’t as well hydrated as I normally am since we were moving around so much and only drinking with meals and I drank more alcohol than usual and yet with my oilier T-zone my skin looked amazing. My daughter and I were joking about packing our bags and moving to Italy!! Both of our skins loved Italy and Greece.

Jane Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Yellow-Neutral NC37ish
Last eye product you were interested in? Only palettes really, but if I had to select something else, an eye cream, any very good eye cream I’d be interested in, especially if it reduces dark circles and fatigue looking eyes. Suggestions?
Last palette that caught your eye? Huda’s Obsessions Gemstone collection, Huda’s New Nude palette (waiting, waiting if you’ll cover it 😉 ), Natasha Denona’s Lila palette (I know, I’m late, but with 25% I figure maybe I should), the new Sephora Pro palette you’re featuring (don’t much have Sephora palettes), and I’m convincing myself to finally treat myself to a Pat McGrath Mothership palette (likely Subliminal) for my Christmas gift. Was that only one palette I was supposed to be interested in??? ROFL!
Last collection you really enjoyed? Fenty Chill Owt (though the pigments are just too expensive, so I’ll have to live with just the Killawatt palette)

Natalie Avatar

For reducing dark circles, I’ve been using the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream and I think this works really well under makeup as it really brightens the under eye area.

I love my Subliminal palette so I hope you’ll enjoy it if you decide to get it 🙂

Linda Avatar

Light olive – NC20-ish

Kevyn Aucoin Nudepop Pro palette – last eye product and palette that caught my eye

Smashbox x Vlada – last collection I enjoyed

Genevieve Avatar

Your skin tone/colouring: Porcelain, with pink undertones

Last eye product you were interested in? Urban Decay Beached – I swatched instore at Mecca Cosmetica, loved it, but decided I did really have enough dupes for it.

Last palette that caught your eye? Anastasia’s Sultry Palette, which I promptly purchased the moment it became available at Beautylish.

Last collection you really enjoyed? It’s pretty rare that I like all of a collection, as often the lip shades are not to my liking – they are either lip glosses, which I don’t wear, or nudish shades. And a lot of eye palettes are still heavily in the pink/red/ orange themes.

Erica Avatar

Skintone / coloring : light, MAC NC 15-20, med brown hair and eyes

Last eye product I was interested in: NARS Climax Mascara

Last palette that caught my eye: ABH Sultry Palette and I bought it. I love it!

Last collection I enjoyed: MAC Snowball Collection. I don’t usually get into collections but I think they did that one beautifully

Nicole D Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair to light/ cool to neutral.

Last eye product you were interested in? Kora Organics Noni Radiant Oil. I checked it in Sephora and it is indeed a very light oil which gets absorbed quickly into the skin (no big molecules). Wonder if it’s worth buying though.

Last palette that caught your eye? ABH Sultry. I bought it. I’m eyeing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Vol. 4 palette and if it’s still around next Friday when the Sephora sale starts (Rouge access), I will probably get it. I don’t have any of the previous palettes. Not yet 100% sure though.

Last collection you really enjoyed? I’m not into entire collections but I love the ES palettes from Pat McGrath. I don’t own any of them as of now, but I love them.

kjh Avatar

dark blue, iirc? did not find the f/o (oops, that means s.t. else to me) unmanageable, and only during app, and not everywhere, just a little under. I don’t use glitter glue, but haven’t tried the nyx tacky pencils, either. way decent, esp when you realize you have singles at the same price. I gave a lot of bh last year. it’s pretty good, but not extravagant, so it does not give an overspent feel.

Natalie Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: light skin with neutral to pink undertone

Last eye product you were interested in? Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio in Orange Blossom. The colors look so pretty!!

Last palette that caught your eye? Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction Palette. I have loved this one since I first saw it so I will definitely get this next week when the VIB sale starts 🙂

Last collection you really enjoyed? Becca Passport to Glow collection, especially the Berlin Girl Glow highlighter.

ES Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair neutral warm, NC15
Last eye product you were interested in? Dose of Colors Pretty Cool
Last palette that caught your eye? Pat McGrath Opulence collection. Dark Star looks great.
Last collection you really enjoyed? Too many. I really have been enjoying the lip and eye products from Desi x Katy round 2 Dose of Colors collection. I also really like all of Too Faced’s gingerbread stuff this year. I find the Gingerbread palette very impressive–the blend is easy and it has inspired me to do very different kinds of looks. I wasn’t expecting that! Last year, I really really loved the Nars Man Ray collection. The audacious lipstick quads from that collection may be my favorite product of all time. I keep the Man Ray packages on display.

Melissa Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: warm/yellow medium/tan
Last eye product you were interested in? I don’t know if anyone else has heard of these but here in Australia our best beauty retailer is Mecca and they have their own in-house line (that is soooo much better and more consistent than Sephora’s). They recently launched kind of a pressed foiled eye shadow in pots and they are so dreamy. I tried one on during my lunch break today and am in love.
Last palette that caught your eye? Viseart Grand Pro 2, Natasha Denona Safari, and Urban Decay Born to Run. Will pass on Grand Pro 2 because of Temptalia’s less than stellar review and also Safari because I’m uncomfortable about the names even though I love the colours and all matte formula. Born to Run seems to be a lot of others’ choice too and it’s the cheapest of the three so I might bite the bullet soon! Also BH’s Zodiac palette which I might grab when I go on holiday to the US soon as no one stocks BH here and shipping + exchange rate is ridiculous.
Last collection you really enjoyed? Haven’t purchased anything from these yet but love the idea of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk range and Colourpop’s collab with Make a Wish.

Maggie Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: fair neutral
Last eye product you were interested in? Urban Decay Elements eyeshadow palette
Last palette that caught your eye? same as above
Last collection you really enjoyed? I was surprised by how much I liked the Too Faced Christmas collection – I actually bought the liquid lipstick set

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