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Medium in the summer (NC35). China Glaze Sun Worshipper. Rarely. Not picky, as I only use base coat on my toes.

Your skin tone/coloring: light and warm
What’s your go-to summer nail color? Generally corals, although I like a good blue (like Lancome Nuit d’Azure)
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? I try to wear colors that work together but I never use the same polish on hands and feet.
Best base coat? I don’t use a base coat, for some odd reason, they all make polish chip faster on me. I’ve never had staining issues.

>Medium Tan/Neutral undertone with acne scarring
>Go-to summer nail color is anything nude; I LOVE nude nails with my tan skin. On my toes I usually go for a red, coral, or bright pink
>Not usually, though the colors tend to be in the same family anyway
>I love Ulta’s basecoat b/c it’s only $5, and I change my nail color about 2-3x a week, lol

Your skin tone/coloring: light warm

What’s your go-to summer nail color? Coral! Obviously! 🙂

Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? Never. I don’t paint my monster toe nails.

Best base coat? O.P.I’s new Infinite Shine base coat seems pretty good.

Your skin tone/coloring: light medium/yellow
What’s your go-to summer nail color?: butter LONDON in Slapper.beautiful teal color!
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails?: sometimes but not often thought,I always feel like I need to used more then one color.sound lame but that’s me! LOL
Best base coat?: butter LONDON Nail Foundation base coat or Essie Grow Stronger base coat!

■Your skin tone/coloring: light, coolish
■What’s your go-to summer nail color? Sephora Provocative. It’s an imperfect dupe for my all time favorite nail polish, OPI What’s With the Cattitude from the Shrek collection, which had more complexity because of a very slightly muted greyish tinge and a nearly imperceptible greenish undertone. It was a bit more of a Tiffany blue, I guess, whereas the Sephora polish is straightforward bright sky. Honorable mention: Zoya Ivanka. Such a fun yet sultry green.
■Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? NEVARRR, I love nail polish too much to limit myself to only one! Besides, I think some colors shine on the fingers but lose definition when they’re on your feet (because it is farther away and more shadowy down there with the floor) whereas some colors make great statement toenail colors but are less flattering on the hands.
■Best base coat? Zoya’s base coat is really good and I also like Sally Hansen’s Diamont Strength Nail Hardener for my weak and horrible nails. I didn’t find OPI’s effective at all for extending wear.

Your skintone/coloring: MAC C4.5-5 medium olive, deep brunette, green eyes.
Your go-to summer nail polish: probably corals? But most of the time, it’s the shades that are too wild for winter, like mint, lime, turquoise, yellow, neon violet!
Do you match your fingernails and toenails: YES! Always. Unless I’m feeling under the weather …then my toes may be done, but my hands my just have base and strengthener.
Best base coat: I actually use one coat of European Secrets Rock Hard Nail Strengthener, followed by this $3.99 base coat that I get at Wal-Mart called Nail Aid 3 Minute Artificials. That combo gives my polish at least a weeks wear time! Almost always, no matter what brand I use over it. I also usually, but not always, put a coat of that 3 Minute Artificials on as a top coat too.

Skintone: Medium-fair warm.

Go-to-color: In all seasons it’s a nude, because I’m boring. I just vary the shade. Summer goes lighter and warmer. Mimosas for Mr and Mrs looks ivory against my skin when applied to full opacity.

Your skin tone/coloring: medium with yellow undertone (nc 40)
What’s your go-to summer nail color? Anything bright
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? No but I try to use colors that complement eachother
Best base coat? I love rainbow honey all about that base and zoyas anchor

Your skin tone/coloring: Yellow Medium Tan (NARS Stromboli/Barcelona, MAC NC37/40
What’s your go-to summer nail color? Corals…orange leaning ones…no surprise there
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? No, I usually don’t paint my toenails at all
Best base coat?: TBH haven’t tried enough base coats to pick a favorite

Skin: Light Neutral
Go to summer nail color: Orange, usually Sinful Colors Courtney Orange. It’s a baseball superstition thing. I do wear other colors now and then, but I’m not real big on certain colors being summer colors, so I just go with what I feel like wearing.
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? Nope. I don’t do my toenails.
Best base coat; Orly Bonder.

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair
What’s your go-to summer nail color? Scarlett O’Hara by Essie
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? Usually
Best base coat? Whatever my nail person uses : )

Your skintone/colouring – very fair, cool toned, eg Bobbi Brown Porcelain
Go to summer nail colour – bright Barrie pink, magenta purples, orangey corals. Anything bright in a sort of ‘sunset’ shade
Do you match your mani/pedi – they match for about a week, polish wears like iron on my toenails but chips after a few days ony fingernails. I usually end up changing colours on my fingernails when it chips but I leave my toenails for a fortnight or so
Best base coat – I don’t really use one. Either OPI nail envy or Sally Hansen hard as nails wrap

I have a light/medium, easily tan skin tone and my go to colors are coral/peachy, blues in turquoise, seafoam; mint and gold. I don’t do nail art, just love the little nuances in each family color. I never match my mani/pedi looks and my favorite base coat is the now discontinued Revlon Colorstay Gel-Dmooth Base Coat. I’m going to miss it when my backup stash is gone.

I use the Revlon Base Coat as well, and have 7 backups! I buy them anytime I see them at BigLots! I have no idea what I will do when I run out either.

Dark golden NC50.

I have 2 go to looks. 1) Ultra light, cool toned creams and whites and 2) bright pops of color in sky blue or bright lavender.

I tend to wear cool toned creams or whites on my toenails all summer. It’s neat, goes with everything on my hands, and professional if I wear open toed pumps to work. The contrast between my cream colored toenails and chocolate skin gets lots of compliments.

Best base coat: Sally Hansen and Deborah Lippman Hard Rock. My Mom turned me on to the Lippman base coat and it’s very good.

Your skin tone/coloring: very fair neutral; magenta-red hair, hazel/green eyes

What’s your go-to summer nail color? I don’t have one. I mix it up all year round. If I get a new set of nails in spring or summer, I’ll go for clear acrylic over glittery candy color tips and not use polish till they grow off.

Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? Not always, but they’ll at least coordinate.

Best base coat? I have acrylics, so I don’t use them.

Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC30-35 Neutral
What’s your go-to summer nail color? Any tone of coral
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? Most of the time
Best base coat? Seche Vite Ridge filling base coat

Skin tone/coloring: One shade up from a ghost
Summer nail color: OPI Dim Sum Plum
Do you match fingernails to toenails?: Nope, can’t wear nail polish in my job. On the rare occasions I have a mani-pedi for a wedding I go light pink on the fingernails and a pink or purple on the toes.
Best base coat: Seche Base

Your skin tone/coloring: warm and dark
What’s your go-to summer nail color? anything bright and neon. loving pastel neons!
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? nope, that restricts creativity.
Best base coat? don’t have one.

skin tone/coloring: light/neutral
summer nail color: Essie Fiji…can’t forget the matte coat between coats of color to make it smooth, otherwise it’ll be a hot mess. The color is one of my all-time favorites, the texture is not.
do you match: Eh, depends on my mood. I rarely paint my fingernails anything bold because they chip so easily.
best base coat: OPI Nail Envy strengthener

Skin tone: MAC NC25-30, NARS Punjab Medium light with yellow undertones

Go-To Summer Nail color: It used to be Orly Glowstick (FAVE), but I can’t seem to stop wearing MAC’s Modern Movement from the Lightness of Being collection!

Match fingernails and toenails: I try! Right now they’re different because I went out with black nails and then just switched my fingernails to light lilac. I feel like a traitor if they’re not the same!

Best base coat: Essie. I use their two in one and it works just fine for me

Your skin tone/coloring: cool and fair, mac nw15

What’s your go-to summer nail color? anything coral, mint, or turquoise

Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? no way! the closest i get is complementing colors, but i almost always do something wild for both fingers and toes

Best base coat? cnd stickey is my holy grail, though i occasionally use and greatly enjoy butter london nail fertilizer

your skin tone/coloring: light-medium, neutral-warm / mufe hd #117, nars fiji, mac nc15

what’s your go-to summer nail color? butter london trout pout (coral) and cake hole (pink) and slapper (teal), occ man by man (another teal), opi spy who loved me (red, with gold foil on ring fingers)

do you match your fingernails to your toenails? no. i didn’t even match the colours on my fingers

best base coat? opi start to finish, chanel base lissante

Pale/Fair with cool undertones.
I go through a whole range of summer nail colours, but my favourites are probably Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass and Ginger Melon.
Nope, I don’t match because I always wear glitter on my toes. ;D

Mac nw 20-25.

Go to summer nail color: I think duochromes look so cool in the intense sun (I live in Florida) and there are plenty of professional friendly varieties. I’ve been loving OPI “significant other color” and “next stop the bikini zone”. Also a fan of Zoya “Adina” and “Ki”.

Toes: as far as matching, nah. I like bright yet deep colors there. OPI “Pompeii Purple” is my all time favorite, but China Glaze Ruby Pumps is a close second.

Base coat: I hardly use one but I should. Often I use a different shade in a flat, nude color as “underwear” for my more sheer, shimmery colors.

Your skin tone/coloring: NC50
What’s your go-to summer nail color? China Glaze Peachy Keen
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? Yes!
Best base coat? No idea! I like professional pedicures so whatever products my nail technician prefers!

Your skin tone/coloring: NW15
What’s your go-to summer nail color? All the holos! Especially from brands like Elevation Polish and Darling Diva Polish. I love wearing holos when it’s sunny!
Do you match your fingernails to your toenails? No, I actually don’t bother painting my toenails. They always seem to begin chipping within a day or two, I can’t handle it.
Best base coat? I’m not too picky, but I do really like Poshe’s nail-strengthening base coat.

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