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Your skin tone/coloring: Light neutral skin tone, green eyes, salt & pepper hair

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? I mostly keep it pretty simple (Clinique at night, CeraVe in the morning) but I suppose Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream is the most indulgent product I use.

Favorite step in your skincare routine? When I’m done! Skincare is just a necessity to me, not fun, like putting on makeup.

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Washing my makeup off, especially on days when I did an especially nice eye look.

Your skin tone/coloring: fair with pink undertones, dark hair, green eyes
Most indulgent step your beauty routine? My La Mer Treatment Lotion…it’s so expensive! But it lasts forever. I don’t know if I need it but it definitely adds a little something to my skincare routine.
Favorite step in your skincare routine? Masks when I have time to do them!
Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Finding a moisturizer for my combo oily, sensitive, aging skin. I used to use Mary Kay because it’s super gentle and fragrance free but they added fragrance! I need something new. I’ve been using the one from BoxyLuxe – the It Confidence in a Cream (but not everyday – it’s too heavy even if I use sparingly) and what’s left of my MK supply.

Your La Mer comments are kind of how I feel about Guerlain Meteorite Pearls: Very expensive, but will last forever. I don’t know if really does much, but it feels (and smells) glamorous when I brush it on.

Wouldn’t spend a dime on La Mer. Terrible packaging, cheap and ineffective ingredients and absorbent price. So many more affordable and better formulated product. I’m all for indulgent products but La Mer just doesn’t utilze the skin beneficial ingredients to make it worth it. Drunk Elephant, Kiehls and Sunday Riley are better options. I do want to try Guerlain Meteorites. I’m down for subtle effects with makeup. Stuff that gives you a little extra something. But I expect more with skincare and there is just too much good out there to settle for expensive and basic/poor. No offense

Your skin tone/coloring: medium-tan
Most indulgent step your beauty routine? Hmm i try to keep it simple but I suppose my face oils –
Favorite step in your skincare routine? Cleansing! I recently started double cleansing and its made a difference
Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Masks – i hate waiting

Your skin tone/coloring: Light-medium with warm yellow undertones

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? Personally I feel that the texture of the product makes a step more indulgent, so applying a silky serum or oil seems the most indulgent for me.

Favorite step in your skincare routine? I actually enjoy every little step of my skincare routine. I enjoy taking time to apply and layer products, combine products, feel my skin needs and decide what to treat it that evening, etc.

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? If it was something I enjoy least is washing my face, since water splashes around and it’s not the most indulgent step. But I never skip it, I love the final results: clean skin!

Have you tried Makeup Remover Cloths yet? Life changing. No drips, no splashing! Not wipes. These are soft cloths that actually remove all makeup although I still use a face wash with mine.

I still prefer to wash my face after removing make-up, no matter the make-up removing technique I use; my favorite is actually using a cleansing balm, than a cotton cloth, than washing the face with a cleanser. If I can, I’ll wash my face in the shower, so I’m not splashing around in the sink. 😀

Skin tone: Very fair with neutral undertones, dark brown eyes and grey hair.

Most indulgent beauty routine: When the mood strikes, I like to fill my jetted bathtub with water and calming herbs, apply a face mask, eye mask and lip mask and just turn out the lights, add some soft music and a nice bath pillow and just relax and let the day’s stress drift away. I keep a lot of candles in my bathroom and even just lighting a couple gives a nice ambiance.

Favorite step in beauty routine: Some people might find this strange but exfoliation is my favorite step, whether it is face or body. I am careful these days about what I use to exfoliate and after reading a comment here on the blog about dry brushing and remembering that I use to do it all the time, I have started doing it again and am loving it. I make sure not to use micro beads in my exfoliation and I am not sure if they are still being used in the US because I know there was a ban on them but don’t know when it was suppose to start. I have always stayed away from them as I am on a septic and when I was in CA I was very aware of the damage being done to the rivers and ocean. For my face I use a 2 in 1 peel acid and then the next day I use Tatcha Rice Enzyme powder, which is my favorite, to exfoliate my face. I use a good loofah for my body.
Least favorite part of my skin care routine: I honestly cannot think of anything that is directly skin care related that I don’t like. Beauty in general, it would be plucking or shaping my brows. Basically, everything related to brows is a downer for me. I don’t have brow hair where I need it but it grows well where I don’t so I have to take care of that and I just find it depressing and boring, LOL!

Your skin tone/coloring: Next to my name! (blue-green eyes)

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? It’s a toss-up between using my Mario Badescu Witch Hazel & Rosewater toner, applying Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Serum vs. at bedtime application of DE Protini Polypeptide Cream. Love all 3 of these products because I can *feel* them working!

Favorite step in your skincare routine? Same as “most indulgent”!

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Nighttime makeup removal and cleansing! Ugh! But, it’s a necessary evil if I don’t want my face covered with acne and blackheads. It’s just no fun, though!

Your skin tone/coloring: fair, cool
Most indulgent step your beauty routine? that’s a tough one….possibly applying my facial oil or serum or one of the hydrating mists I have (I even put Shiseido’s Eudermine into a spray bottle so I could use it that way)
Favorite step in your skincare routine? Feeling how soft my face feels after using my Foreo; applying moisturizer and eye cream
Least favorite part of your skincare routine? probably rinsing off cleanser or exfoliator or anything else that needs rinsing because no matter how careful I am, I always, always manage to get water EVERYWHERE.

Your skin tone/coloring: light, MAC NC 15-20, med brown hair and eyes, oily skin
Most indulgent step your beauty routine? Treatments like BHA, Retinols etc that you put on after you wash your face.

Favorite step in your skincare routine? Cleansing my face. Just feel so fresh when all the dirt, makeup, oil is washed away

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? The removal of mascara. The general feel after I use face cleanser I love but have to remove mascara in an effective, gentle way so I don’t tear lashes or so I don’t irritate my eyes can be a pain and such a process. I don’t love it but it is necessary so I don’t have racoons eyes in the morning!

Your skin tone/coloring: fair/pink undertones, dark brown hair w/highlights, hazel eyes
Most indulgent step your beauty routine? While I enjoy applying essences and serums in my daily routine I also use a dermal roller and many other different instruments daily to enhance my skin and hopefully keep it in optimal condition. So some of the tools I have purchased are a little pricey and some are not, this is my most indulgent step because I am taking my time to pamper my skin.
Favorite step in your skincare routine? After I finish whatever treatment I am doing to my skin for the day I love apply my serums, creams and oil to finish the day.
Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Washing my make up off.

Your skin tone/coloring: light with yellow undertone

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? Using both cream and powder products eg cream blush then powder blush, ditto contour highlighter bronzer.. it takes up extra time but is SO much fun

Favorite step in your skincare routine? Lips – can’t screw it up too much and easy to fix with another color if one doesn’t work, plus I have a million different lip products and it’s fun to mix them up

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Eyebrows

Ok I totally misread the questions as makeup rather than beauty routine. This is take 2!

Your skin tone/coloring: light with yellow undertones, hazel eyes, chestnut brown hair

Most indulgent step your beauty routine?
Multiple layers – oil serum lotion cream

Favorite step in your skincare routine?
Cleaning my face off with balm (Farmacy)

Least favorite part of your skincare routine?
Taking off eye makeup – just takes time to melt off everyrhing

Your skin tone/colouring: Porcelain, with pink undertones

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? I just love putting the Argon oil on my face after a shower, I can feel it moisturising my skin instantly.

Favourite step in your skincare routine? Cleaning my skin, I do a double clean and I can just feel all the products coming off and leaving my skin clean and fresh.

Least favourite part of your skincare routine? I don’t really have any ‘least favourites’, probably just shaving my legs.

Your skin tone/coloring: MAC NC 23 ish, light to medium with neutral to warm undertone

Most indulgent step in your beauty routine? Probably skin care (I love massaging the serums and oils in)

Favorite step in your skincare routine? It’s a tie between applying eyeshadow and buffing with Guerlain Meteorites Perles at the end.

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Brows – boring, done in 20 seconds. I never overplucked or even starting managing them until in my late 30s so it’s just a matter of a pluck here or there, stippling in some powder here or there and a sweep with a spoolie. Other than the spoolie with an angled brush on the end, I have only 1 brow product – some powder from Benefit that also comes with wax. Brow Zings, I think. I only do my brows if I’m wearing makeup, otherwise it’s just an unnecessary step. I had something from The Brow Gal that was sent in a beauty subscription box that was great but I didn’t like the wet feeling on my eyebrows (until the brow mascara died down) and then it felt a bit crispy.

Crap. I read this wrong. I just answered all the questions as related to beauty routine/applying makeup. ?‍♀️

Pearl, please give me tips on how you use the Meteorites Perles! Buffing? I watched Guerlain’s videos that show them sweeping them on with a brush, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Your skin tone/coloring: light neutral, green eyes

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? Oils. Right now is Fresh Seaberry Oil. Something about mixing it with a moisturizer and massaging it in is lovely. Runner up would be Latisse I guess because $175 for eyelashes? Totally. Won’t be without it.

Favorite step in your skincare routine? Oil cleansing at the end of the day. Know g all of that makeup and sunscreen is just melting int the oil and then going down the drain is so satisfying. DHC is the product of the moment but there have been many I’ve enjoyed.

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Eye makeup remover. Either it makes my vision cloudy, it doesn’t work reliably, it’s wasteful (wipes) or something. Bioderma is the best I’ve found so far.

My Skin Tone/Coloring – light medium neutral with slight peach undertones. Green/gray/gold eyes, with ash brown hair that’s mostly gone silver now.

Most indulgent part of my routine – Sisley Black Rose Facial Oil. This is a product that seems to be more than the sum of its parts. I’ve tried squalane oil, camellia oil, other products with a similar ingredient list but none work as well as this does for me. But then, I have very finicky skin. Luckily, I spend some time every year in Europe and can get my hands on it for significantly less than I can in the US.

Favorite step – the final step with the facial oil, and then feeling how smooth my skin feels. But I also love the days I smear a hydrating cream mask on and just relax for half an hour with a book. It’s a tossup.

Least favorite – First step cleansing with a balm on the days I wear makeup. I hate the texture and I hate the look of all that coming off on a washcloth. I do it because it’s necessary, but I certainly do not like it.

Your skin tone/coloring: Light medium, yellow undertones. Dark brown hair & eyes.

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? Face masks – I have quite a collection and I love cleansing, toning, then selecting something to suit my particular mood or current skin condition and relaxing for a while. There’s a particular type of sheet mask I adore, it has some sort of lavender infusion and I have learned to brush my teeth first and hop into bed because I have been known to fall asleep while using it.

Favorite step in your skincare routine? I like double cleansing – I love the Good Molecules cleansing balm, it smells absolutely blissful, melts beautifully, and comes off like a breeze with a hot cloth, then I use a smidge of Holika Holika bamboo or green tea cleansing foam.

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Ugh, now that I’ve gotten into the habit of layering serums and moisturizers and oils, it sometimes feels like so much work to keep it up. My skin has never looked better but when I’m tired and ready for bed, it feels like such a chore. I regret it in the morning if I take short cuts though!
Although I have discovered the Embryolisse Intense Smooth Radiant Complexion is very much a one stop shop product – it does not play well with others so that’s pretty much my go to when I’m feeling lazy.

Your skin tone/coloring: Medium-tan

Most indulgent step your beauty routine?
Hand or body cream. I just like how soft my skin feels afterwards.

Favorite step in your skincare routine?
Cleansing. Feels good to get a fresh, clean face.

Least favorite part of your skincare routine?
Plucking my brows hair. I haaaate it, and I’ve never built up the pain tolerance for it that I’ve heard comes after years of doing it.

I gave up plucking my brow hair, I just go to my brow lady about every 3 weeks (depends how fast they grow) and leave them wild in between. I prefer to get them waxed, maybe threaded… tweezers is not my thing. Every time I groom my brows I make things worse, not better. 😆

Your skin tone/coloring: above, with freckles, green/gray/blue eyes, warm brown hair.

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? Probably my face prep before putting on base products… it just feels indulgent and my skin always looks so nice after applying my morning oils and moisturizer/glowy primer.

Favorite step in your skincare routine? Putting on a lip mask before bed.

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Washing my face.

Your skin tone/coloring: Under my name

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? Getting my dip-powder manicures. I developed an allergy to regular acrylics. I bite my real nails if they’re exposed. (OCD biting, not just “bad habit” biting. I agree, it’s gross.) The manicures have made them so much healthier. Plus, pretty nails boost my confidence.

Favorite step in your skincare routine? When I remember to use a mask. I love how my facial skin feels afterwards. Unfortunately, I don’t remember to use one very often.

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Removing makeup, especially eye makeup. The downside to loving bright eyeshadows and wearing lots of mascara is that they’re a PITA to remove.

I use the Perles and buffing as my final step after I’ve applied all of my powder products (blush, highlight, RCMA No Color powder which I use for ‘spot setting’ instead of all over powdering/setting).

* I use a MAC 187 or Sigma F50
* I swirl it into the perles and work in quadrants on my face, swirling it on to buff and blend everything together. I don’t spend much time on my forehead or nose or chin, just a few sweeps and swirls, but I mostly concentrate on swirling/blending my cheek area because I use bronzer, blush and highlighter and I want everything to be smooth and transitioned.
* The key for me is holding the brush farther back so I’m not too heavy handed, and I just swirl and swirl until I get the blend and ‘meldiness’ I want.
* For me, I only buff (swirl, really) with a radiant loose powder. There might be some that do it with a matte but for me It ends up looking dry and defeats the very subtle radiant glowy dewiness that I’m after.

There is one other powder I’ve used and I really like but I haven’t used it in a while – it has a nice scent as well – Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Radiance Loose Powder.

From my understanding, this came on the scene due to Mario Davidovich’s ‘secret’ (at the time) technique for flawless skin and he trained/showed Fazia (sp?), a make up artist how to do it and then she trained/showed Wayne Goss and then he made a video about it all. Wayne uses his own brush and it looks like he really goes to town and gets in there in the video (I never buff that hard), but I’ve always been partial to the MAC 187 or Sigma F50 because it’s not as dense.


Thank you for the great answer to my question (even though it’s in the wrong place…Lol!!!!). I’m going to try your method.

I watched the Wayne Goss video on buffing, then I ordered the Sigma F50 brush…it just happened to be on sale for 30% off and shipping at Sigma is free right now!

Sorry about the odd response Rachel. ? I answered from my phone and in scrolling, I ended up thumbing the arrow for your post instead of another post.

Also yes about removing eye makeup – I am impatient with it. I don’t mind double cleansing my face and removing face makeup that way and I wish removing my eye makeup was just as easy. I wear waterproof mascara and having to let that remover soak in so I can gently massage away feels like it takes 10 minutes. And I also am always a little bit sad that I have to take off my eye makeup, especially when I’ve done a really good job with it.

Your skin tone/coloring: Dark brown with neutral-to-cool undertones; dark brown eyes; violet colored hair

Most indulgent step your beauty routine? My Tatcha essence! I feel like a fancy old rich lady when I splash it on my face, mostly because it’s expensive and I feel like it’s totally unnecessary but I love what it does for my skin. My Tatcha moisturizer (The Dewy Cream) with a little gold spatula to scoop out the perfect amount is a close second.

Favorite step in your skincare routine? I love the feeling of gently rubbing in my morning serum (Volition Beauty Strawberry-C) because I love the texture – it’s so silky and hydrating. I only wish it smelled like strawberries (it doesn’t smell like anything).

Least favorite part of your skincare routine? Toner, but for the dumbest reason. I actually really love my toner, but it’s in the bathroom and all of my other skincare products are in my bedroom on my nightstand, and I just hate doing it in the bathroom! We’re planning to move soon to a bigger place with more space, and I plan to buy myself a vanity on which I can put all my skincare and makeup and have a nice place to sit and indulge myself.

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