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■Your skin tone/coloring: Redhead with very fair skin (NC15)
■Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Stila’s waterproof eyeliner in Blue Ribbon. Beautiful color but the eyeliner slid from my waterline to my contacts and coat my contacts! I couldn’t see at work and my contacts were ruined.
■What did you end up doing with it? Gave it to my roommate
■Did you lose faith in the brand? Oh yeah. I don’t buy much Stila now. But I do love their liquid illuminator in bronze. 😀

■Your skin tone/coloring: Ivory, usually the lightest foundation shade in any brand 
■Worst beauty product you’ve ever used?  Dream Mousse Foundation
■What did you end up doing with it? I had to throw it away, it was so awful… the color… the texture… oh the horror! 
■Did you lose faith in the brand? I am not a huge fan of Maybelline. I am very wary of the quality of drugstore brands. I prefer Sephora, at least you can return the duds!

Your skin tone/coloring: Normally light olive, right now medium/tanned olive
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Either Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer or NYX Hot Crystal eyeshadow. Those are the two that come to mind immediately when I think of worst beauty product ever.
What did you end up doing with it? I threw them both away.
Did you lose faith in the brand? Nope. I’d already bought (and loved) a few products from both brands before I found certain things that I hated. One bad product usually won’t turn me off of a brand completely because I realize that everyone is going to put out a few duds every once in a while. I’ll only lose faith in a brand if I try more than a few and dislike them all. Stila is the only brand I’ve come close to swearing off completely, but I still do want to try some of their products.

Your skin tone/coloring: Beige/medium olive. fair olive in the winter.  Oh boy I look yellow :/
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Maybelline lip pencil in nude something… 
What did you end up doing with it? I threw it out, which is why I can’t remember what it was.  Hard, and hurt to apply.  Left NO color!
Did you lose faith in the brand? I still enjoy some products.  I like the Age rewind eraser foundation… as a primer, but that’s about it.

Your skin tone/coloring: medium
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? NYC waterproof eye pencil
What did you end up doing with it? Still have it. I haven’t done much with it, so it’s just sitting there in my make-up bag 🙂
Did you lose faith in the brand? Yes. In my opinion, NYC = cheap price, cheap quality… Maybe I’m wrong because that eye pencil was the first (and last NYC) product I bought.

Your skin tone/coloring: Olive Fair (paler then NC15)
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used: Urban Decays Goddess. It was my first shadow from thir line too. Turned a chalky grey rather then a deep navy shimmer
What did you end up doing with it: Because I don’t live near a Sephora to return it, I started to use it as liner with an eyeshodow transformer. Only way to get it to work.
Did you lose faith in the brand: Thankfully know as i know this just had to be a dude for $18.

Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair (NC15), blonde hair, blue eyes
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Illamasqua’s cream shadow (in Wolf).
What did you end up doing with it? I still have it, but it’s in my box of products I don’t use.
Did you lose faith in the brand? I was really surprised by how awful it performed–so surprised that I emailed Illamasqua telling them how disappointed I was. I half expected them to say I got a dud batch or something because everything else I’ve tried from them has been great, including other cream products. Instead, I got a fairly rude response telling me that I was probably using it wrong. That’s poor customer service and insulting to someone who, though not a professional makeup artist, has been using high-end products for 10 years. I still like Illamasqua’s products and would buy them again, but not without being able to try them in-store first.

■Your skin tone/coloring: Fair (NC20) w/Neutral-Yellow Undertones
■Worst beauty product you’ve ever used?  NARS The Multiple Stick in Orgasm
■What did you end up doing with it? I returned it.
■Did you lose faith in the brand? Absolutely not, I love NARS, but I’ll never buy a Multiple again.

 @Flieslikethunder I’m curious, why was this so terrible for you? I recently bought the Multiple in Copacabana and I loved the swatch though admittedly, I haven’t tried using it yet!

@MiettaReynolds @Flieslikethunder I liked it on my hand, but on my cheeks it was too glittery. Even with the smallest amount I looked like a disco ball. It was too much shimmer for a cheek color. I’ve never tried Copacabana, but it always looks like one of the better ones when I see it at the store. Don’t let my bad experience ruin your fun 🙂

 @MiettaReynolds  @Flieslikethunder  Copacabana (in Multiple form) may be one of my favorite pieces of makeup in years and years.  I put it *under* my foundation, so I never look like a disco ball. It gives a glorious, subtle highlight that makes me look lit from within with a truly angelic glow.  When you use yours, I hope you love it as much as I do mine.  

 @annedreshfield  Anne, let me know what you think when you do. 🙂 I have a sample of the Copacabana in the Illuminator and have used it the same way with success. I find the Illuminator to have a much more intense, obvious, POW!-type glow than the Multiple or, perhaps, it’s merely harder for me to control the quantity of the Illuminator as compared to the Multiple. Either way, imo, that one is particularly in need of going *under* a foundation if one wants a subtle look.  At times, I was concerned that the foundation was just going to wipe away the llluminator but I patted on my foundation (something that is advised with NARS’ Sheer Glow foundation anyway) on the areas I used the Illuminator. I found its sheen/shimmer was still there afterwards. Just much more muted and, therefore, more natural looking.  

 @Kafka I will! I usually apply a very, very small amount to my cheekbones after my foundation. I tap it on lightly with a finger and blend. I’ll have to try applying a more normal amount before my foundation and see how it looks! I’m going to try it tomorrow. Thanks! 

Skintone/colouring: Fair, cool
Worst beauty product: MAC Studio Sculpt concealer and the 194 brush to apply it!  The concealer is probably the worst I’ve ever used and the brush, which I bought in hopes of making the concealer work better, was expensive and useless (though it does work somewhat better with other concealers I have).  And considering that probably half my makeup, if not more, is MAC, the answer is “No” about losing faith in the brand. They were just 2 lemons in a line of great stuff.

-Your skin tone/coloring: fair skin tone / neutral
-Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? 
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Everyone raves about it but I just found that it did not work for me AT ALL!!!
What did you end up doing with it? Use 1/3 of it and when it expired I threw it out.
Did you lose faith in the brand? I kind of  lost faith in their foundations, but still love love love their blushers and eyeshadows. Still really want to try their Lasting Silk UV foundation 🙂

@Laurie Lin   I agree about the Armani Luminous Silk foundation.  Possibly THE worst foundation I have ever used. Actually, I’m not sure it’s even a foundation; I’m convinced it’s really a thick, gooey mask.  Plus, I have never seen ANYTHING magnify pores that are normally invisible. Every.single. pore on my face was highlighted as if under a neon interrogation lamp. Absolutely beyond belief and horrible.  FWIW (for what it’s worth), I have tried the Armani Silk Foundation as well and while it wasn’t revolting, it was nothing particularly special. Not special at all. Plus, it oxidized very fast on me. 

Coloring- NC15 ( they always try to tell me I’ve pink undertones but having pink in your complexion is NOT the same thing) or maybe I should say I am 010 in DiorSkin Nude.

Worst Beauty Product- Oh so many to choose from. One of them was DEFinately the Revlon Photoready foundation. It managed to oxide, sink into every pore and feel like 80’s mask foundation on me at the same time. I just got one of those Kat Von D nail polished and the bottle/brush design is an absolute travesty.

What did I do? I’m not sure- I think the Photoready is in the shifty society of other
subpar foundations I foolishly thought I could replace my Dior with. The nail polish is pretty and we are currently receiving counseling to see if we can make it work.

Did I lose faith? Not bloody likely! I love Revlon lipsticks, and used to live the nail polish too although recently the formula has saddened me. As for Kat Von D? She sort of started with an “F” with me anyways, so no biggie.

I must add an even WORSE product- UD’s Smoke Out pencil. What nonsense! Hard, colorless, painful, dry… Horrid. And honestly? I went to UC Santa Cruz and even *I* am totally over and exhausted by UDs sophomoric weed references in their product names. Not clever, vey off putting.

  @18thCenturyFox “receiving counseling to see if we can make it work”.- priceless and perfect description of iffy and temperamental products.

■Your skin tone/coloring: MAC – NC10, OCC – Y0, Lancôme – 005, Bobbi Brown- Alabaster
■ Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Gave me the worst skin I have ever had and they have weird colours.
■ What did you end up doing with it? I almost used it up before I noticed where the acne came from and then I gave the rest to a friend to try out the shade.
■ Did you lose faith in the brand? No, but I never tried MAC’s foundations again. Most brands make several different products and a brands’ eyeshadows may not be as bad as their foundations.

Skintone : medium/fair
Worst beauty product : A nail polish by Bourgeois ( horrible texture, smell is horrible too, very bad for the nails ), it’s the rapid drying one not the classical formula.
What did I end up doing with it : I threw it away ( which is very unsual for me ! )
Did I loose faith in the brand ? No, Bourgois is a lovely brand on the whole but I will never buy a Bourgeois nail polish again

Coloring: Light, neutral, dark hair & eyes.

I’ve bought alot of products over the years, and I’ve found that the majority of “duds” have come from MAC, primarily in the form of eyeshadows. I don’t know if they’re *truly* duds, or if it’s because at the time, I expected so much more. I still have all of hem, but I don’t use them very often, even the well-behaving ones, since they’re all together in palettes. I also have 2 lipsticks that are beautiful in terms of color, but I hate the way they feel. I haven’t lost faith in the brand as a whole, because they do have some great products, but unless it’s an amazing color, I don’t go out of my way to stop by a counter. I just think they’e overhyped, and they’ve stopped putting any effort in the products, because they know the lemmings will follow, no matter what they put out. I’ve simply moved on, as there are better products in a similar price range. UD is a few dollars more, NARS duos are about the same as 2 MAC singles, and even a $60 USD quad breaks down to the same price per shade.

These are great questions, looking forward to reading through responses!
I’m neutral & light/medium.
Worst beauty product ever was probably a Tarte pencil that I got as part of a Sephora 500pt perk – the rest of the gift was awesome, but this pencil had NO payoff. It was rock hard, I couldn’t get it to show up on my hand – I could press so hard the tip would break, and nothing. So I didn’t even try it on my eyes.
I ended up throwing it out, because I didn’t even want to give it away – it was too bad to include as freebie in a blogsale!
I would never buy that particular style of eyeliner from Tarte, but I still like their blushes. 

Your skin tone/coloring: NC50
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Rosebud Salve Lip Balm…absolutely no moisturizing content at all!
What did you end up doing with it? I threw it into the bottom of my purse and only use it for the days when I am completely out of my regular lip balm until I make it to the store.  So basically, it sits in my purse unused!
Did you lose faith in the brand? Completely…I’ll never use it again! 

Your skin tone/coloring: light with warm undertones
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? The worst of all was a cucumber face cream by Avon. It was supposed to be for oily skin but it was horribly greasy, did not moisturize at all and smelled awful. A nightmare!!
What did you end up doing with it? I used it as a foot cream :))
Did you lose faith in the brand? Yes, absolutely. It made me realize Avon was doing low quality products.

Your skin tone/coloring: Fair with pink undertones, blonde hair and blue eyes.
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used?: Man, this is a tough one…I’ve had a lot of horrible  cheap eyeshadows before I really got into makeup. In recent memory, though? Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar moisturizer. Couldn’t wait to try it, and when I did I found it smelled weird, made my eyes tear up and sting even though I am very careful to avoid my eye area and just keep it to my cheeks, and I’m not sure it’s even a great moisturizer for me! It was a present from a friend, too, which is sad.
What did you end up doing with it?: I’ve used it all up. 
Did you lose faith in the brand?: I’m a little more leery of Philosophy now, especially the Hope in a Jar/whatever variation they have on it, but I haven’t lost faith entirely.

Your skin tone/coloring: NW20
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Smashbox  cream eyeliner in caviar
What did you end up doing with it? Left it to harden more than a year now and finally it stopped smudging
Did you lose faith in the brand? No

Your skin tone/coloring: Very light/light, NC 15 i think…
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipsticks, I’ve commented about this lipstick ALOT on the “Temptalia Asks You/Survey Says” but I can’t get over how horrible they are. I am not sensitive to smells or texture most of the time- I can do dry, sticky, heavily scented, you name it! But I could NOT deal with the slippery-ness of the Guerlain Rouge Automatiques!!! It got EVERYwhere! Oh and it’s not moisturizing so there should be no reason for slip!
What did you end up doing with it? Threw it away!!!! I couldn’t look at it anymore!! (it was sample size for a 100 point perk)
Did you lose faith in the brand? I’ve never really been all that interested interested in Guerlain so it just made me lose even more interest.

 @Nikki at RougeReflections It sounds like this opinion is based on the Sephora 100 pt perk mini-Rouge Automatique. I got that too, and I was also really disappointed in the lipstick – SO slippery, I found it totally unwearable. 
However, I own three of the full-sized Rouge Automatiques, and I absolutely love them – the texture is completely different. 
It’s totally up to you whether you want to reconsider the RAs or the brand, but in my experience, that mini was just totally different in texture than the full size ones.

Your skin tone/coloring:  Very fair, very neutral skin – basically translucent.  I’m a redhead.
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? I got a horrible allergic reaction to Purity Made Simple – hives on one side of my face for days.  Also, L’Oreal Voluminous mascaras (both regular and Extra Volume Collagen) left flakes all over my face.  Genifique Eye Cream by Lancome burned my undereye area.
What did you end up doing with it?  The Purity Made Simple was a sample, so it wasn’t a big deal.  I used a lot of Benadryl cream.  I tossed the mascaras.  The eye cream was from a GWP, and got tossed.
Did you lose faith in the brand?  I’m very leery of Philosophy skin care, because the use of essential oils in products is NOT good for anyone with sensitive skin.  I still like a lot of L’Oreal’s products (their lip products are very nice, I love their eyeliners) but I don’t buy their mascaras.  I love a lot of Lancome cosmetics, but their skin care is far too fragrance for sensitive skin.  I’ve tried a lot of their skin care and it just does not agree with me!

Your skin tone/coloring: Light with olive undertone
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
What did you end up doing with it? I gave it away
Did you lose faith in the brand? Not really, they have a lot of great products which I love

Your skin tone/coloring: warm beige/nc 25-30
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Revlon cream eyeshadow. Those things sit on your eyelids, don’t get absorbed, slosh around, crease, transfer and get wiped off your eyelid so easily with the slightest accidental smudge like your skin is made of teflon! I don’t know why they still make it. Maybe because there’s always one person everyday that gets suckered into the buying the beautiful iridescent and shimmery colors only to find out it doesn’t work at all.
What did you end up doing with it? I have no idea where it is. I must have left it in the last place I lived in.
Did you lose faith in the brand? Not the brand, just that product. It kind of made me not gravitate towards cream shadows in general.

Skin? Fair, neutral
Worst Product? Benefit’s Erase Paste
What did I do with it? I ended up throwing it away because I couldn’t make it work for me. 
Did I lose faith in the brand? Not at all. I love Benefit, just not Erase Paste. 

Your skin tone/coloring: medium warm tones, NC30-35
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Hmmm… Studio Fix Fluid Foundation it makes me so oily and makes me break out!
What did you end up doing with it? Still have it… But I tend to mix it up with some other foundations
Did you lose faith in the brand? A little bit, I’m a bit tired of LE collections almost every month, I wanna pay attention to the permanent line.

Your skin tone/coloring: very pink, very pale
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used: Revlon photoready foundation.
What did you end up doing with it: tossed it, I would have given it to a friend, but I am the palest person I know.
Did you lose faith in the brand: Nope! I still love their products, and who can hate those lip butters?

Your skin tone/coloring: Extremely cool and pale, NW10-NW15
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Benefit Erase Paste *shudders* It didn’t cover my dark under-eye circles, and didn’t set or dry down.  It felt like actual paste, looked cakey, and creased like nothing else.  I tried it over blemishes and it once again looked incredibly cakey (even more so than on my under-eye area) and didn’t set. If I touched the area I had concealed there was an incredible amount of transfer to my fingers. Ugh, it was so disgusting
What did you end up doing with it? I tried as hard as I could to use it on myself, used it on my sister and friends with the same results. Ended up throwing it out, can’t believe I spent $26 dollars on that garbage.
Did you lose faith in the brand? No, I wasn’t the hugest fan of Benefit to begin with, though. I still love their Boxed Powders (I have all of them, LOL)  their lipsticks are nice, and I also use their Creaseless Cream Shadows on a regular basis, but everything I’ve tried has been kinda meh or just horrible (I’m looking at you, That Gal)

Skin tone/coloring: Cool and pale, NW20
Worst beauty product I ever used: Considering price vs. performance I’d have to say Revlon’s Photoready Sculpting blush palette. It cost me around $10 and I have liked Revlon’s products in general so I gave it a try. It had horrible pigmentation, almost couldn’t see it at all on my skin. It also caused me to get breakouts on my cheeks (where you would apply blush) which is an area of my face that almost never breaks out. I don’t expect superb performance from a drugstore blush but it would still be crap even if it cost $1.
What I did with it: It’s just sitting there collecting dust.
Did I lose faith in the brand: They have several great products so no but it has made me more cautious about this brand. I hope they don’t make a trend of it.

Your skin tone/coloring: Cool and pale, NW 20
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.  It was so cakey and greasy.  It covered nothing and was impossible to use.
What did you end up doing with it?  Returned it.  I wanted my 22 dollars back.
Did you lose faith in the brand? No.  I love their silk creme foundation and tinted moisturizer, but I have lost faith in all of their concealers. 

Skin tone/coloring:  Warm and very fair, NC10
The worst product I’ve ever used would have to be the Cover Girl eye enhancers in mirror, mirror and fairy tale.  The pigmentation was just awful, so awful that I had to remove it right away.  I had to dig and dig in the product to get any color payoff.  I had my receipt so I returned it for a good product.  I’ve not purchased any Cover Girl products since and I don’t think I will.  Nothing from the brand has ever really worked out for me, except for mascara and it was just alright.  

tone/color- Light- neutralish warm.
worst product?- i know people like them, but the NYX soft matte lip creams. they looked like i stole my niece’s oil pastels and used them as lip stick. settled into lines i didn’t know i had, made my perfectly moisturized lips look flaky, and the smell of faux butter cream frosting made me ill. Also a major miss- Xtreme lip creams- smells/tastes like plastic, with even worse  consistency and appearance issues. 
What i did with the products- threw them out. i wanted to give them away, but couldn’t find any takers.
Lost faith?- no. while i have lowish expectations for NYX generally, i do absolutely love their lip pencils and eye liners far too much to hold a grudge.

 @tmmkitten You arent alone, I tried those nyx lip creams as well with poor results, but like you, I too have lowish expectations from them so its a nice surprise when something from them works out well

Your skin tone/coloring: NC25/30
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Maybelline mascasras 🙁 I know, I know, mascaras vary for everyone, I’ve literally tried every single Maybelline mascara available to me in Asia, and it either a) gives me magnificent panda eyes, b) yanks out my lashes when it refuses to be removed, c) gloops out my lashes, or d) all of the above.
What did you end up doing with it? I ended up giving them to my friend (shush, i know its unsanitary, but I explained everything to my friend beforehand and she was cool with it, its better than wasting a couple hundred HKD) and they look amazing on her D: seperated, volumized, and lengthened. EVERY. SINGLE. CLAIM…..i’ll go crawl back into my little hole of despair over mascara now. (but as a side note, absolutely adore the revlon 3d photoready mascara)
Did you lose faith in the brand? I did lose faith for a while and refused to try more maybelline stuff, but thankfully, they’ve somewhat redeemed themselves with their eyeshadows. And now i’m anxiously waiting for those color tattoos to arrive in HK, then i shall see if my faith can be restored.

Skin tone: Fair but slightly tan
Worst Beauty Product: Revlon Creme Eyeshadow Palettes. They are all horrible. I got sucked in by the colors when cream shadows started coming out so I bought three different palettes and they crease and shift so badly. I tried it with primer and even powder eyeshadow on top and they still crease something terrible!
What did you end up doing with it? I scraped out all of the creams and cleaned up the palettes and used them to put all the last little bit of lipsticks from my favorite tubes and made my own lip palette.

I’ve tried so many horrible products it is really hard to pick one!  The one brand I can say I lost faith in is too faced, too many bad eyeshadows disguised in cute packaging.  I have one or two products left from them but it isn’t a brand I’d buy from again.  I have to also chime in with studio fix, I gave it away.  

My skin tone is NC30.. I’ve had lots of bad/horrible products in the past. They don’t necessarily make me lose faith about the brand entirely but I lose faith about the product type from the brand 🙂 Like I didn’t lose my faith in MAC entirely but I did lose my faith about the eyeshadows and lipsticks (bad pigmentation – eyeshadows; terrible/cheap taste/smell and bad texture – lipsticks).. But of course it never stops me to try a new product from them, even if the product is from my “banned” type 🙂 For example, a few years ago I used La Roche Posay Effaclar series for my skin to control my over oily skin and blemishes/acnes etc. But the series didn’t do much for me, even made it worst. So I completely lost my faith in Effaclar series.. However, there is a new treatment/cream in Effaclar series nowadays (Effaclar duo), and people rave so much about it so I couldn’t help myself and bought it. And guess what? I love it! 🙂

Your skin tone/coloring: NC15
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used?: Chanel ombre essentielle – most notably Twilight. Horrible dry texture, poor colour payoff, huge glitter and fall out everywhere.
What did you end up doing with it?: Donated it to the local Vinnies! 
Did you lose faith in the brand?: Yes. I have never bought another Chanel single eyeshadow and palette since. Now and then I’ll be tempted by some that look nice but on swatching, I’m let down again by the texture. Totally unacceptable given the high price tag.

Skin Tone: Cool and fair – NW15
Worst Beauty Product – I have 2 – Revlon Colourstay foundation = GARBAGE. Cakey, thick, doesn’t blend, feels heavy. And Bumble and Bumble Deeep conditionner my hair actually felt drier, more coarse, and I couldn’t comb it after using the treatment.
The foundation I mixed with a cheap moisturizer and used it up that way, it worked a lot better. And I used up the coniditonner as it was a small bottle.
I didn’t lose faith in Revlon, they still have some great products like lipsticks, the kissable stain balms, nail polishes, etc. This was just a miss for me. And that was the first bumble and bumble product I’d tried and after the mone I spent and the performance of the product, I don’t think I’ll be going back. 

It’s hard to pick.  I’ve had good and bad luck products from just about every brand.
Skin Tone- NC30MAC:  BAD luck with foundation.  It broke me out terribly.
Smashbox:  Not a fan of their eyeshadow.  I also bought the shimmering bronzer and it doesn’t show up on my skin.
TooFaced:  I don’t care for their eyeshadow.  I’m lukewarm on their mascara.
Estee Lauder:  I had an eyeshadow palette shatter completely after 2 uses.  Not good.
Bobbi Brown:  Their foundation melts on my face and has no lasting power at all.
Tarte:  Their concealer settled into the lines on my eyes.  I don’t really HAVE lines either, but whatever I have looked 10x worse.
I didn’t lose faith in any of the brands.  I buy MAC eyeshadows, bronzers and blush, but stay away from their foundation.  I like Smashbox for their BB Cream, blush, and mascara, but I won’t buy their eyeshadow.  I like Estee Lauder foundation.  I have stayed away from Bobbi Brown, but mainly because she has nothing that interests me.  I like Tarte’s tinted moisturizer and I want to try their blush.

Skin Colouring:  Light to medium olive
     Worst Beauty Product:  In recent memory, it was Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation.  Possibly THE worst foundation I have ever used. Actually, I’m not sure it’s even a foundation; I’m convinced it’s actually thick goo.  It just sat on my skin like …. ugh.  Plus, I have never seen ANYTHING magnify pores like that, even pores that are normally invisible. Every.single. pore on my face was highlighted as if under a neon interrogation lamp. Absolutely beyond belief and horrible.  I also tried the Silk foundation line which wasn’t terrible but it was nothing special either. 
     What did I do with it:  shoved it to the back of my drawer. I had 2 very large, deluxe sample tubes of *each* foundation, and I wouldn’t want to foist them onto anyone I know. 
     Did I lose faith in the brand:  Well, I haven’t had luck with the Rouge D’Armani lipstick either, as it is one of the few lipsticks to ever really hurt and destroy my lips. Cracks and actually bleeding! Each and every time. I can’t recall the last time that happened and I usually wear — without problems — lipsticks that other people sometimes find drying.  In addition, it also feathered and bled like no other lipstick I’ve owned. So between the lipstick and the 2 foundations, I’m not going to rush out to spend that sort of money on an Armani product unless it’s something really special and involves just powder (like an eyeshadow).

I don’t stay particular to one specific brand. I love trying new brands, but its such a bummer when you get disappointed too often. This one was the final straw.
Your skin tone/coloring: Medium olive.
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used?: ELF Liquid eyeshadow. It was grainy and dried out. I even bought it from the online store. I was looking for a bargain on getting an olive green liquid shadow. Apparently it was too much of a bargain and it was a huge dud.
What did you end up doing with it?: I tossed it. It was cheap so I was ok with throwing away the $1 and some odd change in tax.
Did you lose faith in the brand? I guess you could say I have. I used other ELF products and after a few disappointments, I only use the brow wax. So far its been the only product that has been consistent. Even then, I’ve been searching for alternatives. I think the only reason I do buy it is because its at Target.

Skin tone: NW 20, NARS Deauville 
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Diorshow Iconic Extreme Waterproof Mascara. It smudged, smeared, and flaked, which is pretty pathetic for a high end waterproof mascara.
What did you end up doing with it? I threw it away.
Did you lose faith in the brand? Yes. For $28.50 (USD), the absolute LEAST it should be is average or mediocre, not terrible and worse than drugstore quality. I have also had friends who had problems with other Dior products so I avoid the brand entirely. 

Your skin tone/coloring:Warm olive, NC42, MUFE 153
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used?Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 IN Dark Beige. I transferred like crazy !
What did you end up doing with it? I returned it.
Did you lose faith in the brand? Yes ! For $47 a bottle I would expect it not to transfer.

Your skin tone/coloring: tan oilve/yellow undertone
Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? NYX limited edition bronzer. I was over excited about the price and how cute they were so I bought them in all colourways. but non of them show up on me at all even the darkest one. I am tan but not that super tan.
What did you end up doing with it?in the bin
Did you lose faith in the brand? no. not at all. nothing is prefect. even my favorite brand, NARS, has lots of horrible items.

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