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Antonia Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: NC30
How well-organized is your stash? Very organized… I just got new drawers and went through everything. I’m going to need another lipstick organizer though… No self control 😉
Last time you went through and sorted your stash? About a month ago
How do rotate through products in your stash? I kind of just go with what I’m in the mood to wear that day. Every so often I try to pull out things I haven’t used in a while.

Heaven Avatar

NC42/MUFE 160
Pretty well organized, face product in one drawer, lip products in a another, eye makeup and palettes have two drawers each.
Actually, I sorted and took inventory on Sunday
I’m terrible with rotating products. I use my newest stuff then when I buy newer stuff I use that. It’s a vicious cycle

Celia Avatar

1) Fairest neutral porcelain with cool features.
2) My stash is EXTREMELY well-organized and has to be due to sheer magnitude (my stash left unchecked would be a blackhole of pure chaos consuming my apartment with its gravitational pull). I also need to keep my acting stash separate and fully professionally clean to work. Without getting very boring with all the details of my drawers/holders/acrylics/shelves/bags/cases the general gist for my non-work daily item storage is a separate space for: Lipsticks in acrylics; Lip glosses/lacquers drawer; Rouge G collection drawer; Drawer with lip liners, primers, balms, brushes, plumpers, stains, etc; Cream face product drawer; Powder face product drawer; Brush drawer plus brush protection (rolls, guards, etc.); Cream eye product plus mascara, eye primer. gels, etc. drawer; Pencil and liquid liner drawer; Colorful palette drawers (x2); Neutral palette drawer; Single powder shadow drawers; Tools drawer (lash curlers, spatulas, mixing palettes, etc. Palettes that are super giant (like MUFE 30-30-30), backups, products awaiting organization, etc have their own huge drawer. Perfumes and other display-friendly items like my Meteorites collection get their own visible spots atop my storage drawers. WHEW. Your 2012 (?) video helped inspire my tough process 😉 Work items are equally organized in their traincases.
3) I go through my stash religiously ha. I sort on every use. No point in streamlining unless one follows through 😉
4) Because I am so active on upkeep, the consistent sorting and division ensures regular rotation. I also try to make sure no product remains in the back or bottom of the drawer for too long so everything gets a chance at visibility.

Katherine T. Avatar

*Stash was a big mess until I organized it several weeks ago!
* I’m now using ultra-clear, plastic disposable drinking cups (Solo make regular size ones and Chinet makes shorter cocktail cups) to organize my eyeliners, lip pencils, lip crayons, lippies, glosses, mascaras, brushes etc.
*All of the cups are sorted by either color or product type. So 1 cup has red glosses, another has pink ones. Because the cups are clear, I can find everything at a glance, and it looks pretty on the vanity.
*Each day, I grab something different from a cup. Or if a cup isn’t getting much use, I rotate it to the front, so it gets used.

Audrey Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Pale – Chanel BR12
How well-organized is your stash? Very! I just got an Ikea Alex 9 drawer for Christmas, so everything is perfectly in its place.
Last time you went through and sorted your stash? Christmas and the day after!
How do rotate through products in your stash? I have an acrylic desk-top organizer that has various compartments in it. I try to put what I want to make a purpose to use in the organizer so it’s always the first thing that I see.

Estefania Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring:Light/Medium with warm undertones. MAC NC25, NARS Punjab

How well-organized is your stash? I would say it’s moderately organized. I know where everything is, and things are separated by product type. I don’t think my stash is big enough to warrant many more categories…

Last time you went through and sorted your stash? A few weeks ago I went in and got rid of anything that was old and gave away things that were still good, only neglected. I try to do this a few times a year. It also helps me keep in mind that it might not be the best idea to buy every single thing I see.

How do rotate through products in your stash? My acrylic drawers have a lift-up lid that divides in two. I try to put the products I want to use more in that section, so that they’re the first things I see when I’m getting ready in the morning!

MzCrafty1908 Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Deep/Dark NW47
How well-organized is your stash? Pretty organized, but my brushes, highlighters, and lipsticks could be better stored and organized. Those are my weaknesses!
Last time you went through and sorted your stash? Christmas Day. I had to make room for my Christmas gifts (lipsticks, storage, and highlighters)
How do rotate through products in your stash? It depends on the look I’m going for.

beka Avatar

skin tone: fair/light, yellow/olive undertone
stash is fairly well organized
last time: i got a really nice vanity with lots of drawers for Christmas from my husband (we was tired of having no space in the bathroom). i got most of it organized, but still have more to try to fit in.
rotate: now that i can see everything, i think it will be easier. i have a hard time when stuff is stacked on top of each other (like palettes) because i forget to use them.

Rachel R. Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair neutral; auburn hair, hazel/green eyes

How well-organized is your stash? Pretty well organized. I need to get a few more Zpalettes, though.

Last time you went through and sorted your stash? A couple months ago, as I was seriously updating, weeding and organizing after not buying much for several years.

How do rotate through products in your stash? I don’t have a regular system. I usually do something different every day, though.

KaseyCannuck Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: NW20

How well-organized is your stash? Semi-organized. I have limited space so about 50% of my stash is in storage boxes.

Last time you went through and sorted your stash? I’ve been going through it this past week and will be donating the stuff I never reach for anymore to a shelter.

How do rotate through products in your stash? I’ve started rotating blushes and lipsticks according to the season with the darker shades in use now, but I still don’t have room for everything to be easily accessible which is why a lot of products are neglected, especially the lipsticks. I try to grab a different eye palette every day and coodinate cheeks and lips accordingly.

Heather Avatar

Skin tone: NC25 +/-
The last time I organized my stash: 6 days ago (really!)
How often do I organize and sort my beauty stash: not often enough!
About rotating what I use: it really depends on the occasion and look I’m going for, and in doing so, my stash is on a continual rotating basis 🙂

Fran Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: between fair and light; cool undertones with warm features
How well-organized is your stash? surprisingly well organized. Makeup is something I use every day; it represents a significant investment for me, and I have very little space (no room for a vanity) — so being able to pick up anything I might want within seconds is important to me.
Last time you went through and sorted your stash? Within the past month, since I acquired several new items and had to expand a bit while still being able to find everything quickly.
How do rotate through products in your stash? I fit everything I can into a train case and a large hanging travel makeup bag with several pockets that I can quickly tote into the bathroom every morning. Eye and lip pencils are in a drawer on a shelf in the bathroom. Brushes are in various pencil cups, two in the bathroom, but my best brushes are in a cup I carry back and forth daily, so they don’t get damaged by dampness. Palettes that are too large to fit in the train case are in one of two drawers just inside my bedroom so that I can grab them quickly, too. Off-season palettes go in the second drawer, the most frequently used palettes go in the top drawer. Anything I haven’t used in about a year gets sanitized and given away (if it can be sanitized — if it can’t be, I have to consider tossing it, but I’ll try to think of a way to re-purpose it first). Backups are stored in a makeup bag inside a plastic box in a closet in my bedroom. There’s also a makeup bag packed with items I’d use to finish my makeup at work if I didn’t have enough time before heading out the door in the morning sitting ready in a drawer. Having very little space and carrying almost everything back and forth every day is a great motivator for not only keeping things organized, but also for only having things that I actually use.

Fran Avatar

How do rotate through products in your stash? In terms of deciding what to wear each day, that’s the most fun for me! I love to do something creative and different each day, and will get up earlier to do it, lol. I think about what colors I’m wearing that day and what I want my overall look to be like, if I want the focus to be on eyes, lips, or cheeks. ‘llI pull out a couple of eye palettes, either new ones I’m excited about, or something I haven’t used in a while, or two I haven’t tried using together before; some coordinating pencils, a blush or two, a couple of lipsticks, and swatch on my wrist to see how things go together. Or I’ll start with a particular lipstick I want to wear, see what lip pencil/gloss/tinted balm might work with it, what blushes would work with it, then find eye shades that work well with it all. It’s pretty rare that I do a look with only one eye shadow palette, usually when I’m really pressed for time. I just love working with color and like to try new ideas.

Sylirael Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: Cool-neutral vampire

How well-organized is your stash? So… it fits in a large shoebox. This means that I consider it small enough not to need organising, huzzah! 😀

Last time you went through and sorted your stash? A month or so ago, actually!

How do rotate through products in your stash? Mostly I just realise I haven’t seen something for a while, or have a sudden fancy, and dig it out…I’m not sure I’m organised enough to actually rotate…

Meghan Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: I just got home from a hot vacation so I’d say more light-medium now, with yellow undertones.
How well-organized is your stash? Pretty well! It’s categorized by product type in an ikea malm chest or vanity drawer, and even some products by brand, and further some in alphabetical order! Not everything though 🙂 Lip products are in my vanity drawer; bases, concealers, correctors, setting sprays in a chest drawer; single shadows, cream shadows & a few setting powders in a chest drawer; blushes, bronzers, highlighters in a bigger chest drawer; palettes in a bigger chest drawer. That’s most of it!
Last time you went through and sorted your stash? I was going through some today to clear out stuff I can give away. I only picked a few lip products so far but I’ll be going through more soon!
How do rotate through products in your stash? I try to pick out products the night before a work day so I don’t have to make any decions I the morning (I’m not a morning person + I’m indecisive!).

CJ Avatar

1. Skin tone – fair and pink
2. How organized is your stash – uh, I’m a Virgo. I have the Alex 9-drawer with (top-down) eye stuff, cheek stuff, lip drawer 1 (glosses), lip drawer 2 (balms, palettes, and crayons), back-ups of favorites, small eye palettes, large eye palettes, cleaning stuff and then the last drawer has empty travel palettes, lashes and perfume samples. Then I have the Alex desk which has two drawers. On the left I have my everyday stuff and on the right I have all lipsticks organized by brand. I also have two 3-in shotgun shell plastic cases from Cabela’s with my MAC lipsticks so that I can see the name.
3. Last time you went through and sorted your stash – Last night! I have waaaaay too much for one person who isn’t a makeup artist or blogger (just an enthusiast), so I go through it often and give things away that do not suit me.
4. How do you rotate products – That is so hard. I generally use the same basic face things and I really like to play with eyeshadow. I have a hard time resisting new palettes, so I like to go through things frequently to remind myself to use the things I love and move away from the things I don’t like.

Jennifer Avatar

Coloring: Snow White
Organized: reasonably, but due for a redo after holiday swag and traveling.
Last time: when I moved in august.
Rotate: I keep everything sorted by color (eye shadow) or opacity (lippies). New products stay out in plane view until they’ve been used. I also do weekly challenges to keep from falling into a rut.

I do need a new lippie storage system and possibly a way to deal with samplebaggies.

Janel Avatar

Your skin tone/coloring: NW25-30
How well-organized is your stash? I have the Sterlite Drawers. It’s fairly organized. One drawer for all lips, one for a Eye Products (mascara, primers, etc), Face, and one for Single Eyeshadows, and one for Palettes.
Last time you went through and sorted your stash? I did a huge overhaul in the beginning of December to toss out what was expired and not going to be used anytime soon.
How do rotate through products in your stash? I rotate my makeup once a week.

Mel Avatar

It’s pretty organized. I keep everything in the Nyx medium train case and my essentials (foundation, contour, highlighter, mascara, ect) in a basket on my dresser.
I just choose whatever I’m in the mood for at the moment.

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