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Most expensive: Just bought the Mac 129. (I’m a cheapie, I know.) Don’t worry, I’m working on saving for better products!

Best beauty budget: Cliche Cosmetics eye primer. $10

High-end or budget drugstore: I haven’t found a high end drugstore?

Most expensive beauty product you own? MAC HK Palettes

Best budget beauty product you’ve found? L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Mascara

High-end or budget/drugstore? It depends on what I’m buying and what company . I loathe CG foundations and would rather buy a MAC foundation. So in the long run it doesn’t matter I just have to find what works for me.

Most expensive beauty product you own – Clinique Comfort on Call
Best budget beauty product you’ve found – Guerlain Blondes bronzer
High-end or budget/drugstore – high end mostly

Most expensive beauty product you own?
if we’re counting hair stuff, then my GHD styler but if we’re not, then its just beauty items, then it’s my clarisonic. (both of which i could not live without!)

Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
baking soda. it can be used for exfoliating body and face. most skin types can use it because it doesn’t have any strange stuff in it. i did a whole ad campaign on it in college.

High-end or budget/drugstore?
i’m a sucker for high end, but every once in a while drugstore stuff really impresses me. i stayed away for a LONG time because i was sick of spending what little money i had at the time on products that just let me down. now that i’m working hard at my big girl job, i love rewarding myself with high-end prizes!

It has to be my Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Exceptional Serum (I think that’s what it’s called), it costs 215 pounds ($330 or so?) for 30 ml. I didn’t pay that much though, found it on eBay for a lot less!

My most expensive pieces of make up are my Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Powders currently retailing at 104 pounds ($170). Again, didn’t pay that much for it thanks to eBay. 😉

Erm, it’s always hard to say with anti-ageing skin care products, because you don’t know what your skin would look like otherwise, plus you need to use it long term. I’m only 33, so don’t have many wrinkles yet. But it is lovely and feels very luxurious on my skin(it had better at that price, lol!)

Ooops I forgot to answer the other two questions.

Best budget item: Sleek eyeshadow palettes, great colours, excellent texture and colour payoff, and very very cheap at under 5 pounds ($7.50) for a 12 palette.

High end always.

The most expensive beauty product I own is MUFE’s HD Primer.
The best budget beauty product I’ve found is Maybelline’s Smokey Quads.
i like High-end when I have the money and when its truly a good product, but I will use the budget/drugstore when I am tight on cash or find something that works just as well as the high end. 🙂

1. Coastal Scents 88 Palette (lol)
2. L’Oreal Skin Genesis Facial Wipes ($5.00! my HG!)
3. Budget all the way! Why pay a ton when I can get something just as awesome for half the price?

Most expensive: Gorgeous facial moisturizer from Lush Cosmetics
Best budget: generic jojoba oil…the bottle is $12 but I use it for EVERYTHING and it lasts forever. I love it!
High end or budget/drugstore: I tend towards high end but there are some things the high end stores can’t beat

* Most expensive beauty product you own?
I don’t think I have a product that stands out as most expensive but probably my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation which isn’t too bad at $40

* Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
I really like Aveeno’s Positively Radiant moisturizer. Keeps my skin looking nice without breaking the bank!

* High-end or budget/drugstore?
I prefer high-end just because I like to try things out before I buy and that’s next to impossible with drugstore brands. At Sephora I can pretty much ask for a sample of anything to take home!

Most expensive beauty product you own – Urban decay Book of shadows 2 (as soon as it’s made it’s way over the Atlantic 😀 $75 all and all, yikes!)

Best budget beauty product you’ve found – Cover girl Lash blast WP

High-end or budget/drugstore – A mix, don’t really care what kind it is!

Most Expensive – Guerlain mascara.
Best Beauty Budget – Monistat chafing gel as face primer tied with plain old honey (I use it in everything!)
High-end or Drugstore? I would say both but lately I find myself seeing out the indi companies.

Most expensive beauty product you own?
MAC Hello Kitty Kouture powder compact.

Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
Cover Girl eye makers brow pencil & Revlon colorstay eyeliner.

High-end or budget/drugstore?

most expensive beauty product: like another reader if my GHD flat iron counts it would be that, makeup wise would be either chanel dragon or ysl faux cils whichever is more expensive (but i’ve bought multiples of faux cils)

Best Budget Beauty: hands down E.L.F. studio brushes, esp. the complexion brush and powder brush. $3 a piece and they really do give my MAC brushes a run for their money IMO.

High End or Budget: I have to say high end overall. There are plenty of budget products that are just as good and sometimes even better than high end versions. But then there are certain things (foundation, concealer, skin care) that are far superior.

Most expensive: Dior Cristal Boreal lip gloss pendant (useless product b/c I’m afraid to ruin it. Got it as a gift).
Best budget beauty product: Neutrogena Oil-Free makeup remover.
High-end or budget/drugstore: It really depends on the specific item.

most expensive? I have too many to count at the $70-75 mark, I suppose that is the ceiling for me at this point.

I only own a couple budget items, I love Sonia Kashuk tinted lip balms, they actually have colour and are so moisturizing and wear for many hours.

High End for me. Drugstore is useless for my skin tone. Most products don’t have enough pigment or don’t have testers so i don’t even bother.

Most expensive beauty product you own? Would be my clarasonic
Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Maybeline eyeshadow quads
High-end or budget/drugstore? What ever works best, if it is drugstore or high end 🙂

Most expensive: I can’t remember the number but I paid $47 for a MAC brush. It’s a great brush but that is INSANE!

Budget: There’s so many, but I really like Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara. It just works and I always go right back to it.

High-end vs. budget: I’m gonna say budget. Nowadays there’s so much good stuff out there at a great price. But I do love to pamper myself with something high-end every so often!

Most Expensive – Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
Best Budget – E.L.F. Warm Bronzer (Studio Line)
High end or budget – Neither. I go for quality. If it’s a good product, obviously I would prefer to pay less, but I know how to save and invest in products I really love.

Most expensive beauty product you own?
MAC Soft and Gentle – I live on a student’s budget so this counts as a huge splurge!

Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
Annabelle and Marcelle eye shadows (available in Canada), CG and Maybelline mascaras, Carmex

High-end or budget/drugstore?
Drugstore, unless I can justify buying high-end stuff (i.e. I find something that blows my socks off)

Most Expensive: Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. Worth every penny for the beautiful combination of colors

Best Budget Product: Burt’s Bee’s lip shimmer in fig and rhubard as well as the other lip balm. I also love Maybelline Full and Soft mascara

I choose high end mostly, but when it comes to mascara and lip balms, I just choose drug stores.

Most Expensive – Probably my NARS Orgasm / South Beach combo. That was about $40.

Best Budget – Covergirl lipstains, drugstore mascaras in general, China Glaze Nail Varnish

High-end or budget – hmmmm….. Mostly high end, but I do love a budget treat. Currently I’m debating hauling at NYX and ELF to see how they check out…

Most expensive beauty product you own? – DiorSkin Shimmer Amber Diamond. Love it, use it all the time so it was worth it 😉

Best budget beauty product you’ve found? – Covergirl Lashblast – my HG!

High-end or budget/drugstore? – I mostly buy mid to high end but there are a few great drugstore finds.

Most expensive: A Lancome eyeshadow quad, but I cant find it, so it would have to be my MAC brushes.

Best beauty budget: L’Oreal Carbon Voluminous Mascara and Princessa Eyeliner in Dark Brown.

High End or Drugstore: Hmm, it depends on what I want. Foundation : High End. Eyeshadows: High End, Lipstick/Lipgloss: High End. Brow Pencil:Drugstore, Mascara: Drugstore, Nail Polish: Drugstore (check out Milani).

most expensive beauty product – clinique 3 step skincare system
best budget beauty product – covergirl lashblast maybe? or rimmel glam eyes?
high end or drugstore – atm drugstore 🙂

* Most expensive beauty product you own? I would probably have to say my MAC MSF’s. I have two of them. Or the UD Book of Shadows II which I LOVE!
* Best budget beauty product you’ve found? I love Maybelline Full & Soft mascara and the Revlon cream blushes and the Rimmel lipsticks.
* High-end or budget/drugstore? I have a good blend of both. I love my Laguna bronzer and my MAC and UD eye shadows, but also enjoy my Revlon foundations and Maybelline mascaras.

Most expensive beauty product you own? I would have to say the MAC #182 brush! Luckily, I got is a gift!
Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Definitely the Sleek palette (original). It was just under €8 (shipping incl.), which is about $10, I guess? 12 shimmery e/s with CRAZY pigmentation!! If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly encourage you to!
High-end or budget/drugstore? I want to say drugstore but somehow I keep coming back to high end (MAC). I don’t really buy something because it’s either high-end or drugstore, I weigh in worth vs. cost.

Most Expensive: Bobbi Brown foundation…i think it was $42

Best Budget: Milani Eye Tech eye liner….replaced my UD perversion liquid eyeliner, $18 versus $7.

High End or Drugstore: High end..my goal this year is to shop what I have and limit my purchases.

Most expensive beauty product i own would be Guerlain’s Parure Extreme foundation.. i’m simply loving it and would still buy it over and over again… 😀 The best budget beauty product i found is a coastal scents palette in warm tones.. and then my fave brand for high-end cosmetics would be MAC.. as for the drugstore, it would Revlon.. although I’ve been using MAC alot this year…

Most expensive: MAC MSF in Porcelain Pink
Best budget beauty product: CG clear mascara for my eyebrows
High end or drugstore: High end for most things, although I mostly use MAC and I don’t think they’re quite as expensive as some other brands. For mascara though, I haven’t had much luck with high-end!

Most expensive beauty product you own?
umm my mac brushes…

Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
maybelline full n soft waterproof mascara or covergirl lash blast waterproof

High-end or budget/drugstore?
i have most high end makeup at the same time i find my love in drugstores too

Most expensive – Chanel Teint Innocence foundation
Best Beauty Budget item – NYX lipglosses are super-pigmented, last several hours, leave a light stain, but surprisingly cheap! disclaimer – they have a strong cherry taste/smell. Also, can’t forget aquaphor…
High end most definitely. I can’t find many drugstore items that can compete with the texture, colors, and lasting qualities of the high-end beauty items.

Most expensive beauty product you own? NARS Bronzing Brush, I think. I have so many things to look through but this is the 1st one that comes to mind.
Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Really can’t think of anything! Sorry 🙁
High-end or budget/drugstore? Definitely high-end.

* Most expensive beauty product you own?
Probably Armani Luminous Silk fdtn…that’s $62 CAD, I believe. The Bobbi Brown Earth Metal palette was $75 CAD and I picked that up. I’d say around $80 with tax is my limit

* Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
Maybelline Full’n’Soft in Very Black….never clumps, formula stays wearable for months!

* High-end or budget/drugstore?
High-end, hands down!

Most Expensive Beauty Product You Own?
hmm, one of my MAC brushes for sure!

Best Budget Beauty Product You’ve Found?
I have two, Covergirl Lash Blast, and Revlon Colorstay foundation in ivory.

Oh, and
High end or Drugstore?
A mix of both, for some things, I don’t think high end prices are worth it, but I do much prefer going shopping for a new high end product than for something drugstore

High end, definitely.

Budget? I’m a fan of Sinful COlors nail polish, other htan that, i am not really using anything cheap right now. Though I DO love Red Cherry false lashes….

Most expensive beauty product? Umm, Diorskin foundation, Urban Decay book of shadows, or the MUFE cream color palette. But most of htose are collections, so I don’t know if they count.

Most expensive beauty product you own?

YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick or my NARS misfit duo… no I guess its my
UD Book of Shadows

Best budget beauty product you’ve found?

Maybelline colossal lash

High-end or budget/drugstore?


Most expensive beauty product you own?
I got the GHD styler for Christmas! But if we’re talking about my own silly makeup-related splurge, I think it’s my (heavenly) Chanel powder brush.
Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
I used to love the Revlon liquid eyeliner, but now I want to venture into gel or cream liners. Another nice item is the Olay face cloths for taking off makeup, they lather up wonderfully but don’t irritate the eyes!

High-end or budget/drugstore?
I am almost exclusively high-end now. I used to use drugstore foundation, mascara, eyeshadow…not anymore. I’ve found much better (even holy grail) products when I started trying out high-end.

Most expensive beauty product you own? chanel glossimer in Arlequin… which is insane considering its $28 for a gloss but I LOVE it! 🙂
Best budget beauty product you’ve found? NYC liquid liner
High-end or budget/drugstore? work in cosmetics so high end… but there are some greats finds in the drugstore.

Most expensive beauty product: Guerlain Parure Gold Fluid Foundation, La Mr The Treatment Fluid Foundation and Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette
Best budget beauty product: Coastal Scents Palettes
Definitely high-end!

Most expensive beauty product you own? Chanel eye shadow quads
Best budget beauty product you’ve found? NYX glosses and eye shadows, ditto on the Aquaphor
High-end or budget/drugstore? Lots of budget/drugstore makeup is pretty awesome and since it’s inexpensive I can purchase more!

Most expensive beauty product you own?
~Without counting my GHD Pure then it would be the MAC Hello Kitty Kouture Sheer Mystery Powder
Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
~Maybelline Lash Stilleto
High-end or budget/drugstore?
Mostly high end, but if I find a drugstore product that works, then I’ll get it.

most expensive–
urban decay ink for eyes

best budget–
cover girl lash exact or volume exact mascara. they work perfectly on my eyelashes.

high-end or budget–
i like them both. if i can find something inexpensive that works, i’ll stick with it. but i also like to treat myself to the high end stuff sometimes.

Most Expensive is My Nars Sheer Matte Foundation – which i loved when i 1st got it…now i am not so much a fan…

I have 2 and i usually don’t like drugstore store products just for the fact that the ones i loved ended up not being cruelty free…which is loreal…but i am getting back into it… Love Rimmel’s Sexy Curves Mascara and Revlons Creamshadow quads (they make great bases for color poping..i think)

I am more for high end because I always seem to get what you pay for.. but there is always an exception to every rule…

Most expensive beauty product you own? nars casino bronzer
Best budget beauty product you’ve found? sigma kabuki brush
High-end or budget/drugstore?high end i feel like most times you feel items for the eyes are better when you pay more

* Most expensive beauty product you own?
Either Chanel “In Love” Blush or DiorShow Iconic Mascara – I can’t remember which costs more.

* Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
Maybe I’m a snob, but I haven’t found one.

* High-end or budget/drugstore?

Most Exspensive – I cant really think of anything I have that is way exspensive but my everday foundation is like 40 dollars which is still a bit pricey, its the MUFE HD.
Best Beauty Budget – Covergirl LashBlast or the Maybelline Quads.
High End or Drugstore – I tend to lean more towards high end because they have better products but I also do find some great things at the drugstore.

Most expensive: Dior Quint Palettes – Petal Shine & Night Butterfly

Best budget beauty product I’ve found: catrice Stay on! eyeshadow base

High-end or budget drugstore: Mostly budget friendly products, but lately I buy mid-range products, and *some* high-end. 🙂 Mid-range would be MAC, I discovered MAC recently so I’m trying to afford those items I really love from some of their collections.

1. My Pink Clairsonic! Just got it for Christmas!
2. Best Budget is my loreal true match concealer, I think its very comparable to MAC moisturecover or loreal telescopic mascara!
3. I like a mixture of both! I have mostly MAC and Clinique (and you cant beat urban decay and make up forever eyeshadows!), but I prefer drugstore mascara just about 100% of the time!

Most Expensive: Nars Bronzer in Laguna (I don’t have a job till March so $30 is a lot to me lol)
Best Budget Product: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
High End or Drugstore: High End definitely, although I’m not going to write off drugstore because some gems can be cheap.

Most expensive beauty product you own? Revive Microdermabrasion Renewal Creme and Calming Gel $250
Best budget beauty product you’ve found? L’Oreal Jelly Balm
High-end or budget/drugstore? High-end

Most expensive beauty product you own? It’s a tie for the MAC 187 Brush/ Sephora Kabuki Brush/ Dior Amber Diamond

Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Mascaras primarily. BUT I do love Annabelle Cosmetics which gives wonderful eyeshadows at cheap prices.

High-end or budget/drugstore? Depends on what I’m buying – if I can find it cheaper and good quality (i.e. mascaras, some e/s) then I’ll buy them at drugstore. The only things I’ll never buy drugstore again are foundation and concealer since I can’t find one to perfectly match my skintone.

Most expensive beauty product you own? Clarisonic

Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Cover Girl Lash Blast and Essence of Beauty eye brushes

High-end or budget/drugstore? Mostly high end

Most expensive: 24/7 Super stash from Urban decay :O

Best beauty budget: 88 shimmer palette from coastal scents, love it! got it for $20!! w/ shipping! =D

High-end or budget drugstore: both! =D

Most Expensive Beauty Product you own?
Stila’s Smudge Pot in Kitten/Benefit Creaseless Cream eye shadows

Best Beauty Budget Product?
Covergirl’s lashblast waterproof/Maybelline Collosal Volume Waterproof
(also the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses)

High-end or Drugstore?
Neither; I read reviews of stuff that I want to buy, whether it’s high-end or drugstore brands, and I buy based on quality. I think both sides have some great quality stuff, although currently I’m on a student budget so I’m more likely to buy drugstore stuff.

Most expensive: My MAC 182! It’s well worth it though! Love it for Bare Minerals Matte formula!

Best beauty budget: Benefit Beauty on the Go Best Sellers! Only $10 at sephora/sephora.com to try out four of their popular products! Instead of buying them separately for almost $30 each.

High end or drugstore: I prefer what works for me. I always look for budget drugstore only if they don’t test on animals (revlon, nyx.) But high end, I prefer MAC over everything else.

most expensive product? enormous lash conditioner
best budget beauty product? rimmel sexy curve mascara
high-end or budget/drugstore? i prefer high-end product, i think its a better quality, and i like the service; when they help me to pick up the foundation color, etc.

Most expensive: Dior NightDiamond Shimmer (Holiday 2008), it retailed for $80
Best budget beauty product: I love the Nyx jumboliners for eyeshadow base.
High-end or budget/drugstore? I prefer high-end, especially since high end brands allow me to test in the store to see if a color is pigmented, flattering, etc. With drugstore, it’s always a crapshoot.

Most expensive beauty product you own? My Clarisonic Mia & my La Mer (both were gifts)

Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Cover Girl Lash Blast (on sale, $5.99) and Milani Rock & Glow All-Over Glitter Creams ($3.00 each)

High-end or budget/drugstore? for me, it’s about 75/25 high end/budget

Most expensive high end: MAC MineralizeSkinfinish Liquid Foundation
Best budget: The EcoTool brushes!
High end or budget: High end! My face has the LOWEST tolerance for budget! I always breakout. 🙁

I own a lot of expensive things that are like sets, but for a single product that is just uber expensive, I’d have to say my Ojon Body Lotion (I forget the exact name, but it comes in a white tub with a wooden looking screw on top). It was 65.00, but it is the most amazing lotion ever! It’s from an ancient African tribe (Tawaka?), and it smells like chocolate!
Best budget beauty product I’ve found would probably be either the Hard Candy Baked Crush Baked Blushes, or the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks. Actually, the Essence of Beauty Brushes too.
Personally I like high end stuff much better than drug store, but there are always great finds to check out at the drug store too!

Most Expensive Product I Own: My Clarisonic.

Best Budget Beauty Product: I’d say HIP, if it were cruelty free, but I don’t buy it anymore because it isn’t. Not worth it, to me. I have anangled liner brush, which always makes a perfect, thin, precise line. I believe it’s Maybelline.

High End or Budget: High end. For the most part I buy high end, and occasionally I’ll be tempted by some cheaper items. I exclusively buy cheap mascara, though, because mascara is something I never use. I only own one tube and it’s only been used once.

Most expensive beauty product you own? I believe the most expensive item I own is the Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura Duo Highlighter in Golden Snow from this year’s holiday collection. It was $45, which is a little ridiculous for just a powder, but it’s oh-so-cute and I just had to have it. My SO actually bought it as a congratulatory present for me for doing well on my GREs. =)

Best budget beauty product you’ve found? I actually have a few of these, but the one I was most recently super impressed with was the Covergirl Trushine lipsticks. They’re really creamy and super comfortable to wear, have no scent, are non-drying (and I have REALLY dry lips) and pretty decent pigmentation.

High-end or budget/drugstore? To be really honest, I definitely prefer high-end products because I view my makeup routine as my way to pamper myself everyday. I definitely will use whatever works best for me, and if a drugstore item has great reviews then I’ll definitely try it out – especially for staple items like makeup remover, etc… but for color cosmetics – blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, I usually go mid-end or high-end first. As much as I hate to say it, I am definitely greatly influenced by packaging and I just like for my cosmetics to look pretty sitting on my vanity. =)

Most expensive beauty product you own?
-I just ordered the TEMPTU airbrush thingee with two foundations ($280). I’m really excited to try it!

Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
-NYX lipsticks and eye shadows or the Coastal Scents palettes (especially the 88 Warm – love this!). As far as drugstore stuff, I really like the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks and some of their eye shadow quads (although these are much more hit or miss).

High-end or budget/drugstore?
-Almost always high end. I am such a Sephora junkie and a MAC addict.

Most expensive beauty product you own? MAC 182-Couture brush (but I got it for $20 at a warehouse sale)

Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Ponds Cleansing and Makeup Remover Towelettes

High-end or budget/drugstore? If I can get equal or better quality from budget/drugstore brands then I am all for it! However, this isn’t usually the case so I stick to high-end items.

Most expensive beauty product you own? My Clarisonic Mia. I like it but don’t love it the way most people seem to.

Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Mascara — L’Oreal Voluminous, Maybelline Full and Soft — there are a bunch that give me great lashes at a price point gentle enough that I don’t mind pitching them every few months to avoid germs.

High-end or budget/drugstore? Both. While I prefer many of the higher end formulas, the cosmetics companies are so intertwined that you can often find the same/similar enough formulations at the drugstore. I’m good about returning things so that doesn’t deter me from giving something a try. But that just can’t compare to being able to play with dozens of MAC colors at once when trying to decide on a new color.

Most expensive product I own: My MAC 187 or my MAC shadow palette 🙂
Best Budget Beauty Product: Maybelline foundation, even though I do find it to be rather heavy, it has great coverage 🙂
High End or Budget: I would have to say High End because the quality is just amazing. I honestly can’t use any other brushes but my MAC ones! 🙂

Most expensive beauty product: MUFE HD Foundation
Best budget beauty product: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer
High-end or budget/drugstore? Depends on the product! For my skincare I don’t mind spending the money to get high end products but for some bronzers (NYE Sunny) or lipsticks (Revlon Cherries in the Snow) I’ve found great ones at budget prices!

Most expensive: MAC 187 brush

Best beauty budget: I’d have to say L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. I’ve tried millions and nothing can really compare

High end or drugstore: I’ve come to the conclusion high end. I was really always gung ho about not being always about high end but the more I invest, the more I realize that when you spend a little bit more money, you get an even better product.

Most expensive: Guerlain’s Rouge G in grenade

Best budget: Aveeno clean complexion cream cleanser (doesn’t strip my skin!)

I tend to buy high end in alot of makeup because it seems to go on better.

most expensive= lancome eyeshadow quad

best beauty budget= wet n’ wild liquid liner

high-end or budget drugstore= i mix and match them depending on which

products work wells on me, quality is a must and there are drugstore

products that great quality and there are high end products do not

live up to their names. both.

Most expensive: Clarisonic MIA 🙂 Totally love it though.
Best budget beauty product you’ve found: $2 clear brow gel. A clear brow gel is a clear brow gel, not much of a difference in the $2 vs $20 version.
High-end or budget/drugstore? Ehh, I guess I’m more high-end. I tend not to go through the drugstore aisles because I tend to find more misses than hits.

Most expensive – Bobbi Brown Chrome palette

Best budget beauty product – Spectro Gel cleansers and moisturizers

High end vs. drug store – High end is great because I love that at places like MAC and Sephora, you can typically swatch colors (or get product samples made sometimes at Sephora), and even return products if you absolutely hate them. Drug store products, you tend to be stuck with even if you hate it and that is money down the drain.

Most expensive beauty product you own? Guerlain Jeu de Nuit palette
Best budget beauty product you’ve found? L’Oreal true match liquid foundation…I am really pale and find it very hard to find a good colour, and they’re got so many.
High-end or budget/drugstore? High-end unfortunately…I am a bit addicted to Lancome and Chanel, and I’d be even more addicted to Guerlain if I could afford it.

* Most expensive beauty product you own?
My Graftobian Hi def creme neutral cream foundation palette & Hi def powder palette

* Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
$10 Profusion sheer eyeshadow palette
Loreal Hip Metallic Eyeliner & Shadows
Wet&Wild lipliner in 999
Monistat Anti-chafe gel as a primer
Rimmel eyebrow pencil
Milani gloss & eyeshadows

* High-end or budget/drugstore?
Mix of both. Why limit yourself?

Most expensive would probably be Renova. Best buy is Rosebud Salve at just $6.00, a small miracle. I definately like high end for most things. You do get what you pay for in most cases but I do check them out by sampling before I commit.

Mia cleansing system from Clarisonic=most expensive & worth every dime. Also developed a pricy addiction to YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks at an unfortunate $34 a pop; again, worth every dime.
Best budget buy is NYX Megashine lipgloss in Natural: very pigmented, almost a perfect dupe for MAC Lust and I like the smell, which apparently makes everyone else on here gag, lol.
I alternate between high-end stores for brands like Chanel & YSL but love looking for fun bargains at Ulta, a great place to spend an hour (or 3!) hanging out, looking at new brands.

* Most expensive beauty product you own? Clarisonic by far

* Best budget beauty product you’ve found? Sonia Kushak eye make-up remover

* High-end or budget/drugstore? High end for most cosmetics, mostly drug store for most skin care

Most expensive beauty product you own?
MAC Hello Kitty eye shadow palettes $38.00

Best budget beauty product you’ve found?
L’Oreal Hip Chrome eye liners $10.00

High-end or budget/drugstore?
High end for the most part but I find little treasures at the drug store from time to time.

Most expensive beauty product I own would probably have to be my clipless curling iron ($150).

My best budget beauty product is defintely Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Mascara.

Without a doubt I love my high end goodies!!!

most xpensive- the shu uemura and tsumori chisato ribbon palette that im yet to use…. :$ (or does the GHD count?)

best beauty budget- im gonna not be original and say Lashblast. the best mascara i’ve ever used.

high end or drugstore- ive live in singapore and the drugstore makeup is basically non- existent. there’s a loreal, a maybelline and a revlon and that’s it. and they even dont have all the products. also highend makeup is a tad cheaper than, say, Australia. so yes id rather buy one highend thing all month than little drugstore things.

Most expensive beauty product you own – Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder
Best budget beauty product you’ve found – The whole NYX range
High-end or budget/drugstore – I have a mixture but definitely prefer high end

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