Summer 2008 – Guerlain – Meteorites Collection Perles


Météorites Perles | Light-diffusing perfecting primer, a cosmetic revolution. All the “light” expertise of MÉTÉORITES in a light-diffusing base with magical correcting and perfecting pearls, from Guerlain. Suspended in a cool, clear gel, the pearls transform into a magical base that enhances the complexion for a totally natural look. It evens out imperfections and gives the skin instant radiance. A divine alchemy that is at once make-up and skincare, it produces a naturally fresh,
radiant and healthy complexion. Delicate pink pearls, containing the new generation of matt MÉTÉORITES pearls, freshen the complexion and enhance a radiant glow without adding shine. The pearls also contain absorbing powders to neutralise any excess sebum, while a silicon polymer helps conceal blemishes and smooth away fine lines to gently even out the
complexion with a matte finish. Skin is soft, dazzling and perfect even before make-up.

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Météorites Poudre de Perles | Illuminating perfecting pressed powder… precious Meteorites. For the first time, MÉTÉORITES expertise has been transformed into a compact: Pearls of light are trapped inside an ultra-refined travel case, so you can enhance the skin’s natural radiance at any time. Using the innovative technology of sparkling multicoloured micro particles, the pearls form a high-tech powder that accentuates light, conceals and transforms the complexion without adding shine. With a new exclusive MÉTÉORITES design, the ingenious pearls of light in this new Illuminating Perfecting Pressed Powder are compacted together in rows of pink and beige. The correcting colour in the centre is surrounded by shades that lift and illuminate the complexion on one side, and by shades that even out the complexion, on the other.

  • Mythic Parfait: instant radiance | In the centre, a green pearl reduces redness whilst pink and white are combined to illuminate the complexion.
  • Rose Frais: freshness | Feel the delicious sensation of freshness on lightly tanned skin.The white pearl brightens the
    complexion, whilst the two pink shades make the face look fresh and radiant with an even complexion.
  • Beige Lumineux: creating a luminous matt effect | The purple pearl brightens the complexion, whilst the two beige shades give the face a soft flawless look.

Kisskiss Pearl Gloss | From KISSKISS GLOSS to KISSKISS PEARL GLOSS, a new member of the family From the art of gloss to the art of glow, KISSKISS GLOSS marries extreme shine and radiance. Since spring 2007 it has been captivating us with: Sparkling shine: sparkling, pearly or pure as a diamond, the lips become a jewel and the smile becomes a beautiful adornment. Rich colours: radiant yet subtle. Consistency: surprising for a gloss, it does not stick and does not leave a thick coat. Simply delicate and soft. Look: a slender bottle with a white gold top designed by Hervé Van der Straeten. Easy application: its extra flat brush is neither too soft nor too stiff and glides over the lips like a dream. Using this cutting-edge technology, these microscopic glass pearls magnify the visual impact of pigments and enhance the diffusion of light.

  • 800 Crystal Pearl
  • 847 Champagne Pearl
  • 822 Amethyst Pearl
  • 867 Pink Pearl
  • 846 Coral Pearl
  • 868 Opal Pearl

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