Storage Solutions: Wine Racks for Hair Products & Salad Bowls for Lipgloss

Large Wine Rack ($59.99) This could be a really sophisticated way of storing a lot of bottles. I look at all of the different hair products I have milling about in my bathroom, and wine racks seem like they just might be a great way to store them all. Especially if I lived in my own house and used a mountable wine rack! But even so, if you have some under-the-sink room, this could fit nicely and keep things within reach. I like this particular one because the bottles can be shorter and various sizes without falling out. By the way, if you find a CD rack like this? Use it for lipgloss!

Check out this fun glass bowl set for counter top storage!

Cylinder Salad Bowls – Set of 4 ($19.99) These dishes have a good height (four inches), and they don’t have lids, which makes them ideal for fitting lipglosses, lipsticks, etc. and keeping them on your bathroom or vanity counter top.