Storage Solutions – Little Baby Drawers & Shelving to Save Space

Medium Countertop Storage Unit – Set of 6 ($59.99) These actually come in small, medium, and large, so you can look for the size(s) that make the most sense to you. I think I used the medium or large ones through college, and I found them to work out really well. I liked them for things that just had no rhyme or reason – like hair ties and head bands. Just things that wouldn’t stack or organize very well.

Have your own home? Like to put holes in the wall? Boy, do I have a great solution for you!

Metal Photo Shelf ($29.99) Shelving is a fantastic way to make use of empty wall space, especially empty bathroom wall space. I like these in particular because of the slight lip, which allows for things not to go rolling off so easily. I think shelving would be great for all of those daily items we leave out on the counter top – like makeup remover, cleansers, moisturizers, etc.