Storage Solutions: How-to Store Your Brushes

Sephora Brand Makeup Artist Brush Belt Make Up Artist Brush Belt ($42.00) This is a nifty way to store all of your brushes in one fell swoop. You can wear it around your waist for easy grab and go. You might even feel like a bit of a super hero 🙂 If you don’t have quite as many brushes as the image above, you can probably roll it up, too!Otherwise, if yours is so full, you just fold it in half and call it a day.

Check out another brush storage solution…

Make Up For Ever Dany Kit ($35.00) This is a brush canister/case. It reminds me a lot of a pencil case (and by all means, seek out a back-to-school pencil case instead for a cheaper alternative). These are also really great for travel.The big drawback for these is simply they’re not that large, so you might need multiple ones or different solutions for all of your brushes.