Storage Solutions: Getting Creative with Utensil Drawers & Tiered Serving Dishes

Versailles Porcelain Serving Rack Set with 3 Dishes ($29.99) Imagine this on your bathroom counter top. It’s classy, and it’s tiered, which means it uses less counter space by utilizing vertical space instead. Depending on exactly how deep each serving dish is, you can store different items. But I could definitely see some pigments, glosses, loose eyeshadows, or just your everyday staples in here for sure.

I have another tried and true storage solution… check it out!

Metro Utensil Drawer Organizer ($14.99) Silverware drawers used to be my go-to for all my storage needs, because they were cheap and handy. I tended to pick up mine from discount stores like Ross or TJ Maxx, but shop as you wish. A lot of places carry an assortment of silverware drawers — some are even wood-based. It’ll just depend on your needs. If you’re really crafty, you may even make your own canvas cover.