Storage Show Offs – Tekoa Shares Hers

Today we have Tekoa sharing her storage solution for her beauty products!  Let her tell you all about it!

1) A view of my makeup area. It’s all done here in the bathroom.

Check out the rest…

2) The countertop view. Frequently used items like my brushes and lipsticks are put here. The stuff on the ledge is unpotted things and my liquid liners. It’s functional and I think it’s pretty. Unpotted eye shadows go mostly on the right and cheek stuff to the left.

3) Right counter. This is all my lipsticks. Most I put in the plastic container. The extra ones (hail Fafi!) stand to the right of that until I get another container.

4) Middle counter: I’ve skillfully acquired some mugs to hold my pretties. Brushes go in the corner black mug. The plastic middle container holds my lip glosses. Pencil eye liners, lip liners and mascara have a home in the right mug. You can see the Liquidlasts and glitter liners behind the brushes.

5) Left Counter: Stuff I use so much that putting it behind the mirror or in the drawer is a waste of energy. To the right is pro pallets and whatever premade pallets I’m into that week.

6) Jewelry armoire. The four bottom shelves hold beauty products.

7) Bottom drawer: Holds hair stuff and prescription acne creams.

8) Second bottom drawer: Makeup I don’t use very much or I don’t like.

9) Third bottom drawer: Empty quad pallets.

10) Fourth bottom drawer: Various pallets I’m not playing with at the moment.

11) Cabinet behind the mirror:  Top shelf has stuff I use regularly, but not every day.

11) Cabinet behind the mirror: Bottom shelf is my perfume collection and a few random items.

12) The drawer: Left plastic container has my paints and paint pots. Above the oval container are cheek products I rarely use, or haven’t depotted yet. The square plastic container has the fluidlines. Above the square container are my Beauty Powders. To the right are my loose pigments, either from MAC or Innocence. The drawer is under the counter.

13) Palettes: Eye shadow or blush lies within. The labels (first row down) are Browns, Gibblits, and Purple/Pink. The labels (second row down) say Grey/Pink, Blush. Blue/Green.

13) The inside of Browns and Grey/Pink pallets. They aren’t labeled on the inside because I move them around a lot.

14) Browns and blushes.

15) The inside of Purple/Pink and Blue/Green.

16) Pigment close-up. Innocence jars are about half the size of MAC jars. I wish MAC would adopt the Innocence top design. I’ve never seen Innocence outside Calgary.

17) Siamese kitten: Luna investigates the situation. She can often be found sitting in the bathroom, watching me as I apply makeup. She isn’t a storage solution, but she’s darn cute!