Storage – Confessions of a Beauty Addict

Confessions of a Beauty Addict: When your collection looms before you, growing by leaps and bounds, and you have no self-control to stop it from exploding, that is when you know you are a beauty addict.  I spent tonight going through boxes of products I hadn’t yet organized to come up with a better system than a bunch of cardboard boxes scattered about my living room!  I didn’t include a few things, like my MAC eyeshadow/blush palettes and regular, everyday products since they’re totally strewn all over my bathroom countertop, but there’s only so much one girl can organize in one night!

We all know I use a TV stand/dining cabinet as my main makeup storage, so some of this is old, but I did have to find homes for a whole lotta stuff… which means plenty of new things to see.

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Check out my storage solution to the madness…

Left side of the TV stand: top shelf has perfumes in the back, along with some nail polishes, and then a silverware drawer filled with pigments and beauty powders; second shelf has a plastic tray from Ikea that holds non-MAC, but high-end products (Dior, Chanel, etc.) as well as two boxes (also from Ikea) that hold anti-aging/eye creams and high-end body creams.

Right side of TV stand: top shelf contains two silverware drawers filled with MAC pigments, eyeshadows, quads, blushes, and lashes; second shelf contains a silverware drawer with MAC cream-based products (fluidlines, CCBs, paint pots), some loose powders, and mascaras, while the plastic tray holds more high-end non-MAC; and the bottom shelf contains two boxes (from Ikea) that contain all my lower end body creams and cleansers.

Hall closet: both photos show products I’ve tried, have yet to try, or tried and didn’t love.  There’s also a big box o’ brand new MAC.  This is the “beauty blogger’s” closet, for sure!

When it’s all laid out together…

Two silverware drawers filled with beauty powders, pigments, and pre-made quads/palettes.

Two more silverware drawers filled with more powders, paint pots, fluidlines, etc., potted eyeshadows, blushes, and lashes.  I have a lot of depotting to do some night!

Top left square container has my high-end body creams; second top left container holds my foot/underarm products (ha!), and the top right rectangular container holds products I’ve tried that have no homes. The big square container on the bottom is all MAC products are potential contest prizes if I manage to resist digging into them!  The right bottom square container holds a bunch of random balms and glosses.

Bottom left box containers products I need to try, as does the lovely box next to it!  The middle right rectangular container holds products for traveling (a bunch of Aveda stuff!).  This picture pretty much shows what I will be testing and reviewing later on in the blog for the next month or two.

The top left plastic container houses my high-end non-MAC makeup products (Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Lancome, etc.).  The bottom left rectangular container holds a lot of cleansers/face products.  The bottom right plastic container holds my NARS, Px, extra foundations, and a gaggle of mascaras.

Top left box shows more giveaway products, while the rectangular box below it houses a lot of anti-aging/cream products.  The bottom left box containers my lower end body creams (like B&BW).  The boxes on the right contain products I will be playing with soon.

As you can see, I am really trying to expand what it is reviewed on the blog by having so many different brands and types of products represented in my to-try boxes.  I want to be able to make cross-brand comparisons, as well as operate a blog that gives people product ideas that aren’t just high end.  I have been working to increase the amount of drugstore brands that I try to better represent the entire price spectrum on the blog!

Storage products: