Do you still do full makeup if you're just going to be home for all (or most) of the day?

Do you still do full makeup if you’re just going to be home for all (or most) of the day? Share!

Yes, absolutely!! In fact, pre-blogging days, I often would wear little to no makeup during the day but then go crazy when I got home playing with color!

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breyerchic04 Avatar

If I have something new I want to play with, sure. If not, no not really, except I do tend to wear a tinted lip balm that will make me at least a little more confident.

artemis Avatar

It depends….I’m sick of always spending half or more of my make up time covering my skin in layers and layers of different foundations and concealers, so if I got nowhere to go, I won’t do that. If I feel creative, I would only put a bit of foundation under my eyes(doesn;t cover much cause I’m very dark and reddish purple there, but it makes the eyeshadows stand out a bit more compared to this area) and do an eye look….and maybe lipstick/gloss.

Jade Avatar

No, actually! I have to be going somewhere to bother with makeup, it’s the oddest thing. I often think that I should, so I can play around with colours and products which don’t get much use otherwise.

vicky Avatar

Oh no, and I think we should once in a while have a make-up free day. Leave the skin all natural without anything on. Just moisturizer or/and sunscreen

KaseyCannuck Avatar

I won’t necessarily do a full face makeup, but weekends are the days where I’ll randomly grab one of my many mineral eyeshadows and create a look around that colour. If I decide to leave the house anyway then I’m good to go.

Mariella Avatar

Yes – whether I’m at home or going to work, I wear pretty much the same amount of makeup unless I’m going to be working in the garden or going to yoga, etc. – anything where I’ll be warm and sweaty (then it’s just sunscreen). But I enjoy wearing makeup and so, just like wearing fragrance, it is something I do almost all the time.

Nikki J. Avatar

The only thing I wear in the comfort of my home is lip balm so my lips won’t dry out. Other than that, I don’t care to be bothered with applying my makeup.

ericca Avatar

I wear makeup like you do in your pre blogging days. I usually wear makeup one or twice a week or when I get a real itch. Most of the time I am looking at things after work

Michelle Avatar

Thanks for posting my question. πŸ™‚ I’m really curious to see what others say. Sometimes I’m alone in the office during the day (small office) and many times I show up in almost no makeup cause I figure no one is going to see me anyway. It’s funny though – some days I will do my “full makeup” and as weird as this sounds – I feel more productive and happier on those days. So I guess I have to think about it differently and do it for ME, regardless of who may or may not see my efforts. πŸ™‚

Brenda Avatar

Lately I have been – at 9 months pregnant I feel SO much better if I put on makeup no matter what! You know, hide the tired dark circles & uneven skintone (thanks hormones LOL), try to beef up my dwindling lashes. I have recently discovered EL Double Wear LIght – I’m impressed!
Before I was married I would play around with makeup all the time at home and not wear much when going to school.

Emmy Avatar

When I’m just at home all day I usually don’t wear any make up at all because I discovered that my skin is a lot healthier if it has some “days off” compared to how it used to be when I wore make up every day, I don’t break out anymore. An exception is when I am trying out new products or looks for my blog, I also do that on at home days, or right now I’m starting to try different make up looks and hairstyles for my brother’s upcoming prom so I do that on at home days instead of going out shopping with a fancy updo and flashy make up lol

BTW If anyone has Β΄nice pictures or tutorials for eye make up combining teal and purple let me know =)

Emily Avatar

Definitely! The weekends are prime time to play with makeup. First of all, I’m in no rush to get anywhere, so there’s plenty of time to try new things. Second, if I’m trying something really different, I like wearing it around the house for the day to see if I really feel comfortable wearing it, or I’ll go to the grocery store to see if I get any strange glances. I’d rather try a new look around strangers than my co-workers!

Lauren Avatar

Yes. I wear makeup. Maybe a little less than usual, but I feel blah when my face looks blah. I don’t wear makeup to impress others. I wear it for myself so that I like what I see in the mirror.

ceebee_eebee Avatar

HELL no. When I’m home all day I don’t even get dressed! If I need to run out for a quick errand or something I’ll put on a bright lipstick and call it a day.

Lee Avatar

Nah, I never wear any make-up if I’m just home all day (a lot of times I won’t even shower as I think it’s good for your skin and hair to take a day off). If I go out to run errands, it’s just mascara and lipgloss. I save my full face looks for work or going out in the evenings.

Eileen Avatar

In general, yes I do. I wear makeup to please myself first and foremost. If it makes me appear more attractive to other people, that is a wonderful bonus. The exception would be if I were going to be doing some task and I knew I’d be getting grungy. On those occasions I just apply skincare and sunscreen, pull my hair up into a pony tale, and get to it.

Lisa Avatar

No way! I enjoy giving my skin a rest. I consisder those days beauty treatment days and indulge in special masks, etc. but I still wear gloss!

Helene Avatar

I do. I find it a good way to try new ideas, try to copy a look or just play and see what happens. Oh, and I do go outside every day, walking the dog.

issy Avatar

No really. When I have a complete day at home I normally use that time to give my skin a deep cleansing and then a hydrating or firming mask ( or both) of some sort. Also because my hair is dry I put it on a ponytail and apply coconut oil or some rich hair mask and stay with it as max as possible. Then i wash it at night.

issy Avatar

oops: i forgot, if I have a (rare) superdisciplined day i do try taking extra care of feet, hands and nails and all body, generally with coconut oil as well. So I become a human salad with all this oily stuff all over. If it happens that I take that day at my parents’ my mum insists on putting her home made mayonaisse in my hair, as a mask. She loves the stuff .. and of course we eat the leftovers……

kellly Avatar

I totally do. I wear makeup every day except sometimes when I’ve been really too sick to get up and get dressed. Makeup for me is part of getting dressed and looking nice.

Denise Avatar

It depends on my mood. Generally if i know I’m going to be at home all day with no chance of going out then I’ll be schlepping around in my onesie with no makeup to give my skin a break. If I’m only going to do grocery shopping then I’ll put some foundation on with some mascara and liquid eyeliner and a bit of lip gloss (just in case I run into someone and I don’t want to scare them!).

Mari Avatar

If I am staying home all day just lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara but if I will be out at all then yes full makeup. Just 6 months ago I would go completely natural all day every day. I did know much about makeup but now I just really like it.

Maya Avatar

To me, makeup isn’t about looking presentable in public. (If you choose to wear it or not is fine either way by me!) It’s definitely more about having fun and being creative. I go out of the house without makeup all the time, and will stay at home all day with a smokey eye look, haha. In fact, playing with different looks at home can be the most fun! Whether or not I wear it just depends on my mood

Alison Avatar

Oh, absolutely! I can honestly say that even when I’m home alone or sick I just love makeup and can’t resist it. Every time I’m going to wash my face it’s tempting to get out my makeup and play.

Doreen G. Avatar

I wear it sometimed but only because I Love
Playing with makeup, trying different Look’s
and color’s. I’m a makeup junky:)

Kat Avatar

Sometimes I’ll apply eyeliner and mascara, once again because I look like a zombie without the definition. If I’m alone alone, which isn’t often, then I most likely wouldn’t.

Chloe Avatar

Never a full face, but home is a good place for experimentation. There was a week straight where I had just received some lipstick samples in the mail, and I basically put on a different one everyday just to go play Skyrim in my pajamas. Good times!

Jackie Avatar

Usually, no. If I’m staying home all or most of the day, I usually like to give my face a chance to breathe and go makeup-free for a while. I may occasionally try on a lipstick or blush, but that’s about the extent of it if I’m staying home.

Jane Avatar

Nope. I don’t wear any makeup at home and haven’t for years. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to give your face a day off from makeup; skin care is an everyday thing, though. I’ve learned how to put together a five minute face that means I can get ready quickly if something delightful pops up. I will try new products on an ‘at home’ day, because that way I can remove the results immediately and try again if I get an ‘unexpected’ result. I’ve learned the hard way that it can be a bit of a disaster when I’m on a tight time schedule and I have to remove and reapply. Bottom line: I love makeup and beauty products because they are terrific ‘enhancers’ but I don’t think I’m terrible to look at bare-faced either.

Candice Avatar

I wear more makeup when I’m at home than I do on work days, generally. I have more time to play around with it and I feel more free to be bold in my colour choices too than at the office. Makeup really is a hobby for me, something I do when I have extra time, it’s not really a habit.

Rachel P. Avatar

I love doing this. It’s my favorite time to practice/experiment/just play with all my products and colors! My day jobs are relatively conservative, so my work looks are pretty minimal/natural. I know I shouldn’t wear makeup when I’m not going to be showing it off (per se) because my skin needs to breathe, but there’s plenty of time for that at night, right? πŸ™‚

AbigailOD Avatar

Absolutely – or at least I have! It was such a great outlet for me when I had my second baby and decided to extend my maternity leave. It was my green light to start my day with a skip and it has always lifted my mood! Oh, good memories! To this day, I would wear my boldest, brightest lipsticks at home for no specific reason.

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