Step Into My Shoes – Dry, oily, what!

NEW COLUMN ALERT! Step Into My Shoes is a new column that I am testing out that will revolve around “what if” scenarios. The point is for you to put yourself into the person’s shoes and come up with remedies for them, and offer any advice you can for them. Sometimes the scenarios might be outlandish, ridiculous, hilarious, or totally and utterly applicable and serious. You are welcome to submit your own scenarios, too! Just e-mail them to [email protected].

SCENARIO: I have skin that is dry, dull and has clogged pores, but also has oil on top. Some spots are worse than others (for both the oil and the dryness). If I moisturize to try to help the dry skin, it just gets oilier and lightweight moistuizers don’t work at all. Exfoliating is a no no (most of the time) since I use prescription acne gel that will irritate my skin if I use exfoliant while using it. Is there any mask/toner/peel/anything to make my dull sensetive skin radiant?

Situation courtesy of Sadie!