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Sneak Peek: Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette Photos & Swatches

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($26.50 for 0.50 oz.) includes ten matte eyeshadows (mostly warm-toned neutrals). Here are swatches:

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Palette Look | Look Breakdown

Zoeva Matte Palette Look | Look Breakdown

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These look very pretty, and I love my Zoeva Taupe palette; I even like the names of the shadows…but why, oh why, are there sooo many warm matte palettes? What’s a chick have to do to get a decent, cool matte palette, for heaven’s sake?

If you’ve never checked out theBalm, their Meet Matt(e) palette has mostly cool colors. And then their Meet Matte(e) Nude palette is a good mix of cool, neutral and warm.

Pretty darn nice looking palette! Thankfully, I can quite easily dupe it with the gazillions of warm toned shades I basically hoarded from MAC and ABH MR palette. Now I’m feeling inspired to go do a brighter, more fiery look than my 20+ experiments I’ve conducted with Viseart Chroma in an effort to find a way to use it that truly flatters and makes my eyes pop. I finally had major success yesterday, so time to do something easier!

I’ve perused the Zoeva site and I want this — and all the other eyeshadow palettes! I’m hoping the brand comes to the U.S. via Sephora since it’s available at Sephora’s Australian site. I know I can order directly from Zoeva but I’m trying to restrain myself.

I guess the theme of 2017 is going to be lots of really, really warm toned palettes? I did wind up buying the Queen of Hearts palette, and WOW I love the looks I get out of it way more than I expected to–but I can’t imagine needing more than one palette of that kind. At least, for my coloring (now, if the new “in” thing becomes lots of cool toned palettes, I’m going to be in trouble)!

This does look like a really nice offering of matte shadows, particularly for the price. I hope it reviews well!

Whoa, this palette appears to be GORGEOUSLY pigmented and smooth. I was literally JUST looking at the Zoeva brushes yesterday contemplating giving them a try. Now, here I am getting suckered into this gorgeous eye palette after I successfully dodged the financial bullet of the Viseart Warm Mattes. Does it EVER end? I am sure the review for this is hotly anticipated by all of us! I also wouldn’t mind if you picked up a couple of the brushes and gave us your thoughts, but that’s just me being greedy! ^.^

Those swatches are impressive! Strange that the weakest shade is the dark brown, it’s usually not the hardest color to do well. I’m not into red-based shades, but the quality looks great.

I know we’re seeing a warm palette overload these two years, and I had originally planned to get the Viseart warm neutral only… But the more I think of it, the more I feel like I will get more use of the colors in this Zoeva palette than the Viseart. I do love viseart mattes formula a ton, so it’s a tough decision (Hi people who got ABH modern renaissance + Huda Beauty + Queen of Hearts + Kylie Burgundy + Violet Voss Holy Grail + Juvia’s place palettes, etc,.. how’s it going? How’s the new year resolution going on?)
I have been very impressed by the mattes in Zoeva’s new palettes (love the collection of Caramel Melange, Blanc Fusion along with Cocoa Blend altogether). I own 6 Zoeva palettes so far, and this one looks particularly promising. I WANNA HAVE THEM ALL. Oh and the price is super great… maybe I should skip Viseart?

I love Zoeva…had a bunch of things for their holiday sale, but the new payment portal just wouldn’t work. I was heartsick. En Taupe is my favorite neutral palette ever, though I would call both it and their cool matte cool-friendly, rather than cool. Their brushes are decent, maybe a tad better than IT or RT, imo. Huge selection, as they we’re originally a brush co, and budget friendly. This palette will be fun, if I manage to be able to pay for it. As to the Aussie Sephora…that always surprised me, bec even with the price hike, which was noticeable, they are not in Sephora price bracket, when it comes to USD. It’ll be nice to see the dupes, assuming you review it. I have restrained on MR to date. Zoeva has a warm neutrals bigger palette as well, but this one is much more fiery. Quite orange, and my old oranges are very panned or dented. For Van, who noted the Hopper references, LOVE HOPPER, my fave xmas card ever was an Art Institue of Chicago parody of Nighthawks, with santa and the reindeer. Hopper is beyond awesome. Go, Zoeva.

I received an email from Zoeva about two days ago advertising this palette and have had it in my cart since then. I was hoping to see swatches before purchasing and low and behold here they are.? It’s a pretty palette. Looking forward to the review.?

Hmm, I have been wanting to try out Zoeva. Generally speaking do most of their palettes swatch like this? I can’t do another warm orange palette. I was looking into the Cool Spectrum one but have heard nothing about the quality.

Christine has placeholders for swatches, so cool spectrum is probably at the back of the pipeline. There is always an onslaught of new stuff for her to review. Google it, and there are a ton of reviews and swatches. I doubt that there’s anything below a B or B-. I like it, but don’t pull it out as often as I should. Helll, don’t wear eyeshadow as often as I should! Zoeva has so many great palette choices for eyes, but the cheek quads don’t entice me. Also would like to look into their new lip products. Does anyone know if the Douglas stores in the US carry Zoeva? Douglas seems to be Z’s main outlet in Germany. I’d love to see Zoeva as a higher end brand at Ulta. Ulta must be sick of me making suggestions. But Ulta has small selections of Essence and Catrice….so they do business with Cosnova, a major German drugstore cosmetics conglomerate. So, it’s not as if they are not familiar with the German import bit. Do wish that Z were more readily available.

Thanks! I wasn’t really asking Christine, but more of the general readership what their experiences were with the brand. Personally I have found I trust the opinions and reviews of the readers here vs a random google search where it can be difficult to gauge the sincerity of the review.

I would also love for a store like Ulta to pick up brands like Zoeva. Im not familiar with Douglas stores (Im in the midwest we don’t have a lot of variety of stores), I was under the impression the only way to purchase the brand in the US was through the website.

Aside from the naked palettes, I don’t think I have seen a palette duped so many times in recent memory by so many other companies. Modern Renaissance really had an impact 2016/2017 huh?
Can anyone think of other palettes that really influenced other brands this much?

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