Sneak Peek: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils (Spring 2017) Photos & Swatches

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

On February 14th, there will be 10 new shades in the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($27.00 for 0.08 oz.), which is a jumbo-sized pencil that’s supposed to have “full-coverage color.” NARS included all the other permanent shades in the range when they sent samples, so I ended up swatching all of those shades as well. The new shades include: Get Off, Intriguing, Do Me Baby, Famous Red, Let’s Go Crazy, Pussy Control, Dirty Mind, Endangered Red, Unspoken, and Lonely Heart. The new shades launch exclusive at NARS and Sephora on the 14th and will be available at all other retailers May 4th.


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Kelley Avatar

I guess Francois Nars is a Prince fan……lol. As if I needed another reason to pick up some of these awesome new shades. I will definitely be getting “Do Me Baby” and “Let’s Go Crazy”. #princefanforlife

Kelley Avatar

OMG, I love Dirty Mind! The other Prince ones just aren’t colors I’d really wear but, yeah, I’m thinking I might just end up getting all of the Prince ones anyway, lol.

Sophie Avatar

Why would you be disappointed? NARS is brand that became famous for product names like orgasm and deep throat (you do know what that means, right?) François Nars as a makeup artist has done provocative work in his own right, including working on Madonna for her notorious SEX book. It’s right up the brand’s alley to pay tribute to an icon who, early in his career, used makeup to defy signifiers of gender and explored thought-provoking topics through stimulating titles. The song actually is about empowerment and the high road. As Prince himself explained on the house mix of Pussy Control:

This is a tale about control /
Feline, that is /
But please don’t be a victim of the 30 second bite /
Listen 2 the words carefully /
They are meant 2 uplift and enlighten /
All the members of the female persuasion /
So that no woman ever becomes a slave.

ShariP Avatar

Just because someone famous does anything doesn’t mean we have to support it. I don’t see how using a derogatory term, pussy–and that word is used more to demean a woman than not. I dont see how it empowers a woman.

I’ve read more often than not here on that we are all tired of cosmetic companies using names such as these. It’s time they stop.

markiebamboo Avatar

I love it. I am shocked he did so many Prince inspired names for his new products, but pleasantly pleased. No Raspberry Beret? Too obvious? Anyways It’s called Makeup Art so if people don’t want it they don’t have to buy it. But Nars, Kat Von D. Many companies have products which some may find offensive. I like that they take the risk. Don’t buy it if you don’t like it, but we are all grown and the arguments and complaints get old fast. First world problems I guess.

Maggie Avatar

Thank you Sophie!! You have enlightened and educated many complaining on this post, I couldn’t have said it any better. They should make a Nars “Prince/ Purple Rain collection, I would buy it and i know plenty of women that would buy it too.

SNH Avatar

Pussy control is a Prince song (he btw pushed and supported women in Music)- during the W March there were many signs that went along the lines, “Prince is the only Pussy Control” or “You are not Prince- Hands off my Pussy” etc. I thought it was really clever and as I was reading the names of the Nars lippies it gave me a chuckle as it reminded me of the W March and all the signs. Not all things are literal.

Nancy T Avatar

SNH, that’s it exactly. It’s not about sex. It is about a woman who has full control over who she will give herself to, and she only will give herself to the one she loves. Yet, because this is quite a misunderstood song title and now the name of a lipstick, I just don’t know that I would feel comfortable saying this name out loud should someone ask what my very pretty purple lipstick is called. It’s a very “grey” territory.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Avatar

That’s the name of a classic Prince song (hence the purple-ish colour). Several of the new shades are named after Prince’s work. Y’all young ‘uns ought to learn your music history. 😉

Pagesn Avatar

Colleen, ditto, I guess since Orgasm made them so rich, now do me baby, get off and dirty mind?? really? And, you know these are just lip pencils, BUT some will buy them ,for the names too as the colors are pretty, I love Christine’s blog, she is the best in the world and does us a great service, tremendous service, so I understand her showing these the same as others, but personally,, I am disgusted with Nars mental game of put nasty on it and it will sell, I was going to check out one of the new pencils, but saw these names, Do me baby and Nars lost my business, for good, I will stick to Mac, and hope they do not get as low-minded as Nars,but CHRISTINE, YOU THE BEST BEAUTY BLOGGER IN THE WWW, AND TY FOR ALL YOU DO LADY , YOU ARE THE BEST.

Alix Avatar

Famous Red looks promising… it’d be great if 413BLKR were widely available… why “Red Square” if it’s flat-out orange?… wish Bettina looked as good on me as it does on you, Christine — it washes me right out!

P Jill Avatar

I feel a little annoyed at yet another crayon form lip product (and am ready for this trend to die) It forces me to apply product differently than I would normally with a regular lipstick “bullet”– because of its narrow point. Although it may not seem like a big deal, after using the Hourglass lip styles for a couple of weeks, I do not like it.

Renee Avatar

If I may, Pussy Control is actually the name of a Prince song from his Gold album. It’s labeled “P Control” sometimes as well. Looks like Mr Nars is paying homage to Prince as a few of these are named after his songs. If you can find it online, or at least the lyrics, you will find that it is actually a song about female empowerment, and not at all dirty.

Renee Avatar

Prince was taking away from the dirty connotation of the word itself and giving it an empowering message. I have, like many other women, experienced things that we should never be subject to, but though experience and this catchy Prince song, I’ve come to learn I can say “no” and be in control, and teach my daughter as well. I hope others learn that this is a song with a MESSAGE, and not merely Prince taking vulgar liberty.

Truly, he was always far ahead of his time. <3

Anime Avatar

Whoa, I thought Urban Decay was the only brand that rubbed me the wrong way with their names and bad lip formulas. It always breaks my heart to see lip products wear poorly, especially for you, who can rock ANY lip. NARS will probably not be making it to my makeup table in 2017. I’d say the most consistent looking one was Bahama. I like the coverage it appears to have and I think the color suits you FABULOUSLY, Christine!

Ginny Avatar

Maybe it’s just me but some of these shades seem different. Like I remember Never Say Never being more lavender. Maybe I just haven’t checked these out in a while. Excited for reviews, I like the Nars pencils.

Deborah S. Avatar

Okay, so I am really torn here. I love some of the shades and would normally love anything with a reference to Prince and there are songs he wrote without the hypersexualized references but I am not sure I want to continue to support the makeup industries desire to name products with such trashy names that you would be embarrassed to say them in public. I know it is kind of ridiculous of me to love Prince music with those same sexualized names but for me the makeup is different. Weird I know but that’s how it is. I just can’t wear a lipstick called “Pussy Control” or “Do Me Baby”.

Pagesn Avatar

Colleen, ditto, I guess since Orgasm made them so rich, now do me baby, get off and dirty mind?? really? And, you know these are just lip pencils, BUT some will buy them ,for the names too as the colors are pretty, I love Christine’s blog, she is the best in the world and does us a great service, tremendous service, so I understand her showing these the same as others, but personally,, I am disgusted with Nars mental game of put nasty on it and it will sell, I was going to check out one of the new pencils, but saw these names, Do me baby and Nars lost my business, for good, I will stick to Mac, and hope they do not get as low-minded as Nars,but CHRISTINE, YOU THE BEST BEAUTY BLOGGER IN THE WWW, AND TY FOR ALL YOU DO LADY , YOU ARE THE BEST., FOR THE Prince, defense, I liked him from the time he hit the scene,many years ago, bought his music on cassettes, was no cd’s, but pussy control?? For a lipstick name? NO WAY,. lil too……….low, for me, he had great music, but Nars gone to far, for many of us.

Tatiana Avatar

Have these been switched to a twist up mechanism or do they still need a separate sharpener? I’d rather use the Hourglass pencils with more positive name associations and a good twist up mechanism.

Christine Avatar

A few of the new shades seem to be Prince references – Dirty Mind (album), Pussy Control (song), Do Me Baby (song), Get[t] Off (song), and Let’s Go Crazy (Song) are the ones I spotted…

Can’t say I ever saw those two words being ones I’d be typing on the blog, though!

Megan H Avatar

I thought about the Prince song, after I scrolled back up to make sure I read the name right! But yeah I won’t be buying that one, that’s too much lol

Ruby Avatar

Interesting. I am allergic to NARS Audacious lipsticks (itching lips = not sexy) and now wonder if I’ll be allergic to these pencils. It’s so annoying! Still not entirely sure which ingredient or ingredients cause the problem. (I thought it was one particular wax suggested by an allergist but then realized I have other lipsticks with that ingredient that don’t cause an issue.)

Maggie Avatar

You just reminded me that I recently purchased an Audacious lipstick (Stefania). I haven’t developed a reaction to it so it sounds like we’re allergic to different things.

HOWEVER, I’ve only worn the lipstick for an hour tops (still trying to figure out a way to keep it from bleeding–and none of my lipliners match the color) but my lips typically react within minutes to any formulations I’m allergic to–sometimes seconds after applying.

And yes, lippie allergies suck. I’m actually allergic to most lipstick formulas out there.

Kelley Avatar

I understand some of these names may be a little too much for some people but it’s very fitting for NARS, in my opinion. Orgasm, Super Orgasm, G-Spot, Deep Throat………anyone? And to be fair, they are song titles. I’d be more shocked if a brand like Estee Lauder or Lancome had product names like these, you know? Hasn’t NARS always been a sort of sexy and bold brand? Anyway, not trying to ruffle any feathers. I love the names but I do understand how they might make some people a little uncomfortable.

Hannah Avatar

Agreed. The reaction seems out of proportion to the names. I can’t imagine being an adult and getting so upset about a slightly dirty word/phrase.

NARS has long been known to use names and images that push the boundaries of taste in their labeling and advertisement. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but everyone may not be their target customer. Even so, I can’t imagine that the average NARS shopper would be so outraged by the name of a lipstick that they wouldn’t buy a product that they would otherwise like…

Jessica Avatar

I totally agree with you, this is just par for the course with NARS. I saw the names and got super excited. I’m a massive Prince fan so I guess I’m a little desensitized to the racy names.

Nancy T Avatar

Why did François Nars have to go and name one of prettiest shades of purple such a grossly vulgar name??? Although the intent I don’t believe was to make it sound “sexy”. It sounds more like a warning to keep ones hands to themselves, no? Still wouldn’t feel at all comfortable with telling anyone the name if I were to buy it….no, I’d probably scratch the name off. Then again, in view of some of these other names, I am feeling somewhat disgusted with his name choices. And I am a HUGE Prince fan, but this is too much.

Alecto Avatar

I’m just here to see how many people are complaining about the names.

Also, this reminds me that I once saw Walkyrie in Sephora, swatched it, and adored the color. Maybe it’s finally time to get it. (Love the convenience of lip pencils!)

And now, the more I look, the more Dirty Mind, Damned, and Do Me Baby are really appealing to me. Must look at the dupe swatches.

kjh Avatar

Have a lot of the originals, and am glad to see infatuated and consuming becoming perm. As to the controv’ersy (gotta say it that way), thought I was impervious…even saved the guy bourdain packaging for splendor in the grass blush palette, and thanks for explaining the Prince reference…but I don’t know whether to laugh or feel a tad uncomfortable about pussy control and do me baby. Agreed that some colors are a bit tweaked. And remember that a Nars colors are not always the same, with varying formulas, even though they have the same name. Dolce Vita and Bleeker are prime examples. A couple look weakish, but dare say I’m in for a handful of the regulars I forewent thus far. Off to control my….never mind!

WildDove Avatar

I love the Nars lip pencils. My Red Square looks more like the photo of Mysterious Red here. My Timanfaya looks more like the photo of Red Square here.

Charlana Avatar

I love NARS lip pencils. I’d like to treat myself for Valentine’s Day, but I’m already committed to getting the MAC Betty Boop Red lipstick, and I just bought four MAC VelvetTease Lip Pencils which are pretty similar to “Red Square and Mysterious Red.” Since I’m still digging myself out of the financial hole of Christmas 2016, I’ll have to wait and get these when Sephora has their next big sale.
I like that Francois paid homage to Prince with the provocative shade names.

jdm Avatar

I’m doubtful anyone who’s actually a true fan of both Prince and NARS would consider these names that vulgar given the source and the brand’s nomenclature history.

That aside, Train Bleu is my all-time favorite Velvet Matte Pencil, but Lonely Heart could be a close second if it performs as well. I’d love to own a pencil called Pussy Control, but I don’t find the color to be my taste. (Very Prince purple though!)

Amy Avatar

Yesss! I’m so excited they’re coming out with new shades. This is my favorite lip product. I can’t wait to get Do Me Baby, it looks gorgeous.
Am I the only one who isn’t particularly offended by the shade names?

Shannon. N Avatar

Thank you for sharing that you are a survivor as well with me, Shari!!!

My heart goes out to you, and any other survivors on Temptalia. It’s a horrible, thing that we have gone through. But there’s a reason why we are called survivors! We are strong, amazing women/people!!!


Lindsay Avatar

I am so glad Pussy Control isn’t a color that works for me!!! I just CANNOT see myself telling someone what lippie I was wearing or asking to purchase it. I’m not easily offended and I have no problem typing it, singing it, throwing it around if I’m around close girlfriends, but it’s just NOT a word I’m comfortable with using casually, in public, where the Memaw’s and dirty old men may hear it…?

That aside, I’m super excited about the shade expansion bc Never Say Never is one of my all time faves! And I love the homage to Prince?

Alice Avatar

I like some of the new colors, and this formula is great, so I’m sure I’ll get at least Consuming and Endangered Red, maybe Do Me… but the names are so obnoxious.

Blue Avatar

I am a hugehuge Prince fan. Have to admit that even though I’ve hated every Velvet Matte Pencil besides Dragon Girl, I’m about to try Dirty Mind and Do Me Baby. Fingers crossed, I guess. I get that it’s not for everyone and is intended to shock, but personally I love that it’s basically a Prince collection, and to me the raunchiness is funny and a reasonable tribute from the brand made famous by naming a blush “orgasm” 18 years ago.

Paige Avatar

I think my Sephora put these on the shelves a little early because I already was able to buy Do Me Baby! I LOVE it! I’m so excited they finally released some cool purple shades since this is one of my favorite lip formulas ever. I really want Dirty Mind!

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