Sneak Peek: LORAC Mega Pro 3 Palette Photos & Swatches

LORAC Mega PRO Palette 3
LORAC Mega PRO Palette 3

LORAC Mega PRO Palette 3 ($59.00 for 0.45 oz.) includes 32 eyeshadows–16 are matte, 16 are shimmery–housed in a slim, white cardboard palette. There was a one-day, early launch for Ulta Platinum members a few days ago, but the palette will launch officially on October 2nd, exclusively at Ulta. I’ll do my best to review it by the 2nd, but I am not sure if I will make it with this many eyeshadows to test for wear, so here are swatches in the meanwhile:

LORAC Mega PRO Palette 3

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do you have a friend in the US to help you get this palette? if not, I’ll be glad to be your friend and help you! 🙂 I’m shipping this palette overseas and would be glad to help you get your hands on it!

I would love to get my hands on this palette. I haven’t tried lorac palettes yet and these colours look great for my skin tone. I live in the UK and would be so grateful if you could help me get this palette!! Thanks in advance! x

Of course I will be happy to help you!! Anyone else interested can also contact me 🙂 wwtraveler7 at Gmail dot com! Yay for making new makeup loving friends!

Hey i missed 2 years of Lorac Mega Pro because i am from Romania, Europe and here we do not receive Lorac or Tarte. Is it possible to be helped by you with a couple of holiday palettes??? If you are that kind i would be the happiest woman on earth about makeup. I pay eveything in advance. Please answer me here or at [email protected]

I know, I live in Australia and just don’t understand why as they’d sell a lot more!! There’re so many Lorac products that I want & love but have to get them on eBay but not the palettes as most of them are fake. What country are you from?

That’s the funny part actually I am in Canada. I’m not even on a different continent and I still can’t get my hands on Lorac stuff hahaha.
I normally buy stuff from Nordstom online as they ship to Canada but they never have Lorac’s limited edition stuff.
I think it’s totally stupid. I don’t know why they limit their clientele so much, but it’s frustrating because they have such nice stuff sometimes.

I’m from Canada too! I’m so bummed that they stopped carrying LORAC at Sephora a couple years ago. I wish LORAC’s official website carried this themselves and could ship internationally… Now how the heck am I supposed to purchase this stunning beauty?! These shades are everything that I’ve ever wanted in a palette! 🙁

This is lovely! I’m so glad I picked it up during the Platinum pre-sale. I’m really looking forward to your reviews on Pomegranate, Violet Gray, and Dusty Mauve. I think some of the shades look similar to the previous two mega pros, but I like the cohesion and think it’s perfect for Fall!

They look really nice. Wonder why you’re showing only 29 out of the 32 colors. I think I’ll get this one since I never got the 1st or the 2nd. But this one is very appealing to me. ?

I’m sorry, Lisandra – the answer is: I’m stupid. I forgot to grab the shades that are repeats in the palette, only the new ones. I’m so sorry again!

You dont have to feel sorry for this, everybody can make a mistake. Don’t be so hard on yourself.. You do an amazing job every single day. Xxoo

Omg don’t be so hard on yourself!! You’re so great in putting up so many new items so quickly!! Give yourself a break, you’re bound to miss something once in a while! I love your blog!??

Ooh I’m really liking Violet Gray, Eggplant, Sequoia, and Dark Roast. I hope there are dupes for them, since I won’t be getting this palette.

Oh this swatched much better than I expected! Based on the promo pic, I thought this was going to have 20 shades of beige/tan. But I see reds, plums, grays, and some pretty looking neutrals. I can see someone getting a lot of color combos out of this, and the overall quality looks decent for a mega pro palette,

Oh YAY swatches!!! Your turnaround on this was amazingly quick, wow thank you!!!

It’s a warmer palette overall than I expected…. Darn all those filtered photos on instagram, haha. Ugh, now I’m torn on whether to get it or not. I don’t own any Lorac palettes and I’ve heard the quality is nice, but the colors I like the most in this palette I think I have dupes of. But it’s so nice to have everything together in one case. Hmmm… decisions, decisions!!

Replying to myself, lol.

Looking at what I already own, this is fairly dupable. I just don’t have any colors like Dusty Mauve, Violet Grey, Glacier, or Mist. And those are the ones I like the most…. Looking forward to your full review and dupe list!!

Oh thank god, these swatches look decent! Usually I wait until I read your reviews before I buy anything but I bought this on a whim because the promo pictures looked pretty. I’m looking forward to the full review!

I’m sorry, Allie! I’m an utter and complete IDIOT and missed putting in the repeated shades. It is fixed now, but I apologize for making you have to waste your time finding my errors.

You are not an IDIOT or stupid!!! I love your blog and I’m sorry but I do not like hearing you call yourself these names. No one is perfect and you obviously have a million things to do on a daily basis. I appreciate all that you do for us beauty fanatics. YOU ARE FANTABULOUS!!!! Thanks for having an awesome blog 🙂 best wishes to you chula!

Things like that are just fatal mistakes to me – they are unacceptable, and I have been doing this long enough that I have no excuse. This is my job, and when I miss things like that, I feel I have really let everyone down.

Thank you though 🙂

I echo Nancy, Christine! You do a fantastic job on your blog and put so much effort into it! I’ve been following you for at least 8 or 9 years, and I still visit your site daily for the quality reviews and swatches. I’ve been at my job for years now, and I still make mistakes, so don’t be so hard on yourself! These aren’t make or break mistakes–just minor details that can easily be corrected. I don’t think anyone feels let down by you; just grateful and appreciative for what you do! 🙂

I agree with your readers Christine, don’t be so hard on yourself! It is awe-inspiring to us readers how much you do on the daily!!! We ALL make mistakes at work no matter how long we’ve been doing it! You’re the BEST!!!!

You see this as a mixed bag? I only spotted max 4 shades which look to swatch kinda badly!! I get mine today, so here’s hoping for a positive experience lol.

I don’t own either of the other Mega Pro’s, but this one has been on my radar since seeing IG pics of it. There are a few colors I wish swatched a little better, but overall it looks good, I think. Christine, I’ve been meaning to ask you forever about your swatch process but I always forget. Do you use a brush or your fingers for swatches? Thanks for all the hard work you do, sister!

I use flat, dense brushes and small strokes, no primer.

If you think about the space on your eyelid and how much product you put there, I try to imitate that but on my arm, but the area is larger (almost double the length of my eye!), so I (try to) use a proportional amount of product.

I’m relieved! I was impulsive and got my hands on this the day it released as an Ulta Platinum Perk. After looking at the few preliminary swatch videos, I was super worried that this would be too pink/cool on me. But it looks like the shadows are mostly warmer than I expected! And it looks like the few flops are the shades I wouldn’t really have reached for anyways, notably Dark Navy and Fog.

Same here. I don’t normally buy palettes of this size because I can normally only wear a few of the colors, but this is one that I really, really want! I’m desperately trying to figure out where to get this (I’m in Alberta) without paying a fortune for it. 🙁

Hi, you know the problem with Canada shipping is the horribly high import taxes that your government charges when something is shipped from another country. Also shipping charges are outrageous. But I love Canada, and when you consider our horribly expensive health care system compared to yours, it’s still probably worth it. I’d it weren’t for the cold weather, I would probably move there. Everybody loves Canada!

The swatches look pretty good, even for the mattes, but I’m just not very excited about the shades. They’re not the most boring neutrals I’ve seen, but still not unique enough to make me want this palette.

I’ve had my eye on the Anastasia modern renaissance palette but after seeing these swatches I’m so torn!! Does anyone have advice/opinions on the two?? I haven’t used either Anastasia or Lorac shadows so I’m not sure the quality difference. I know the shade ranges are different, I just can’t justify buying two new palettes right now.

Thank you!!

To my untutored eye, the mattes look less impressive than Lorac can do, but nothing that cannot be repaired by primer. The shimmers are not OTT. Some of this is highly dupable, but some shades are quite original. Vintage: on my screen, it looks like a yellow taupe. Holy sulphuric stormy sky! Not a run of the mill shade. Pomegranate looks as if it might run towards mufe ochre pink, rather than most of the recent reds. The browns/brown-golds look tweaked. There are a lot of pink leaning shades. This made me realize I like pink for eyes, but not for lips, cheeks, with brown the other way round! Brown lips and cheeks, but aside from Monarch, have never been fond of brown shadow, which can be tough for deeper set eyes not to muddy. You could use this as a neutral palette, a neutral with a pop of color, or even as straight up color. Suspect I’m in on this.

These all look pretty awesome!! Except for a couple shades, but hey, big palettes like this rarely have all great shadows. I get mine tomorrow, I’m excited now!

Is it possible to depot these shadows? I would like to get this palette, but i am always traveling and this is too bulky to take with me. It would be nice to deport this into smaller z palettes.

since it is cardboard, you undoubtedly can, starting from the bottom with an xacto knife. I’ve done smaller cardboards, and had some surprises…like that the Gellar babycakes blush Had No Pans. OMBFG! Suggest you google/YouTube it first. It would be a massive undertaking.

I’m generally not a fan of Lorac pro shadows because they’re so powdery. This doesn’t look too bad overall though. Dupeable for the most part, but not bad. I have enough large palettes at this point. Something has to grab me to make it into my collection. It either has to be exceptionally high in quality or unique, preferably both!

This looks so much nicer than I was expecting! If I didn’t already own a veritable truckload of neutrals and near-neutrals, I would have to get this Mega Pro. Really am loving this one!

Most of the time I don’t look closely at the things I can’t buy, or that are really difficult to get. Lorac is one of the brands I can’t buy here. Now I did look, and I like what I see. I do think I have dupes for most, but there are some nice colours I’d like. I’ll check the dupe lists when the reviews are done.

A really lovely palette – a couple of duds (dark navy -damm!), but the rest a really good variety of shades and finishes.
MYQT is an online retail company that ships LORAC to Australia. I have ordered from them and it has been fine.

Navy Blue, Hickory and Jet Black look weak. But most of the swatches look good. I’m eye shadowed out for a while since I have way too many.

I feel underwhelmed. 🙁 I wanted to want this in that crazy bad way. LOL I wish the Violet Gray, Eggplant & Dusty Mauve was repeated in the shimmer shades. I’m not feeling the addition of the cool tones with two shimmer grays & one matte gray with a navy. Just add a dark matte gray to mix with the browns & move on. The Navy looks weak which is sad. The Pomegranate, Olive, Rose Quartz really don’t make up for the missing as I said before. One positive is at least it’s not trying to be an ABH Modern Renaissance wanna be. 😉

I count seven mattes that I have dupes for, but at this price, with so many colors that I don’t have that swatch well, it’s a bargain. I didn’t know about the one-day Ulta Platinum thing — really sorry I missed it. I’ve mentioned how much I like a number of palettes, but assuming it doesn’t run out immediately, I’m actually getting this one.

I went on and they don’t have it anymore. Do you know when they’ll launch it again or is it just like a one time thing? This palette looks amazing!!

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