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Rose Gold

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro ($250.00) is the latest and greatest in the brand’s mirror family. I’m so, so pleased with what they’ve done to improve in the latest model, because I feel like they addressed the major issue I had with the original as well as a disappointment in a lack of features–and for the price point, I wanted to love it through and through.  It’s a large, 5x magnifying mirror that comes with a smaller, magnetic 10x mirror with a ring of light along the outer edge of the larger, 5x magnifying mirror.  It’s available in stainless steel as well as a new, rose gold hue (which I’d say is not quite as coppery or as warm-toned as most rose gold jewelry).

You can read my original review here. The quality of the mirror and the light from simplehuman’s mirrors is excellent, and it lasts a long time on a single charge, so it really can be wireless most of the time. The biggest issue I had with the mirror was that there was no way to have steady on or increase the sensor timer, so it would shut off too quickly–like if I got up to find an item, it would shut off. I also felt like the price point dictated more features, like dimming, greater magnification, and so forth. I, also, apparently mentioned the lack of side panels, at the time of my original review, which was answered with the Pro Wide.

The newest Pro mirrors use a mobile app to increase the control you have over the type of light, brightness, length of time the light will stay on, add an alarm or timer, as well as capture light from a setting and recreate it on your mirror. The mirror is also compatible with things like the Nest Cam, Alexa, and IFTTT. I like that the app is straightforward and easy to use; I feel like anyone can use it–the app has a lightweight, streamlined feel to it that is intuitive. You can choose from:

  • Light Modes:  Sunlight, Overcast, Restaurant, Candlelit, Office, as well as create custom scenes
    • You can also increase and decrease the brightness or have it set to auto-brightness
  • Alarm & Timer:  you can set an alarm or control how long it is on (5 to 30 minutes)
  • Sensor Settings:  choose from 5, 10, 30 seconds, 1, 5, or 10 minutes for how long until the sensor will turn off (if it does not detect motion)

I like applying with full brightness with the sunlight settings.  I felt like auto-brightness, which will be nice for those who are sensitive to light changes, changed too often within a 30 to 60-minute makeup session (every time I moved away, I felt like it changed a tad).  The alarm and timer modes seemed to function, though they were not modes I personally needed so I did not experiment with them too much!  The sensor settings were what I was most excited for, and I’m just so pleased.  I found that 30 seconds was a good length of time where the mirror never turned off unexpectedly if I ducked over to pick something up or stood up to grab a lipstick from a drawer, but I didn’t worry about it staying on too long after walking out of a room.

They also introduced a magnetic, 10x magnifying compact mirror that will adhere to the center of the mirror, and when not in use, click into place behind the mirror.  It’s pretty nifty, and it works rather well (though perhaps not quite as easy as just swiveling a mirror).  The 5x magnifying mirror does well for most work, like applying base products as well as eyeshadow, but the 10x magnifying mirror is useful for eyeliner, tweezing/trimming brows, and for lining lips (with absolute precision).

The light actually seemed a bit brighter than before, but the quality and clarity of the light and mirror were the same as before (I really did not feel like either of those lacked in any way).  The overall design is more elegant, as well as taller; the sensor is also on the bottom of the mirror rather than the top (which makes it much better at detecting motion).   The base was wider, while the stem was thinner.  You can flip the larger mirror so that it faces the other direction, which makes the mirror shorter overall, but the proportions look off to me (which may or may not bother some).

simplehuman did a stellar job updating the mirror, and obviously, I’m not jumping up and down for the $50 price increase of the Pro over the original, but they’ve given me nothing to complain about now–and that’s exactly what you want when you’re paying a premium price for any product.  Whether the features it offers are “worth it” is always going to come down to the individual.  I use the original simplehuman mirrors I have just about everyday; I use the 8″ sensor mirror (5x magnification) for applying makeup and the smaller, 5″ mirror (10x magnification) for lip swatches (for photos).  I haven’t had the Pro for long enough to really assure you that it will stand the test of time, but I’ve had the original ones for over two years now and have had no issue, they hold a charge great, clean easily, and function exactly as they did when I got them (the durability rating is based on the general feel of the product, how easy it was to clean, as well as how the past mirrors have held up).

Rose Gold

PPermanent. $250.00.
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simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Sensor Pro Mirror

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror Pro

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Interesting. I don’t have a traditional vanity and do my makeup standing up. This wouldn’t work for me, but I will look to see if they a comparable that can be hung on a wall and swivel in and out.

They do have a wall-mount one, though I think it might be for the original version (so maybe they will release an updated one next).

Like Nichole, I also don’t have a free standing mirror (although there are mirrors over my vanity). I use a separate wall-mounted swivel mirror. I do have daylight bulbs installed but it would be nice to have them directly on the mirror. I saw your response and will be hoping they release a wall mounted mirror (hopefully satin nickel) with better features. If they do, it will def be on my Wish List.

Definitely something for me to save for. Although it is verrry $$$. But at 57 y.o. and not with the keenest of eyesight, this or something close enough, is becoming a future necessity. Or so I feel.

I do really enjoy mine (this and the previous version). 5x magnification is just right for seeing most of my face but close enough that I can see details better than 1x. I have a larger regular mirror on the wall behind where I do my makeup for “normal” viewing.

I bought a Simple Human mirror based on your rec a couple of years ago and just love it. It was an expensive purchase, but so worth it!

Oooh, I’ve been eyeing the simplehuman mirrors for so long. Do you think the Rose Gold Pro will eventually go on Bed Bath & Beyond? I’m hoping yes because my eventual goal is buy one through them so I can take advantage of their 20% off coupon!

It’s possible! Just make sure to read the fine print on those coupons – I was keeping an eye on them for awhile, but every online one excluded simplehuman, lol.

Oooh that’s a good point! I use their in-store coupons because that’s like the one place I never shop online (lol). I’ll definitely double check just in case, though I’d probably pick it up either way. >.>

I was having trouble doing my Simple Human mirror purchase online as my 20% coupon was not working. I called in and the Rep on the phone loaded my coupon after I added the item to my shopping cart. I also was fortunate enough to be able to use Ebates so I stacked my discounts. I got my $250 mirror for $150 delivered.

What was odd was that BB&B showed the mirror in stock, the next morning it was out of stock for 3 weeks and then finally popped up again. Within 48 hours of my purchase it was showing as out of stock. I have no idea what went on but I was very happy I was able to buy mine this July for my birthday gift to me.

Christine, I have a question about this mirror. Did you have any trouble getting the software to work? I know most people have Apple phones so you may not be able to help me. I have an Android phone and installed every single software app available for this mirror and I cannot even get one program to successfully sync up with the mirror so that I have some control. I don’t own the Alexa or any type of device like that so I am limited to my phone as a control device. Any ideas?

OMG, I wish I hadn’t seen this review! I’ve been looking around for a good lighted mirror, as it gets really dark in the mornings in fall/winter, and I’m always worried I’m applying clown level makeup. But $250 is crazy pricey. IDK, have to think about this, maybe if I can catch a good sale/promo/cash back, will be an investment piece for sure. I’m also going to look thru my gift card stash and might be able to wheedle more gift cards out of people for Christmas, we’ll see…..

Aww! Bed, Bath & Beyond have the best ones, I think, if you live near one (and they carry this mirror), which are usually 20%. I’ve seen a couple come through via email that apply for in-store (but I’ve not seen one for online). Otherwise, Neiman Marcus runs their spend $X, get $Y back in a gift card promos (can amount to 10-25% back, I think).

Thanks for the tips! I have a Bed Bath about 5 mins away, and I get those 20% coupons all the time, but I hate their stores ( long lines, crammed with too much stuff, smells like potpourri), but I will keep an eye out for a deal, might have to brave their store for one of these mirrors. Or maybe NM is the way to go. Thanks for the info !

Interesting to review beauty objects like a mirror and not only makeup. Thanks! After 45 you start having problems seeing close do this is precious

I know about a year ago I talked with my family about getting one (it would be like my big present for the year) but then I got nervous and put it iadn the back of my he. My main concerns are actually not about the quality about the mirror but how I would feel using it. I still have pretty bad skin (acne, uneven tone, giant pores, dryness around nose) and I wonder if using a magnified mirror with such strong lighting would just make me more aware of my skin flaws and when my makeup doesn’t work well with it (not every day is a good day applying makeup). Right now I usually apply with a small mirror I just hold in my hand, and then looking at the overall look in my bathroom mirror above the sink when I’m applying the final products like blush and finishing/setting powder. it seems a weird approach, but I feel like it kind of helps me to not see my skin magnified or have super strong lighting when doing makeup…. And my other concern is just heat. I know a couple of my friends with lighted mirrors say they can make them feel hot, and I would absolutely hate that! So it’s still something I have to think over for a bit. I’m REALLY glad this review exists!

I understand exactly what you mean, Cat! If you feel like you’re able to your makeup well without magnifying, there’s no reason that you NEED magnifying, you know?

The lighting isn’t hot at all! I don’t feel any heat from it 🙂

I have the original and absolutely love it! I’ve been curious about this version of it and am so glad you reviewed it. I had same issue with it you did, That sensor drove me nuts when I reached for something or if I was really still during my brow touch ups at a certain angle. I might cave after the holidays for it or ask the hubby for it for Xmas.
I’m only wondering when is Nordstrom gonna carry this model? I see they don’t have it yet. Thanks again for this review!

I hear you, Paula! I felt the same way. I was like, “OK, I need to find a way to save on this, because I have one and love it, but… sensor timer… I need that feature!” LOL! Where’s the trade in program?

I’m not sure if they will! I have seen it on, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and then Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodman.

Wow, I want this one! I have the 7x magnification and the light is always turning off. I tried putting tape on it whe I use it. I tried switching angles of the sensor. Nothing works. This seems like it would solve my issues. But, uh, I couldn’t fathom spending on another. I wish I could trade!

Yes, the light turning off if you go out of the “frame” so-to-speak made it a hard mirror to recommend (even though I’ve used mine exclusively since reviewing the original, so I mean, I guess the light + mirror is so good that I use it anyway).

But I hear ya – I can’t imagine the originals needing a replacement for a long time, if ever. The only thing I could think of is if you had a really good friend/relative that loved beauty that you could gift the original to while replacing. A trade in program would be awesome, haha!

I have had the 10X for almost 2 years, which I love. Although, I usually hold my little 5X Zadro when applying concealer, shadows etc. because 10X can be a bit too much detail lol. I love this new model! It’s on the wish list now. Thanks!

Yeah, I can definitely see 10x being too much sometimes! I like the 5x, because I get detail, but it’s not so zoomed in that I lose perspective!

Today after eyeing the original for over a year I have finally bought the original one. I live in the UK and bought it from the House of Fraser and got 20% off and so it was only £127.99 (about $160) and also done it online through a cashback site called topcashback and got 8.3% cashback (as i’m a premium member so £10.62) and to make matters even better used the stores credit card so 3 get points for every £1 (so worth £3.84) So I am really laughing and finally getting the item I have lusted after Lol. I won’t actually get to use it till Christmas as it is going o be a Christmas present to me from my mum (so actually it won’t be costing me anything SO even better Lol) I love the look of the new one but TBH I think the original will be ideal for me as I don’t do eyeliner (apart from a little underneath the eyes) and really only need it to put my make up on for work etc. I am so excited about getting it now and can’t wait until Christmas as I have heard such good things about the original but can’t wait to hear the reviews about the new one and all the great things this has to offer. It probably won’t be available in the UK for over a year anyway if at all Lol x

Congrats on getting the mirror, Natasha! Hopefully you love it – the original is still great in terms of quality of light and mirror 🙂

It looks nice and have great features for a mirror; very modern with today and technology but at the price I wouldn’t dare. However my vanity top mirrors (both) suck..I do plan to upgrade soon but on a smaller budget.

Great review! Have you heard of Glamcor? I want to know your opinion compared to the lighting with this brand. But their price is higher than this one. I might just purchase the simplehuman mirror.

I have, but I don’t have anything from them – $1,000 is a lot to drop on a mirror! They are much larger, of course, but it’s still a lot.

Christine, I’m glad to know that you like this so much. I am sorely tempted by the wide-view mirror, for when I finally get my room re-organized and can move my makeup application away from the bathroom sink! Have you ever had a chance to check it out?

I do! I am very conflicted about it (which is why I haven’t reviewed it – I’m not sure if I’m too stuck in my own routine/needs on it). Maybe if you could tell me more about your space and how you like to apply your makeup?

Well, my space will be cramped, no matter what I do. It would be difficult for me to place my makeup near natural light (baseboard heat runs along the wall under the windows throughout the apartment — not optimal for storing makeup or for standing next to). Currently I apply makeup in our tiny bathroom, which I actually like doing in spite of having to haul everything back and forth, and with the bulbs I’ve put in, the lighting isn’t bad, other than all coming from above.

I want to turn a corner of my room into a tiny makeup studio I could bring clients into (as well as using it myself). I might use a standing desk with tall drawers or shelving next to it; I don’t mind applying my own makeup while standing, and it’s much better for me to stand while I work on someone else. So at this point I’m picturing a smallish standing desk with the mirror, brush holders, and a few products on it, with products within easy reach at right angles to it. For brushes and products that will need to be cleaned and sanitized before the next use, I could mount something underneath the desk, or put shelving under it, since I won’t be sitting at it.

I have mixed feelings about magnification — it’s becoming increasingly necessary because my older eyes don’t see up close very well, but it’s so easy for people to start obsessing about small flaws if they get into the habit of looking in a magnifying mirror. So I don’t really want to do all my makeup with a magnifying mirror routinely; I think I’ll have a tendency to get overly perfectionistic, and it already takes me long enough to do my makeup, lol.

I would like to be able to see the sides of my face better, to check blending of foundation into hairline/ears, to check the blending of contour and blush close to the hairline/next to the ears, and it seems like the wide-view would be good for these purposes. Also good for clients to be able to see how everything looks from different angles.

So just any impressions you have of it would be helpful. I’ll have to see if the Neiman Marcus at King of Prussia has one that I could look at; apparently Nordstrom does not (yet) stock it, and there’s no Dillards here.

Hi Fran!

The mirror itself is great quality – very clear, crisp, doesn’t seem distorted to me. It uses the same app as the Sensor Mirror Pro, so you can adjust the brightness, tint, shut off times, etc. as well. I feel like it doesn’t run as bright as the Sensor Mirror Pro. The side portions can be tilted more or less, but the way they move isn’t as smooth as I want (but I’ve moved them plenty and don’t feel like they’re actually flimsy!).

It has a huge footprint, though! I just feel like it takes up a lot of room, so you have to want to work pretty close (or else it won’t be tall enough) to it and not mind that it might take up more counter space!

Christine, thank you so much for your input! Apparently the Neiman Marcus at King of Prussia has it in stock, so I can go look to get a better idea for myself of just how much counter space it takes up. I’m used to leaning in to my mirror to work closely to it, so that actually wouldn’t be a change. For the long run I might actually want to have both mirrors, because seeing up close without glasses is getting harder and harder — I’m really doing some things as much by feel as by sight at this point. I just also really like seeing the big picture of my makeup as I work. But first I have to reorganize my space to accommodate all this. But, if I see the mirror(s) and fall in love with it (them), that may help to keep me on track!

Hi Christine! I love that you reviewed this–because this model is relatively new, I haven’t been able to find other reliable or thorough reviews on this yet, other than one-sentence initial impressions. Kind of a weird question, but does your mirror seem to charge normally? Specifically, does the charging light become a solid green or does it continue to blink? And how long does it take to fully charge it?

I bought the stainless version of this model last month, and the green light just kept blinking on the very first charge out the box (and for every subsequent charge thereafter), so I have no clue when it should be “full.” I knew something was wrong when I left it plugged in while I was at work, and it was still blinking hours later when I returned. Thought I could deal with it and use the app for reference, since it shows battery life, but the last straw was when I unplugged it from charging (at least 4 hours’ worth) and the once-full battery image immediately jumped down a sliver. I put in another order for an exchange, so fingers crossed I had a very rare defect. I really do love this mirror, but for so much money it should function properly, c’mon! Thank goodness for the amazing return policy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!

Hey Jessica,

It sounds like a defect! I haven’t noticed it still blinking hours later after charging. It’s fully charged (I tend to leave the one on my vanity plugged in), and there’s no blinking!

Forgot to answer your other question: I’m not sure how long it takes to charge, since I usually let it charge and walk away, but it’s definitely not long – maybe a few hours.

Thank you for the quick response, Christine! It’s actually a relief to confirm my suspicions, and I’m cant wait to have a fully functioning (and charging, lol!) mirror soon.

Though in all honesty, I’m a bit over the seeming abundance of “duds” when it comes to beauty products. I know this mirror is more of a tech/home item, but I imagine quality control is still a thing… ?

Hi Kim,

There is an update on the original post – I’m summarizing here: we received over 250 applications, and so it is taking much longer to go through each applicant. I’m going as quickly as I can, but I want to make sure I give everyone the same level of consideration.

This is awesome– and way spendy for me, unfortunately. Do you know of/have any suggestions for other mirrors (this or any other brand) that have the “sunlight” type light? (and are maybe a bit cheaper, lol)
Or, in a DIY kinda way… is there a certain kind of light bulb that will give you the “natural light” effect?
When I’m trying out a new product (or sometimes just when I fear my bronzer has gone wonky!) I will literally stop what I’m doing and go outside with a hand mirror and cell phone, haha just to make sure my face isn’t orange/clown-blushed/unblended foundation/etc!! Needless to say, it’s not a great system, lol

You want to look for daylight bulbs, but you have to be careful since they can say dalight and run rather yellow 🙁

I hear good things about Ottolites!

Now if only they would release the same thing with no magnification/mini 5x magnification. I want the option to see my whole face without distortion!

I use a (supposedly) 5100K small photography light on its own little tripod for makeup. It’s a tad warmer than sunlight but it cost me $9 from eBay and it’s very bright and convenient. They say the recommended run time is 10 minutes at a time (it gets very hot!) but I usually have it on for 20-30 minutes in the mornings.

I’m not on the market for a lighted mirror that costs over $100 or worse, and I’ve never bought a cheaper one either because there are always reviews saying that they are not bright enough. I figured I could just use a studio light because the colour temperature is probably going to be OK and it would be certainly bright enough. I’m super happy with the little light 🙂

I had really great lighting in my last house in the bathroom that I put in (as the bathroom’s vanity lights), but the lights ran very hot. Studio light could definitely work for a good lighting source! I do not think that I’d personally be able to go for lights that heat up, though – I learned to hate doing my makeup because of my last bathroom’s amount of heat! I ended up creating a space to have a separate vanity to deal with it, lol. When I sweat, my face sweats first, so that’s probably why!

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