shu uemura Color Atelier Collection for Summer 2011

shu uemura Color Atelier Collection

Style your own palette. Mix, match, and customize your colors for infinite make-up possibilities. Freedom of color choice. Choose your make-up as you do your wardrobe. Personalize your make-up palette to meet your every desire. 46 shades of Pressed Eyeshadow and 18 shades of Glow On Blush.

Pressed Eyeshadow Refill ($15.00)

M = Matte, a velvety, even finish gives vivid color with a smooth finish. P = Pearl, a silky shimmer of light for a luminous radiance. IR = Iridescent, captivating shades offer glimmering reflectiosn of changing colors. ME = Metallic, smooth like liquid with a metallic glow. G = Glitters, abundant sparkles for glistening glamour.

  • Highlight (Light): P 910, M 907, ME 906, IR715, IR 911, M 813, P 812, IR 811
  • Base Color (Soft): ME 336, P 140, ME 270, P 540, ME 432, IR 370, P 645, P 851, P 832, ME 735, ME 655
  • Define (Medium): ME 862, ME 785, ME 686, ME 472, ME 761, ME 471, ME 885, ME 856, IR 675
  • Accent (Vivid/Glitter): M 280, G Gold, G Bronze, G Silver, M 776, G White
  • Eye Line (Dark): M 895, P 781, IR 985, M 980, IR 690, P 995, ME 996, P 861, P 696, P 595

Glow On Blush Refill ($18.00)

M = Matte, a velvety, even finish gives vivid color with a smooth finish. P = Pearl, a silky shimmer of light for a luminous radiance.

  • Highlight (Light): P Light Peach 510, P Light Pink 315, M Light Peach 520
  • Blusher (Soft): M Soft Mauve 225, M Soft Coral 345, M Soft Apricot 521, M Soft Pink 325, M Soft Pink 326, P Soft Peach 530, M Soft Pink 335, M Soft Pink 336, P Soft Amber 740
  • Shadow and Accent (Medium/Vivid): P Vivid Pink 385, P Medium Peach 560, M Medium Amber 761, M Medium Peach 561, P Medium Peach 550, P Vivid Orange 571

Mono Case ($8.00)

Available in black or white.

Duo Case ($9.00)

Available in black or white.

Quad ($14.00)

Available in black or white.

availability: June 2011,

See more photos!


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Dana Avatar

That was my first reaction to seeing the picture, I didn’t even notice the makeup. She looks like she’s 12 playing with mommy’s makeup.

Bonnie Avatar

I came here to comment about that. I’m glad it isn’t just me and other people are noticing it, lol. She DOES look like she’s twelve.
Preteens are not Shu Uemura’s target market, and I’m sure they don’t make up a very large percentage of their buyers. I HATE advertisements that do this- it’s like telling women they think that is what we should strive to look like, and we’re all over the hill hags if we’re in our twenties or older. It’s ridiculous.

Maureen Avatar

Instead, you’re trying to preach that this girl is so-super-ugly just because she looks younger than she probably is.

Bonnie Avatar

Excuse me? That’s not what I’m doing. I don’t think she is ugly at all. She’s a lovely looking girl, but she is a girl- most likely under sixteen.
She’s being used to advertise a product whose target market is a lot older than she is. You don’t see grooming products for men using young teen boys in their ads, do you? It would seem odd and out of place, and yet it is frequently done with products marketed toward women.

Regina Avatar

I agree. She looks way too young. The picture bothers me instead of sell me the collection. As someone stated, she looks like a little girl playing with her mom’s makeup or like a “lolita” which is kind of disturbing to me.

Mariella Avatar

Ditto. I work with young girls and that model is probably about 12 or maybe 14. How I wish these companies – especially those aimed at WOMEN – used WOMEN in their ads! It might actually help me see cosmetics I like rather than being distracted and put off by these babies.

Jocelyn Avatar

I certainly am very surprised at how much more expensive Shu-Uemura is in the states o__o
Also, who launches a ‘collection’ with just boxes o__o i went to the press event here and was immensely disappointed.

Alessandra Avatar

Hello Christine and hello girlz!
Does anyone know a very close dupe (es, blush, everithing! 😀 ) for the discontinued blush P34C?
Thanks 🙂

Rebekka Avatar

The collection looks absolutely gorgeous, however, the model looks about 12 years old, this is getting a bit ridiculous, when will they start advertising for beauty products with toddlers???

Louise Avatar

Please bear in mind that Shu Uemura is Japanese.
They love the young look. All their very popular actresses have baby faces. Japanese love all things innocent and pure.

Stacey Avatar

Well then, maybe an Asian face on there also would be nice….Love Shu Uemura in the early 90’s at their Century City, CA store B4 Nordstrom and Sephora and Neiman.. Brushes are fantastic…Too bad it is online now. I dont buy anything that I cannot swatch…

patricia Avatar

Louise is correct. If you are familiar with anything Japanese, they like the cartoonish or lolita looks. All Japanese makeup ads have that cute dolly look (Anna Sui, Paul & Joe, etc) and yes they often use caucasian models instead of Asian. Go to where they sell so many high end to drugstores Japanese makeup. I still love Shu Uemura, great quality, esp their blushes love!!!

Paige Avatar

I agree with Louise. Shu Uemura is a Japanese brand, and the Japanese have a different view of beauty in opposed to Western culture. Where here in America, mature, sexy, and confident women are regarded as beauty, for the Japanese and most East & Southeast Asians, being young, pure, and innocent are the beauty.
The young look of these models didn’t bother me so much as Shu’s tendency to use Caucasian models exclusively. For a Japanese brand, I would like to see more usage of Asian models. Hell, Estee Lauder has just recently featured Liu Wen for their Spring collection, and EL is an American brand. This white worshiping in Asia really sickens me. Asian women are beautiful too, so does black, Hispanic, and middle eastern women. Beauty is a quality that transcends beyond the race category.

Devi Avatar

I’ve always liked the idea of customizing your own palette. Sometimes when you buy a palette with everything already in it, certain colors don’t get used.. customized palettes reduce the chance of this happening (unless you buy a shade that turns out to be a disappointment or something 🙁 ). I don’t think I’d consider purchasing this though.

Also, is it bad that I wish that they named their colors instead of assigning them letters/numbers? It just always feels better to hear the name of an eyeshadow and then be able to picture said eyeshadow in your head.

braveviet Avatar

I don’t know much about this brand beside eye curler and cleansing oil. Love to read some about it. Don’t know why but I like the square pan better than round pan, probably easier to store. I like the idea of customized palette, on the other hand I won’t buy their palette, so no more depot

Rowena Avatar

Personally, I don’t care for pallettes…I much prefer to purchase my shades individually. No matter how much I love the shades I never end up using them toghether, and I always end up with a full pan in a case with an empty one, which upsets the heck out of my makeup OCD….
And yeah, that model is way, way too young for me to feel like this collection has anything to do with me. Pass.

Maureen Avatar

The model does NOT look like a child. Take, for example, any actress in any teen movie ever. Wasn’t Rachel McAdams 24 in Mean Girls? If you were to pick this girl up and put her in a college campus, she wouldn’t look out of place at all. Just because it’s a model stock photo, it makes her seem younger. I don’t know ANY 12 year olds that look like that. Her bones are way too defined. She looks 19.

Devi Avatar

My thoughts exactly. I stared at this advertisement this morning before any comments were shown, and I didn’t get the impression that she was 12 either.

NJ Avatar

i don’t care what is acceptable in the fashion world, disturbing is disturbing. this model should wipe her face off and go to play in a sandbox.

Maureen Avatar

I mean, I was a camp counselor last summer (i know, super expert right?) Anyway, I was responsible for the supervision of a LOT of 12-14 year old girls.

No, really, this model looks 19 at least.

Maureen Avatar

Exactly, some women look older or younger than they really are. Everyone thought I was 22 when I was 18. The only reason I’m really fighting for this girl is because commenters are creating flaws that DON’T EXIST. Her bone structure is far too advanced for even a 14 year old girl. :/

Atanza Avatar

The advertisement aside, I really like this! It’s a BIT too steeply priced for me, however (once you get the quad and four eyeshadows, it’s $74!).

Saffy Avatar

Pretty colours, but the pre-pubescent model is making me angry. This isn’t a tween Bonne Bell or Caboodles make-up ad, shu uemura is marketed towards women. If the company can’t show consumers what their products look like when applied on a woman (not a child), then there is no point in advertising at all. What use is an ad like this?

F Avatar

Love having more variety of eye shadow colors and blushes coming to the states. It is not the full range but at least more than what we had. We’ve been so limited here with Shu Uemura. Good quality products.

So far it is not a bad campaign. There is an interactive webpage to design the palette of your choice. Nice details of the swatches (better than the photoshopped colored over same picture that plagues most beauty sites. Even worse indicator: RGB rectangle(s)). They even have an iPhone app (should be on multiple OS to reach even more customers).

Leaving the model being used. Like others have said, it is very off putting. Should have gone with the model used in their web questionnaire results or the women used in their YouTube segments (each one applying their own personal palette). However, the positives outweigh poor model choices.

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