Show Off: Eyeshadow Organization & Storage

Show Off: Eyeshadow Organization & Storage

After reading your answers to today’s question: how do you organize your eyeshadows? I really think we need to come together and SHOW OFF. (OK, you do it, I’m still in desperate need of a depotting party!) Share your wickedly detailed spreadsheets, photos of your ultra-organized eyeshadows, bask in the awesomeness that is organized beauty!

Share your photos/spreadsheet either by linking to the image/file or you can email me directly at [email protected], and I’ll upload it and include it in the post! 🙂

My collection/stash can be found under Temptalia’s Collection. It was last updated about June 2009, I believe, so I’m about due for another update, but gotta depot first! 🙂

See readers’ storage solutions for their eyeshadows!

How cool are Madame B Fatale’s DIY palettes? I love the creativity! You can check out her post on how to make your own while you’re at it!

I love how you can see everything when you want to with Claudia‘s storage system!

Emily’s got TWELVE, count ’em, TWELVE sexy, eyeshadow-filled palettes to drool over. Closed… opened… and then the pinks palette up-close! Check out her palette post for close-ups and breakdowns of what’s in ’em!

Jill keeps her stash organized in palettes and drawer organizers! I see another reader who has handily removed the insert in their MAC palettes for added space!  Check out those eyeshadow labels inside!

Danielle uses Make Up For Ever palettes to store all of her pretties… whew! Drool…

Christina keeps it neat and organized in MAC palettes!

Kelly stores all her pretty eyeshadow pots in drawers! (Psst, you should check out her nail polish stash, too.)

To be updated as photos come in! 🙂