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I rarely match. I have too many bottles of nail polish to stick to matching! I usually try to coordinate (pastels, deep shades, shades of the same color, etc), but I very very rarely use the exact same color.

With the exception of French tips or a nude nail paired with a bright or dark pedicure, the answere is a resounding “Yes”. I guess during cooler weather it’s okay, but if the toes are showing, it really should match, or at least be in the same color family. It just looks more polished (no pun intended) and deliberate. Having two completely different colors just looks lazy, as if one doesn’t care. Also, polish really should also match clothes and makeup. I’m a bit OCD, though; I don’t like anything asymmetrical, either. I can’t even have my hair part on the side, only the middle.

They don’t have to match, but they should coordinate together. If I don’t like how two colors of polish look when I hold the bottles together, I won’t wear them on my toes & fingers at the same time. I love wearing complimentary colors on my fingers & toes (ie: pink & green, blue & orange or peach, gold & purple).

If it’s a formal evening look, then I can see it. Aside from that, I’ve gotta ask myself, “Where’s the fun in that?”

I’ve never matched my mani to my pedi. I agree that it’s too confining. Plus I love to play with colors, so I always want to try different ones. Putting the same polish on my fingers and toes is not fun enough for me! Haha

I don’t think they need to match at all. My personal preference would be to do something similar if I were at an event–I had a wedding to go to a month ago, so my nails were french with silver tips instead of white, and my toes were the same silver. So I’d do something like that for a special occasion. But that’s just my preference! For every day, I don’t think it matters at all, but you’re reminding me I need a pedicure.

I’m with you on this one, Christine. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to match your nails to your toes, but I personally don’t like to. I generally change my nail polish every 5 days or so and my toes will go for as long as they look decent 😛

François Nars told ” no total look ” ( or something like that ), completely agree. I prefer wearing a nail polish on toes and another ( or a simple base coat ) on the hands. Both never match in fact even if M.A.C launched very pretty sets with their great colours ( Rebel, Russian Red etc… ). If I wear a very classy black dress, why not it must be pretty, but I always wear casual clothes !

Nope. Most of the time I mix things up on purpose. I just find it cooler that way, though there really (or shouldn’t be anyways) no rule when it comes to matching/not matching!

I used to don’t mind, but it seems Is a must to match them.  Which makes me sometimes think I better don’t wear nothing

no definitely not! i think that becomes wayyy too tacky. i reckon if they’re colours that compliment each other, then that’s perfect.

ohhhh absolutely!!! I hate it when they don’t match. Well, except in winter when I don’t get my toes done…it just seems too unnecesary

i prefer that my nails and toes don’t match, to be honest. but i do maintain that they be complementary with darker/cooler shades on toes and lighter/warmer on fingers.

They almost always don’t match other than when I’ve had them done, but I always make them complement like if I’m wearing metallic on my feet I’ll wear a color or gradation that’s kind of the same

I always go for the same shade, so if I have a pink on my fingers I’ll have pink on my toes. I find it odd to have blue on my fingers and then a red on my toes. My toes are always a darker shade of whatever is on my nails!

nope, i’ve never tried to match them. i change my nail polish(hand) at least once a day, because i get bored of the same color very quickly, and if i try to match my hands and feet I’d have to spend half of my day trying to paint my nails 🙂

I think for formal occasions, you should try a little harder to match or stick with a theme for both.  For casual/everyday wear, though, you should have fun! Mix and match, experiment, etc. with it.

I prefer if they’re matched (it kinda wigs me out if I have like, bright orange toes and dark purple fingernails), at least in color family. My toes are always creme finishes, but I can’t say the same about my hands!

Fashion gurus say to do your pedicure in a darker shade, so it “grounds” you and makes you look taller. I don’t like being matchy-matchy so I’ll choose a coordinating color instead of a darker shade of the same color.

My toes almost never match my nails. I like to do brighter colors on my toes than on my nails. Sometimes they are completely different. I think it’s fun!

Not at all! I start off with them matching but I change nail color more often than my toes…so there.

Nope! Mine never does. Even when the nails have to be more tuned down for the office, I will still have a colorful, bright pedicure & sometimes even a skittles pedi 😉

I agree that they should be complementary. I like to keep a neutral color on the toes, because I change my hands almost everyday.

I usually don’t care that they match. My toes are almost always either much brighter (as in neon orange in summer) or much darker (dark raspberry in winter) than my fingernails. Just a habit, I guess! 

Firstly, I just don’t like to be too matchy-matchy when it comes to make-up in general, especially nail polish. Secondly, I paint my finger nails a different color every other day, but my toes maybe once every three-four weeks. 

Mine never “match” but they go together in some way so I don’t feel like like “the belt and shoe combo are off” type feeling. For example today I have a bright pink on my toes and bright turquois on my fingers with the new 18kt top coat on both to pull it all together. I feel it’s tacky if they are “fighting” each other.

Didn’t that used to be a trend in the 90s? Like, you’d have bright red nail polish on your finger and toe nails, as well as a matching red bag and a headband. And the rest is denim. Or am I insane! 

If I am attending a special occasion, I prefer that my mani and pedi match.  Otherwise, I don’t see a need for it.

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