Share Your Halloween Makeup on Temptalia!

Share Your Halloween Makeup on Temptalia!

Happy Halloween! 🙂  My favorite part about Halloween is the candy, but I have a bit of a sugar tooth when it comes to candy bars that needs to be indulged once or twice a year… and Halloween is a good excuse to do so!  (I love Snickers, mmm!)  If you’ve missed it, I’m not dressing up this year–in fact, I haven’t done so for ten years now–but I am dressing up my dog, which is way more entertaining!

I would love, however, to invite Temptalia readers to show off their fun Halloween makeup, because I am sure there are plenty of you going out in full costume and we’d all love to see!  (And perhaps, get a little inspiration for next year!)

How-to Submit Your Look:

  • Three (3) high quality images minimum
  • Pictures must be at least 500 pixels wide
  • You can send me the original file to edit
  • No watermarks
  • List/description of what products you used

Submit your Halloween looks to [email protected]. We’ll take submissions through November 2nd, 2009.

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… SUPERDOG!

Where’s trouble?

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ah so weird i left a super long comment and it got lopped! im going to be a mouse lol very unoriginal this year. it was a last minute idea! if youve seen the sephora halloween looks, im going to try and recreate the mouse one. hair will be hard

Happy halloweeeeeen! I’ve got candy duty while my husband watches football. *snore* haha We did consider going out as Jon & Kate minus 8 though!

I was planning on going out, but I’m getting freaked out about H1N1. I had hoped to do either a faced painted Venetian mask or Butterfly mask. I was also thinking of doing a snowy ice queen since I got the white feather lashes from Makeup Forever. (They’re really gorgeous by the way. 😉

Here’s what I tried out a little while ago:

It’s a bit messy and I would’ve added some jewels if I’d done it for tonight.

Heheh, it’s like they KNOW they’re not supposed to be wearing clothes. I’m relentless, I’ve got him to wear boots and shirts. He’s gotten a bit used to the shirts though. I think its the hats that bug him most.

Here’s some of him wearing boots:

They have velcro to try to prevent them from coming off, but he always seems to shake them off.

Ohh! I really wanted him to wear his skid-resistant socks, but he much prefers to skid… poor thing, LOL.

Maybe I’ll have to look into the velcro, though surely he’ll munch ’em off as soon as my back is turned!

hi christine, i just discovered your blog and i LOVE it. it has been my #1 site to visit @ work this week (oops). i am having so much fun going through all your looks and tutorials. you’re so talented. keep it up!

Why make your dog dress up? It is cute to us but damn your dog is really not gonna be happy in it. I am against that stuff poor dog probaly hates it on and its not comfy or anything for him.

He didn’t mind, actually! He’s just a big goofball and ran around with his cape billowing in the breeze. At the end of the day, it’s all good fun, and he only wore it for about twenty minutes!

Aww! Mellan had no problem with his, surprisingly 🙂 He just ran around normally! Then again, we only had him on him for twenty minutes.

Thanks Christine! Your doggy looks so cute as Superdog. My cat would never let me dress her up. The last time I did that was when she was a kitten and me and my brother but her in a dress.

lol, that’s so cute! I really was SO surprised he didn’t make a fuss, but he was pretty cool about it. I tried to get him to wear socks so he wouldn’t skid in the kitchen a year ago, and he hated those so I didn’t think this would go so well, but it did!

Mellan looks so adorable! I wanted to dress up one of my cats, but she wasn’t having it last time I tried to put her in a birthday dress. lol Hope you had a great Halloween!

Aww your dog is too cute! We have a yellow lab also who looks similar to your dog but she is a lot smaller even tho she’ll be 3 next month. Everybody think she’s still a puppy LOL

Lucky you! I was hoping Mellan was going to top out at 60 or so. He hit 60 pounds by the time he was six months old… and he stayed that way until December… and between then and June, he put on 10-15 pounds. He’s actually pretty small when we compare him to other labs.

I wanna see pics 🙂 I have a big ol’ soft spot in my heart for yellow labs!

Your dog looks soo cute! i dressed up my dog as tinker bell!!! she wasnt very happy about the wings at first but she got over it after a little while! haha

I somehow managed to be FOUR different things on four different nights (Patty Mayonnaise from Doug, a cat, Lady Gaga, and a fairy) and didn’t get a single picture. -_- I assure you, the makeup was epic on all four! 🙂 Also, Mellan is super precious. He needs to be a doggie model or something.

Your dog is so cute with his costume! And he doesn’t look bothered by it at all!
It’s a great idea to have those share your looks posts. I sent you 2 Halloween looks, but I’m sorry, I sent you the email twice, I had forgotten to put my name on the first one. Lol.

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