Sephora 2015 Holiday Reward Cards for BI, VIB, VIB Rouge ($15-$23 off $50+ Purchases)


SEPHORASEPHORA has kicked off their 2015 Holiday Reward Card promotion, which is a reward card that allows for $15 off (Beauty Insider), $20 off (VIB), or $25 off (VIB Rouge) $50+ purchases. It is used like a gift card (this is where you enter the gift card number and pin during checkout). Reward cards must be redeemed between December 2nd and December 13th for Beauty Insiders and through December 14th for VIB and VIB Rouges.

Some have already received via postal mail, but Sephora says will be emailed out as well beginning December 2nd. The following FAQ was posted by Sephora admins on the Beauty Talk forum (please see the post for additional questions and answers, I’ve only pulled out vital info below).


  • Beauty Insiders: $15 off $50+ purchase, redeem reward card 12/2 through 12/13
  • VIBs: $20 off $50+ purchase, redeem reward card 12/2 through 12/14
  • VIB Rouges: $25 off $50+ purchase, redeem reward card 12/2 through 12/14


  • No reward card yet? Emails begin today, 12/2. If no email is received by 12/3, call Sephora at 1-877-737-4672 to verify your account status. Representatives are available to assist you from 6am to 9pm PST Monday-Friday and 8am to 7pm PST Saturday and Sunday. You must have opted-in to the Beauty Insider program as of 11/29. If your BI status changed, you can call to get the higher reward level.  (Psst, you can probably call today to get your code released to you if you need it today but be kind to your rep!)
  • Where can I use it? It can be used in-store (including Sephora Inside JCP) or online.
  • Can I use it more than once? No, it is one-time use (it’s like a gift card), and it must be consumed fully in a single traction (no splitting or combining of reward cards). Cannot be combined with other promotions (e.g. 10% off) but can be used with deluxe sample promotions.
  • What about Canadians? Yes, Canadians should receive reward cards, both online and in-stores using the unique promotion code or by presenting your email in-store.
  • What about returns? You will only receive a credit for the amount of the purchase minus the reward card.

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I got my Rouge card in the mail yesterday, yaaay! I sure wish Sephora carried Tom Ford makeup, so I could use it to take one (or two) of the Boys home with me, but I’m sure I can find something else to get 😉

I should be sectioned, if I spend another shekel @S, but there are always more eyeliners, right? And I was feeling so virtuous for avoiding BF & CM!

I might use it to try out an Armani Lacquer and a YSL glossy stain. But… considering you lose the gift if you return, it would probably be safer to buy my tried and true skin care stuff instead.

I made Rouge on Nov 15. They told me one would have had to make Rouge BY THIS DAY to get one. They gave me the VIB for $20.00 off. Even though they said by the Nov date. Total bs!! They will take back , a yr old, $100.00 item but they won’t budge on a date and $5.00? Ridiculous

Oh I was wondering why I only got $20 off when I’m VIB Rouge! I didn’t hit until the 16th though, so I guess I didn’t make the cut either?

I made rouge on Nov 14th, I also got a $20 card in the mail but when I called sephora they credited my account $5 and apologized for the mix up. The lady I spoke with was very nice.

Cool I just made rouge recently too and I wouldn’t have even caught this if not for this thread!

I just used my card yesterday for more MUFE Artist Shadows even though I just ordered the new 30 color palette. I couldn’t pass up that $20 off coupon now could I?

The promo code wouldn’t work for this Canadian. When I was trying to check out online it kept saying I needed at least $50 worth of product in my cart (and I had well over $50 worth) help 🙁

Please contact Sehora for help as I have no control or understanding of how their technical system works/how it is built!

I am weighing between YSL Black Opium or Tom Ford Black Orchid, but will only get one. Today, I’m wearing the YSL sample, it’s a bit vanilla-cappuccino-ish to me, but also quite dark and sexy, too. When I go to Sephora tonight or tomorrow, I am going to see whether I love the TF one more. But yeah, that’s where my $20 is going!

It was bizarre! Only noticed while waiting for a Dr. appt when once I was checked in, they had me go into a 2nd waiting area that was quite small, there was another lady sitting there, I sat down and noticed a strong coffee laced with vanilla and burnt sugar, thought it was HER! But after they called her back, they stench was still there for the next 20 minutes while I waited! ?

That’s OK. I once tried a really expensive scent from a new designer I got in a subscription box. It smelled like sweet tarts candies dissolved in toilet bowl cleaner on me. It went straight in the trash. 🙁

I’m glad they gave us a gift card code instead of a promotional code. I used it to get some products for my mom for Christmas, and was able to still use the black friday promotional code with the grab bag of samples, which was nice.
Speaking of VIB Rouge though, my last order renewed my status but I thought you get that Marc Jacobs mini lipstick? I guess you don’t get the lipstick for VIB Rouge renewal, just induction? I emailed support but haven’t heard back from them. If I hadn’t been so close at the end of the year and tipped it over with gifts, I wouldn’t have bothered…

I was already Rouge and requalified last month. I got the lipstick sample. It was in the rewards boutique where you spend your points, so you have to add it to your cart. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I contacted support again because I don’t see that as an option anywhere in my rewards boutique- likewise Dec is my birthday month and I have yet to get my birthday gift (and there’s no where to add it) so I don’t know what’s going on with my acct :/

You do get the mini lipstick when your rouge status renews, you just have to select the option to add it to your cart (like when redeeming rewards points for samples) the next time you shop online

Thank you! I contacted support again because I don’t see it anywhere in my account as an option. I might just end up going into the store to see if they can help me.

This comes at a great time… I need some skincare stuff but I won’t feel bad when I thought some color in there too now 🙂

Turns out you have to have qualified for vib or Rouge by 11-27, at least that’s what they said when I called just now. I was three days late qualifying. 🙁

I haven’t received mine yet. I hope it’s for Canadian VIBs as well. I want to get some Guerlain stuff and that $25 off would be really nice.

I thought this was a nice surprise! I have been a bit not happy with Sephora with all the shipping mishaps during the VIB sale. Maybe this is an effort to make amends.

Got me the Marc Jacobs Skyliner set! The MUA at my store was SO excited to see them back. “He’s like it’s my holy grail liner!” Made me think of Temptalia 🙂

For the life of me, I couldn’t think of any more makeup that I wanted bad enough to spend any more money on. But perfume… that’s a different story! So I put my little $15 card toward two of the $25 Nest rollerballs — Indigo, which I’m already in love with (thanks to the $10 Nest trio I managed to snag on Black Friday before they sold out), and White Sandalwood, which I’ve been dying to try because my BF is a fiend for sandalwood. Then I used the promo code for the surprise beauty bag that I was happy to see was still available. All that for only $35, I’m downright tickled! It was a very nice surprise 🙂

The kicker: That purchase put me over the edge to VIB. I laughed and laughed! 😀

As per usual, the gift card is not redeemable for international orders. I don’t know why they even bother sending us info on offers when we aren’t allowed to use any of them.

Sephora said the mailings were going to go out through 12/5 since they were behind. They have also started emailing the codes. Another alternative, which worked for me, is contracting them and simply asking for them to give you the unique number and pin assigned to your account.

I tried this and didn’t work for me. Even though I have been Rouge since the program started and spent over $4000 at sephora this year (yikes, I know), they never issued a number for me and there was no number or pin (or reason) they could give me over the phone. So, had I been waiting for my card to come, the wait would have been in vain. I also never received an email for the VIB sale, nor do I receive any emails for promos or special deluxe samples. I have complained many times but they can’t or won’t fix the issue. I will no longer be giving Sephora any of my coins. This is not how you treat your “best customers”.

I feel your pain! I hit Rouge last year and have 7500+ points (gulp). Anyway, also have my own share of Sephora issues – the least of which is the fact they are non-compliant with my State Tax Department who may be getting the Attorney General involved (they overcharge tax to certain state residents, including me, and we have to submit to the Tax Dept. for refunds).

Anyway, I got my Code by sending a pm on Facebook. You might have better luck that way.

Additionally, like you, I wasn’t getting my emails for sales, promos, etc. They refreshed my email subscription (and I had to reset my password) and it seems to be fixed now.

Thanks so much for your response! I will send them a message on Facebook.
And I can’t believe they are overcharging tax. Some of the issues Sephora has are insane to me.

My mail goes to my house, and I’m living away at school, so I’m anxiously awaiting my email. It looks like others have gotten their emails already but I haven’t yet. I should probably call them soon. I’m hoping to get an Ambient Blush in Mood Exposure and some Tatcha exfoliating rice powder (mini size).

I just called and was told they are still in the process of mailing out the cards. The rep told me to call back if I don’t receive it by 12/5. I also did not receive any emails to date. I never received anything in the mail for the VIB Rouge 20% discount either. I’m not sure what’s going on but there seems to be a lack of communication on special events, promotions.

I picked up the MUFE artist palette 1 – nudes. I’m travelling for the holidays and thought this and the # 2 would be perfect. i also picked up the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. I love mixing it with my foundation. It gives such a nice glow.

I’ve not received anything yet and as I want to go to Sephora tomorrow to pick up the Guerlain Baby Skin (or whatever it’s called), I phoned. I was told to wait and told they couldn’t release any code or # to allow me to take advantage of the discount NOW rather than wait. GRRRR.

I am posting this on the down low…
But I know someone very close who works for Sephora and they said that not everyone is going to get one. They had to call their own special number to see if certain clients had a discount coming to them. If they did, they’d give them their number over the phone. If they didn’t, welp, sorry Charlie. Apparently, it’s to drive a certain kind of sales, and not everyone will get one. Which I think is horrible because, clients KNOW there will be a discount sometime before Christmas. The regular BI’s didn’t get the last percent off, it was VIB and Rouge only and now this. Sephora needs to step it up. Their discounts and their point rewards are super lacking!

I used mine today for a Too faced blush and sun bunny bronzer. I also got a sephora banana powder which I am excited to try. I got the $25 off $50 but I am not really obsessed with Sephora anymore. Which is good I guess.

Hi guys, do you know if I can use my $15 code and my mom’s code in one purchase? Or will it only allow one code per transaction. Has anyone tried this?

I’m a Canadian customer and received my 15$ gift card by email. The email clearly states that I can use it online but when checking out, it won’t accept it. I called customer service and they told me I can’t use it online since I’m Canadian? Wtf! Not very pleased!
Not sure if anyone else from Canada is having this problem??

I used my $20 VIB gift card at a JC Penney Sephora yesterday afternoon. This afternoon I received an email reminding me to use my gift card before it expired. Out of curiosity I went onto Sephora’s website and entered in the gift card info and it still worked. Apparently the barcodes are different for JC Penney gift cards and Sephora gift cards so you can redeem twice by shopping in both locations.

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