Sephora $10 Black Friday Deals (2015)

Sephora $10 Black Friday Deals (2015)

Here’s the list of $10 deals you’ll find at Sephora on Black Friday! Most deals have a value of $15 to $20 with a few above that mark. These are usually great for trying out products in deluxe travel-sizes (also nice for traveling if you need smaller tubes/bottles).


UPDATE @ 11/26 9:49PM PST:  THEY ARE LIVE HERE!! You can also see all the $10 deals here.

Canadians:  The majority of these deals are available but a few (less than five, I believe) are not available.  You can see all of the $13 CDN deals here.

Black Friday, 11/27

The Details

$10 Black Friday Deals, $10.00 U.S. / $13.00 CDN (Limited Edition)

These deals are available online and in-store. 

$10 Black Friday Deals, $10.00 U.S. / $13.00 CDN (Limited Edition, Online Only)

These deals are available online only. I’ve pulled out the size of included products when I was able to read/identify in the photo, and I’ve tried to calculate value as much as possible. I have reached out to some brands to try to get more insight as to the shades in the sets, and if I get info back, I will update.

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