Self-Tanning 101: DermaQuest DermaGlow Self Tanner – Face & Body

DermaQuest DermaGlow Self Tanner – Face ($22.00) is a a self-tanner formulated with erythrulose, which is a natural-based keto-sugar that helps to give you that temporary bronzed look using a non-toxic chemical reaction with the skin. It also includes DHA, which is a color additive, that darkens the skin, and it is considered safe for most skin types. Color develops within fifteen minutes, and you can add additional layers to darken as you see fit. I like that you can layer this product, because it means you can take your time and find a good color match for you.

It is important that if you’re going to self-tan your body, you should be aware of the state of color (or lack thereof) on your face! For me, my face is always fairly tan, since it sees the sun even in the wintertime, while my legs and body may be covered up for several months out of the year. Self-tanning for face generally isn’t a must-do for me, but I know that we have plenty of fairer ladies that could use a handy self-tanner for face! You know what’s great, though? Many self-tanners smell fairly chemical, but not DermaGlow! There is a pleasing coconutty scent that reminds of you of summer and the beach.

Don’t forget DermaQuest DermaGlow Self Tanner — For Body!