Second Annual Temptalia Beauty Awards – Editor’s Choice, Part 1

I personally found this category to be really, really hard to decide on. I was trying to think about what brand impressed me the most, what brand I purchased the most from, etc. Even though MAC disappointed me quite a bit in 2008, there were a few collections I did like (mostly Neo Sci Fi). I still use so much more MAC makeup than any other brand in my day-to-day routine, so I just couldn’t feel good about awarding this to another brand quite yet. I have to tell MAC that they better bring it this year, because another disappointing year I just don’t want to do!

My choices for nine more categories (I’ll post the second half tomorrow)… Β It’s nice to be an editor, LOL!

I adored the Clarisonic! I really felt that this tool changed my AM and PM skincare routines, and it really has helped clear up my skin and make it feel and be cleaner. I do chalk up a lot of the effectiveness to the fact that I cleanse on a timer, but I love the way it is a gentle exfoliation without microbeads or the like.

Neo Sci Fi really did it for me with its combination of neutrals and soft pops of color. It wasn’t overly bright, despite the packaging looking like construction orange (which wasn’t my fave), and I was impressed with most of the textures and finishes. The blushes that came from it were also really fun–same with the lipglasses and lipsticks. I didn’t find the collection disappointing, and it didn’t feel like they neglected any of the products they launched with it.

I have to agree with the readers on this one: Suite Array was terrible. Absolutely, unapologetically terrible. I can’t believe those came from MAC; I would have expected it from dollar store makeup.

I gotta defer to you all on this one, too! Suite Array eyeshadows were disappointing. They didn’t seem really *wow* initially to me (just from reading about them), but boy was I in for a surprise as to just how unexciting and poorly pigmented these babies would be in person.

I didn’t expect to be a fan of MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. It sounded interesting, but I thought it’d be more gimmicky than useful. I’ve finished mine, and I really wish I had gotten a few backups, because it’s an amazing exfoliator. It doesn’t make me break out, and it leaves my skin ridiculous smooth and soft!

Clarisonic again! Love, love, LOVE this beauty tool.

I think most of you knew what I’d say–Urban Decay’s 24/7 Pencil Liners. I’m ALL over those! I’m almost done getting them all. I love the variety of colors available, but more importantly, they stay on my lower lash line really well. I don’t find any smudging or fading no matter how many hours I wear them.

I’m gonna cast my vote different from just about everyone else and say MAC’s mixing medium. Granted, you can’t really use it *alone* but with pigments, it’s truly a dream come true. There’s no base that’s come close to pigments as far as I’m concerned. Though I will say for an all-matte eye, I would have to go with Soft Ochre paint pot. But for everything else — mixing medium + pigments!

MAC’s Plushlash still has my heart this year. Chanel’s Exceptionnel and Lancome’s Oscillation were really close, though. I love the richness in black that Plushlash has, and I find the pricetag on it much more reasonable than either of the other two.

MAC’s Dazzlelash did not do anything special for me; it acted like the average mascara, except it smudged and flaked on me within an hour. The worst was nobody told me, and so I didn’t notice for several hours of looking like a freakin’ raccoon.