Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub Review, Photos

Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub
Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub

Still Lovin’ Ya: Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub ($24.00 for 1.0 oz.) is an excellent way to keep lips soft and supple for those of us who like a little convenience in our lives.   This particular one has a nutty vanilla scent, sweet like dessert, but not cloying nor does it linger, since you don’t keep it on your lips.  Sara Happ’s scrub is very basic but effective; the granules are large enough to do the job but not too coarse that they feel rough against the lips.  The oils and petroleum base make it solid enough that it keeps the scrub on your lips and not all over your face (or sink).  If you wipe away with a tissue, then some of the oils and petroleum are left over and lock in moisture.

For me, if I have to DIY something, I just know that I won’t make it part of my routine, because I’m too lazy busy and can’t be bothered.  It’s one of those things that I remember to do when I see the tub of Lip Scrub in my drawer, and I go, “OH! Should do that…”  If left to my own devices to concoct it myself, I don’t see myself doing it often, if ever.  That’s just me.  Some of us are born to be product developers, others of us are born to be product testers.  I am the latter! 🙂

I actually still have my original pot of Lip Scrub, which I’ll be tossing (I think that sucker is three or four years old), and I never even got halfway through it.   I love the little brown box and white ribbon it comes in, but the tub itself is pretty basic–could be a little more luxe for the price tag.  The fact that it’ll be difficult to get through a tub of this quickly saves the value grade, though.

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: This is one of my favorite lip scrubs, because the sugary bits actually stay on my lips while I massage the granules on my lips, and then they rinse (or wipe) off pretty easily.  There’s just enough residual base left to give a bit of moisture, too.  For those who are less apt to splurge on a lip scrub, check out the ingredient list (in the photo) to DIY.

AVAILABILITY: Kiss and Makeup

Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub
Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub

Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub
Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub

Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub
Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub

Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub
Sara Happ Almond Creme Lip Scrub

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in all likelihood, i won’t be trying this because i dont know where it retails in canada and i have a scrub that i really like- clarin’s extra-firming lip & contour gentle exfoliator. the granules melt into my lips and leaves a soft non sticky feeling after. 🙂 it’s expensive and marketed towards mature skin, but i think any skin can use it. Have you tried it before Christine? Did you like it?

I’ve been considering getting this along with The Lip Slip. Thanks for your review. I’m glad you like it. Have you ever used The Lip Slip and if so, did you like it?

The Lip Slip is superrrrrrrrr sticky. It does a good job moisturizing and locking in moisture, but my goodness, it is sticky. I prefer Jack Black’s, but I do like the Lip Slip. Like it’s a good product but I find the stickiness a little annoying (and Jack Black’s is magic for me, personally).

I have been dying to find where to purchase color club nail polishes in store int he US. I know this isn’t a nail related post, but I have been searched the internet with no results. Please let me know.

I don’t buy nail polishes from stores – just online. Sorry! Have you tried going to the company’s website instead?

This is probably one of the most OVERPRICED products in the entire beauty world. You get a miniscule amount of what is basically sugar and vegetable oil. Make it yourselves, ladies, because this it just ridiculous.

To each their own 🙂 It’s well worth it to me. Everybody should feel comfortable buying what they like when it doesn’t harm others – and not be called ridiculous for it! Totally cool if you want to make your own (as I mentioned and suggested in the post for those who don’t want to pay), but let’s not criticize others for it – it’s their money.

it definitely is overpriced, but if someone doesn’t want to make it themselves (hey, it is a messy process to make yourself!) then I guess it’s ok. But, they have the SAME thing (sugar in grapeseed, or maybe it was avocado? oil) on for only $5. it is really similar, looking at the pics and ingredients 🙂

I’m glad you like Lush’s! I prefer this one myself. Honestly, I wouldn’t eat any lip scrub – I mean you’re scrubbing off dead lip cells or whatever, I don’t want to eat those!

Oh yeah, it certainly is more work and there are times I probably would have (should have!) used a scrub, but I was too lazy to mix it up.
If I were going to buy a scrub, this would be on my list of ones to try- just looking at the ingredients I know it would work. (I also like that it has grape seed oil- it’s really high in antioxidants & is GREAT for your skin)

Christine I don’t know where else to ask this: how do I turn off getting e-mails to follow up comments? I like it sometimes, but when I comment on a contest one I get about 400 e-mails 🙂

There is a link in the email that you receive notifying you of follow-up comments. It’s called the subscription manager, which allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe.

You shouldn’t be able to subscribe to contest posts, though.

I get all follow-up comments to contest posts as well- I think I’m forgetting to un-check the subscribe box so it’s my fault and I’m not complaining it’s just that it is possible.

Which contest posts? We disabled subscriptions for contests – you shouldn’t even see a checkbox – additionally, you can only get follow-ups if you confirm your subscription to the post via email…

As you mention that this is your favourite lip scrub, I imagine you’ve tried others? How does this compare to the lush ones? I just ordered the lush Bubblegum one yesterday.

This looks really good! Cute packaging. Question… when you use this, do you massage it in with a finger? Or a lip brush? Im not sure. I’ve been using my pinky finger, which works fine, but I’ve always wondered how other people do it. Thanks!

Yes, pre-made lip scrubs are much more expensive than buying some sugar and oil, but it’s a luxury that I love in my life. It’s the same with great smelling soaps and body lotions– sure, I don’t need that little extra, but if it makes my day a little brighter, it’s worth it!

I use salt and olive oil, because the sugar and oil combination seems to clog my pores around my lips a bit, so I get nasty break-outs having acne-prone skin, mind you, if I don’t pay attention. The salt is quite drying but afterwards I use lip balm anyway.

Lush also has a lip srub that is just as overprized…I bought it and got a break-out…it just smelled so nice. It is more coarse than this one though.

Oh no! 🙁 Breakouts suck, but even suckier around the mouth!

The Lush scrub gets all over… like it is less…adhesive? Sugar all over the sink, LOL!

Nice review and it seems to be a nice product but I don’t think it’s available in Europe.

I use Yves Saint Laurent’s Exfoliating Lip Balm and I find it to be a gread lip exfoliator. Have you tried it before and what do you think about it?

My lips are getting horribly chapped this season, might have to try this one out. I’ve been using Jack Black’s lip balm and absolutely LOVE it… actually stole it from the boyfriend, LOL!
On another note, I RAN to go get Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon after your pictures, and I am so so so so thrilled, I want to get them in every color! 🙂

I’ve made a DIY lip scrub before with brown sugar and olive oil that worked pretty well, but what amazes me about this one is that the sugar doesn’t dissolve. I’ve had it for months and it’s still intact and delicious (not that you should eat it).

I’ve been using the “Mint Julep” by LUSH, but it doesn’t have the “oil factor” that I can see in Sarah Happ’s scrub. It’s cheaper and it is effective, but I love the aesthetics and LUSH doesn’t do it for me!

I liked the Lush scrub, and it’s definitely less expensive, but Sara Happ’s was the first lip scrub I ever tried, so I guess I was spoiled early on! I haven’t tried every lip scrub on the market — some readers have suggested Clarins and YSL — but I really like that it stays *on* my lips.

Christine, have you ever tried the Ole Henriksen “african red tea exfoliating lip salvation”? it’s a really wonderful lip treatment – it’s like an exfoliant and lip balm rolled into one! and it looks so pretty on the lips, just a hint of flush/berry color and smells delicious too 🙂 it has very tiny granules that you can’t see, but when you rub your lips together you can tell it is exfoliating (and moisturizing at the same time)

Hmm, I think I saw this on the Bath and Body Works website a while ago… I may have found myself a splurge item for Christmas 🙂 I can make a half-decent homemade scrub though.

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